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Nissan Armada



  • llajumpvidllajumpvid Posts: 76
    watch out or Nissan will void your warranty because you went over 250 miles between changes (3months/3750 I thought is the required interval):). I'm due in a few weeks for the 3 months even though I'll only have about 2200 on her....Wonder how long before Congress get involved and forces the auto industry (who is probably paid by the oil industry to make the best end users possible) to get rid of the stupid 3 month thing. Heck how long do the oil cans sit on the shelf...with the price of oil these days I would hope they would do something about this...I paid for a 7 yr warranty so I'll have to stick with the 3 month deal for a while.....
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    "watch out or Nissan will void your warranty because you went over 250 miles between changes (3months/3750 I thought is the required interval):)."

    There is NO way Nissan (or any other manufacturer) could void your warranty just because you missed an oil change by a few hundred miles, a few weeks, months, whatever. First of all, the ONLY part of the warranty they could "void" would be for parts that failed as a direct and exact result of the extended oil change - and that would be all but impossible to prove.

    Auto manufacturer's CANNOT REQUIRE you to abide by any alternate maintenance intervals that are reasonable and especially when based on different driving conditions. As it is there is a lot of controversey surrounding the necessary oil change requirements. Obviously many conditions come in to play but I have seen reports where oil has been run 4,000, 5000, 7000, 10,000 miles etc. with absolutely no difference in engine wear or any other noticeable drawbacks.

    Also, there are many different brands of oils out there. They certainly cannot tell you which brand to use, as long as it meets the listed SAE requirements and weight, meaning that one can use synthetic oil which has much longer recommended intertvals. Manufacturers certainly cannot void your warranty if you use synthetic.

    Again, they would have to PROVE that whatever interval you used caused the damage. Pretty much impossible as you are NOT going to damage your engine whether you go 3000, 4000, 5000 miles or whatever.

    I also hope owners are not falling for the line that some dealers tell customers that they MUST go to them for all maintenance work, that is absolutely not true. I have always done all of my own oil changes. HOW would they ever prove when I changed my oil, I could note any mileage I wanted in my "log" book.
  • big0147big0147 Posts: 15
    Where are you located if you dont mind me asking?
  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69
    Upton Massachusetts
  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    thanks for the information - I've been beating my head against the wall dealing with all the urban legends that people hear and pass on.

    The ONLY way your warranty could ever be voided, when related to maintenance, is when there are obvious signs of abuse, like 1/2" of oil pudding baked onto the valve covers, or no proof of an oil change for 15,000 miles, and there is a major failure.

    I investigate and testify in lemon law and breach of warranty cases governed by the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Improvment Act - no manufacturer would ever attempt to be so critical as to time you with a stopwatch to make sure you're right on your mileage requirement. It's also the manufacturer's burden of proof that your neglect caused the failure before anything could be denied.

    Also, the alternate maintainence schedule (more frequent) is recommended only and canot be mandated, with the exception of commercial vehicles where the lemon law doesn't apply and there are a different set of rules.
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    Maybe Nissan USA should just dynamat the Armada roof from the factory. They could probably get a good bulk rate on the stuff.
  • llajumpvidllajumpvid Posts: 76
    Thanks for the info, I was actually half joking about the strictness of the maintenance interval. I glad to hear though that it isn't as binding as I thought in terms of time/milage...That will probably save me a oil change or two a year.
  • man im getting ticked off. my vehicle just got back from her 5th or 6th time in the shop, and she has scratches all on her door, and pry marks on the window buttons. on top of that, the "fixed" window issue is coming back!! i was beginning to feel optimistic about everything, but it seems everytime something is fixed, three more issues come up along with the previous one. thank god none are drivetrain issues, i might have a heart attack over that.
  • nwarmadanwarmada Posts: 7
    I am running full synthetic and changing the oil every 5K miles which justifies the extra cost by going a little longer between changes. Severe maint. schedule calls for 3750 and non severe calls for 7500. 5K should be fine with full Synthetic. I run about 50% freeway and 50% city and tow a small (2500lb) tent trailer. My brother ran full synthetic in his Subaru Legacy. He had to have the head gasket replaced at 165K (common for his year of Subaru)and the mechanic said "I can tell you use synthetic because this engine looks brand new". He is over 200K now and it still runs like the day he bought it.

    Took the Armada in for the 2nd time for warped brake rotors (front only) and they turned them again. I suspect I will get another 5K before they warp again at which time they will have to replace the rotors after already turning them twice. They are still within spec. and they apparently have taken very little meat off of them each time.

    Will be taking it in next week for roof fix and to replace overhead console. The bolts have pulled through and cracked the plastic in the front two compartments. I beleive others have encountered the same problem.

    Now that it is warning up and I have 10K on my Armada. The problems mentioned above are all that I have had to deal with. Many of the squeaks and rattles seem to have disappered. Even though I am having the roof fixed I can barely hear or notice the resonance problem anymore. It seems to have gone away.

    Dealer has still been top notch. On both visits they have provided a loaner car and have always had the work done in 1 day. I Love my Armada but due to first year issues I will likely trade it for a "newer" one once the warrantly expires regardless of any financial loss. I have an SE with tow package and Bose and will likely get the SE Offroad next time.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I would only recommend using synthetic if
    - you absolutely love your vehicle, and you need to give it the best you could.
    - you intend to keep your vehicle till 100K and beyond
    - you tow a lot and frequently keeping your engine at high temperature

    If you cannot answer yes to any one of the above questions, you are wasting your money ($30 more for 8 qts) at each oil change. No dealer would brink when you trade in your vehicle by saying "I have been using synthetic...". Only a few people would appreciate it. I run synthetic in my BMW, as it is recommended by BMW.
  • nwarmadanwarmada Posts: 7
    I agree that for the vast majority of people full Synthetic is overkill. I do it simply because I love my vehicle(s) and simply want to give them the best. I can get 7 qts of Mobile 1 Synthetic for $28 at Walmart and then get a higher end oil filter for $6-$10 making it about $38 for an oil change. I do my own oil changes so that further makes it afordable for me. Many people get charged $35+ for regular oil at their local quick lube shop or the dealer. I justify the extra cost by doing it myself and going slightly longer between changes (5K intervals). I agree that most people don't need synthetic unless using their vehicle under a few of the conditions you mention. Just thought I would add my 2 cents tot he topic of oil changes. Thanks!
  • ksloan78ksloan78 Posts: 27
    "all Armada's have a roof that vibrates more than the owner would like, and interferes with someone who has a DVD. Is this the "roof problem" you refer to?" ---- YES!!!
  • ksloan78ksloan78 Posts: 27
    perhaps you're just hard-of-hearing and can't hear it!!
  • norbnnorbn Posts: 70
    The difference betweeen the price of synthetic and regular oil is less than a tank of gas. I think its worth it. I use Mobil One on all my cars. It gives me a sense of security especially if I don't have time to change the oil right on the recommended mileage. I can go over and know that the Mobil One is OK. I try to do my own oil changes and pick up Mobil One at Sam's club.
  • adjmcloonadjmcloon Posts: 70
    Yeah, the roof is fixed but the squeaks are worse. Renamed it from "The Beast" to "Squeaky". I can't wait to get out from under this thing- I've posted it for sale all over. So let's see, what to buy now? Maybe I'll go back to my trouble-free Tahoe. The Toyota Sequoia looks nice too. Not as much power, but at least I won't have to put it in the shop every other week. I would get a Titan but it's 1st year too. Oh well, and I had such high hopes. Maybe in 2006...
  • on a nice note, direguarding my current issues with my baby, i was driving down a new road yesterday (it was raining pretty bad) and didnt notice that i needed to slow down from 40 to 20 until after i had gone around the curve. needless to say, i slipped a little. i felt and heard some noise from the rear right then the front left and i was on a straight path.

    when this same incident happened in my 1989 blazer, i did a 180 and then a 360, fortunately not hitting anything.

    while i might need to improve my driving habits during rain, it feels really nice to know this thing keeps going straight. it was also (shh dont tell nissan) kind of fun O_O
  • presplanpresplan Posts: 30
    has anyone put a hood protector on their truck? If yes, how does it look? Any additional noise coming as a result? Does it help give a better idea where the front of the truck is (I find it a little hard to see where the front of the truck is as the hood slopes down and prevents you from seeing the actual start of it ). Thanks for your responses.
  • i put one on. i have a black SE and it makes her look even sexier. It does help somewhat in distinguishing the end of the truck. I haven't noticed any noise from it at all. just for looks itself, the hood guard is worth $70.00, in my opinion.
  • presplanpresplan Posts: 30
    I wish they had a camera or sonar system in the front of the car as well. It's hard to judge exactly where the front is. Sounds like the hood protector helps a little. Thanks for your response. I am going to put one on as well.
  • Well genius, if the noise is as bad as you claim, then it wouldn't matter if I were hard of hearing. Nice reply, how about making a post that requires you to USE YOUR BRAIN.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Okay, guys, enough! It scares off the lurkers and newbies. Obviously, ksloan forgot to post the smiley at the end of his post and klondike can't resist a retort.

    Let's stick to the topic and leave the barroom barbs for another location.

    tidester, host
  • nobody else is having issues with their windows? at all...? i must be the lucky one...
  • gecko66gecko66 Posts: 5
    Just wanted to post that I now have 2300 miles on my Armada and don't have any issues yet. I have been keeping watch for any of the issues that others have posted, but just don't have any yet. I will keep my fingers crossed!

    I love the way this thing tows! I have towed a couple of times with mine and the power is fantastic.
  • berisimusberisimus Posts: 31
    My Armada has nearly 9K and I must say it has been almost entirely problem free. That having been said, I noticed today a common problem reported on this board. My overhead console (front portion only) has come loose at the head liner. My car wash guy looked at it and said that both bolts had cracked through the plastic. He said the same thing would happen again even if a larger metal washer is used. He suggested a rubber washer to better absorb the road vibration. Anyway, my Nissan service tech says I must bring the vehicle in to the dealership as there is a "part" for this. He would not elaborate on the phone. Has anyone had this problem fixed recently and, if so, what exactly is the "fix". I do not have resonance, squeaks, or brake/rotor issues so consider myself fortunate at this time. I love my vechicle and am constantly receiving compliments and "looks".
  • llajumpvidllajumpvid Posts: 76
    I can not select the AUX or the DVD on the rear controls. I don't have a factory DVD so that would explain why I can't select the DVD. I can only get the AUX to light up if I turn off the rear control on the dash and select the AUX up front. Is it just mine or is that the way they are? If it is thats irks me because I have my aftermarket DVD hooked into the AUX and want to be able to use the headphones for AUX in the rear and play the radio up front!

    fyi Sony's Model MDR-IF0230 works in the Armada and Titan. I picked up a couple pair for around $20/ea with shipping on ebay.
  • nitemasknitemask Posts: 33
    I actually posted that before also. I'm having the same issue, and trying to figure out how to have the aux in the back and the radio or CD up front. I was asking if anyone knew how to make it work, no replies yet.
  • nitemasknitemask Posts: 33
    During the last couple weeks, while I'm driving with the rear passenger window halfway down, it shakes and makes sounds like glass against metal. Hopefully, they'll be able to fix this issue.
  • llajumpvidllajumpvid Posts: 76
    Reading the owners manual it sounds like you should be able to select AUX? There is a part in the manual talking about AUX on the DVD player so I don't know if that is what the rear controls AUX is for. If it is there has to be some way to rewire the thing I would suspect. If someone would check to see if they get the same results as what I and nitemask are experencing. Hopefully its a bad rear control unit.
  • gecko66gecko66 Posts: 5
    I was trying to figure out the same question earlier this week. From playing with the controls, I could only send the AUX signal to all of the speakers. I could not figure out a way to send the AUX signal to the rear headphones and use a different audio source for the front. I am using my laptop to play movies and route the sound into the AUX input. I was hoping to just send the AUX signal to the headphones, but it doesn't seem to work that way.

    Does this work for anyone?
  • gecko66gecko66 Posts: 5
    ..."fyi Sony's Model MDR-IF0230 works in the Armada and Titan. I picked up a couple pair for around $20/ea with shipping on ebay. "...

    Are you saying that the wireless transmitter is already included with the stereo? (I have the Bose system) All I need to get are the wireless headphones???

    My kids have been plugging in their wired headphones in the back, but if the transmitter is already there, I would like to get a few pair of the wireless ones!
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