Oil in Spark Plug holes? Maybe another reason.

vomitfoxvomitfox Member Posts: 1
edited March 2015 in Isuzu
So i've noticed my trooper's spark plug chambers have oil in each one, and the spark plug wires don't click when I attach them, sometimes it seems as if they don't even fit on at all.

My trucks been running extremely rough, hardly any acceleration, the fastest it can go is 50mph. I can smell gas really bad, as if it's not being burned, and I'm getting about 5 miles to the gallon. I've been thinking its the Valve Cover Gasket that needs changing, as well as possibly an exhaust leak. I need Help If i knew what needed to be done, i'd do it myself, but the uncertainty is forcing me to take it to a mechanic which is rather costly.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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