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Dodge Magnum



  • peterskm, from what I have read on those other forums, I think I can expect a little deeper tone with no drone if I keep the stock resonators off and replace them with Magnaflows. What is your opinion/experience? I just want to be sure, after having taken off the stock resonators, that if I replace them with Magnaflows or some other mfg. I will be as/more satified than when I had the stock units on. Thanks for your input.
  • peterskmpeterskm Posts: 79
    I would definitely go with aftermarket resonators. The Hemi with MDS requires resonators to eliminate drone when in 4 cyl mode. This is how the engineers designed the exhaust from the factory.
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Hey thomas99,

    Did you ever take a look at the internal engine parts? I'm curious to know what they looked like. Assuming that they were fairly straight (ie. no signs of hydraulic damage), have you gotten any traction with the Dealer and D/C regarding the repair?

    Best Regards,
  • mag300xmag300x Posts: 6
    :shades: When you say 'droning sound' what exactly do you mean? And when you put in Magnaflows or Flowmasters do you lose the 7 year warranty on the car?
  • Why would you loss the 7 year war. as far as i know you only loss the 7 year on the muffler system from the cat's back. As far as the droning sound it sound like you are in a wind tunnel.
  • And if you have a 2006, isn't the warranty now only 3/36 on the drive train too?
  • vdogrtvdogrt Posts: 2
    I am getting ready to equip my magnum RT real wheel drive to tow a pop up camper. I have the tow prep package. the RV dealer said I would have no problem towing the camper I want to get which ways dry at 2500. He is recomending I get a transmission cooler. should I get the transmission cooler?
  • dodgedodge Posts: 25
    Does any one know if the wheel's on the AWD Mag. can be changed to the wheel's that are on the RWD? .......and if not what is the diff. of the AWD and the RWD did they put diff. wheel's on the AWD to distingue between the two? For those of you that are wondering I don't care for the wheels on the AWD Magnum.

    Thanks in advance

  • I have been told by my dealer that you cannot order a RTAWD for 06 model year,not available in 06? Anyone know if this is correct.Any rebates on 06 2WD?
  • peterskmpeterskm Posts: 79
    No you can not. The AWD wheels have different backspacing.
  • dodgedodge Posts: 25
    What is the different backspacing going to do?
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Cause the wheel and/or tire to rub on the suspension components. Not good!
  • mag300xmag300x Posts: 6
    :shades: Took a small trip from NYC to Baltimore, (not the thousands of miles that other writers have posted but good enough for the NE corridor). I'm very impressed with the gas mileage of the Magnum on highways, I averaged at least 25 miles per gallon. As opposed to about 15 miles per gallon in the city. The needle barely moved; shutting down half the cylinders really works, and it's invisible you're never aware of it. I couldn't feel any difference in anything performance wise while crusing.

    For those of you still wondering whether to get one, If you drive a lot of highways miles (which I don't, but I don't care) then this car is definitely worth taking a look at. You really can't call this car a gas guzzler the way it runs on the highway.

    I guess I'm lucky cause the only consistent problem I've had with this car is the lift gate not working. I finally took it back to dealer they confirmed something was wrong and ordered a new switch, should get it this week.

    Other than that when I'm driving I'm just :shades: :shades:
  • My Magnum RT is at the dealership for the third time (11 days this time) regarding the irritating shuddering problem I discussed in message 1487 and the second time regarding a complete disconnect of the fly by wire throttle control that has occured twice and could be a deadly serious safety defect. The service manager agrees there is a problem.

    Initial response from the zone manager was that the shuddering was normal for the Magnum RT. HA HA! What an idiotic position to take. The car ran perfectly when I bought it and didn't shudder for the first 3000+ miles. No one would buy a Magnum RT if shuddering and rough running were normal. The service manager finally was able to get authorization for parts and my hopes are that the car will run properly when I pick it up tomorrow.

    This time I have been told they are replacing the control module and have serviced and double flushed the transmission.

    I think the disconnect of the fly by wire throttle twice got their attention. It is a potentially deadly safety problem and there is a Chrysler Service Bulletin that is supposed to fix it. The disconnect incidents occurred upon aggressive throttle application as one would use trying to pass another vehicle on a two lane road. The problem occured the first time after my first service visit and the second time after thay did the fix called for in the Service Bulletin ... go figure.

    Stay tuned and I will report after I pick the vehicle up tomorrow.
  • Hello vdogrt,

    The 2005 Dodge Magnum R/T with the trailer tow prep group is equipped to tow up to 3800lbs. So you’ll be able to tow the 2500lbs with ease, with or without the transmission cooler. Dodge wouldn’t release information stating that the Magnum can tow 3800lbs if transmission heat would be an issue. So the decision to get a transmission cooler is really personal preference.

    Well enjoy what’s left of the camping season! :)

    John B.
  • More on my shuddering Magnum RT.

    I just called to see if it was ready to pick up at the dealer and my contact said the service manager drove it after installing the new control module and double flushing and servicing the transmission and determined the problem is not fixed! ... so they have ordered a new torque converter and the installation should be completed by mid or late next week.

    I have my fingers crossed and am thankful a real effort is being made to correct the shuddering problem. I was told the control system has 15 sensors, so if the new torque converter doeesn't do the trick ... only 15 mort things to explore.

    Fortunately, I own a very low mleage 17 year old "garage queen" Corvette that needed some driving.

    I can't wait to get the Magnum running again like it did the first 3000 miles ... it was like a quiet ... powerful ... smooth ... magic carpet! I loved it!

    Stay tuned ...
  • What do you mean by a shudder is that like a ruff idle?

    I think i have some problem with the transmission, when i brake hard then let off and step on the gas it seem like it slips or hesitates. it also seem like it slam into gear also around the same time.

    I do have the problem with the ruff idle but it sometimes depends what gas station i stop at.

    i bought my RT in may have 5500 mile. Dose any one know of any new service update as of late may. I am going in to get a service and would like to know about any so they do not try to pull a fast one on me.

    thanks all, this site is great love my mag it pulls my boat great and rides i style.
  • dfriedfrie Posts: 3
    I have an '06 RT AWD. I was told I couldn't order it but my local dealer found several for me and i just picked one closest to what I wanted. Chose a Cool Vanilla R/T AWD and love it so far.
  • alxsalxs Posts: 1
    Rough idle, goes to the right, while breaking if you hit a bump a noise like something is loose and falling apart, stereo rear speakers in 6 speaker system fades out as the volume goes up, shift from park to drive on a small incline and it sounds like it was an older car with some ware on it! These are some of the things I have notice. I love the car, but I am frustrated with does things mentioned. Took it to the dealer and was told all RT's make the car bounce while standing still in idle. Also told that the hard shift is normal because of the wight of the car. That they could not find anything wrong with the noise when breaking hard and going over a small bump. The stereo is the next dealer trip. The rear output turns down after mid point. Anyone else experience this? Where does Chrylser post problems that they notice that need repairs?
  • No, the shuddering is in the drive train and has nothing to do with a rough idle. See message #1427
  • Hello,

    I bout my Magnum 2 weeks ago, having issues with the radio & had problem with the u-connect, but dealer fixed dashboard is bubbling in 2 spots, taking to the dealer today to see what happens next.
  • peterskmpeterskm Posts: 79
    Are you sure it is an '06? I am almost positive these are not made. It might be an '05. THe best way to tell would be if it has hood struts (instead of a prop rod), it is an '05.
  • jabtjabt Posts: 2
    My Magnum has has the rear seals replaced, the rack & pinion steering replaced, a valve gasket leak, cd player jammed up and worn out tires at 16,400 miles. I'm counting the days to declare LEMON.
  • How dose lemon work?
    Do they just give you a new mag or do they pay off the car?
    I have heard about lemon law but do not know how it works any help would be great.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 7,716
    Lemon laws vary by state, so you should check out the Auto lemon law information at Edmunds page and follow the link you'll find there to see what the rules are in your state.

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  • Wow. This is a great car. Drove 400 miles with 3 passengers and their stuff. Had more than enough power and drove fantastically. Much improved over the past generation big DC products. This will be my next car. I will get an extended warranty though. I envy everyone of you owners.
  • My new 2006 Magnumis in the shop today, needed to fix a couple of loose pieces.
    It replaced my beloved 2003 Yukon XL- she just ate too damned much :cry: !!
    I hope I like my Magnum as well as my Yukon, it was VERY hard for me to let her go.
    Does anyone know if you can use Ethanol blends in the new 2006 Hemi, the dealer emphatically said no and suggested I use premium :( . Certainly not gonna happen. I just don't ususally trust what service guys tell me, so I thought I would come to the "experts"
    Made me laugh when the tech told the owner the shudders and noises were "normal" for a magnum. Where do they get these guys and how stupid and gullible do they think we are :confuse:
    Looking forward to learning about my new wheels :shades:
  • I have a 2005 Magnum with 4000 miles on it, and have been experiencing the same issues. I have been back to the dealership many times, three for the tires being way out of balance when the car was delivered. Two times for alignment issues, which have now been corrected and the car tracks straight. Three times for a popping sound coming from the right front dash area, near the speaker....they have replaced that front dash piece, but the problem still happens. Everything else is great with the car. I just need to get the popping sound fixed somehow. It sounds to me like ti is one of the many plastic snappy things that dodge uses to hold the interior together, but I am not sure.
  • When I got my Hemi....told the insurance company, and the price went down from my 2001 dodge dakota club (progressive)...they call it a minivan I guess!! Another fun fact....the insurance is cheaper than my wife's 2004 Beetle Conv, with the 115 hp engine. Ha!
  • jabtjabt Posts: 2
    I had my rack and pinion steering replaced. My car had less than 16,000 miles on it. They also said it was a coincidence that 2 tires were worn out and could not have been from the steering problem. Now it's in for the second oil leak. NOT the valve cover gasket like they originally thought. The parts need to come out of Louisiana or somewhere down south. Head gasket. Great!
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