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Dodge Magnum



  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    I just slapped a K&N air filter in and noticed a drop in MPG ,and ideas..
    Thats highway driving too boot. Any ideas?
    I most likely will put the old paper filter back in if this is common,on;y using the K&N for fun ..
  • elcid95qelcid95q Posts: 1
    These Continentals seem to be prone to that at 14k mine are cupped like crazy, and I will be lucky to get 20k. I plan to alter the size to a 245/55/18 and get either BF Goodrich or Michelin.
  • Mine never got above 17 on the highway and I drove very conservative. It could be the whole car has defects. I sure hope I get a good one...someday...I really like it. And it hurts so to hav eto do all this with the dealers and Chrysler co. :sick:
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    I hear yah ,,,,,,,,Big time!!
    It wil work out just keep on them like a pit bull..
  • Then try taking your engine out and puting it back in. I mad mine pull left a little. :)
  • psydocpsydoc Posts: 4
    Hey folks; for those of you taking this car to high speeds, how stable is the magnum at, say 80-100 mph? Does it hug the road? I remember how my 92 camaro got its second wind at 80 and snuggled down to the road and became very stable up to 110. Im hoping the daimler-benz suspension is worth the money.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Considering that this car is being exported to the land if high/no speed limits (Europe) as a Chrysler 300 Estate Wagon, and considering that the basic suspension design is from the W210 E-Class Mercedes (which was good until well north of 150), my bet is that it will be nice and stable at any speed you can drive it at here in the States.

    Best Regards,
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A writer with a national newspaper would like to interview someone who was looking at a Chrylser/Dodge/Jeep vehicle, and wasn’t sure whether to get a Hemi but in the end paid the extra money for the Hemi. The writer is specifically looking at the Chrysler 300, Dodge Magnum or Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you fit what the writer is looking for and you are willing to be quoted in a newspaper article, please send an email with contact information to by Monday, May16, 2005, 5pm Eastern.


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  • I have seen a number of posts from folks who have done a complete tire/wheel replacement. However, broke folks like me might be wondering what sizes the stock RT rims can hold, perhaps to find a better value/longer lasting tire?

    Anyone out there done this?
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    contact tire rack ,they have tons of info on this..
    Im interested also what others have found....
  • I like tire rack and have bought tires through them for my other vehicles in the past. However, the site only seems to show the "authorized" conti tires on there and no other size options appear there. I'm sure there has to be some other sizes that will fit on the stock rims, but I'm hesitant to risk testing another size until I heard some feedback from others.
  • seadoosandiseadoosandi Posts: 19
    go to They will give you other size options.

  • spammagnetspammagnet Posts: 1
    I bought my 2005 Magnum SXT (built 11/04) about six weeks ago. I've driven it about 1800 miles so far, mostly in-town commuting plus a recent 400 mile round-trip to the third coast where it lived up to my cargo handling expectations by carrying two windsurfing boards on the roof plus a ton of gear inside with plenty of room left up front for me and my passenger.

    Now that I've fully adjusted from my previous car (a '99 Pontiac Grand Prix), I finally found some time to take it to the dealer to address a couple of issues which showed up during the "shakedown cruise": the (in)famous right pull issue, a single loud "pop" noise in the dashboard (usually heard only once in the morning), and a "clunk" sound at the rear end of the car when taking off slowly from a complete stop.

    I'm happy to report that the dealer didn't offer any excuses - no "that's a safety feature" or "it's just road crown" mumbo jumbo - they simply took the car, worked on all three issues, and returned it to me the next day. (They kept it overnight to reproduce the "pop" sound.)

    And now, the results...

    :shades: The right pull was addressed by "adjusting the sub-frame" and re-aligning the front end (TSB 02-003-04). I noticed an immediate difference while driving home. So far, it feels just right!

    :) I won't be certain they fixed the dashboard "pop" sound until a couple of mornings have passed, but they found TSB 23.018.05 to be an "exact match" for the problem.

    :confuse: Their solution for the rear end "clunk" noise was to "tighten suspension bolts". The ride does seem a bit smoother so maybe this needed to be done (or maybe it's a placebo effect?), but the noise has not disappeared. I can't pinpoint the source of the sound, but I suspect the differential or the drive shaft connection (U/CV joint?) to the differential.

    I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on the dashboard issue for now and award them a score of 2 out of 3 for the first attempt. I plan on taking it back in the morning to have another crack at the last issue.
  • seadoosandiseadoosandi Posts: 19
    I've got it up to 105 and cruised for about 10 miles on my last roadtrip. It was awesome!!! Very smooth ride. Still trying to wipe the grin off my face. :shades:

    05 Magnesium Pearl RWD RT
  • judescarjudescar Posts: 14
    I am curious as to why ALL the dealers are not doing this to fix the problem. :lemon:
  • jerrybojerrybo Posts: 3
    I installed a airaide filter on my magnum RT. I drive about 110 miles a day three days a week most at speed 60 to 75 mph. I gained about 1 mpg. HP increase is not noticable with that much hp, but the roaring sound of the intake is awsome when power is applied. The filter, cold air box and plumbing took about 20 min to install.
  • jerrybojerrybo Posts: 3
    I have owned my magnum for 8 months, the most after market stuff is on ebay. I have had good luck with them.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    You folks can talk directly to a Tire Rack rep if you'd like in the discussion at this link: Ask Connor at The Tire Rack.
  • slam2slam2 Posts: 23
    We started experiencing the right pull problem a few months ago and have had it into the dealer 2 times. The first time, we were told the car needed an alignment, the second time, we took the TSB provided by Donna. Neither of these fixed the problem. We sent in our Lemon law form and now we've taken our car back under direction from DC and found that to do a correct alignment, we need a caster bolt kit which is required to put this car back into spec. I'm not sure they really know what the problem is but I do know that any of you who own a Magnum will need to get this kit to get a proper alignment for your car.

    My car was built in September of 2004 and outside of pore paint and clear coat, less than what I'd call decent enterior, and the nagging dash light issues, it has been OK. It is fun, it is fast and people to like the looks. The only thing I know is that I paid 35K for it and I want my money's worth.

    It is a black RT (Forgot to say that)

  • exfordmanexfordman Posts: 9
    Hey all. I just bought a Mad rt rwd...Manufactured in march '05
    Mine doesnt pull to the right, but I noticed the steering wheel is slightly cocked to the left under straight driving. If i take my hands off the whhel, the car does not pull, but the wheel is still slightly to the left. ???? Anyone now whats up..should I bring it in? My neighbor just bought a '05 hemi ram 1500..hers pulls to the right...hmmmm...
    Everything else rules about this car...Hold the auto tick to the left for 2 seconds, she will downshift to the optimal acceleration gear, and let her rip. Anyone noticed how fast this car coasts. On the freeway I am constantly coasting faster thancar ahead of me and having to tap brakes to slow, or down shift...I think its cause this sucker is so heavy
  • exfordmanexfordman Posts: 9
    I noticed that dodge says that the hemi's max hp (345) is at 5000rpm..mine seems to pull harder after 5000...up to its shift point at 5800...feels like it could go even further, anyone else feel the same?
  • tjf2000tjf2000 Posts: 61
    I have an 80 mile round trip commute to work each day and I am tired of driving an SUV... I am looking for a good highway cruising car, yet I need the capabilities of a wagon. Could anyone give me an idea of what sort highway mileage they have been getting with the Hemi. I am not expecting miracles as my current SUV (which has a V-8) only gets about 18 on the highway. I would just like to gather as much information as possible before I move forward. Thanks in advance.
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    I routinely get 25 on the highway in my RWD RT. That is driving at 70 MPH with the cruise control on. Who would imagine this kind of MPG from a 340 HP hot rod!?!
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    I noticed only a slight pull also to the left on unlevel surfaces.. Its very characteristic of europeon steering when under power.Its more the crown of the road ..I live in Michigan land of horrible roads,considering detroit is in our stae its an insult the condition of michigan roads......
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    I agree mileage is great in my opinion .Im getting 17 in city and 23-24 on highway and its not broken in yet ..

    My c5 vette in 6th gear at 75 mph runs at 36-41 mpg depending on the grade of road ....
    I love that car as much as this new magnum ..I wish they put a 6th gear in the magnum ..
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    My magnum rt awd does the same thing it redlines at 5800 rpm ..Drop a gear and this thing is insane .......I dont it it often knowing I want my car to last ....
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    my bad my wheel is straight I notice a slight left pull on poorly crowned roads...I like it to be honest keeps me in touch with the road conditions.
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    I double that .....get a radar det.......
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    Thankyou Ill be hoping in months to come more goodies will emerge for the public to jazz these things up a bit..
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    At 1500 miles my mileage improves to 14-17 city 23-25 mpg highway and thats with good conditions..My Rt is AWD it may effect mileage some having the awd system .. I find my self driving with a light pedal in my magnum the cars is heavy and can make you feel like your doing 40 mph when your really doing 60 mph..
    Watch your speed I noticed that right away the car is like my old 64Buick(dual qauds) it would coast for ever in nuetral...Its the weight and it feels good for a change to have a solid car underneith me like back in the 60s and 70s when cars where real ...

    Ive warned you if you Drive it and youll buy it..
    Nothing better than enjoying a ride to work and back than bounceing home in a truck ,I got rid of my SUV Ford explorer Eddie bauer 5 years a go for that same reason I hated the ride..Esspecially after a long day at work I dreded my ride home at times..Bought that subaru which was ok for a year and then forget it it was too small of a car shoulder to shoulder driving isnt my bag..
    Serious ithe magnum rt is one great car and smooth,great looks and beats knocking around in a truck .......
    Road noise isnt an issue at all its extremely quiet and well sealed ..
    I just dump an noisey LL bean outback HR6 model for the dodge magnum as a work car and never have looked back .Its better on fuel than the subaru and roomier..The Ride blows the subaru out of the water..
    They did their work on this wagon its a keeper in my garage I Drove 8 cars from Volvos to Audis,suv's you name it and the magnum won hands down and its my daily driver..

    Find a 2005 and get a great year end deal Rt of coarse..
    Load it up of find one on a lot they love to sell dealer stock a much better rate..
    hack the msrp by 4-5k and ask them if theyll deal ..Walk out a few times theyll sell you car car sooner or later ..Dont bend though.

    You wont regret it..The magnum has a 5 star crash rateing to boot..
    The cars going to europe this year for the first time in 25 years,good for dodge.
    They are really picky over there so they have done something right ..

    My opinion the magnum is and will be the benchmark for many cars to come...
    I love it and drive it more than my vette..
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