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Nissan Armada



  • gbajagbaja Posts: 13
    I have the same problem with my tires, after 11000 miles all four of my tires are worn out inside. what I heard from other tire shops, that not only the armada has the same problem, their Titans, 350 Z and some of their frontiers has the same problems. the cause of these are their chassy or the suspension. you have to go for wheel alignment like every month and rotate them regularly to get longer thread life. I were you, buy a lifetime wheel alignment in your local tire store because we are going to be in a long crappy ride with nissan north america about this problem. by the way do you also have a problem with your brakes? please let me know if you get any info about our problem. And i will let you know also if i heard anything with them.....thanks
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I drive into and out of Manhattan every day. So far no alignment issues or abnormal tire wear (I do rotate my tires every 5k like we are supposed to) and the brakes have been fine for almost 10k miles since I had the upgraded pads, rotors, brackets etc put on.

  • bill73bill73 Posts: 1
    I recently suffered a flat tire and took my 2004 Armada to my local station to have the tire fixed. While I was there, I asked them to rotate the tires, which was long overdue (24K). They called me and told me that my rear tires were "corded" due to a rear alignment issue. The tires actually look like racing slicks from the inside to about 80% of the way to the outside. The cords were showing and they looked ready to fall completely apart. My concern is two fold: 1. How could the alignment get off by 33 degrees on one side and 21 degrees on the other. The front tires were within spec. I do not off road or abuse my vehicle. My daily commute is 4 miles one way. I tow a boat two times per week approximately two miles one way. The rear tires were replaced at 7,500 miles due to a puncture. One new tire and the spare rotated to the other side. My second issue is notice. Before the recent flat tire, my Armada moved down the road fairly straight. There was nothing to indicate bad alignment. Admittedly, I did not rotate my tires, other than as indicated above. The rear tires are difficult to examine when walking behind the vehicle. The mud flaps come down so low as to obscure the tread and cast a shadow unless I get down on my knees and make a special effort to look. I have owned four Land Cruisers, a Land Rover, Suburban, Explorer, Ford F-150 and a Hummer H-1. Although they all required a little attention to the tires and brakes, there were always some warning signals that something was wrong. With the Armada there were none.

    My concerns are that the problem may reoccur and I will again have no clue based on the handling of the vehicle. I assure you I will rotate the tires and check the tread wear regularly. Has anyone else had this experience?

    Oh yeah, the brakes were toast and the front rotors needed to be replaced and the rear rotors were turned. New pad all around. The braking now feels mushy. Brakes were under warranty. The riretires alignment were pricey. I am writing an appeal to the company rep as I am sure I am not the only one and the problem appears to be a design or QA issue.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    On all your previous SUVs there was absolutely no rear alignment possible (solid rear axles don't require rear alignments) It does seem odd that it was that far off, seemingly from the factory. However the alignment should have been covered under the 12mo/12k warranty on wear and tear items from the manufacturer.

    As for the brakes, everyone knows of the brake issues, the new brake kits work well as I've had mine for close to 10k miles now w/o issue.

  • pmtrepmtre Posts: 55
    I purchased Michelin Cross terrains to replace the OEM Goodyears, the GY's only lasted 25K, it did need an alignment, when I purchased the Amada in Dec 2003, there was a vibration in the front at about 75-80 mph, I thought it was a bad tire or alignment, the dealer let some air out of the tires and said it was fine. Anyway
    had it been properly aligned the tires should have lasted longer, My 1998 Dodge Durango GY tires went 60,000 miles before I traded it in with one rotation and no alignment. Anyway the Michelins ride great, 5K on them with no wear issues. The new brake fix is going on 7-8k miles with no issues. Now at 30,000 miles with no major problems. Will take it to the dealer for a minor adjustment on the sunroof before the warranty is up. All in all a nice ride, great engine and plenty of room, Avg 13.5 MPG around town 16 Hwy(73-76 MPH AVG.)
  • cativocativo Posts: 1
    I have an 05 qx56 and yes it has the up graded brakes, rotors and calibers. The truck rides smooth quite and stops great!!!!!! I bought the truck in Sept 05 got friend who work for Infiniti so he checked out the brakes to make sure and he said the up grades where made at the factory, so I assume that Armada's and qx56's are getting the up grades at the plant
  • Hey I live in Brooklyn but I would travel. I just took my Armada '05 in for its first service and they changed the rotors and pads without any hassle. To be honest I was not experiencing any problems but I mentioned to the dealer that I have been reading up on the problem and they did the "fix". I have love my truck since the moment I bought it. My only sadness came when I recently found out that the '06 3rd row is a split bench. oh well.

    Any info would be appreciated :shades:
  • I have an Armada 04 - SE, it has had a mysterious deteriorative electrical problem associated only with the lights/power/function of the instrument cluster. The first occurance was @ approx. 600 miles with just the backlit clusters going out and back with no stimulus and now has grown into the functionality of the instruments. The tripmeter will zero out, all lights go dark and all the guages will freeze, zero out and "pop" back to accurate at various times while driving. No obvious pattern of occurance. When I "hit" the top of the instrument cluster/dash - it brings most back to normal. I have taken to the dealer, a documented, 15 times to have it "not happen while we had it, therefore no error code = no problem." After an extensive explanation of the problem, they wont even try to find anything without an "error code." I called the Nissan1 number, they say the same compnay line - no error code, no exploratory looks into the dash. I have since moved to Germany in the military and the occurances get more frequent..........and more dangerous to drive here.
    Has anyone experienced this, even remotely similiar?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Is that my gauges will blip about 30 seconds after I turn off the car but other than that no issues.

  • I've been reviewing alot of the noted problems with the Armada and I saw a couple of posts that Nissan has fixed the brake issue (note: I'm a huge Maxima fan, so I like Nissan products). I'm looking to replace my wife's Durango (POS) and the Armada has plenty of room for our growing family. Any thoughts on the proposed fixes that Nissan has put forward, whether or not they are on the 2005's that haven't been sold, and any recommended dealers in Northern Maryland?
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    Some 05's have them and some don't. I have an 05 and have had the brakes fixed twice. The second time was the charm. Regarding dealers, check Carmax outside of Baltimore (Whitemarsh). They'll probably have better prices and they're no haggle. If you care to venture down I-95, check out Herb Gordon in Silver Spring. Their prices rival Carmax.
  • delodelo Posts: 3

    I am new to this site and I have just joined you.

    I own a 05 Armada and I am happy with it. I bought it 7 to 8 months ago and the only problem I faced was the brake issue Which no longer exist.

    Just 4 days ago, I faced a problem (it may not be a problem) where the air bag light (signal) in the main driver board is signaling (flashing) all the time. I checked the user manual and it mentioned that the light should be on for 7 seconds after you start your car. But in my case, it is on all the time.!

    Any one faced the same matter?

    I appreciate your feedbacks.

  • did you happen to of removed the stereo benzel or a seat? If so you probably set off a fault code. here is directions on how to reset it.

    flashing airbag light reset">
  • delodelo Posts: 3
    Thank you so much llajumpvid :)

    I apprecaite your feedback and help.
  • I've read for some time about the various "quality" problems with the Armada (brakes and tires come to mind). I was shopping yesterday, and the Nissan salesman didn't know much about the problems(or didn't want to talk about it), but he also told me the Armada doesn't have a 60/40 split 3rd row seat nor power fold-in side mirrors both of which I thought were added in '06. He then proceeded to pull around a new '05 to show me as he was trying hard to sell the '05 and didn't seem to want to I left. Because I like the size and style of the Armada, can anyone confirm if Nissan added these features for '06 and if they've fixed the brake and tire problems?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I would complain to the dealer about that jerk. :mad: He's exactly why many car sales people are considered reptiles.

    Yes, the new Armada has a split-fold 3rd-row seat. As to whether all the problems have been corrected? I don't know. I would hope most of the problems have been addressed by now.

    FWIW, the Infiniti QX56 was just rated the "worst SUV" because of all of the problems they were having. I'm not sure if it was CR, or who rated the QX. I just read that today, but I don't remember where.

  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    The LE has the power folding mirrors. The 60/40 split 3rd row is std on all models.

    The brake issues have been fixed, even on my 04.

    It probably got worst SUV cause of the brake issues, however they have been resolved.....

  • I posted this issue before but turned out in the wrong section :) ok, my wifes Armada is nice and we've had it since they came out, infact I bought the second one in Omaha, and ever since day one you could notice the rough ride, when you get up to highway speeds any little bump the entire rear half of the SUV shakes, specially if you're in the third row, that is constant vibration, I asked everyone with Armada in town that I run into, and it seems like the ones travel a lot say the same thing, and the soccer moms that drive it in the city has no idea what I'm talking about, so I've been looking and trying to find a company that makes airbags suspension kit but with no luck! do you know know of any company out there that I can call/email and ask if they do have a kit? thanks alot
  • gbajagbaja Posts: 13
    my dear friend, i hope iam not too late, please reconsider your decision. i have 04 armada and still going to nissan dealership for repairs every month. this excludes 9x at local tire store for wheel allignment last year alone....good luck!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    There's not much happy news about the Canton MS Nissan plant as reported in the Straightline blog here.

    Steve, Host
  • I am in the process of the lemon law process on my 2004 Armada. Brakes, driver window, dvd, sun roof, rear seat, have all been replaced. I have 11k to date.
    My attorney thinks we will get a buy back. Is the 2006 any bettr or do i move on??? We like the vehicle but hate the problems
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Well no offense but the physics of the 3rd row dictate that it's not going to have a great ride, it sits right above the wheels!

    I just got back from a 1200 mile trip in 48hrs in all conditions from 60 degrees to near zero temps with freezing rain and snow.

    I'm very impressed with the VDC system on our vehicles, worked very well at high speeds on icey roads in the mountains. I was able to keep up with the subarus in our group drive!

  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Consider where i stand for a moment... My father is retiring in 6 days and is looking for a reliable vehicle to take into retirement. Deciding between a 06 V8 4runner sr5 2wd(w/ 3row seats, navigation, leather w/ heated seats and dvd entertainment system) 06 Acura Mdx (w/ navigation and res) and 06nissan armada SE(navigation, leather and dvd entertainment). The 3 come out to be near in $$$ and features. The mdx and 4runner are very reliable and all 3 hold value. The Armada is biggest but uses most fuel. This is tough!!! :sick:

    The mdx and the 4runner drive nicely while being quick with similar horsepower numbers. In case you're wondering about the 3rd row of seats, i need one to get rid of the need to drive two vehicle to places, mostly short distances. While the 4runner isn't the "better" choice for the third row, it will only be used 1 a month, at most. :) While on 3 row seats, dosen't have to have lexus comfort, it just needs to be usable and can fit a carseat. Help please..!!!!!!!!!!

    ps, don't want a :lemon: .
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    If you don't need the Towing/Size/etc of the Armada I wouldn't suggest getting it. I love my Armada and need the 9000+ lb towing capacity and 3 rows of seating.

  • daceyhdaceyh Posts: 4
    I bought my 05 in August and was told that the brakes had already had the upgrade...sure enough, at 3500 miles I started having brake jutter. I took it to the dealer where they gave me a new fix which had supposedly only been available for 10 days. 3000 miles later, so far so good.
  • Just found out the MDX has a redesign for 2007 coming out this fall. That info has changed my mind :surprise:
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    where did you find this?????? :surprise: . Are you sure it isn't the RD-X
  • I called Acura and talked to a customer service rep. She said that is being redesigned with a debut of Fall 06. I asked her if there would be significant changes and she said that this is labeled a 'complete redesign' which means appearance changes. I asked her if it would look like the new RDX and she said she was not quite sure but they would be different cars thus the RDX being a small SUV and the MDX remaining thier largest luxury SUX.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    That's not the story over in Future Vehicles.

    cwakefield, "Acura MDX - 2005/2006" #201, 10 Jan 2006 5:28 pm

    We're getting a bit far afield from the Armada in here (hint, hint).

    Steve, Host
  • Does nayone have a suggestion for how to program a key. The key that came with the vehicle no longer works. I am told it needs to be re-programmed at a cost of $36. Does anyone have any idea how to program your own key or do you have to have the dealer do this?
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