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Toyota Lucky?

rumandcokerumandcoke Member Posts: 2
edited February 2015 in Toyota
In the past 15 years my wife has driven over 437k on three different Toyota's. A 2000 4-Runner, A 2007 Sequoita and our current 2008 Sienna with 208k miles on it. We have never had any major problems in fact our current vehicle has the original trans fluid. Like any thing else our Sienna is starting to get some quirks. Abs, VSC. Trac control at 70MPG and then resets. Drivers power door no longer works and a ticking noise at 60 psi under the hood. Many coworkers have told me to get rid of the van and no longer buy a Toyota because their quality has gone down hill. I seem to want to stick it out and wanted to get your thoughts. I'm inclined for a Highlander purchase in the near future.


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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Stick it out with Toyota or stick it out with the Sienna another 100,000 miles? How near is the "near future" for the Highlander?

    Toyota is # 3 in the latest JD Power reliability rating, after Buick. Number 1 is Lexus (same difference, in other words - put them together and they really lead the pack). I don't think your co-workers are right.

    On the other hand, all cars are more reliable than they were a decade ago.

    200,000 miles is plenty and the new tech is fun. Enjoy the new Highlander. B)
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