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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • liboglibog Posts: 8
    I am assuming your quotes are without navigation. I am looking to buy also in Maryland but my wife insists on navigation. I am just starting the process. You can see my posts for the starting quotes for some of the dealers in the area. Unfortunately now the only incentive they have is the customer loyalty $500.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,821
    - Invoice price does not include dest/ charge of $790 add it to invoice price.
    dealer hold back is 2% of base msrp. dealers margin $ 500 plus depending on price of vehicle.

    If you make you target price 1500 below invoice and get that number that is a good deal. doc fee charge is added on to your bill of sale after your agreed sale price. So if the dealers doc fee charge is 499 and you get 1500 below invoice that would mean your are buying this vehicle for 1000 below invoice.
    the way you should always buy is take dealers doc fee charge and add it to your asking price so its a wash on the bill of sale. if dealers doc fee's are minimal it makes the transaction alot easier.

    Financing and paying off loan 7- to 10 days go thru dealership. always mention to dealership you will finance the vehicle if thats what it takes to get you to your asking price. whether there is a incentive or not.

    good luck post your deal

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • liboglibog Posts: 8
    was the price you quoted the out the door price or was it the price before tax, title, processing fee, freight?
  • kcchipkcchip Posts: 3
    Any thoughts on the best way to approach accessory pricing. Dealer wants $252 for installed hood air deflector, which can be bought online (Honda OEM) for about $125. Spoiler online $220 and close to $500 installed.

    In the midwest, is $1500 below invoice still a good place to start. (A lot of the posts here seem to be east coast).

  • arvjarvj Posts: 7
    Round Rock Honda/Round Rock
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,821
    Your area might not be able to get 1500 below. Supply and demand play a big part in pricing. That being said every dealership you call or visit make that your buying target price. If i know a certain state can get a vehicle cheaper i'm going to try like hell to make my states dealership match that number. If after 10 to 20 dealerships and you cant get that number work down from the 1500.
    I like to let all dealers know any installed accessories that are installed in my vehicle i will buy at invoice cost or i dont want them find me the vehicle i want or i go elsewhere.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • kaur1kaur1 Posts: 2
    What is a good OTD pricing for 2013 LX model (AWD, backup camera) with 2014 models on the way. Dealers are quoting me $21,699+ destination charge ($830) + doc fee + TTL. I'm in NJ- tax rate is 7%.
    Maybe i can take advantage as it is end of the month.
  • kcchipkcchip Posts: 3
    what is a good pricing strategy for items that you want to have installed, not something already on the car. somethings I can buy online a lot cheaper and do myself, but there are somethings I would just have them do. as an exmple-hood air deflector is list $172, and they want about $250 installed. can buy online at H and A for $128. Seems to me they make enough profit on the list price to cover the installation, or am I off base?
  • will123will123 Posts: 8
    Montgomery County PA - it's incredible but the best deal so far after getting flex and loyalty of $1,000 is an additional $325 so we're at 27,860 less 1,325 or 26,535 before taxes and dmv fees. I got this exact price from several different dealers. I've used the techniques I've read about here but either I suck as a negotiator or business is good. A few dealers have run out of flex for the month.

    It appears to be a seller's market in the last two days of July. Some of these dealers are flat out surly.

    Any advice is appreciated!!!
  • kjf2kjf2 Posts: 13
    Purchased at Duncan's Hokie Honda in Christianburg, VA. Price: $23,300 + 379 dealer fee
    + sales taxes, title and registration. Included 1,000 discount (Honda loyalty + financing promo). Total OTD was $24,200. I live in SC so they charged South Carolina sales tax, which is $300 max on cars (we do have auto property tax, however, so the state does get their $$ eventually.)

    Traded in a 2007 CRV EX AWD with 87K miles (really needed tires) for 11K. Could have probably bargained for a bit more but the salesman was pleasant and overall dealer atmosphere low pressure. They threw in mud guards, nitrogen filled tires without charge.

    The previous cargo tray from the '07 CRV fit well. Drove the car 400 miles today....quite the difference in ride and noise from the the 07 EX.

    Any feedback?
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,821
    edited July 2013
    Depending on how much they discount the vehicle for you will matter. I always like to let dealership know i'm looking for this model with these accessories installed on car at dealers invoice price. Mud guards, sun roof deflectors are thrown into deal at his cost with no installation fee. More detailed items you might get at his cost but dealer might want a service fee to install. Like rear deck lid, lower body molding, lights etc. Probably worth him doing if you dont have any decent auto shops by you.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • eds_eds_ Posts: 3
    Been negotiating on a new 2013 CR-V FWD EX-L w/ Nav... currently have an offer of $28,800 OTD. Should we jump on this deal or can we get to a better number? Thanks!
  • natbundsnatbunds Posts: 3
    Where are you located?
  • eds_eds_ Posts: 3
    Jacksonville, FL
  • liboglibog Posts: 8
    what was the break down of the prices?

    sell price:

    So far i have a quote for

    invoice with $500 flex cash: 26750
    freight: $830
    processing fee: ? (other dealers running around $190-200)
    title: $279 (if financing)
    tax: in MD 6% of (sell price, freight, and processing)
  • kcchipkcchip Posts: 3
    Thanks for the info. Are dealers still getting 2013s in? I see one of my local dealers just got several new 2013 CRVs this week.
  • natbundsnatbunds Posts: 3
    Oh really? I live near there and am in the market for a CRV. Would you mind breaking down the quote you received and also what dealership have you been working with? Thanks!
  • eds_eds_ Posts: 3
    I don't know the exact breakdown, but I'd guess we are around $26,000 before fees, tax, tag, and title to get OTD at $28,800. We are currently negotiating at Coggin Honda of the Avenues.
  • liboglibog Posts: 8
    Just got a quote for

    Sell price 26634
    Freight: 830
    Processing fee: usually around 190-200
    Tag: 279
    Tax:6% of sell price + freight + processing fee.

    By my calculations aft 500 loyalty incentive the OTD should be 29092.24

    But after seeing the quote from eds I am going to see if I can get an OTD of 28800
  • erl999erl999 Posts: 3
    I bought CR-V EXL (No Nav & RES) for $28,000 OTD (Including vehicle, destination charges, PA state tax 6%, DMV charges, documentation fee). Is this good deal.
  • dghtrfgddghtrfgd Posts: 30
    edited August 2013
    i went down to bayridge to cancel my extended warranty and lo-jack "package" and Gene cancelled it without a problem. The Finance guy however told me that i HAD to take the lo-jack even though they hadnt installed it yet because "it was already assigned". He then asked me if my car was with the valet (i assume thinking that he could just quickly install it right then) but luckily it wasn't.
    So i thought to myself-- this guy must be reading "stupid" tatooed on my forehead. But i just listened to him and then returned to dealing only with Gene, who said he needed to find my folder in order to refund the balance of the "extended warranty package" which included the uninstalled lo-jack.
    He told me he would get back to me with how the refund will work-- but suggested that they will probably send me a check that i can use to pay off the loan-- which i am totally fine with.
    This was two days ago and I havent heard anything yet--so I'm still not sure how much of a headache this might become-- but so far it looks like I'll be able to get a full refund and get back to my original "before 4th of July" deal of OTD 26,500 before taxes!
    I really would not have been able to pull this all off without the support of you guys!
  • joyjooyjoyjooy Posts: 1
    Greetings, I would love feedback on this quote I received from a Texas dealer. I feel that this deal is a bit on the high side. What are your thoughts on the deal considering the 2014 CRVs will be arriving soon.

    MSRP: $29,375.00 Including Destination Charge
    Your price $26,860.00
    Sales Tax $1,678.75
    Vehicle Inventory Tax $47.98
    License $69.25
    Title/Registration $33.00
    2 year state Inspection $23.75
    Document Fee $189.00
    "Drive Out" Total $28,651.73
  • golf44golf44 Posts: 1
    Negotiated a honda crv ex-l tonight with nav. Can ya'll help me decide if this is a good deal?

    sell price: $28293
    Trade in: 9,000 (fair price)
    tax: $1334
    Administrative Services fee: 599
    Non tax fees: 286.50

    Total: $21,513 (so really $30,513 not including trade in)
  • loveodyloveody Posts: 10
    Any one bought it in ohio in July and at what price? I have a quote for $27,125 plus tax, title, doc fees etc. Is it a good deal?
  • Hey everyone, do you think 21,145 including destination is a good sale price for the Honda CRV LX 2WD? OTD $23,094 in Texas. This includes loyalty and flex cash for financing. Am I better off waiting till end of the month or till 2014s come out?
  • First Texas Honda (Austin, TX) offer me the price at $23,997, not inlcuding "sales tax, vehicle registration fees, finance charges, documentation charges, and any other fees".

    Is this a good deal?
  • mynawallymynawally Posts: 5
    edited August 2013
    First Texas Honda was horrible to deal with. Im currently negotiating with Honda San Marcos and Round Rock Honda. Try asking them for a quote... What I did was request a equote from Rusty Wallis Dallas, and asked the three in Austin and one in San Marcos who could match it. First Texas Honda and Howdy Honda didnt even try...
  • Thank you mynawally for your helpful info. Could you post your final deal price after you get your car?
  • I also got equote from Howdy Honda:
    2013 CR-V EX 2wd: $24791.61 before TTL
    2013 CR-V EX 4wd: $26059.61 before TTL.

    Also got equote from Cleo Bay Honda:
    2013 CR-V EX 2wd: $24595 before TTL
    2013 CR-V EX awd: $25700 before TTL
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