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Nissan Armada



  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Well there are lots of folks that don't have any problems with their 04's but I'd say purchase one at your own risk. My personal experience is when I test drove an 04 then an 05, it was a night and day difference. The 04 didn't drive as well, the resonance was slightly apparent, the roof including DVD waved like a flag and the seats didn't seem as comfortable. We promptly bought the 05 we test drove because it was solid all around. 05's are currently under invoice at most dealers so if you can afford the extra cash, I'd go for the 05 and sleep peacefully.
  • big0147big0147 Posts: 15
    Thanks I took my Mada in to another Nissan dealership here in Hawaii after the dealership that I originally bought my car from didnt know if I had bought the car from them or if I had ever bought it in, much better service at the Tony Dealership. It only took 2 hours to get the rotors replaced and such nice service. I really dont know if this is a permanent fix I hope it is but if it starts shaking like that again i will use the aftermarket brakes from the source you provided. Oh by the way I luv my Mada. Thanks for the help.
  • Tested the beast this weekend here in New York with 18-20" of freshies. She performed well, not great...this is due to the tires. The stock Continental 265/70/18 got poor ratings for snow. thinking about getting a set of winter tires (as the manual suggests) anyone have any suggestions?
  • Sorry I took so late in replying. I was out of town and just got back. Regarding the price, I was able to get it $7K below MSRP. The MSRP with options was 43.5K, I got mine for 36.5K. Not bad.


    Good luck.
  • I have an Armada (purchased in 8/04) with 7500 miles and now on its 3rd set of breaks. I have contacted Nissan to replace the vehicle.......they simply do not have a fix for the problem. Breaks can't hold the wait, overheat and warp.


    I pull a 5,000 lb boat behind it (capacity listed at 9100 lb) and while it pulls great.....just can't stop it. Armada was rated by one boat magazine as the trailer vehicle of the year in '04.


    Interested to know what advise or process to take in dealing with Nissan. My dealer has been great, but now its on to corporate!
  • i've been through the lemon law process before and was just wondering under what conditions did your armada fit under? i have had my brakes replaced once and now i have to go back again because the same thing is happening. i bought it in march of 04'. also i am getting my antenna fixed again because i can't get reception on my radio.
  • I just filled out the lemon law paperwork. Tired of having to take it into the shop for new brakes all the time. Just wondering if anyone else has persued this, and if so, were you successfull? I love what the Armada could and should be. I have an 04 from Dec, 2003. If I am successfull, What can I expect from the 05's?
  • I too have filed a lemon law claim, but I think we might come out ok on the brake issue if we're patient. I really love the design of the Armada also- it's just the execution that sucked on the early builds. (I bought mine in February of '04) Mine is in the shop right now and is having the brand new TSB- with larger rotors and calipers and according to Nissan Arbitration, this is a "permanent fix". I've had a couple of conversations with the guy, and I am hopeful. I have a long list of other (minor) issues - rattles, one door won't open from the inside, etc. but if they'll get these issue resolved then it will be nice to finally enjoy the vehicle I've bought. It'll be completed early next week, so we'll see.
  • Can't wait to hear what your outcome is. I just had an oil change and brake job with my new 05 Armada at 3050 miles. The Dealer even put a nice dent on the front bumper!! Universal Nissan in California. Please keep us posted on the big rotors and calipers. Seems like they are kinda hush hush about this one. What Dealer are you getting the work done at?
  • Can you be more specific? "under what conditions did it fit under" See prior posts regarding ALL the problems with mine. The radio reception is not an antenna problem, that simply requires your Dealer to swap out your Radio. Then the reception will be great!!
  • Well, according to Nissan Arbitration the new brake TSB will be out at the end of this month or early next month. Apparently they are trying to get their lemon law claimants taken care of first while ramping up production of the new parts for the larger TSB. Hang in there folks! Hopefully soon our brake issues will be a thing of the past. I'm going to add stainless brake lines and the Carbotech pads later to get even better braking and get rid of all the brake dust.


    I've also been reading about another new TSB that should eliminate door rattles- something about they're going to foam the doors where the weatherstripping mounts. My doors rattle, but it's not the panels, it's the doors themselves. The stripping has gradually flattened out to a point to where there's metal on metal when hitting rough road- it's just enough to annoy the [non-permissible content removed] out of me.
  • I love what I hear!!! Do you know what size rotors they are changing too? They are probably changing the size because we all caught on that they used the brakes from the sentras!!!!Ha Ha Ha.I sure hope the brake issues are a thing of the past. Keep me posted would you, Thanks!!
  • by conditions i meant that to file under the lemon law the problems with your vehicle have to fit under at least 1 of 3 conditons...the first one is that the the vehicle has had something fixed at least two times and the problem could cause serious bodily injury...the second one i believe is that the same problem has been fixed 4 or more times and still continues to need fixing (but not a problem that is serious, more like the radio issue)..and the third one is that your vehicle has been out of operation for more than 30 days...(in the shop)...i just wondered which one of these three that your claim fell under....thanks.
  • Hello,


    The answer to your question would be "D", My Armada fit all those requirements.
  • mcfmcf Posts: 1
    I have a 05 SE purchased in Nov 04. I have 6600 miles and am beginning to feel the "judder" in the in the steering wheel when I brake. Is this the warping of the rotors or defective brake pads?

    All doors in the interior sound as if the adhesive is sticking and unsticking. Sounds like when tape gets stuck to your fingers. Its horrible when all four doors are doing it at the same time. Anyone heard of a fix for this?
  • You can't void a warranty by installing

    aftermarket parts. The only way you can void the warranty is if they can prove that the part installed cause the problem you are complaining about.
  • We bought an 04 Armada in November 2004. Developed the HORRIBLE vibration at 5500 miles. Taking it in tomorrow for the first time. Also having problems with everything else listed on these posts. I filed a complaint at to hopefully start an investigation. Why hasn't a recall been issued if this many people are having the problem. Every personal friend of mine with Titan or Armada are experiencing the same problems. Please post a complaint at that website if you feel like it so that maybe we will be heard!
  • Just an update here, we had our rotors "machined" once and complete brake jobs (replaced rotors, pads, etc) done 3 times. 2 of the 3 times were the NEW AND UPDATED KITS, they ARE NO DIFFERENT then the original as far as warping. The last time the brakes were done (2 weeks ago) our tech stated that IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN , there is NO FIX AVAILABLE at this time. SO don't listen to what they are saying about the new rotors, they are just stalling for time.
  • MCF- Regarding the brakes, they will probably replace the pads and machine the rotors. This will buy you about 4K miles and you will be back again. I previous post talks about a foam being placed to fix all the door noises. Also, there seems to be a "permanent" fix for our brake problems coming.
  • how many miles do you have on your armada?
  • approximately 20,000. We averaged between 4000 and 5000 miles between repairs.
  • We were told that we had the permanent updated fix the last 2 times our brakes were fixed. Last month we were told by the tech that we will have the problem again, there is no fix available at (that) time.
  • are you going to get rid of it through the lemon law? i've had my brakes done twice...the first time at 6,000 miles, then again at 9,000 and the minute i drove off the lot they were squeaking everytime i put my foot on the told me they don't have a fix for it and that i just have to get used to the noise and that they don't have a way to fix the problem right now...give me a break...the new pads require me to press harder to brake so i can only imagine that these will wear out even faster..totally annoyed...
  • Don't know how difficult it is but we are going to try. Can't be going back to the dealer every 4000 miles!
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    Well, I've decided to pass on the Armada, waited on the 05's but still seems like Nissan hasn't done anything. Good luck everybody.
  • I am new to this discussion, but have been following these posts for awhile now. Mt wife and I recently test drove the 2005 Armada and the Sequoia back to back and both really liked the Armada. Unfortunately, all of these reported brake issues have me fairly nervous as there was clearly a significant problem with the 2004's. I guess it is too early to determine if the 2005's will have the same problems. The salesman at our local dealer seemed to think that the brakes have been changed for the '05 models, but I can't really confirm that. Anyone out there looking at the '05 model have more solid information? This is by far my favorite large SUV, but I certainly do not want a vehicle with these major brake issues.
  • All I can tell you is that our Nissan tech said the same brakes are in the 05's as the 04's. Had they been changed then the 04's would be easy to fix. There have been 2 different upgrades, neither have worked in our 2004 Armada.
  • I am also ready to pull the trigger and keep asking the same question. The work I got was that there was some type of new Brackets that helped the brakes and that this solved the issue. Sound a bit suspicious. For those that had the brakes replaced, have you heard of these new brackets.

    Maybe I should wait until the resolution gets resolved in a 2005 Build.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  • Per the last post, I am interested in a 2005 Armada LE w/ Tech Pkg and Entertainment. Local Dealers have 04' Infiniti QX56 that they will sell at or below invoice, but will still be ~$7K More then the Armada.

    Did anyone else face this decision and choose the Armada? The QX56 may have a better value long term, but then again, it's already technically 1 year old and cost a good $7K More. I plan to get an extended warranty anyway, so the Infiniti Warranty is not a selling point.

  • Our first updated repair consisted of new rotors and brake pads, 2nd newer updated repair consisted of new rotors, new pads and BOLTS. Made no difference rotors were still warped by about 4000 miles. ISSUE IS NOT FIXED!
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