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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • umassdumassd Posts: 9
    Bought EXL AWD today:

    MSRP: 29,985 (Base model + Splash guards, All weather floor mats and Cargo tray)

    Price paid: $27,450
    Taxes and government fees: $2,225
    Dealer fee: $75
    Flex Cash + Conquest cash: ($1,250)

    Total out the door: $28,500

    Thank you everyone for all the help! :)
  • May I ask what dealer and location. Thank you.
  • umassdumassd Posts: 9
    Tom Kadlec Honda, Rochester MN

    Really nice people.. I worked with Andy Gostomczik via

    They delivered car to my door step; I did not even set foot in the dealership.
  • wxman6wxman6 Posts: 15
    edited June 2013
    Bought this vehicle Thursday, June 20 at Glockner Honda in Portsmouth, Ohio. Portsmouth is on the Ohio river about 90 miles south of Columbus and about 90 miles east of Cincinnati.
    Seems convoluted, but here is how it was written-up:

    MSRP $26,975
    + $150 mudguards (dealer installed, didn't argue, I like them)
    = $27,125 adjusted MSRP
    -$1030.0 dealer discount
    =26095 crv price
    +$250 doc fee
    -$5000 (trade-in for 2004 crv ex w/107,000 miles)
    =$21345 taxable price
    +1494.15 (sales tax at 7%)
    +$15 title/registration transfer
    - $500 honda loyalty cash
    - $750 "flex" cash
    = $21604.15 final price

    Can't argue with only $265 in fees. Also got the 0.9% APR. It might not be the BEST deal ever given for a CRV EX, but I am pleased with it. We liked our salesman, Matt Groves, and would recommend him to anyone.
  • That's about as low as I've seen any EX-L AWD - I assume there wasn't a trade involved?
  • You can always get the proverbial "better deal", but if you are satisfied with the experience and end result, then there's merit to that as well.
  • umassdumassd Posts: 9
    No trade-in involved. I have seen better deals but I was aiming for $500 below invoice and a decent buying experience. I am happy with my purchase.
  • Regardless, you got a decent deal there and very similar to my transaction.
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    2013 CR-V EX White Diamond Pearl

    Destination : NY

    Purchased from NJ dealer. They did not have the color.. so will have to wait for them bring it from the factory/another dealer.

    MSRP : 26,975

    OTD Price: 26,975
  • flyersfanflyersfan Posts: 8
    EX AWD Norristown PA
    With an $800 trade in of 2000 Audi a4 (ripped seats, non-functioning AC, Blinking CEL - can't believe I got anything for it))

    After tax and tags - 24,995
    Feel pretty good about that
  • erikliuerikliu Posts: 2
    Hi, guys,
    I just got a price quote from Tarrytown Honda, Anthony, for 27110 including destination, and nothing else.

    I think that is fair price. What do you guys think?

    Thanks a lot.

  • mrvegasmrvegas Posts: 2
    This is a good price. The lowest I have seen is 26,866 in il.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    500 to 1000 below dealers invoice is a good deal in N.Y.. Next week starts july prices should be closer to 1000 below invoice price for a better deal.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • amk116amk116 Posts: 3
    I purchased a 2013 CR-V from a dealer in Maryland on April 28, 2013. I live in Pennsylvania. They charged me $200 Processing Charge and $91.50 (titling/registration fees) along with the sale price of the car and PA sales tax. I got the car financed through Honda. We drove the car home that day with dealer provided temporary MD registration plates. The dealer applied for PA registration/plates. Now they are saying that I owe them $160 for the balance of registration fees and they will not ship me the plates until I do. I asked for what and one person said it they undercharged me for the registration fees and another person said it was processing fees they had to pay an agent for out-of state registration (or something along those lines).

    Bottom line is that they are now holding my plates hostage until I pay up. On the day I negotiated my purchase, they never gave me a hint that I may have to pay extra later. I feel that I should not have to pay for this because I had negotiated an OTD price not expecting to pay any more later on. My temp plate expires in a couple of days. Do I have any recourse?
  • amk116amk116 Posts: 3
    I know that in PA the annual registration fee is $36, title fee is $22.50 and there is a nominal charge for new plates. I know this from my experience a year and a half ago when, I purchased a new car from a dealer in PA. So, IMO they are not trying to recover Govt fees that they would not have known because they were not familiar with PA DMV fees. The $91 they charged me for titling/registration more than covers the PA DMV fees I believe.
  • zhyuanzhyuan Posts: 13
    edited June 2013
    2013 Honda CRV EX-L AWD (no Navigation)
    MSRP = 29,625 (Invoice = 27860)
    - 3375 discount (1600 off invoice price)
    - 750 Flex cash
    - 500 Loyalty/Conquest cash
    = 25000 before TTL
    + 298 documentation fee
    + 130 title and registration fee
    + 1640 tax
    = OTD 27068

    Also got 0.9% APR for 60 months.
    Destination: MA
  • legosilegosi Posts: 1
    What dealer did you strike that deal with? Seems pretty good compared to other things I've seen on this forum...
  • dghtrfgddghtrfgd Posts: 30
    YES! that sounds like an AWESOME deal. I'm looking for same. What is the name of the dealer?
  • navynavy Posts: 4
    Just back from dealer with 2013 CRV EX-L. Live in Suffolk, VA and communicated with area dealers for a 2013 Honda CRV EX-L (Base = no res/nav). NO trade, active duty military, wanted best OTD price.

    Belong to USAA and investigated car buying service - 2 dealers very quick to honor that (too quick). Emailed other dealers (not mentioning USAA price) to get best out the door price. Email noted serious buyer, no trade, active duty, willing to finance (but not necessary), 2004 acura (if loyalty eligible) - best out the door price would be the one we would visit to final test drive/purchase.

    All communication was done with all dealers targeting OTD price (I don't care whether they put the money in fees and lower price, give flex dollars or loyalty credit, etc).

    HALL HONDA OF ELIZABETH CITY, NC (about 1 hour away) was best OTD at 25,131 :)

    Details (direct from buyers contract):

    Selling price = 25440.08
    Tax = 781.17
    License/Registration = 60.75 (even though in NC, they are able to get VA registration, etc)
    Processing fee = 599
    SUBTOTAL = 26881.00
    TOTAL CREDITS = 1750.00 (500 loyalty; 500 military; 750 dealer flex)

    OUT THE DOOR - 25,131 (financed with AHFC at 0.9%)

    Final configuration was Mountain Air/beige EX-L without pinstripes but with trunk tray, mudguards, sun visor and nitro in tires)

    Next bests:
    Colonial Honda (Chester, VA) = 25,155 OTD
    Priority (Chesapeake, VA) = 25,880 OTD

    Responsive but not close on price:
    Casey Honda (Newport News, VA)

    Not close on price and not responsive:
    First Team (Chesapeake, VA) = over 27,000 and unresponsive/disinterested

    In the end, Hall of Elizabeth City was worth the drive. Communicated well by email and they honored price that was emailed to me (although they initially thought it was not including tax, etc, they honored after I pointed out in the printed emails it was communicated as OTD). Honest, upfront folks that made it a great transaction.

    VERY happy with price paid and no regrets.
  • zhyuanzhyuan Posts: 13
    After considering your 500 military cash and lower sales tax, your price is 500 less than mine. Congratulations on this great price!
  • Crv ex-l awd +$2000 dealer accessories +taxes = 31000. Comments pls?
  • Crv ex-l awd +$2000 dealer accessories +taxes = 31000. Comments pls?
  • I am also looking for EXL in NY and lowest price I got OTD is $29,100. Good luck.
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    I think you could get much better price for EX-L. Looking at your tax rate your OTD price need to be between $1,500 to $2,000 below MSRP.
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    NY & NJ is different... Is very hard to get good price in NY, especially dealers in NYC. You will get better pricing from NJ dealers. 1000 below (OTD Price) sticker really good deal.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,586
    Just watch out for the "doc fees" they'll hit you with in NJ. If you are dealing OTD, then it shouldn't matter. Just make sure they understand you when you say OTD means EVERYTHING!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2015 Infiniti Q40 AWD, 2017 Honda Pilot Touring AWD

  • dghtrfgddghtrfgd Posts: 30
    lowest quote i got from new rochelle honda at 26,700 before tax and dmv.
    Atlantic honda said they could beat it by $200-400, but ONLY if i had another vehicle in the household that was not a honda (so that they would apply a "conquest" incentive) Unfortunately, i dont.
  • j06j06 Posts: 90
    I booked CRV EX for $26,975 Out the door including all taxes and fees. Just waiting for it...
  • dghtrfgddghtrfgd Posts: 30
    is that the EX or the EX-L ?
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