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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,890
    edited September 2013
    By getting many dealerships involved to fight for your business i think you probably can buy a 2014 at invoice price on the last 2days last day of this month. This month ends the 3rd quarter for all car companies find those dealerships looking to meet there sales quota's and invoice will happen.

    Send out 20 emails to dealerships Internet mgrs, telling each one i will buy today for invoice price. wait til the end of the month for dealerships to meet your target price. There is no reason to step into any dealership until you get your target price. This is how you play the game.

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  • ken117ken117 Posts: 247
    Actually you do not have to work the price, not with the right preparation. Always compute a bottom line price. Take invoice less all incentives and holdback. Compute an amount and add a bit for profit, maybe 3-5 percent.

    Contact dealers via the internet and ask for pricing. Select the dealer or dealers you feel most comfortable and counter with your price. Move up from your price not down. Presto, a good deal is found.

    Buying a vehicle for a fair price is easy. Do your research and be open and honest with the sales person. The sales person will respect you, will be happy, and will make sure the paperwork and delivery is smooth.

    Always, always remember you as the buyer control the deal. You can always walk which is the ultimate control. And the dealer knows if you get up to leave he has essentially lost the sale. That is a powerful tool for we buyers.
  • ken117ken117 Posts: 247
    One additional observation. The price you compute includes all dealer cost, including those silly documentation and dealer fees. Some folks, particularly those in Florida, pay dealers hundreds in such fees. Do not be that guy. Both your peace of mind and wallet will be happy that you were not that guy.
  • When a buyer questions a dealer about the doc fee, the sales guy or gal will argue profusely everyone pays it or it is standard or it is legit. Just stand your ground. My experience is the sales person will quickly conclude you know the fee is simply additional profit and will move to adjust the deal to compensate for the fee. No sales person wants a buyer to leave over this fictitious fee.

    But recognize, for legal purposes, the dealer will have to show the fee on the contact. Just make sure the selling price or trade value has been adjusted to compensate for the fee.

    It is truly hard to understand why anyone in Florida would pay $1,000 or so for these fees. I imagine dealers in other states are working hard to duplicate these unethical fees in their states.
  • Bob, I am in the market to buy in AZ. Please tell me the name of the PHX dealership. thank you
  • I got a quote OTD 25,760 for 2013 AWD LX
    Is that a good price? How much less can I bargain?
  • are you looking for 2013 Honda CRV EXL? per my experience with all valley Honda dealers only Right Honda giving competitive price every other dealer is at least $ 1000 apart from their pricing.

    Interestingly August has better pricing than now, $ 1000 difference.

    if you look at inventory there are not many CRV's available hence dealers are holding to their prices.

    one more interesting point, I got a call from one valley dealer and said flex cash and conquest discount both are available for 2013 models in September as well,

    However Right Honda said they only have flex cash no conquest discount, not quite sure how far is that correct.

    bottom line is if you get $$$ of Invoice and there are no dealer installed options is good to go for Phoenix market .

    hope this helps.
  • that price seems to be high for Texas market, read through previous posts I think Texas is better market than Phoenix , I know some one who bought $ 24,500 OTD in phoenix in August 2013.

    There are very detailed posts by Brian124 and some others what is right price for, take that work and adjust for local demand/supply factor.

    you may not get the best price posted in this forum because your local market is kind of unique and demand/supply factors at least you know who are offering better price
  • dks9dks9 Posts: 10
    This seems to be high, anythiing above 24 is high for this.
  • dks9dks9 Posts: 10
    take some quote from houston dealers also, get one from R & S Honda.
  • Thanks for telling me about Right dealership. I am interested in the 2014 CR-V EX L w/navigation; Tucson would be convenient. Should I offer $28,000 OTD or less?
  • Thanks bob and dks.
  • markkammarkkam Posts: 3
    edited September 2013
    Got a quote for 2014 Ex-l awd with nav for $29k plus doc fee of $349 and trade in value of $13k on 2007 crv ex-l awd with nav and 83k miles. Is this a good quote? Do you think they can do better? Thank you.
  • including tax as well in 29K?
    So, the OTD is 29349?
    If so, I think it is a good deal.
  • markkammarkkam Posts: 3
    edited September 2013
    $29k includes destination but does not include tax and registration but note that tax is just the difference of 29k and 13k in MA

    Still good deal or not so much anymore? Thank you.
  • which dealer ship in MA did you get that from. If you dont mind plz
  • Based on various posts I have read through September is worst month to buy new year models(in this case 2014) you should wait till December or even January to buy those models you will get the best price possible.

    however if you decide to go with 2014, here is what I would like to say.

    offer Invoice price, per Costco pricing 2014 models are $ 525 more on Invoicing if you can get Invoice price then it is a very good price, also watch out dealer installed options in most cases those will add up quickly dealer makes most out of them.

    also look at OTD price, one thing I have learned is do not offer them OTD price, tackle each item independently for example window tint many dealers charge $ 400 for it, you can argue them it can be done for $ 100 so they need to cut down that price.

    you can always walk out if you did not get your price but you need to work with them to get your price

    I am going to dealership this weekend will post my experience.

    all the best for your purchase
  • What would be a good deal for OTD price in AWD LX 2013?
    I live in Dallas Metroplex, Texas.
  • Got a better quote today from prime Honda west Roxbury $28500 for the 2014 exl nav awd. That includes destination. Left to pay is tax, doc fee of $300, and title registration. Just go online and request quote. Next day you get email with this great price even before negotiating!
  • Hi I just negotiated a deal for 2014 crv exL no other opts.( carmax wanted to give me 4000 for my 2004 nissan quest SE 3.5 with 9600 miles excellent cosmetically looks new top notch as far AS EVERY OPTION EVER MADE runs great but I think its time to trade before timing chain or something goes starting to hear that clicking noise on start up.. ) so they wanted to give me like 300 more for trade in I know its worth more but I was going for a 2013 and they were going to do it for 23,045 out the door plus my van.. but they didnt have the color I want and there is only one in a 150 mile radius in that color so now I offered them 24,000 ( including all dealer fees taxes license tags and my van out the door) on a 2014 crv Ex L in the colors I want.. They called me back on cell left a message to tell me that they accepted my deal but I didnt call them back yet as to when I will come in to sign the deal so there is still time so please chime in before the I put my John Hancock on it.. no financing involved it will be a cash deal... comments opinions good deal or not?
  • mmzmmz Posts: 10
    edited September 2013
    Well, your question will make more sense if you separate the trade in
    from the new car. What is the selling price of the new car?

    The kbb value for privite party for your car is over $8000, trade in for
    a very good condition is $6698. Assuming modestly that your car should be worth
    $5500, you are getting a decent deal (29500 otd), but if it is worth 6500
    then it is not that good (I am assuming awd, if it is fwd then it is even less attractive). Keep in mind that some people on this forum got 2014 ex-l awd
    for about 26900 plus fees and tax.
  • I am looking to close in on a 2014 LX at 24500/- all included... Any one got a better deal.
  • We are picking up a new 2014 LX tomorrow morning. Total out the door- $24,175.56. No trade, no financing. I think that is actual invoice price, and I got them to throw in a set of dealer-installed splash/mud guards (big whoop...).

    Breakdown is: $22,384 for the CR-V, $185 Doc/CVR fees, $1,410.56 Sales Tax, and $190 for new plates. (We are giving our old car to our grad school daughter to get her through.)

    Had three dealers I was in touch with, but really did not have to negotiate like I usually would. Someone wanted to sell a Honda, and I was willing to buy at that price. I really don't think they would have gone even $20 lower....

    This forum was a lot of help in understanding what to try for, and recognizing when we had a had what I believe is a good deal. Good luck on your deal!
  • Can you please share the dealer and the state? Is this an AWD?
  • mmzmmz Posts: 10
    The invoice on awd is 23554 and on fwd it is 22384, si I am guessing that
    this is for fwd.
  • Brian, thanks for all your help. Here's where I wound up:

    2014 EX AWD
    $23,349 Vehicle
    $830 destination
    $229 Doc fees+electronic registration fee+tire recycling fee
    $1612.74 Taxes+Tags+Registration

    $26,020.74 Total

    Price included nitrogen tires, mud flaps, wheel locks and cargo tray thrown in. Was a very competitive latter part of the week. Had several dealers willing to meet this price, picked the one closest to home that I get my Civic maintained at and closed the deal.

    Went in looking for a 2013 because I thought I could get better value. Started getting quotes on the 2014s as dealers said they were out of 2013s and then the quotes started dropping later on in the week. I bet I could have gotten a better deal if I had waited until Sunday, but no kids + the right color combo made it easier to do today.
  • I believe that price is for FWD
    the best quote I am getting for 2013 AWD LX is 24 500 OTD :(
  • Can you share the dealer name. @ Cuyseco.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,890
    Good job enjoy your new crv .

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,890
    post the city you live in?? what is your question.?
    if you are posting a price you must include selling price with dest charge and dealers doc fee's charge for me to comment. Total otd pricing like dmv and state taxes dont help me with your deal. Every state has a diff/ tax rate so otd pricing vary's from state to state.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

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