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Nissan Armada



  • yes, the overhead has the drop down for a screen. They are also prewired for DVD so you can hook your audio into the HU and get it to work on the rear controls. Run your own video wire though.

    I did it on my LE for the DVD/screen it cost me less than $500...alot better than the $1600 Nissan wants.
  • You are lucky. The TSB means nothing to my dealership. They said they are simply an "Alert" to let them know there have been problems and if they run into them, how to handle them. They have done no roof fixes and refuse to do mine. I won't go into it again, but my brakes are almost to the metal (or already there) now while I am waiting on new brakes and a "2nd" brake tsb that isn't online yet. Some sort of shims. So if you had the brake fix done before, the dealer told me they guess it didn't fix the problem which we all already knew this. So if you are expecting to take something in with a problem there is no guarantee. As a matter of fact they went one further to tell me that the only way they would fix my problems is with a full blown recall! What their problem is: They can't hear the popping rear end (does it every time I drive off after sitting a couple of minutes, EVERY TIME). They can't hear the roof noise and say my middle console is not loose. You can push up and down on it, the new front one is super tight and doesn't move. Everything wrong with these vehicles, the service manager said is normal. He said roof flexing when you shut the doors and when you drive is normal. Stupid, stupid people. Anyway, beware of Nissan service. Maybe I just have a bad dealership. I will never go back. I am taking it to another one this week (problem is same owners) and will post what they say. If they don't help me, we have one more across town I can try. Either way I will not continue to drive this junker that feels like a 10 year old truck. The brakes are so bad now, I am not even driving the vehicle. The thickness of the pads look like sandpaper and it is now groaning so guess I am through the pads now. Nissan already knew this and sent me on my way with it. Sears discovered I had no pads left. Sears told me the vehicle had suspension problems that caused my tires to wear also.
  • llajumpvid,

    Where is the wiring for the overhead DVD? My dealer told me it was not pre-wired. Is there a diagram somewhere that shows where the wires are, and which wire is which.
  • If you pull up the console from around the shifter and look in front of the shifter there are 4 plastic gray rivets. Push out the two on the left and that is the dvd harness. It has power, video, and audio. I only used the audio and pulled power from the console cig lighter and a wire under the passenger seat. (I didn't use the power only because I hadn't found this harness at the time of my install) The audio is on a short row of the harness the wires are:
    LH neg.=white, LH pos.=black, RH neg.=green, RH pos.=red. Now here is how to get the HU to think you have the factory, take the yellow/blue wire (FES ENABLE) and splice it to the blue (AUDIO ON) wire. All of these wires are on the same row.

    The audio input is weak like the AUX jack so you will need to get a line level amp. You should find one for around $40 from P.I.E.

    Sony IR headpones work with the rear controls ($16 on ebay).

    If you need some more help post a email address and I'll send you some links and a wiring diagram.
  • Sorry for you guys who are having so much troubles. I know it's got to be frustrating. My dealer service experience has been excellent. I did have them dynamat the roof in addition to the glue fix, so maybe that's the difference. If your glue melted and is leaving stains it sounds like they did a crappy job and maybe used the wrong adhesive. I didn't even have a weird smell..the work was done well and the boominess is all but eliminated. I'll occasionally hear some on a really hard bump, but it's not nearly as bad as it was. I have since dynamatted the doors (when I replaced the factory speakers) and now my Armada is very quiet. I test drove a Sequoia a few weeks ago and my Armada is easily as quiet if not quieter than the Toyota.

    The engine and trans are sweeeetttt to drive, too. I had some bad vibes with this vehicle early on, but after finally getting rid of the minor 1st year issues I'm way happy.

    Scott and Soldaustin I empathize with you. Hope you guys get your issues resolved...maybe a better service department will help? Good luck...
  • messmess Posts: 26
    Where are you located???? I can't find a dealer that will even take the console down to verify the roof skin is not attached. The problem is quite obvious to my ears, has lessened some with time on the local <40 mph roads), but on our interstate trips it is definitely there.
    I would love to have someone just ride in the back seat during our trips. I also agreed with an earlier post that my front console was replaced, now it is rock solid....meanwhile the back one bounces all over the place. Also, please give a detailed account of what was done dynamat wise..and did you use Dynamat or a substitute generic. Thanks
  • messmess Posts: 26
    How many peeps have the roof issue, and how many have had it fixed. I am getting the impression that Nissan is saying NO every time. I definitely have the roof issue and have been turned down twice on getting it fixed. I will try another dealer...but they seem to think it is easier to just say no.
  • I went through an ordeal getting mine fixed. First they said the aftermarket video monitor voided the warranty, once I showed them proof it was lighter than the factory they said it was voided because the headliner was entered with out one of their techs present??? (reached into the cut out behind the console and fished the video wire through and taped some of the foam blocks that had fallen out back in place) Anyway I wrote a long letter to the General Manager and the Service Manager. Come to find out it was a lazy tech who didn't want to do the work. They did the TSB and put in my supplied sound deadener. I used Cascade VB-2HD. Its not cheaper than Dynamat but I was afraid that I would smell the Dynamat since it is kind of tar based and I'm in Texas where the roof will likely reach the melting point. Anyway I bought the bulk pack which is like 42 sf but I think they only used about 8 sf from what the roll looks like so you don't need much. It makes the roof sound more substantial when it rains now.

    As far as fixing the resonance I'd say it was an 8 on a scale of 1-10 before and is a 4 after the fix. I can live with it now and likely wouldn't notice it if I hadn't of had the problem before.

    They've ordered the whole overhead console because I still have some roof rattles that they can't kill yet. I think they may have forgot to put some of the foam back in when they reassembled things. For the most part they did a good job of putting the headliner back in. I'm going to see if they can adjust a few of the trim pieces that have some gaps where they meet the headliner when they replace the console...oh and have them wipe the headliner down to get rid of all the dirty hand prints.

    The other thing they did last visit was replace the radio. I noticed this weekend they must of used a screwdriver to pry the front off because the paint is now chipping off the dash where they pried.

    From my experience make sure you talk to the Service Manager or General Manager before you leave if you aren't getting the work done that should be. My last visit I was treated like I bought 5 cars a year from them just to make up for the week long hassle I got previously.
  • I'm in Southeast Texas. My dealer didn't even bat an eye when asked to do the roof repair. I used b-quiet (find it on ebay- 100sq ft for $100- and just as good as dynamat) It really helped.

    Sounds like some of you just have some really bad dealerships. I've had the brake and roof TSBs done with no problems, no denials, nothing. Just did the work at my asking.

    By the way, do any of you have a sheet-metal creak from your rear gate? It's not the glass (I've found and eliminated those) but from the inside of the gate itself. My dealer says there's a TSB for it and they tried it, but it still does it some. I haven't wanted to pull down the headliner to find it. Mine only does it when I turn onto an incline and there's some body flex.
  • just to add my experience with our brakes, we took it in twice for brake problems, first time they "machined" the rotors, less then 4000 miles later, they replaced rotors and did a complete brake job, supossedly with "better" rotors. Here we are just under 4000 miles later, brakes are getting bad again. getting that shaking when brakes are applied so guress the rotors are warping for the 3rd time.will follow up when it goes back to dealer.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    Sounds like Nissan specified a rotor that was too small for the job. Toyota did the same thing with 2001 and some 2002 Sequoia's and later designed a larger front brake and caliper for replacement under warranty.
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Agreed, the brakes need to be super heavy duty. The combination of using cheap chinese materials along with enept size of the brakes are the real culprit here. Nissan errored here.

    With that, I am not going to sit around and wait till the new design is completed. This may take a couple of years. Design , testing , tooling, manufacturing will take awhile.

    I was investigating aftermarket but I have ABS. With new aftermarket brake rotors, calipers and pads may hinder on the operation of the ABS. Also probably voiding the warranty. This idea is out.
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    What's up with the cheap Chinese reference? As if China has a monopoly on cheap materials. Last I checked the Armada was made in the US.
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Armada is assembled in the US. The parts for the Armada are made all over the world including China.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the frame, suspension, steering componentd, and powertrain are all made in the US. the rest, i am not sure about. i would bet, though, that the sound system, NAV, and DVD systems were all asian in origin, though.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I guess China, the world's biggest factory, get to take the blame for all the defects of anything that breaks and were made there. That would be about 90% of stuff in Wal-mart.
  • galvanggalvang Posts: 156
    Shame on you, Nissan for specing in a cheap and unreliable brake system.
  • I just got my Armada back yesterday. I got the call that the brake parts were in. I didn't really want to go to that dealership again but did it anyway. Either that or no brakes. I got it back and noticed on the invoice all sorts of parts for the brake job. When I went 2 weeks before they said they checked my rotors and they would be turned. When I got it back, the receipt showed new rotors because they couldn't be turned. (already turned 1 time) They had mentioned a shim was added to the TSB and that is why I had to wait. Here is the the invoice says:

    1. 41014-7S010 - 2 torque members
    2. 40135-7S025 - 2 Boot Kit-Front
    3. 41005-7S000 - 4 bolts
    4. 41060-7S027 - Brake Pad Kit-Front
    5. 40206-7S000 - 2 Rotor-Disc

    I am glad I got the new Rotors but they didn't tell me I had them until I read the invoice when I got home. Also they reset the tire inflator monitor. They said I only had 30 lbs of air in all of my tires. When I went to Sears about a week and a half ago, I saw them put in I think it was 35 or more. For sure not 30 lbs. So where did the air go? One thing down one to go. The shake is very bad at 70-80 mph and I am worried about it. The tires are perfect balance. I have the 4 wheel align that sears did (all 4 were off) and this didn't solve the problem. It even shakes when slowing down at around 30-35 mph. (when brakes are not applied) I had posted that Sears felt I had a suspension problem since my tires are wearing so badly (3 rotations in 12,500 miles) but I just don't know. What else could cause a car to shake like this. My steering wheel really shakes hard at this speed, almost like a very bad balance job. Sears double checked a couple of days later when I took it back and they are dead on the money, all of them. When I hit bumps the steering wheel bumbs back and forth but Nissan said this is normal.
  • Did you have your tires road-force balanced? I would have that will tell you if the tires are defective. Could be a wheel out of round too..I doubt it's suspension or you'd have it happen all the time, not just at certain speeds.

    I took my Armada for 4 hour round trip today and it was flawless. Finally...I really enjoy this vehicle now. The engine and trans are the bomb.
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    Try going to Discount tire and have them use their GSP9000 balancing machine. That should do the trick. If it still vibrates, then its something in the suspension. Could be bad shocks or a bend arm.

    As for China producing cheap materials, Nissan spec'ed it out, I'm sure the Chinese contractor only made the brakes (if in fact they are made in China, still no proof) to Nissan's specs.
  • I don't know what they called the kind of balancing but he did show me. He said that instead of putting a center piece locking the wheel down, their machine threads using bolts to imitate lug nuts. They tighted it down to give more of a true road feel he said. The tires were pretty smooth. One has a slight jump but he said it wasn't enough to cause a problem. He said the wheels were running straight also. I don't know. I think I have to agree on it not doing it all the time but at certain speeds that if it was the suspension you think it would do it all the time. I will know next week. I might try discount tire also just in case for a second opinion. They have a location near where I live. I recently bought 2 sets of tires from them for my other 2 cars. I drove it again this afternoon and man did it shake at high speeds. I guess I could always drive it under 60 and wouldn't have a problem. Maybe they can make that a new TSB. No speed over 60! I really want to enjoy the vehicle. The brakes for now are great like they should be. Brake dust is a flyin' though. I washed it yesterday and the wheels are black today. I was hoping their new pads would have been better. I am going to try and find some of those shields to block the brake dust. Surely someone makes them for this thing.
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    Nope that's not it. The GSP9700 puts a load on the tire. There is a metal cylinder that presses on the tire while it spins to simulate actual road condition. Much much more acurate than a spin balance.
  • Check post 2983 and 2982, I believe that person had a similar problem and they had to tighten something on his steering column. Also the contential tires are know to have problems with being out of round. Ford uses the same tires on the expedition and they has similar shaking issues. Just read the expy forums. You might need to replace all the tires and I see that someone has recommended a road force balancing for your tires, the Toyota sequoia's have had a few shaking problems and that is how thay have fixed it.
  • Yep, the brake dust is annoying. I'm going to go to a metallic pad and that will solve that. $60/pair at most auto parts stores.

    I've been hearing that Stillen is going to make a brake kit for the Titan/Armada with bigger rotors, metallic pads, and adapters for the stock calipers so it won't be so pricey. Won't that be nice!

    You're almost there soldaustin..hang in there man, you'll end up really enjoying your ride soon.
  • Thanks for the help. I will give this a try and see how it goes.
  • I am going to go to discount tire monday to see if they can do the road force thing. I will call them first to make sure they can do it. I have a NTB near my house also. I think it has to be the tires now. I have Goodyear. I checked and was told that Goodyear and Continental are the only makers of this size now. I really would like to have Michelins on it. Maybe soon they will come out with some. If I could get the shake out, I would feel much better about this thing. Granted when I went over bumps the steering wheel moves more than I think it should, but it didn't shake like a tire balance issue until recently. I wonder if the 4 wheel alignment being off like it was and causing weird tire wear could have screwed up the tires. Well, I will know monday so again thanks for the tips. Oh, also post when you hear about the brake upgrades. I would be interested in doing that also. I figure if past history holds, these will be ready to replace in about 4-5,000 miles, including the new rotors. I did tell the dealer about the front end fix someone posted and they wouldn't even pull it in the shop to check it. They said it did shake over bumps but that was normal. (I printed out a copy of the post but it didn't do me any good) I guess I have to be optimistic and hope the extra parts they put in will solve the problem. I really appreciate all of the tips you guys post.
  • Except, my Nissan dealer wanted me to pay for my replacement brakes @ 9,000.00 miles..

    Yep, they were already turned @ 7,000 miles..Now they are telling me that my brake fluid is low bec' my brakes are low and need to replace the brakes they want me to pay. I already know they will probably have to do something with the roters again, cause I am getting the shaking of the steering wheel...

    After telling them this is not acceptable, the brakes are on "Order"..

    It has been a month, waiting for the brakes, my dash board is till lighting up like it is christmas.. I am still waiting for other parts ordered from 5 months ago, nothing..

    The funny thing is, I do not drive it often, I live in a rural area, so I take the commuter bus to work..average drive a day, 4 miles and that is stretching it...

    I am now looking at the tires for uneven wear..only time will tell.

    In the meantime, I will be printing out all these suggestions...

    I have had so many problems..My twin toddlers (2 yrs old) plicked off the antenna connectors in the back ($800.00). The dealer swears to remove the connectors is difficult bec it is welded.

    Well, they must use bubble gum for soldering materal. If I even look at all the connectors in the back of this tonka the wrong way, I swear it would pop and blow up just by glaring at it.

    I feel like an absolute idiot because I paid it off.

    I would of rather spent that money on plastic surgery on myself...
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    Bowke28, what you are essentially telling all these people is "Do not buy first year models! Wait two or three years and you should get a relatively good vehicle from Nissan! Not much of a consolation to somebody who spend $ 35K + on this vehicle, only to have one problem after another.

    What if nobody bought any of the first year new model vehicles? Would Nissan start improving their quality ASAP?
  • Your rotors should be turned everytime you get new pads. Of course they shouldn't have to have new pads put on after 7k miles either. The rotors should also be able get turned at least half a dozen times or more before getting replaced. If you are experiencing a vibration when you apply the brakes it's almost certainly due to warped rotors which will not be fixed by having the rotors turned.

    For the people who are having to replace the pads you might think about going with Praise Dyno pads. Very good and a lot of guys with Suburbans use them. Although it will not solve the problem of warping rotors.

    Personally I think the 05's will have to be discounted too. People aren't going to want to jump in on them anytime soon until they know for sure that the QC has improved.
  • I have the same problem with my driver side window. I'll be taking my Armanda back in to service this week. Was your problem resolved and is something I need to tell the service tech to get this resolved quicker?
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