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Dodge Magnum



  • First off I absolutely love my RT AWD! Great in the mountains, great in the snow! But I'm starting to have compter problems from the remote keyless entry failing rendering the car useless & the integrated module board going bad starting with my windshield wipers not working & was told it would only get worse from there. Anyone else having this kind of problem?
  • I just bought a NOS 2006 Magnum R/T AWD. I take delivery tomorrow. I just found this forum; I'm assuming there are threads relating to chips, headers, etc.

    Hey rockymtns, do you need snow tires with your AWD (the stock tires are pretty aggressive; definitely not "all-season-radials")?
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    I live in Rochester, NY and have a 2005 R/T AWD. I run with 4 Continental V-rated snow tires in the winter. My Magnum can handle anything with AWD and these snow tires - ice and snow in the mountains of Vermont as well as the lake effect snowfalls of upstate New York.
  • bbfd86bbfd86 Posts: 42
    I have an AFE cold air intake in my 2005 R/T AWD. The sound is awesome!
  • I had no problems with the stock tires in the snow with the AWD! The car plowed through 18" + with no problems. I live on a road that doesn't always get plowed right away in the foothills. I feel better in my Magnum then my 4WD Tahoe! Have fun.
  • Yes, the big hole lets out neat sounds. I have been asked if there is a blower under there; I merely say, I don't know if there is. All I know is the thing is blindingly fast, sounds great and we have tons of questions to answer everytime we stop of anything. Keep on Motoring Dude
    Bhig Bhil and Sara
  • I get it that it makes a noise. But is it a good noise? For example, I once put duals and free-flow mufflers on a car that had a pretty mild stage of tune (even though I also changed the cam). But it was an automatic, and all it did was make the car noisier and let out a sort of sickly moan under most conditions.

    (I believe that this is true in general, by the way. If you tie any engine to an automatic transmission (except, perhaps a full-race mill), the pipes just are not going to sound that good, not anywhere near as good as the same engine with a stick. Also, the converters act as mufflers and tame the great "bark" and "rap" of a hot engine. The results just don't sound that good.)

    My Grand National sounds pretty good with a free-flow induction and exhaust system, but that's partially because you can hear the turbo whine (plus that engine is really tuned to kill). In that car, both the converter and the turbo itself serve to kill the "bark." When I put in the converter bypass pipe at the strip, the engine put out a terrific roar and trailing rap.

    So I ask two questions: first, under what conditions do you notice the sound; just under acceleration conditions, or does it give off an annoying moan at cruise? (and what about at idle, i'm assuming not much there, right?). Secondly, does it make a sound you really want to hear, or is it just sort of sickly loud?

    (I am interested, but I would really like to hear one before I spent the money on my car. The difference in power just isn't that great. Is 12(?) HP really noticeable when added to 340?).

    Has anyone bought one of the chip/reprogrammers available?
  • Does any one have any idea of how to change the foglight bulbs on the magnum? My owners manual says to take it to the dealer, but they want $125 to change the bulb! Must be a picture or directions somewhere, so an old shadetree mechanic would know how to take apart the front end, to replace the bulb in a couple of hours. Any ides please?
  • They probably have to remove the engine first.

    (Seriously, this would be a good bit of information to have).
  • Still looking for some assistance/ guidelines on how to change those fog lights. Hate like heck to just crawl under and start dis-assembling the front bumper, but if no one can answer this looks like that is what I'll have to do.
  • How did you get Chrysler to buy back your Magnum? Our 06 R/T is such a piece of crap. We tried hard to get it to fall under the lemon law, but didn't quite make it. We have had all of the problems listed on this forum. It goes in to the dealer every other month for a new problem or something that they didn't completely fix. My ESP/BAS light still comes on almost every time I drive the car. When this happens, it is harder to start the car and I have to keep the key turned longer. Dealership says they don't see any code to fix it, so we just have to deal with it. It has also just "died" in the past. On a 108 degree day last summer, we had our two week old baby in the car and the car shut off as we were driving down the road. Safe huh?! We have had transmission fluid leaks where they just replaced some O rings. Recently the whole cooling system was replaced after the check engine light came on. We have had numerous brake problems, now the rotors are warped and need replaced along with the pads and calipers. This was also done last year, and that time the dealership messed up when putting the brakes back on, because the next day as we were driving down the highway, the brakes literally fell off the car. Love my magnum, but hate it sooooooooo much more! :sick: Want to get rid of it, but hate for someone else to have these problems. If you could let me know what you sent to Chrysler, I would love to contact them as well. Thanks!
  • tekno1tekno1 Posts: 3
    The Magnum is being discontinued this year, so I am going to buy one that is on the new or used lot, or have one built, if it's not too late. My favorite color is Silver Steel, which is not in the '08 lineup. Other choices are Steel Blue, Inferno Red, or Black. I do a fair amount of traveling in the mountains of MD and PA in the winter, thus targeting an SXT AWD for gas mileage and traction. I saw some info on the Forum which indicated that the 3.5 can be hopped up. I also heard some concerns about handling characteristics of AWD. I need advice on all of these subjects. It's too bad that Chrysler tends to drop its unique cars as a response to ineffective marketing. The Magnum epitomized Chrysler's superior technology and progressive design. - Tekno1
  • budwbudw Posts: 11
  • budwbudw Posts: 11
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 169
    Are '08 Magnums still being built or has production ended. I see lots of new '07s for sale at dealerships but not one '08. Carsdirect only lists '07s as well.
  • budwbudw Posts: 11
  • This reminds me. I have been meaning to find out how to determine the build date (I recently bought a N.O.S. 2006 Hemi).

    Can I tell by the VIN?

  • I have since discovered for myself how great the traction is. I can stop on an icy hill, and then just start up again. It is amazing (this with all-weather radials).

    The only thing that I don't like about the car is the unbelievably bad gas mileage (see my other post).

    (Speaking about traction, before the snow hit, I tried flooring the accelerator from a standing start on clean, dry pavement. I expected a little squeal, or perhaps a chirp. Not a sound from the tires. The hemi just revs up and the car jumps off of the line like a scalded cat).
  • budwbudw Posts: 11
    build date should be on drivers front door,inside about half way up door.
  • 10/05

    So mine was one of the early 2006s.

    I was a little uneasy re the age of the new car (27 miles on the clock). In addition to drygas, I added injector cleaner and gasoline stabilizer to the tank.
  • If you look directly underneath my post you will see a link that says "Mark as read" click that. OR if you have several forums in your watched area once you read a post you can click back to "My watched items" and it will refresh your list removing the areas you already read in.
  • budwbudw Posts: 11
  • budwbudw Posts: 11
  • Well, lol, someone posted before you came back so the mark as read link isn't directly beneath me now. Scroll all the way down, the link is at the very bottom of this page underneath the posts.
  • edwardredwardr Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2005 SXT AWD, new in June of 2005 (cost $31,500). Here is a list of the issues I've had with it. First, after only 30,000 miles, the factory Continental tires would not pass inspection.(why put these crappy tires on your flagship luxury sedan) Second, after numerous visits to the dealer, about intermittant problems with the rear power windows, the window regulator seized up. Just outside of the warranty.....what a coincidence. (and I have the other side to look forward to repairing now) When I asked the mechanic specifically about this issue, hed lied and said he had never experienced it before (even though there is CLEARLY a TBS about this issue) Third, the engine has been running rough for the last 27,000 miles and, of course, the dealer has been unable to diagnose or fix. They just perform the basic "shotgun" technique of plugs, wires, clean intake system, etc..... Fourth, I have had the transmission ROM flashed twice due to upgraded software. WHICH THE DEALER CHARGED ME FOR EACH TIME...... UNDER WARRANTY !!! I have a spec of rust just above the windshield in the front, and I'm notified that the factory 100,000 mile rust warranty ONLY covers rust in the lower panels, and only if it rusts all the way through..... WTF does it matter WHERE the rust is.....why even HAVE a warranty. Fifth, I have had the rotors cut twice in 6,000 miles. They give me some lame excuse about some new material being used which warps easier.... blah, blah, blah..... I have purchased 3 new Chrysler products in the last 6 years and spent over $70,000 of my hard earned money. This Magnum will be my LAST Chrysler product EVER!!!..... I'm reminded of a quote from the movie "Tommy Boy".... "You know why they have a guarantee, cause they know all they sold you was guaranteed piece of [non-permissible content removed]" :mad:
  • Hi. Can anyone tell me what the height of the cargo hold door is? I have boxes to move at times over 36 inches in height and am just curious if the Magnam wagon (as I call it) would allow me to get things into the cargo compartment. I don't think the length of them (about 4 ft) would be a problem.

    Perhaps I'm in the wrong category here, but would appreciate a reply.


  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    You can always try the answers section too if you don't get any replies here.
  • joanedddjoaneddd Posts: 1
    new to boards...but I've had my 2005 Magnum thru 2 NE winters and have not had a problem...lots of fun in empty parking lots though...traction is great, handling is great and the car is so heavy i have not had any problems with slipping! :)
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402
    Welcome to the forums! :)
  • 2005maggie2005maggie Posts: 6
    My 2005 Cool Vanilla Magnum RT AWD fully loaded is now 2 months new to me (33k). I wanted the SRT but needed AWD for Massachusetts winters on route 2.I am overall happy with purchase but there are some things I consider cons to the car. I am less than impressed with the mid range and the lack of upper range top end power. Yes the car does make it to 130 and I am sure 150ish based on seeing video of this on You-tube. But the car has no power between 110-130.It just creeps after 110.I also find it has a momentary delay in response at certain speeds. This may be the trans not down shifting automatically. I have driven a 2007 300C and noticed the same delay.
    Fuel consumption while driving moderately is awful according to older EPA estimates. Very good while driving in breakdown lane creeping along. On board fuel estimator is incorrect all of the time.
    I tend to feel the steering is to loose for this rated car. It’s very easy to loose her at higher speeds. And overcorrection is a concern due to the looseness.
    There is an annoying rattle in the dash just behind the navigation screen that occurs on cold days until car is warmed up (5 minutes).I quess I wont hear that for a couple of months(summer).I originally thought the lack of performance was due to the weight of the car but after reviewing some numbers I find this is not fully the case. As stated in previous posts I don’t feel this car performs like a 340hp car. I have owned and driven many and I must say I am amazed so many are overly impressed with performance. Has any one driven another 340ish rated car with equal weight? Did you notice a difference compared to the two or three?

    So these are my cons.
    There are more pros which let’s me state overall I’m happy with car. I guess when I have the need for some serious speed I will fire up the 68 Dodge Charger. By the way came with 335 hp stock. It is equal to 375 with mods.
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