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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,897
    edited August 2013
    Waiting a couple more months might make it alot easiers to get that 1600 below invoice on a 2013. I would be surprised if any honda dealerships sell for below 2k. That kind of pricing could be a very late sale in Nov/ Dec with a color and model that has been sitting around on the lot.

    Honda's are known for very good Resale Value better than Toyota, Nissan, and American cars.

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  • Starting to put $$$ into "02" CR-V (air cond.(2nd time) and ox. sensor past month) 107k
    Thinking about buying 2013 CR-V EX AWD - what might I expect to pay below MSRP. Does destination fee cover transport to Hawaii or should I expect to pay more?

    Would consider LX except pass. seat doesn't get an armrest( what's up with that?)

    Also saw a 2007 EX 2wd with 39k very clean - what might be a more fair $$$ than $19,000 that
    feels high to me
  • Looking for a 2013 CRV EX-L AWD and have the following:
    MSRP $29,625
    Sales price before tax, tag, title (includes 1,050 discount) - $28,925
    Sales price with tax, tag, title - 29,9919.75
    Car includes wheel locks, trunk liner and tinted windows ($350.00)

    Can someone help me determine where I should be with this deal? Also, I'm having a hard time finding true invoice. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!
  • jpdcjpdc Posts: 17
    Hi all. I'm in the Chicago area and I'm looking to buy a 2013 CR-V for my kids. (I know that's nuts, but that's another discussion.) I'm thinking about an AWD LX. No other bells or whistles. Any insights on what I should be paying? The dealer I'm working with has $500 flex cash available. I don't qualify for a loyalty bonus. And I plan to finance using the 0.9% offer. Many thanks.
  • You probably got the 2WD. I'm in NJ up here 2wd is only available in far south. Dealers laugh because they know if you don't buy today for 21,500 some sucker will buy tomorrow for 25,100. I need a car tomorrow so i have to bend over backwards and take it hard.

    I asked if it would be better to come end of the month. Sales said price will not change end of month. I walked.
  • sundevilsundevil Posts: 28
    Purchased 2013 AWD EXL with Navigation in Chicago area last week for base price of $28179. Tax, title, license and $164 documentation fee were extra. No dealer added accessories. Got $500 flex cash and $500 loyalty incentive effectively bringing down base price to $27179.

    I believe the base price was about $1100 below invoice and $1000 of incentives were applied on top of this. Got this quote via dealer e-price link without any haggling. Finance office did not try to push any accessories or warranties.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,897
    edited August 2013
    hey quest
    Before you bend over and give it up try these dealerships first. you might even get a free meal out of the deal with the options you want on your CRV .

    Auto-sport..........Bridgewater nj.
    paul miller
    DCH Academy -......OLdbridge nj.
    dch Paramus

    In new york call these dealerships

    New Rochelle honda...... high volume dealership

    Yonkers Honda. very good dealership and internet mgr.

    Bayridge honda............. sometimes they will surprise you with good pricing.


    take your best price and minus another 750 of that and tell each manager you will buy tomm. if dealership meets your price. Its best to buy on the last days/ last day of the month but it seems you have a time factor so your pricing is limited. dealers have the leverage on you right now.

    If you need help let me know. i'll be around tomm.

    Nj doc fee's are from 239 to 499
    New york doc fee's are capped at only 75 dollars.

    Read my posts in the Accord pricing forum to get a idea how to get the best price. Start with these two post # 30550 and 30558 which is a must for you to read when calling dealerships.

    Good luck with these slimy dealerships in N.J.

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  • guest2011guest2011 Posts: 30
    edited August 2013
    In NJ

    $24,495 OTD all @#$%&; fees and 7%tax included (if boss allows). Boss sent a mind signal far across the room and magically approved without sales checking with him/them. So this number can change depending how much i appear to want this @#$%.  Missing arm rest, alloy wheels, glass tint. I'd have to pay extra for those. Is this a craptastic "deal"? I think its about $5-6000 profit on this overprised @#$%.  About same range as CX5 touring FWD with nicer everything inside and out but i don't care for Mazda much. Friends advise against mazda in general.

    PS - can i say "craptastic" in this forum?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,555
    "craptastic" is okay... (as long as you don't use capital letters.. lol)


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jpdcjpdc Posts: 17
    Hi Sundevil. Sounds like a good place to look. Are you okay with sharing the dealer's name? I'm on the north shore but would look elsewhere. Thanks.
  • sundevilsundevil Posts: 28
    I got mine at Honda on Grand in Elmhurst. I worked with Jerry and if you submit an online quote request I believe he is the only online rep.

    Carr's Honda and Planet Honda were very close in price but were farther from me.

    I checked with almost all dealers in the Chicagoland area and the above 3 were the only ones to give a competitive quote without haggling and clearly explained the available incentives. I did talk to sales manager at few other dealerships to get my first choice color but they were not willing to even come close to the deals let alone match.

    Good luck with your purchase.
  • One of the first things i'll ask the dealer to do is remove pin stripes if i ever get any "deal" on this piece of @#$%. 2013 OTD all scam fees included 24,500. 2014 OTD 25,5...4...3... depending how fast i lose interest and walk away. Now i don't want CRV, not that other stealers and cars are any better. I get the impression Honda wants to be the Apple of cars. New motto "sell less for more". Every time i looked at it on the lot i thought about my passengers being uncomfortable and thanked honda for the door lock on the passenger side door. I won't buy EX bc of sun roof and other gimmickry. There's no aftermarket arm rest available that's easy to install. Not possible to install an arm rest in LX because dealer would have to change seats. Plasticky ugly black mirrors, horrible distorted fish eye camera. CD slot. No tint. @#$%^&;* pin stripes!!! Like its 80's again. Who needs @#$% bluetooth when variable speed wipers are so much more useful.

    Haggling is the thing of the past. First quote i get if i get up and walk away nobody tries to stop me like yrs ago.
  • ended up getting an LX FWD with no options for 22,500 OTD, or 1,350 below published invoice (22,243). i was shopping for both a FWD LX and a FWD EX, but i could not get the spread between the two lower than 2,500 as dealers started getting tricksy with the math so i went with the LX.

    i'm in houston and hit up all of the local dealers for quotes on both LX and EX models. if anyone has any questions, i'd be happy to share quotes and impressions of particular dealers. some things i've noticed among all dealers:

    1. these "pro packs" are a scam. familiarize yourself with the cost of OEM splash guards, cargo trays, wheel locks, etc. first so you aren't fooled.

    2. the salesperson i ended up buying from even told me that the fabric protectant is a scam.

    3. i got two itemized quotes from two salespersons at the same dealer. they were $200 apart. upon further review, i found that one guy included a 199.99 "nitrogen tire warranty". i bought from the guy who didn't offer it. when i was signing papers in the finance office, i ended up signing a document for the nitrogen tire warranty. i said "hey, i didn't ask for this" and the finance guy goes "it looks like they threw it in." if you look at my contract of sale, there's a line item for the "nitrogen tire warranty" - cost was $0.01.
  • Looking for a 2013 CRV EX-L AWD no RES, no NAV and have the following:
    MSRP $29,625
    Sales price before tax, tag, title (includes 1,050 discount) - $28,925
    Sales price with tax, tag, title - 29,9919.75

    Have this deal down to 28,880 including tax, tag, title.

    Any opinions? Should I shoot for lower? This is in NC.
  • Thanks for your post.

    It seems your final OTD price has not applied $500 loyaty and $500 Flex cash for 0.9% Honda financing. (Or they were already included in $1350?) I talked to one dealer in Hoston abdout CR-V EX (no options), their internet salesman offerme $24890 OTD. I talked to him about $500 Flex cash for 0.9% finance and $500 Loyalty. He said they were already included.
  • The dealer I talked is Russell and Smith Honda.
  • guest2011guest2011 Posts: 30
    edited August 2013
    Funny how you get "best OTD deal" and when you mention college grad, loyalty, military, costco membership, etc. everything is already automatically included in that "amazing deal". Problem is the car has nothing for the money. Its the Element with a different body and interior. Its got nothing worth the numbers i'm getting. Dealers refuse to sell lower than 24,5-900 for '13 LX AWD. Its not worth that much. Hondausa is behind this scam. All dealers offer the same "best OTD" +/- $50-100 and sometimes add a few cents to make it more realistic.
  • hi cowboy62,

    i ended up buying the LX FWD from R&S. the same salesman quoted me 24,941.21 OTD for an EX FWD which is more than your quote. i would just double check and ask for an itemized quote. as i mentioned before, one R&S guy added 199 for the nitro warranty; the guy i bought from didn't mention it and it was still added, but for only 0.01. the way i think about it is, the nitrogen is already in the tire - is it possible to take it out and reclaim it if a customer refuses to pay for it? if you see that nitro warranty, fight like hell to get it out - it's not mandatory as i figured out.

    i would seriously consider your quote, and seeing if they could knock it down a bit more. ask about referral bonuses, if they have any to share. big star quoted me 25,600 OTD for an EX FWD; john eagle offered 24,250 OTD for an incoming unit (but would take another two-three weeks), and 25,800 OTD for one in stock on their lot. spring branch honda spoke vaguely on the phone about how they might be able to match the john eagle 24k OTD number, but they didn't have any bare bones ones in stock but still wanted me to come in and negotiate. i declined. honda of spring also wanted me to come in, but said that we were looking at around 26k OTD. kingwood refused to match 24k OTD and said that i must have been mistaken and that 24k was for an LX not an EX. gillman said that they had many EXs in stock, but were not allowed to go over prices on the phone. honda of katy did not respond to my request for an EX quote, but they were competitive on the LX - only problem is they have a $399 pro-pack and a $189 doc fee.

    now, back to your question. i was told that R&S did not have any flex cash left when i bought. (John eagle also told me that they ran out of their flex cash two weeks into the month). i qualified for the $500 loyalty by showing my current insurance card (which they copied). just note that the way that they apply it is pretty cunning - they apply it after taxes are calculated. you still pay the OTD price that you negotiated, but they put it in there as a $500 cash downpayment payable by honda. i think that this accounting may have cost me an extra $31.25 in sales tax, but i think i still netted out at 22,500. i also qualified for the 0.9% financing. they were not overly aggressive with the extended warranties, gap and life insurance. the finance guy simply asked and i politely declined, and then we moved on.
  • Thank you very much rufus4554 for your so detailed information. I'll talk to some dealers you mentioned. Because I'm not hurry to buy, I'll patiently try to find a good deal (I hope).

    Thanks again.
  • dks9dks9 Posts: 10
    Can you please provide me quote , I am planing to buy in couple of days thanks.
  • dks9dks9 Posts: 10
    I am in houston area can you please provide me dealar name and quote
  • what model are you looking for? the lowest i got an LX FWD was 22,500 OTD (RS and JE). Katy was 22,700 (they would have been cheaper but insisted on a $399 package of dealer add-ons). For an EX FWD, the lowest quote was from JE at 24k OTD for an incoming unit, then RS at 24,900 OTD (but this was an in-stock model).
  • Called email live chatted with all local dealers. They all give about same price OTD +/-. Mostly over 26k for 2014 LX AWD. Then made up an offer 23,8 OTD. Can't reach internet managers directly. Only sales reps. DCH first said if i finance 23,8 would be possible but then rep said manager doesnt want to take $1000 loss. Other dealers are related but names are different. Dealers swap, know each other's inventory and how much cars are sold for. Not dealing with NY scammers. Plenty of them in NJ.V
  • Hi Brian,

    Hope you can help verify my price. I went into Bay Ridge Honda today, mostly just to test drive, but we got so far as pricing and was able to get the following from them after asking for my OTD price - $26,200 was the number they gave...but they didnt include $830 destination in that, so truly $27,030 OTD.

    Am I close here, or should I be looking for a better number?
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,897
    edited August 2013
    What was the sale price of the EX/awd. The OTD numbers they gave you cant help me. Ny. state taxes and dmv charges are regulated so dealerships cant play around with those numbers.

    You need to provide me with the sale price of CRV with or with out dest charge to determine pricing.

    Invoice price on that model is 24,549
    dest/ charge is .........................830

    total at invoice=......................25,379

    Your target price to buy should be in the range of 1000 to 1700 below invoice price excluding any flex cash or incentives that apply to you.. We arrive at this pricing from other area sales. Next week the 2013 model is 9 months into this year and on jan,1 2014 it will be considered a 1 yr old model.

    factors in pricing is effected by Supply and Demand and your area.

    At 1000 below invoice price w dest charge included Bayridge honda should of quoted you....24,379 any price offer higher than this you should deem unexceptable.

    here is a breakdown of 1000 below invoice w dealer fee's and taxes

    24,379.................. sale price w dest charge
    12.50....................nys tire fee
    75.........................doc fee
    2171......................8.875 tax

    $26, price without dmv fee's
    200.............................dmv fee's estimated???

    $26,837.50................Total OTD Pricing

    Check out these 2 dealerships they are both very good with pricing

    New Rochelle........... high volume dealership

    Yonkers.....................very good dealership with good pricing

    Call internet dept and speak with the internet managers only. Wait to next week to try and land a deal.... last 2 days of the month are the best time to start your negotiations and buying process this is when you have the dealers full attention especially dealerships looking to make there monthly sales quota's

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  • dks9dks9 Posts: 10
    I am looking for lx fwd, can they give same price for 2014 model also, who did you talk to at katy, r&s gave me 24 otd and Gilman also same.
  • dks9dks9 Posts: 10
    Did you bought from rs?
  • asimplenoiseasimplenoise Posts: 5
    edited August 2013
    Thanks Brian, very detailed and incredibly helpful. I wasnt entirely prepared when I walked into bay ridge yesterday - mostly went in to actually test drive the car.

    We plan to finance through Honda for the .9% and my dad owns a Camry which seemed to make me eligible for conquest incentive since we share same last name. That means I should target your numbers above PLUS and additional $1k off? (Bay Ridge told me they were including both those incentives at their final price).

    Sounds like I need to be quite a bit lower than my first whack at Bay Ridge - I will try both the dealerships above next week. When I call into their internet managers it sounds like I should say:

    "I plan to buy the EX tomorrow and am looking for a sale price of $23,879" (invoice with dest - $1500)

    Should I bring up the incentives in my ask price, or address them afterwards?
  • dks9dks9 Posts: 10
    Can you pls send me quote or itemwise, I will see if there is any referral program I can give ur name.
  • r_sethr_seth Posts: 6
    Here is the detailed breakdown for my 2013 Crv EX AWD:

    Price of Vehicle: 23,000
    Add: Destination Fee: 815
    Add:Dealer Processing: 200
    Total: 24,015

    Add:Sales Tax (MD): 1,440
    Add:Tags: 341
    Add:Tire Recycling: 4
    Grand Total: 25,800

    Less: Incentives: 1,000

    Net Out-The-Price: 24,800

    Also, I drove an older Toyota and had to finance the car through American Honda Finance Company (AHFC) to get the above deal.

    In summary, based on data from others in this thread, we got the CRV EX AWD for about $1500 below invoice and then received $1000 in incentives (Flex Cash/Conquest). Hope this helps you.
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