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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    Finance people are a dealership's best sales people. They are always convincing. Usually, IMHO, arrogant in a condescending way. Suggesting you had to buy something because it was being installed is certainly wrong. You should post the name of the dealership.

    We all have been burned before we learn. We have all paid too much or bought something we wished we hadn't.

    I always tell my children there is only one word a person should say in the F&O - no! Virtually anything offered by the finance person can be found elsewhere for less money, if really wanted.

    Best way to approach a purchase is not to worry if someone got a better deal, someone always does. Enjoy the vehicle and use what was learned next time.
  • tegal3tegal3 Posts: 13
    The name of dealership is Autopark in Cary NC.
  • mgwnmgwn Posts: 4
    Please share the secret on how you got this car less than dealer cost. I'm looking to buy this car and would really appreciate the tip.
  • The $24,000 was just for the car & dealers fee, and did not include sales tax or GA tag & title fees.
  • Just purchased a 2012 EX 2WD in Twilight Blue from dealer in High Point, NC. $26,270 out the door. Financed through dealer at 1.99% for 3 years.

    Base price- $23,495
    Destination- $830
    Roof rack and cross bars- $721
    Wheel Locks, splash guards, cargo tray- Free
    Dealer Admin Fee- $389
    Subtotal before state-specific charges- $25,435 (MSRP- $26,419)
    NC Title- $69
    NC Tax (3%)- $765
    Total- $26,270

    Best car buying experience I've ever had. Started with online quote then negotiated the deal over the phone. Dealer traded with another dealer to find the color we wanted. Pricing was 100% transparent through the whole process. No attempt to upsale me on useless dealer add-ons and respectful and not pushy when I declined extended warranties and GAP coverage.
  • I emailed four dealerships in the Atlanta area, told them I was considering purchasing a 2012 CR-V EX, and ask them to send me their selling price. Because I had purchased cars from two of the dealerships previously, I emailed their internet sales managers directly. As it turned out, those two dealerships gave me the best prices.

    I'm not sure why I got such a good price. I suspect that it may have to do with one or more of the following: (1) the Atlanta area is very competitive market (due to the large number of Honda dealerships) so the prices are lower than other areas where there is less competition; (2) there are plenty of CR-Vs available and they are not selling as fast as expected (i.e., supply & demand); (3) the CR-V is competing against the Hyundai Tuscon and Kia Sportage both of which have a lower price and a longer standard warranty; and (4) the two dealerships who gave me the best prices are very straight forward, really want to earn your business, and seem to consistently have lower prices than other Atlanta Honda dealers.

    The current Edmunds TMV price for a 2012 CR-V EX in my area is $24,356, which isn't that much more than I paid (if you don't include dealer fees).

    Hope this is helpful. :)
  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65
    edited June 2012

    i had recently purchase 2012 2wd lx for 22k plus ttl(include mud guard,tint,door egde,door handle cuppler)from one of hard to get below invoice price dealer in az(santan honda)....

    remember honda increased price recently on new model....i had somebody brought last yr 2011 2wd ex for 22000 plus same vehicle invoice around 24300 plus ttl.....

  • kendall69kendall69 Posts: 13
    Why would you pay $1000.00 MORE than MSRP posted on the HONDA home page?
  • jbonds1jbonds1 Posts: 1
    edited June 2012
    I'm looking to lease a CR-V EX AWD with roof rails and crossbars. The price I've negotiated down to is $25,222. I think its reasonable. Any comments, would you push the price further?
  • buyer4271buyer4271 Posts: 8
    I am looking to buy a CRV EX-L (without any add-ons) in MA. The best quote i am getting so far is around $29,000 OTD (including tax). I would like lower about by1000-1500, what do you guys think? Shall i wait either end of month or July 4th sales?
  • pwcfanpwcfan Posts: 2
    Having a dickens of a time in So Cal finding one....
    Anybody from outlying areas in Ca of Az/Nev seen any avail ?
  • pwcfanpwcfan Posts: 2
    Lots of Silver w/black here in So Cal !!!
    You guys got any Pearl White ?
  • pubudupubudu Posts: 23
    Where are you from ? Is this 2012 model ? Price is very good. . . if you buy not sure about leasing
  • 115david115david Posts: 7
    Thank you. I am in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
    Best wishes!
  • billy3554billy3554 Posts: 148
    I don't think he did. Looks like the MSRP, before freight, is $25,475. Looks like he paid $24,216, on paper. Looks like a good deal on the surface, though there was probably a some dollars left on the table.

    I will never understand why people seem so willing to pay those silly "dealer documentation fees." On this deal, the fee is $389, which certainly eats into the value of the deal to the buyer. Since the fee is all profit to the dealer and all cost to the buyer, this buyer actually paid $24,605 for the CRV. Still less than MSRP but, once again, money may have been left on the table.

    On this deal, I would have told the dealer to lower the $24,216 by $339 which would allow the dealer a reasonable $50 for his fee. If the dealer said "no way", I would have said "see ya"! I have bought many a vehicle since dealers learned how to use the "dealer fee" ploy to increase profits. I have yet to find one that would not lower the price to compensate for the fee. I think $50 to perhaps $100, if the deal is very good, is more than reasonable. I don't think $389 is remotely reasonable. Sadly, as long as buyers continue to allow dealers to charge such outrageous fees, the dealers will continue.
  • May I ask whether your car is FWD or AWD? and $24,000 is the car & destination fee, right?
  • 3fox3fox Posts: 2
    So when you say you think he actually paid 24,605 plus taxes title etc
    NOt 24,605 OTD right
  • 3fox3fox Posts: 2
    I was told that because i have never had a car in the us that my title/plate and registration is going to be 469 is that right??...on a new 2012 crv
  • mck588mck588 Posts: 12
    I was planning to lease the EX-L, but just got an email from my dealer with a 0% APR for 60 months until the end of June (any vehicle, any credit tier). What are cons of buying with this deal vs. leasing (or vice versa)? I am learning so much on this board, so thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have.
  • pubudupubudu Posts: 23
    I think thats a very good deal but make sure you never more than MSRP otherwise there is no any gain. Where is this ? I dont see such deal in POrtland, OR. What is the price of the EX-L ? I am thinking but here the prices are about ~29000. There is no tax in POrtland.
  • mck588mck588 Posts: 12
    The dealership is in NJ.
  • Just got an out the door quote of $25,242 on the EX 2wd. Is this a good price?
  • new16new16 Posts: 7
    I am getting a quote for CRV EXL in MA : Invoice price 27,120 (including destination), Fees 448 (Doc, inspection, Registration, title and title prep), MA tax 1690 = total out door 29,260. I know final price varies from state to state. Any one from MA, can u pls tell me, if I should bring this down by another $500 or you feel this is good deal. Will appreciate your input.
  • mgwnmgwn Posts: 4

    I just wanted to thank you for your posting about your experience at Hennessy Honda. I emailed several dealerships in SC, NC, and GA. Most dealers were not willing to negotiate. Those who were came down a couple hundred dollars, at most. Others were just down right rude. Then I remembered your post and did what you suggested. I contacted the Internet Sales Manager at Hennessy Honda in Woodstock. Very customer service oriented, was willing to give a competitive price quote. They were straight forward, played no games, and blew the competition out of the water. I even tried to take their quote and see if the other dealers would match it. They called me unrealistic. I drove 4 hours to Woodstock and drove out the lot paying right around 24,000 (this price includes all dealer fees, title, tags, and tax) for new 2012 Honda CRV EX FWD with mud flaps, cargo tray, and all weather mats. No haggling or even negotiating required. I had to send you a message to thank you for your post. THANKS!
  • mgwnmgwn Posts: 4
    Have you tried Hennessy Honda? 22K OTD is not possible (in my experience) in SC, NC or GA. It is however possible to get a better deal than what you have in your post. If you haven't bought yet, contact the Internet Sales manager at Hennessy Honda in Woodstock and ask if they and beat the lowest offer you've received.
  • gwdewgwdew Posts: 9
    Can you please name the dealership in NJ?
  • gwdewgwdew Posts: 9
    I was just quoted 27,279 for a 2012 Honda CRV EX-L AWD, which included destination. Does that sound like a good deal? I feel like they should come down even more so they can make room for the 2013's. Please reply
  • jcb12jcb12 Posts: 7
    $24000 including everything is a pretty good deal. Could you please tell me how much the dealer fee they charged you? Thank you.
  • jcb12jcb12 Posts: 7
    edited June 2012
    I don't know NJ. Do the quote include any add-on? if there is no add-on, we got a quote of around $25500 for an EX-L AWD in MA. (there should be room of couple hundred dollars to be negotiate)
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