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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks Brian. I did email Bernardi and a sales person did call me and also sent me a quote via email. 27025 for an EX-L, and this includes the $830 destination charge. I informed them in my original email that I probably would not be buying until it gets closer to the end of the year and that I was just shopping around at the moment. I haven't tried Boch yet but have bought from them in the past and they are on the hardcore side of wheeling and dealing, but if you stick with it, it will be usually be worth it. They seem to be all about volume selling and they seem to have a lot of CR-V's in stock at any given time. Seems to be the same at Bernardi as far as how many they have in stock. I may still take a look at the CX-5 for comparison purposes though.
  • ceijiceiji Posts: 2
    Purchased a 2014 Honda CRV LX AWD in Michigan Detroit area.

    $23900 OTD with Honda Finance for 60 months at 1.9% APR.
  • hello miltjaffe,
    Is it EX AWD? What is the car price with dest. ? Your input is highly appreciated.

  • I purchased the car with OTD price $31.300 incl mudguards, cargo liner and tires with nitrogen. MSRP $31,245 (appro.) incl. destination.

    Included costs are:
    License fees ($41)
    Electronic fees for lic. ($55)
    GA. Sales Tax (($1907)
    Dealer Doc. ($499)
    Dealer appear. Cost (119)

    I was offered Extended warranty for 7 tears/ 100,000 miles for $1695. Geico offers Mechanical Breakdown Coverage for about $88 per year which can be purchased within 15 months or $15,000 miles. For each breakdown, deductible is $250. The dealer purchased extended warranty can be cancelled within 30 days without any loss, otherwise can be cancelled prorated any time afterwards. I would appreciate any discussion about benefits of dealer purchased warranty.
  • pbloverpblover Posts: 13
    edited November 2013
    I currently have two offers on the table. Both are for a CRV EXL FWD. The first is for $27600. I am waiting to hear if my "all inclusive" really was all inclusive. The second is a true OTD price of $27993.17, which includes everything including mud flaps, pin striping, wheel locks, and nitrogen tires. The dealer also includes lifetime oil changes, car washes, and a few other minor things. Of the extras, I really only care about the wheel locks and don't think I should pay for those. Wondering if this a good enough deal or do I have a little more wiggle room. On the first offer, I don't know what the extras are. Thanks!
  • tkay2tkay2 Posts: 51
    Ceiji, am live in Mi. and what dealer and person assisted you.
  • I am about to purchase my first new car from a dealer and my wife and I have settled on the CRV EX with AWD. We contemplated the EX-L for the Navigation, but decided it was not worth the extra cost.

    I went through USAA's car buying service and it automatically emailed 3 dealers in the DC area. I told them I wanted the CRV EX AWD and had a Jeep to trade in. So far, none of the dealers will give me a quote over email.

    I looked through this thread for DC area dealers, so please forgive me if I am asking questions that have already been answered. Should I email these dealers back and tell them a specific price that I am looking for? If so, does anyone recommend a particular dealer in the DC area?

    Thank you
  • Hi,
    I am getting the following price for 2014 CR-V EX-L AWD w/navigation: 27229 (after agreeing to apply for Honda financing) + 830 destination fee + 200 processing fee + 395 protection package +TTL. Is this a good price or should I ask for them to adjust for processing fees?

    Any help is appreciated.
  • Sounds like a great price, except for the 395 protection package. Can that be removed. Where are you located and what dealer is this. I am looking for the same 2014 CR-V EX-L AWD w/navigation.
  • Hi v8pathy,
    I am in MD. I can ask if they can remove the package. Several dealers are offering this price with Honda financing
    1) Brown's honda city
    2) Jim Coleman of clarksville
    3) Criswell Honda
    4) College park Honda
    5) Ourisman

    Hope that helps
  • I just signed the paperwork on a 2014 EXL 2WD in twilight blue for an out the door price of $27793.66 at Honda of Bowie in MD. This included lifetime oil changes, free car washes whenever, an upgrade on the warranty to 60/100,000 and whatever add ons the dealer put on the car.

    Price break down is:
    Dealer processing $200
    Tax 1584.60
    Registration $175
    Title 120
    Tire tax $4

    I financed with Honda for 1.9% and got the $500 Honda incentive applied for financing through Honda.

    They had to get the car from another dealer after initially telling me I had to take a car from the lot, except they only had 1 2WD and it was a 2013 in a color I didn't like or I would have considered it. I pick the car up tomorrow.
  • Hi,
    This question is for folks from MD. Can you check your bill of sale and let me know how the dealers calculate 6% tax. Is it on the base price + incentive or is it on the base price + destination fees + incentive + processing fees + accessories + warranties. In other words do we have to pay or fees as these are services and not the actual products
  • It's on all the fees plus base price.
  • misterfunkymisterfunky Posts: 4
    edited November 2013

    How did you get such a low price for your Honda CR-V EX-L W/NAV AWD? Your price of $27,229 is way below's "good price of $29,395. It's 2,176 below their listed invoice price $29,405. Are there better sites out there with better pricing information, dealer's hold-back, etc..

    I just bought a 2014 EX-L AWD, no Nav, for $27,991, which is truecar's "good" price for my zip code (New Jersey). I also received $2000 for my 2011, as a trade-in, $500 flex cash, whatever that is, plus $250 customer loyalty coupon. However they added that mud flap crap for $850 (mud flaps, cargo tray, window etching, keypass; I had this removed last time, price wise...). Anyway, this was a lease and my payment is $375 for 36 months; basically the same as I was paying for the previous 2011 model. Money Factor was .00083 (1.99% roughly)

    I always start the negotiation as if it's a purchase first, then once I get the final figures down, I switch to lease. I am not sure if any of my methods are good or bad. I don't like haggling, and I don't want to pick everyone's pocket, I just want to pay an honest price for the car, and not feel like I am getting ripped off. I am interested in better methods, as well as better sites to gleen good prices, as I need to bu another car around 12/28/13; end of month, end of year! :)

  • jrmumjrmum Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    I've read several pages back, but didn't notice any pricing/strategies for the LX AWD. I'm based in the NJ/DE/PA area. We traveled 2 hours for the last vehicle we purchased (not Honda) and saved $2000 from any of the local dealers after I submitted price requests via the various car buying free services (ie. amex, costco, edmunds, etc). The local dealers would not budge with any match or close to match, but that was a few years ago.

    Before I submit any internet price quote requests, any advice is welcomed. Do I submit via these services to different zip codes? Do I figure out who the internet managers are at our local dealers and email them direct or via their website? Do I send same request to multiple services or dealers at same time? Or is there some "best price" that I just write down and tell them "this is what I am offering for this vehicle-take or leave it" (and how do I determine that price). If I test drove at a dealer, should I use a different name or phone number in my request? I didn't provide an email address, although one dealership had me in their database somehow. I want to make sure I get the best price possible and if it means waiting a few weeks, then I will.

    We were told only AWD avail in this area. I have no strict color preference though I'd rather not go with a white and I'd prefer the black cloth, but the grey isn't a deal breaker. Since there doesn't seem to be any real difference between a 2014 & 2013, I'd also consider a 2013 as a certified pre-owned (heard one of our local dealers is getting some in in the next few weeks)

    While power seats would be the one feature that I'd prefer and is available on competitor vehicles in this class, I can live with manual height adjustment in the LX. We'd get the LX because the sticker difference between the LX and next model doesn't appear to be worth it. However if a deal narrowing that margin of next model can be had, we'd consider.

    Thanks in advance for any help in making this a smoother, stress-free (and relatively quick) process now that I have driven several vehicles in this class and narrowed down to a CR-V or Forrester
  • I thought I had nailed down a good price on a 2014 2014 EX-L FWD but now I am not so sure.
    27880 OTD...includes everything. Is that a good price or am I settling for a high price?
  • Also the $26210. Included the $830 destination fee.
  • pbloverpblover Posts: 13
    edited November 2013
    That's not a bad price. You're about $100 higher than my price and I got a fantastic deal according to a Consumer Reports report I ordered for the 2014 CRV EXL FWD. Taking what the sales guy said with a grain of salt, he told me he had to go to 3 different managers before he found one to take my offer, the first two were ready to let me walk and got to College Park Honda where I had an OTD offer of $27600. I chose to go with the higher rate because they offered lifetime oil changes and were around the corner from my house. It was only $200 higher.
  • Hi,
    About the price I got. Here is what I did. I do not know if it will work each time or not, however, I wrote to 8 dealers in my state by going through their website. I told them I will only give my phone number once I narrow down to 2-3 dealers after they provided me with their price. I think I lucked out when the first dealer offered me a price of 27229 pending approval of financing by AHFC. After that I just used that email and send it out to all the dealers in my area and they all said they can match it. I have not been to the dealer yet so do not how much they are really going to do once I get there. But since I have no hurry in buying a vehicle I can always walk out if they do not honor what they said in the email.

    Hope that helps.
  • bj77bj77 Posts: 12
    edited November 2013

    I live in MD as well. Can you please forward your quote or billofsale to balaji_jb at when you get a chance.

    Thanks for your help

  • Hi.. Thanks for providing some price info. I live in Boston and I am looking for CR-V EX-L model as well. Just wondering if you received price offers from any other Boston region dealers? I am not in a hurry. But if I find a great offer, then I can go for it anytime.
  • Hello...we just bought our Honda CRV 3 days ago. As we signed the contract, the dealership did not mention anything about the $500 flex cash through Honda Financing. I contacted the dealership afterwards asking about it. They told me they didn´t know anything about the flex cash promo, cuz they didn´t have anything to do with it...and it was too late to apply for it now since we have signed the contract. I feel kind of cheated by the car dealer, but don´t know how to deal with this issue. May I still possibly get the $500? Thanks for any advice!
  • Please share the best price you were able to negotiate for an 2014 AWD EX (no leather or navi) in Omaha Nebraska/Iowa area.
    The only option I want is rear spoiler.
    Willing to finance for the $500 incentive
  • I live in Georgia.

    25,325.80 Vehicle and Accessories
    599 Doc Fees
    90.95 Tag,Title, ETR, WRF
    1784.25 GA Ad Valorum
    No sales tax
    27,800 Total
  • I got lowest price on a CRV-EXL AWD with Navigation of $28,555 including destination plus tax/title/fees. Is it a good price to buy?
  • naidunaidu Posts: 2

    I am in the process of buying Honda CR-V E XL AWD with Navi next weekend and I am living in MI state. I got the below quote.

    Internet Price: $28,188.98 - $200.00(discount) = $27988.00

    Out The Door: $29,915.00 (Including the destination, tax, doc fee and title fee). It looks your price is lower than my quote.

    Could you provide details of your price please. Also could you provide the dealer details please.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,890
    edited November 2013
    If you financed thru honda that dealership already got paid. Whats done is done. You could tell dealer you are going to pay off the honda loan next week with a credit union loan thats same % price as there loan.. See if they will reconsider. Check out pricing from Penn fed credit Union they have low rates.

    By the way your dealer knows if they have flex cash or not to give .. its a very simply question make them answer you with a.... Yes my dealership has it or No we do not. If its no then dont feel bad its over and so is your deal. Enjoy your new SUV..

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • gillbgillb Posts: 48
    I don't need a better radio, nicer hub caps or even a sunroof. But I absolutely hate those black side view mirrors on the LX which would be a much more cost effective alternative to the EX.

    Is it possible to professionally paint or even replace the mirrors with EX mirrors? If I'm on a lease would this be considered an acceptable vehicle modification by Honda?

    I've looked into side view mirrors bras and other accessories but they range from even worse to no added benefit at all.

    I'd be very interested if anybody else has a solution or personal experience with this other then to buy a black CRV
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,890
    edited November 2013
    When you lease a vehicle you do not own it. You are paying to drive it for a certain amount of time then you give it back.. If a dealer is willing to modify your request on a lx model then it would be fine.. Otherwise you cant do it on your own..

    The ugly side mirrors on the LX match the really ugly rims Why bother. Both are eye sores.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

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