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Can Anybody Help Solve My 2000 Nissan Frontier problem?



  • "I got better things to do like looking for another Nissan Frontier or maybe a Toyota pickup to buy"

    I guess you need two of them....One for a back up in case one gets stuck or breaks down. LOL!
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    Perhaps the title of this topic should be changed to:

    "I have a problem with my Nissan truck...oops, never mind it's fixed by my the dealer...but now that I've mentioned it, feel free to flame Nissan."

    Hey, so what if Toyota fans like their trucks? Do y'all have to get so worked up about it? If a person is perfectly secure about his/her vehicle purchase, other varying opinions shouldn't bother him/her one bit.

    Go duke it out in a XXX vs. YYY thread. Leave these "Help me" topics for their intended purpose. Where ever your loyalty lies, when you see a fellow truck driver having a problem, stop to lend a hand or just drive on. Don't stop, roll down the window, shout "You shoulda bought a Ford!", then speed off laughing. Unless you are a complete a&&hole.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Nope, Not like last year when I was out in Eastern Oregon and helped a guy with his Tacoma. It just quit, would turn over. But I don't bring this instance up everytime people scream Toyota is perfect mine went 1 billion miles without an oil change garbage.
    kats, its obvious you never test drove a Mazds/Ranger its ride is much better than any Toyota. Its plastered all over every Mag or review. The TRD is much stiffer and feels ever bump, crack and crevis in the road. Gotta love that sticker!
  • you are so wrong about the trd.i should know i had a 97 without the trd option and it was way stiffer!just bounce on the bumper of a trd and then bounce on one without it and you will see the difference.(rear bumper that is)
  • techtech Posts: 34
    you he men who have to own these gas guzzling environmental nightmares need to grow up. the psychological analysis of the issue is such that you are insecure in your manhood and have to have that big tool to show everyone what a big stud you are. the fact is you spend most of your time driving to work and only need to take up so much space i/e you only sit in one seat at a time unless the beer belly has gotten out of hand and you can't fit in a normal size vehicle. you have become a product of the american advertisement industry bigger is better. sure, wise up use your brains think for yourselves. bottom line is consumers magazine has for years rated the imports at the top for build quality and reliability which doesn,t say the american product doesn,t every once in a while put out something worth owning.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    What the??

    Sorry tech, you have the wrong guy. I am married, two kids and have a great job a nice home. I don't need to act like an alpha male any longer those days are long gone. And my 5 nights at the Gym over the last 4 years, no beer belly here. I admit I enjoy a beer once in a while, like a nice Pale ale.
    I also enjoy my Ranger with its 4x4 ability. I am responsable when I take it into the Cascade mountain range. I stay on trails that are clearly used or have been used in the past. I in no way try to make my own.
    Besides this is a Nissan room, I am outa here.
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 577
    As a result of 30 or more days of inactivity....

    this topic is being "frozen." It will be archived or deleted in the next 10 days or so.

    Front Porch Philosopher
    SUV, Pickups, & Aftermarket and Accessories Host
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