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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sam230sam230 Posts: 3
    i got few quotes for CRV LX FWD (Base model ; no add ons)for
    $21,800 + title , registration, and fees. is it good deal?.

    Please suggest me?
  • pubudupubudu Posts: 23
    Is this 2012 LX ? I think it is a good deal. Where is this location and who are the dealers ?
  • sam230sam230 Posts: 3
    it is Don Jacobs Honda Lexington KY
  • vcsubsvcvcsubsvc Posts: 2
    Got a black/black EXL AWD for OTD $29,164 without accessories. Most other dealers were not willing to go below $29,700 on this trim. I was hoping to get some accessories thrown in, but I guess the price was ok. This forum was very helpful, specially some quotes from user jaa37jaa37.

    Car $26,499
    Tax $ 1,862
    Luxury Tax $ 105
    Doc fee $ 399
    Reg $ 299
  • buyer4271buyer4271 Posts: 8
    edited July 2012
    Purchased a 2012 HONDA CRV EX-L w/Navi (white diamond perl) for OTD price $30,200 without accessories.

    Break down:
    Invoice = ~28,000.00
    Sales tax = ~$1750.00 (MA Rate 6.25%)
    Doc fee= ~$350.00
    Reg = $100
  • leosikleosik Posts: 11
    If you don't mind telling me, where did you get this price? I live in mass as well.
  • buyer4271buyer4271 Posts: 8
    Honda Cars of Boston
  • dzyr4ttdzyr4tt Posts: 21
    My Turn

    Total Vehicle selling Price : $27,374
    Trade in : 2007 Honda Accord SE V4 with 71K miles : $9500 ( Could have done better? )

    Other fee:

    1) NY Tire fee $10
    2) NY 30 day permit : $12.50
    3) Doc fee : $75.00 ( for handling DMV transfer of plates - Which I dont like to pay)
    4) Registration fee : $250 upfront - will refund minus what ever is actual DMV fee.

    So Total I paid for the vehicle : $27,375 + $75 --> $27,450
    And the dealer made out good on the trade in price as well. Atleast I saved $700 in taxes at a tax rate of 7%.

    I could have sweetened the deal even more but I am very bad at haggling and it was for my wife so...
  • I was researching to buy a CRV-EXL and found your post. Can you forward me the initial offer from them.

    I can probably use that to negotiate with their sales department. I am in Miami and willing to drive up there to get a good price. Thanks.
  • Hello All

    check out this website. july4th_honda&mktid=nl61545293&msite=w

    There is a 500 dollor cash incentive special for 4th of July Honda CRV sale....
  • practicalbuypracticalbuy Posts: 72
    edited July 2012

    Earlier....When I posted the link for the $500 CRV Cash incentive for 4th of July... the $500 incentive existed in the rebate column... july4th_honda&mktid=nl61545293&msite=w

    NOW I DO NOT SEE this $500 incentive ANY MORE in the above link.....

    What Happend ...?

    FUNNY... I STILL have that window OPEN on my computer which says upto $500 against Honda CRV.. under the Rebates Column.

    Honda 4th of July Incentives
    $500 Bonus Cash, Low APR Financing for:

    Accord, Civic, Insight, CR-V, Pilot, Ridgeline, Fit, Odyssey

    Restrictions: Vehicle must be financed through Honda Financial Services. See participating dealer for details


    Manufacturer to Customer Rebates Financing Leasing Manufacturer to Dealer Other

    2012 Honda Accord Up to $500 As low as 0.9% Available Up to $1,250

    2012 Honda CR-V Up to $500 Available
  • kfx2005kfx2005 Posts: 6
    would you mind share the store name?
  • Is $25740 a good price including fees (not tax, licence, registration) for a AWD EX?
  • contactnycontactny Posts: 7
    Which dealership did you go to?
  • What is the best OTD for EX-L in Columbus, OH ?

    I got a quote of 29420 OTD for this. Is that good, bad, ok?
  • Ken Garff Honda in Utah.
  • Purchased a 2012 CR-V EX-L with Navigation, AWD ("throw ins": mud guards, door guards, wheel locks, cargo tray, pinstripe -- i.e. already on the car, presumably, nominally listing for $995 in extras). Out the door for $30,995 (all cash): $27,895 plus $200 doc processing, $830 destination, $295 MD tags & title, 6% MD sales tax (DC area). [Edmunds True Market Value showed $29,456; this price + destination = $28,725. Invoice is $28,983, Honda dealer holdback appears to be 2% of MSRP or $616]. Navi system is sat-linked, new this year, and very good.

    Painless, fast, and efficient process; excellent response from Ourisman in Bethesda. I made it clear (courteously) that I was seeking Internet quotes through Edmunds, understood the holdback system, was paying cash, and I was ready to buy right now.
  • sonoma34sonoma34 Posts: 5
    Purchase/Lease from Connecticut Dealership

    After much negotiation both out of state and in state our Basque Red CRV was delivered 7/2/12.

    MSRP: $$29,325.00
    Purchase Price: $26,881.84

    Chose to go with a one payment lease 3 years, 45,000 miles: $12,194.85 includes $728.28 Sales Use Tax and $595.00 acquisition fee. Plus Registration/Transfer plate Fee $101.00, plus Doc Fee/Tax $430.75.

    Total out the door price = $12,726.60

    Thanks to all the posters difinitely helped in securing what I feel is a great price. Saved over $2000.00 from another CT dealership.

    Do your homework and you can find favorable prices.
  • fuzzy123fuzzy123 Posts: 2
    Live in suburban Philadelphia and want to buy a 2WD crv ex. Only sell AWD in our area and I would have to travel approx. 3 hrs to Maryland for a 2WD. A dealer near us said he could get use a vehicle for $24,178. Which is almost the dealer price and with taxes and tags the total price would be $25, 846. Is this a good price?
  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65

    it appears that he is giving invoice price 2wd ex...which is not vehicle hard to get below invoice. .but living in snow state...I would recomm awd...

  • carguy91carguy91 Posts: 3
    Hugh white Honda offered me 22500 for a AWD crv ex. No added options other than all weather mats. This price includes destination fee and doc fee. It sees to be a great deal. Please let me know what you guys think?
  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65
    something doesnot sound correct here? body will give u car that low price even if have trade in....

    .2012 .fwd ex.....24k plus ttl....and awd...ex close to 25 plus ttl......good luck....tried best...but from my past experience....they are playing with u.....

  • fuzzy123fuzzy123 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply. We researched both FWD and AWD. Previously lived in an area that was a lot farther north and has worse winters than what we experience here. Only had FWD vehicles and no problem so, we decided to stick with this. Upon further research this is the best deal we can get so we will go with it.
  • roxxiroxxi Posts: 9

    I was wondering if you purchased in NYS?
    If so which dealer? I live in buffalo and im looking to purchase a EXL w/o navi.

    thank you
  • eefpleefpl Posts: 2
    I am currently looking to buy this same model, have been in contact with
    a few dealers. I'm not even close to your figures, how long did it take you to get them down? I am very new at this, any input would be appreciated!
  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65
    he paid 200 less than invoice( Invoice is $28,983) which is pretty common in any honda dealership when u go there and walk out with your # and deal with happen but email ,phone price doesnot work for true purchase since they want cust to come there and exl with naviga ...rare model on dealer parking always deal with dealer who has lot of those model in stock.....

    one exl with nav to sell MSRP

    3-4 above model...easy to get invoice....

    most common model sell for crv now a day....lx then ex then go to dealership who has lot of model supply...

  • tyler28tyler28 Posts: 3

    Has anybody bought a CR-V in MA or close to MA? I quoted around and got a price 2-3K more than the others paid. I just need an idea of a reasonable price.
  • helsinki1helsinki1 Posts: 7
    Received quote for EXL AWD with RES (for the kids) = OTD $29,950
  • eefpleefpl Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for the advice, it is very helpful. What about if I special
    order the car? I don't want to pay for extras that I don't need or want...
    Is it reasonable to offer invoice or below?
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