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Nissan Armada



  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69
    My Armada has 15,000 miles on it with no major issues except my drivers side window has failed again. This is the second time it will not go up all the way, I am lucky it is summer time The last time was only a couple of weeks ago and they replaced some track, but it is off the track again. Is anyone else having similar problems, one time I can put up with but the second time is very frustrating.
  • davemandaveman Posts: 19
    I agree. There are lots of happy Armada owners out there. I am convinced that the negative posts on this site exaggerate the scope of the problems. This is certainly understandable. If I was one of the unfortunate few who purchased a piece of junk, I would be complaining here and at other sites as often as possible.

    There are obviously more first year problems with the Armada than anyone would like, but me, and a bunch of other people are happy with our trucks. I see no reason for me to think that my great running truck is junk because of the messages on this site.
  • I think the Armada is a great vehicle, considering this is the first year of production. The vehicle will only get better as time goes on. Believe me, the competition is looking over their shoulder!
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    "the competition is looking over their shoulder!"

    they are looking way ahead of them, trying to catch up to the 305 HP.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I had to do a little housecleaning - I know you understand why! :-)

    tidester, host
  • Looking to buy a new or used SUV for wife. She likes Yukon or Aramada. Anyone that can give me some real pros cons to each? Like how cheap expedition is. Hate the lack of power.
  • blakewdblakewd Posts: 10
    If I decide to get an Armada and the delear doesn't have what I want; if I special order can I still negotiate from invoice and am I still eligible for the interest or cash back offers?
  • If you decide to purchase an Armada, check the build date inside the driver's door. There are quite a few early builds still on the lots and they had quality issues. Mine was built in March 2004 and it's almost trouble free. All of my issues with the Armada was taken care of with the exception of a windshield defect, I will talk to the Service mgr today. I purchased mine in April and have 11,000 mile on it. It's great to drive and has lots of power!
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    you can negotiate anything you want...but the incentives are only available at the time of delivery. IOW, if the rebates are gone when yours arrives, then you are S.O.L.
  • Read my other post on the QX56. If you think it is too wordy, read the bottom with the link to the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority.

    If you are experiance the same problem be sure to post a complaint on their web site.

    yamamoto "Infiniti QX56" Aug 10, 2004 10:56am
  • I am currently going through this exact issue with Nissan and my Armada. The dealer has had the vehicle for almost a week and after saying all week they couldn't release the vehicle because it was a liability/safety issue they said that it is functioning normally. They did not change anything, they got a 120lb co worker to sit in the seat and said that if she sat "exactly in the center of the seat the light went off". I told them that the way the seat sensor is suppose to work from my research is:

    The Titan/Armada Salesman's Manual states:

    (page 51)

    "Federal regulations now require that the right front passenger airbag be automatically suppressed when a rear-facing child safety seat is installed in the right front passenger seating position, or modified when that seating position is occupied by a child or small adult under approximately 45 kg (102 lbs.). Armada and Titan are both equipped with an Occupant Classification System (OCS) to determine the weight of the right front passenger. This system may suppress or modify passenger airbag deployment depending on seat occupancy."

    As confirmed by Nissan Customer Care:

    Suppression means the passenger airbag system is completely disabled,
    Modified means the passenger airbag system is enabled, but will deploy with less force.

    In other words under 60lbs the light is on the airbag is off, over 60lbs less than 102 light is off airbag set to modified deployment, over 102 light off and full functioning airbag.

    I stated that it seemed very unlikely that a 120lb passenger could sit anywhere on the seat and not exert over 60lbs to turn off the light, unless they are clear on the edge of the seat which has never been the issue. I got the it works properly if you sit "exactly in the center of the seat" response. BS!

    I'm not going to accept this response. On another issue they voided my warranty for fixing the roof resonance because "the headliner was entered without a Nissan Certified Tech present". My entering the headliner consisted of taking down the plastic overhead console and reaching into the hole behind the console, replacing a missing bolt in a support bracket (QC have anymeaning with Nissan), duct tapping the foam blocks that had fallen out (from the excessive roof vibration I'm guessing if they were even installed correctly) back in place and a piece of tape on the video wire that was threaded through.

    Everything was done by reaching through the access hole and nothing pulled down. How they can even make such a statement is beyond me. I will be re stating my case and asking for written proof that my reaching into the hole would of caused the resonance and banging sound that is coming from above the rear passenger area. Also a letter stating the passenger seat is functioning as designed. I'm contemplating some other avenues if they don't step up and provide satisfactory results.
  • I strongly advise you to learn what the lemon law is for the state you live in. By the way what state do you live in? I tried sending letters to nhtsa, state attorney general, federal trade commission, and dmv. None of these agencies were much of a help.

    I would strongly urge you to file a complaint with the nhtsa, and contact an attorney who may take you case on contingency. I was advised not to use the Better Business Beureu (sp?) Autoline because it may hurt you if lose then you take it infront of a jury.

    Best of luck, dont stop until they fix it.
  • scott174scott174 Posts: 74
    I just received my Armada back from the Dealer because of a grinding noise from the front. I didn't even think it would be the brakes considering they were just replaced at 8400 miles. (I now have 12200 miles) This is now my 2nd brake job!!
    When I spoke to the service manager he told me that replacing brakes on "such a large suv" within 6000 miles is normal. He said that Toyota has the same occurance on the Sequoia. I can't seem to agree with this. My previous suv and cars would last 30,000-45,000 miles on the pads.
    Because of my litigation with Nissan regarding my Armada, and the fact that I was just over the 12000 mile mark, they did not charge me for the $390.00 it would cost for the front brake job. Nissan is no longer covering the cost of the brake jobs under warranty on the Armadas!! He also suspects that Nissan will be coming out with a TSB that would include bigger pads and calipers.
    If his statements are true, could you imagine going to the dealer for a brake job every time you get an oil change?? I cant!!
  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69
    I just dropped off my Armada for the third time in the last 2 months for the same issue the drivers side window keeps coming off of its track and thus makes the window inoperable. The amazing thing was that a Titan was pulled in right behind me at the dealer and he had the same exact problem he was there for his third time. Is anyone else having this problem? I will be contacting Nissan this afternoon. Does anyone have any suggestions for me as to what possible options I could have? This is very frustrating as to not have any confidence in a $40,000 vehicle.
  • gkatz1gkatz1 Posts: 296
    It's not normal to have to replace brakes that frequently. My 2002 Sequoia had over 20K miles when I traded it in and the brakes never needed attention and still had plenty of life in them.
  • I am taking my Armada in tomorrow and am leaving for however long it takes. I need to drive it but I can't stand all of the problems anymore. I will post the results after I get it back. Here is what I am getting done. (hopefully)

    1. Popping noise when I take off, sorta a clicking, popping, hard to describe but does it in a double or a triple click. Rear end? Front end? I can't tell but it does it every time you take off after sitting only a couple of minutes. Every time!
    2. Both front seats squeak bad! When you shift your weight or go around a curve it will drive you nuts.
    3. Drivers seat has problems. If you sit on the edge of the seat (not touch the controls) the seat back will close in on you. When you sometimes slide out, the seat will close in on you. When I get in the vehicle each morning, the seat back has to be lowered back. (each and every time) So it somehow moves after you get out. I think maybe a short? A friend has leather seats and his is doing the same thing so he is waiting for me to be the guinea pig.
    4. TSB- Brakes- This is my second time. They refuse to replace the rotors even this time. I called the factory reps as people here said to do but they said they have to follow the bulletin and unless the rotors are out of spec, they only turn them. I argued but it was useless. I don't know what else to do but the brakes are shaking really bad. They lasted about 3,000 miles before they started to pulse from the last time. Hopefully the rotor is out of tolerance.
    5. Front End - Steering wheel shakes wildly when you go over bumps, it is hard to hold it.
    6. TSB- Roof Fix- Finally had all I can take of the rumbling noise. It will be fixed or they will have a problem on their hands.
    7. My front overhead console has already been replaced. It is very tight. I felt of the rear one and it is loose, you can press it up and down. It should fit tight like the new front one. They can deal with this when they do the roof fix
    8. TSB - Front End Alignment - My Armada has 12,500 miles on it. The tires have been rotated 3 times already. The passenger front tire is wearing badly. I expect to get about 20k miles out of it if I am lucky. The others are ok.
    9. Tire Balance - Tires need balancing again. This is my 3rd time to balance them. The last time was 2,500 miles ago. This thing has so many shakes and shimmies it is hard to tell what the problems are.
    NOTE: Loud Rotor Sound under hood - It mysteriously stopped. It did it for about 10,000 miles and then stopped. The dealer could not figure it out even when I posted a fix for it that someone else had done. They have never heard of a purge valve control. Anyway, it will probably come back.

    Sorry for the long post. This is the most problems I have ever had with any vehicle. You name it, I have or still have it. I talked to the factory rep and they told me that there have been many complaints and to take it in and ask for everything to be completed. We will see. I am prepared to leave it as long as it takes.
  • Sorry to hear about all your problems; when was your Armada built? I hope you get all your issues resolved. Steering has been a problem on a few vehicles.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    "They have never heard of a purge valve control."

    this part was probably a post from a troll. these happen alot, so try not to rely on fixes posted on message boards.

    let me know how everything goes.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Nonsense. You can find posts on here everyday where people got fixes or diagnoses from other owners. I've gotten a bunch myself.

    Steve, Host
  • presplanpresplan Posts: 30
    I just got my car back from my first service (approx 3,700 miles) and felt a lot of shaking in the steering wheel while going over bumps. I noticed the tire pressure monitor said 38psi for each tire (I assume they put more air in the tires). I read the sticker for recommended psi and it says 35 (on the side of the door). I took some air out of the tires, down to 35psi, and it seems to ride smoother. Any one else notice the same thing? what psi do you maintain for your tires?
  • (as far as build date, I am not sure but mine was one of the first, I bought it the last week of November)

    Well, I dropped it off early this morning but didn't hear anything back. I know they have their hands full. I did request the dynamat for the roof and said I would gladly supply it and even install it, but don't have an answer to that either. I am going to give them time to do what is needed and try and be patient. If it isn't fixed, I just won't pick it up, until they confirm with either another dealership how to fix a particular problem, or get help from the factory.

    As far as the purve valve, there was someone who posted quite a while back having my same problem (which is gone for now) about the rotor sound from under the hood. He said he finally took it in and it did seem to work. I posted again, and he said the name of the part was a purge control valve or something like that. I belive it was legit. They (dealership)was supposed to check into it the last time and get back to me after they looked up the part and what it does,(in April) but I never heard back. I will let that one go for now because how do you repair something that isn't there? Again, I am going to be patient and give them the chance to make good on what is wrong. No need to jump to conclusions that they won't fix the items when they just got it this morning.
  • 514329514329 Posts: 60
    when I purchase my armada, the ride was a little bit rough so from my experience, the next morning, I check the tire pressure and it's 44 psi so I check the tire indication and says 44 max while the one on the door says 35 psi max so I let some air loose until it gets to 35 psi and the ride was smoother and rattle free but my gas mileage suffers a little bit and after a week, my tire pressure monitor beeps so I put it to 37 psi and the ride was a little bouncy but as soon as my tank is almost empty, my tire monitor sensor beeps again so I put it to 40 psi and so far so good. I figure it out that if the car is not loaded the tire pressure is lesser than the tire monitor pressure setting. when I replace my wife's Path LE 01 tire w/ a General Grabber from Sears they put 27 psi and the ride was very car like while the indication on the door says 32 psi and every time I bring it for oil change, the dealer put the tire pressure to 32 psi and I notice it right away cause the ride is rough so I take off some of it and beside Sears garranty me it won't wear off faster and beside I purchase there warranty.
  • To all the naysayers (I've been one):

    I've had a lot of the issues that you all have had- brakes, resonance, squeaks, rattles, window regulators, etc. etc.

    Pretty much all of the issues have been resolved by the dealer, and all of them (except maybe the resonance) have been minor. I'm pretty sure with the new round of fixes in Canton the 05's will be great.

    The engine and tranny in this vehicle are excellent. Actually, they're outstanding in my opinion. I know reading different forums that the newer Titans and Armadas are already improved.

    If you're shopping for an Armada, check out other forums ( is great) and do your research. This site is full of negative air- way more than most other forums I've visited. That's not a judgement against anyone, by the way, as I've vented my share of frustration in the past here.

    After getting these 1st year issues fixed, I am really pleased with my Armada. Unlike my Tahoe (which left me stranded at 20k miles on the side of the road) this SUV has really turned out to be a joy to drive and I'm confident will be good for the long haul.
  • btill1btill1 Posts: 69
    I agree with what you have said I to love my Armada, but I have had the drivers side window come out of its track 3 times, making it inoperable. This has been highly frustrating, I am nervous that every time I put the window down I may not be able to get the window back up. This is known problem to Nissan but they do not have a fix at this time.
  • btill,

    Has the dealer not fixed your issue? I have the occasional problem with my driver's side window not wanting to roll up, but if I wait a few seconds and try again it will. It's going into service today for that and a wheel alignment.

    You can view all of the TSB's for the Armada at

    The only thing I've seen on windows is the regulators. If you are experiencing your window problem even after taking it to a dealer for repair I'd look around for another dealer. I have only seen a few posts like yours around the internet, and all of those folks got the issue resolved. The ones that had the most trouble were dealing with crappy service departments.
  • I called and left a message for my Dealer Rep and she just called me back. I dropped off my Armada early tuesday morning and they pulled it right into the shop. So far this is all that is done.

    1. Squeaky drivers and passenger seats. (pivot bolts or something like that will have to be greased over time)

    Thats it!

    They say I have no popping when I take off that they can find. ( It does it every time, loud!) The tech who drove it the last time when I took him for a ride heard it and said, man that is loud, I didnt' hear it before. That is when I was picking up my vehicle so couldn't leave it any longer. Well, he is no longer there.

    They say I have no resonance and they can't hear any roof noise over a bumpy road. I have one of the first builds and it isn't all the time as you all know. But when it is doing it over the bumpy roads, it is quite annoying. Even with high winds it is bad.

    The seat moving when you sit on the edge, (keep in mind I am not touching the controls) they said it doesn't do that and they have tried. I can go and make it do it right now.

    Front end is badly out of alignment. Yes it is out pretty bad but sorry, you missed the warranty (even though there is a TSB out on it) by 450 miles so you have to pay 79.95 for the alignment. The worn out front tire is my problem. (been rotated 3 times but they only show 2 times) They said I must have ran into a big pot hole and knocked it out of alignment.

    Steering wheel shaking bad when you go over bumps. They said they can't make it do it but I must be driving very fast as the way it is, is normal. I told them to keep driving as it is not normal for the steering wheel to shake on a bumpy road.

    Brake TSB- Yep there is a problem but a new brake TSB just came out because the old one must have not been working. They said now, I have to have some sort of shims but they don't know what it is. They don't have them so have to order them. They will not replace my rotors so this is my 2nd turning.

    Tire balance. Yeah, you had them done 2,500 miles ago and they need it again, and you pay!

    I refuse to pick my vehicle unless these items are fixed. I am tired of fooling with them. I have a call into Nissan consumer affairs to see what can be done. I do need my vehicle to drive but I will not pick it up until these items (which are not my imagination) are repaired. The front end alignment really makes me mad. Why did they put out a TSB if there wasn't a problem?? So now I will soon have to buy a new tire because that one is cupped pretty bad and the tread is really low compared to the other tires. The service rep is very nice and I feel she is trying, but that isn't good enough. I need to get this thing fixed. I have no complaints about her customer service, just the dealer for not figuring this out.

    I just left 2 messages with 2 consumer affair reps. I don't know what to do. I am so aggravated. I expect that in order to address these things, I am looking at another week of being without my vehicle. I don't think it is right to not provide a vehicle when one has so many problems that aren't my fault but simply factory defects.

    The dealer still insists I am the only one who has complained about the Armada. Everyone else is happy. Funny thing is, when the mechanic rode with me the last time to hear the popping, I did ask him if he heard of any problems and he said 6 or 7 people have complained about the roof noise but we didn't know what to do since at that time there was not a bulletin out on it. Strange that no one else heard about it. Doesn't a vehicle have to go through other parties before it gets to the mechanic?? Of course it does. Thats all for now.
  • Soldaustin,

    I don't understand...there's a TSB out for the roof (had mine done in May) and it's no big deal. Why don't they just do the steps in the TSB for your resonance? Same with the brakes.

    Seems like the dealer is screwing you around.
  • messmess Posts: 26
    He is not the only one being told that everyone with the Armada is so happy. Hardly seen any of them what I was told. BUT I don't believe it. I also have asked twice about the roof repair. 1st time...never heard of it nor can they hear it. 2nd time I told them there was a TSB fix for it, they said never heard of it, but finally found it BUT could not hear the resonance!!!! I'm so ticked off at having the approved TSB fix out there yet my dealer will not fix it. Anyone have a good service dept in DENVER????? PLEASE help me too.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    ... don't post contact information including names of salespeople.

    tidester, host
  • aggiedogaggiedog Posts: 238
    I understand why you don't want people giving contact info but you guys never actually delete the posts with the contact info. Why?
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