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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hnshns Posts: 1
    What is the dealer name ?
  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65

    i paid 2012 lx fwd with desti...22k plus ttl(which include tint,door edge,mud guard) in arizona and it has been fun to drive so far 70 highway /30 city...mpg 1st tank 29.5....

  • tegal3tegal3 Posts: 13
    Hi, my local dealer gave me a quote for Honda CR-V LX AWD no extra option for $23500 OTD. Is that a good price? Thank you.
  • I'm getting this too, can someone confirm if this is good or not? Our TTL is different, what's your price of the car (only)?
  • practicalbuypracticalbuy Posts: 72
    edited May 2012
    It is definately better than the OTD price my dealer quoted for Honda CR-V LX AWD... which was around $24,995 OTD.

    I ended up buying Toyota RAV4... because it had lot of rebates..

    Your price of $23500 OTD definately seems much reasonable.
    That is how much my Toyota RAV4 cost me (including the awaited edmunds $750 rebate)
  • xicanoxicano Posts: 8
    Hi Yipman_Style, My price before TTL and the Add-Ons was 22093 using a USAA discount.
  • kappy11kappy11 Posts: 6
    Just bought CRV EXL 4WD ( Urban Titatium/Black Int.) in NJ on 5/28 for an internet price of $26,349.17. Price on vehicle's sticker was $29,325. My OTD cost = $28,581.11 and they threw in the all weather mats. Hopes this helps with your pricing.
  • prismaticprismatic Posts: 4
    Hi Kappy..
    That looks like a good deal. Do you mind sharing the dealer name? Was it thru costco auto program or just walk-in?

  • lexus600lexus600 Posts: 4
    that car should b around 25k .
  • prismaticprismatic Posts: 4
    could you please shed more lights? Where did you find EX-L 4WD for 25k?

  • normkolnormkol Posts: 135
    We bought the CRV EX-L at Staten Island Honda tonight. It will be my wife's car.

    They don't have it, it should take about a week to get one.

    Sticker was $29,325.

    (8500) trade in 2006 Accord EX with a damaged front bumper
    298 doc fee
    199 prep, they wouldn't take it off
    1703.73 sales tax
    117.50 DMV processing fee

    Total OTD, $21, 018. It would have been $29753 without the trade.

    Their first offer was $29,000, off a sticker of $29, 325. I told them about the Open Road quote that Kappy11 got, and they immediately dropped over 2k.

    Not the best price, but not bad. I preferred to buy on Staten Island as I do service my other Honda's there.
  • rvularvula Posts: 3
    I am also looking for CRV EXL 4WD. The best quote I got was 27, 379 +TTL. Could you please give us the dealership name in NJ?
  • May 31st... end of the month.. is actually a good day to get bargains...
    Many dealers are trying to reach their monthly sales target...

    Enjoy your car buying experience...
  • zqlzql Posts: 1
    Where did you get this price?
  • tegal3tegal3 Posts: 13
    North Carolina
  • kappy11kappy11 Posts: 6
    Paul Miller Honda in West Caldwell. Talk to Jose Velasquez
  • kappy11kappy11 Posts: 6
    Paul Miller in West Caldwell. Internet price. Make an offer on their website and they'll email you a quote. Dealt with Jose Velasquez once I went in there.
  • prismaticprismatic Posts: 4
    Thank you so much Kappy.. will try them this week.
  • kcrossleykcrossley Posts: 181
    Has Honda EVER offered any rebates or special prices on the CRV? Also, does anyone have any insight on what the Honda June 2012 specials are going to be?
  • lexus600lexus600 Posts: 4
    back in january i got 24000+ tax and ttl , for ex awd, every dealer in ma.i endup got one from the one who is giving me wheel locks ,splash guard and winter mats for 24000,so there for , i think exl awd should b around 25k
  • cyrus8cyrus8 Posts: 1
    We purchased a CRV 2012, EXL, AWD from Frank Kent Honda in Fort Worth, Texas yesterday.
    Our shopping experience with them was smooth and painless. Our salesman, Forest was courteous, honest, professional and quite knowledgeable who made the whole process pleasant and enjoyable for us. We drove almost 70 miles from Plano to get the deal that we negotiated online. The finance department was also very helpful for getting the best interest rate for the finance. Our OTD price with tint, splashguard, pinstripe, cargo mat plus TTL was $ 29,500.
  • kappy11kappy11 Posts: 6
    glad I could help
  • tennis2469tennis2469 Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    Hi everyone, I'm in atlanta metro, looking for 2f wheel drive crv ex model. not sure what is the best out the door price is best. please advise.
  • xicanoxicano Posts: 8
    Hi Tennis2469, Best I could do in Southern California on an EX was 26740 OTD. This included some unwanted add-ons, (Cargo tray, all weather mats, scotch guards on seats, and paint protection) which were $1000 included in the OTD price. Price before TTL and addons was 22093 (using USAA pricing).
  • aatwraaatwra Posts: 1
    Hey Kappy,

    Can you tell whether you traded in or whether there were any other parts of the deal?

    This is a fantastic price.
  • contactnycontactny Posts: 7
    edited June 2012
    I paid 28,800 cash OTD (all fees, taxes included in that price) for a 2012 CR-V EX AWD. No trade-in. Dealership: Stockton 12 Honda, Sandy, Utah. Did I receive a fair price?
  • chinita78chinita78 Posts: 4
    edited June 2012
    We purchased a CR-V with Navi
    Including a
    factory spoiler
    All weather matts
    Wheel locks
    LoJack lifetime warranty
    Anti theft protection warranty 5 yrs $25,000.
    7 yr- 80,000 mile Honda care
    All for $33,200 OTD
    Is this a good deal?
  • kappy11kappy11 Posts: 6
    The Paul Miller Honda price was an internet quote, which did not change whether I traded in or not. The deal was cut and haggling at all. Because I financed $7500, they threw in the all weather mats. I couldn't believe the price either!! I couldn't find another deal within $800 of their number.
  • kappy11kappy11 Posts: 6
    I paid 28,581.11 OTD for 2012 CR-V EX-L 4WD
  • puchoo15puchoo15 Posts: 1
    My final price for 2012 Honda CR-V LX 2WD was $23150, including taxes, fees, everything. I got it from Nalley Honda, Atlanta GA.
    Initially they quoted $24700 with all unwanted add-ons (Cargo tray, splash guards, wheel locks, and paint protection). I just kept splash guards and wheel locks finally, plus negotiated a lot to get the price down.
    I suggest getting internet quotes from dealers around the city. Dealerships match or can beat the price offered by others.
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