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Nissan Titan



  • blink3blink3 Posts: 74
    How could you NOT get better MPG with the Tonneau and K&N? The Tonneau provides less drag as the wind goes over the windshield, some wind goes into the bed, by not having that wind slapping up against your tailgate and creating all kind of turbulence one would assume an increase in fuel economy. The K&N flows more air. Leaning the air/fuel mix. This will depend on how aggresivly the computer compensates for the change in increased air into the MAF, that is why some people say they actually lost MPG in fuel economy while others gain.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Tonneau covers have been shown to obtain an average of 2% increase in gas mileage. So if you're getting 16 now you will be getting 16.32 with it installed unless its weight negates that gain. And the turbulence you describe slapping against your tailgate is called Locked Vortex Flow which actually helps to keep drag minimized.

    that is why some people say they actually lost MPG in fuel economy while others gain.

    So some say they lost and some say they gain. Does that average out to zero? lol

    Hey you want to really get some mpg increase, I hear tell a lot of people are buying those Tornados. Ever hear of em? Good luck on this one now.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    The bed on the Titan is not long enough to create any extra wind drag on the tailgate and the tonneau cover will make no difference on your MPG. If there is an increase in MPG on a new vehicle it is probably just getting the vehicle better broken in. I put my Truxedo tonneau on within
    the first 2 wks of owning my SE 4x4 KC. NO increase in MPG, however, after owning the truck for 7 mos now the MPG has increased from 13 to 15.5 with 50/50 city/highway.
    The brake issue has been resolved by Nissan. It is being handled differently by dealers. Some will make the permanent fix after only one complaint of brake judder, others 2, rare cases on 1st complaint. My servicing dealer just told me I have to have the rotors turned once and when I get the judder for the 2nd time they will order the replacement kit.
  • damurphdamurph Posts: 10
    Has Nissan addressed the brake rotor/caliper problem in manufacturing, or are they still turning them out the same as before? How about the other problems I hear addressed here often, ie. driver's window, brake booster/ pedal fade and the others? If they changed their manufacturing of the brake system, does anybody know when? Would it be a safer bet to buy the later production date units? Are the dates of manufacture on the vehicle, if so where?

    Titan Hopeful
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Your date of manufacture can be found on the driver's side inside the door jamb.
    As far as your other concerns, don't forget you mainly get opinions from people who are having
    problems vs. those that don't. Although I am starting to get the brake judder I have had none of
    the other issues you mention. A few squeaks & rattles? Yes. I turn up the radio. Its a truck.
    With the thousands of parts from multiple countries that go into the assembly process there is
    nothing that is going to be 100% bullet proof. At least Nissan does a better overall job of standing behind their product then the only other 2 American owned manufacturers Ford & GM, IMO. Good luck with your decision.
  • damurphdamurph Posts: 10
    Hey Hogboy,
    I appreciate your feedback. I am aware that bad news always gets around more than good news.

    What model, year and date is your truck? I am looking at the SE King Cab in 4X2.

    Thanks Again for the Info.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    SE King Cab 4x4, big tow package, utility bed package, year is '04, Sept build date.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Whoops, forgot to add the off road package. Sorry about that.
  • rorydroryd Posts: 2
    I've taken delivery of an 05 Crew Cab with the bed package on it. I went to the Nissan dealership and purchased a sliding bed divider and the OEM tonneau cover, only to find that the Tonneau has to bolt to the Utilitrack rails which then renders the sliding divider useless.

    Has anyone any experience of 3rd party rollup tonneau covers that could be fixed to the crew cab bed, without blocking the utilitrack rails ? Comments would be appreciated. :)
  • titan6969titan6969 Posts: 3
    Last letter to Nissan Corp.
    As per our conversations, I’m writing to formally document the problems that I’ve had with the Nissan Titan that I purchased in November, 2004.

    Before purchasing the Titan, I thoroughly researched the various trucks available on the market. After viewing other trucks out there I found the Titan to be my 1st choice. It scored high in all the consumer reports and I was impressed with the look, comfort and performance of the vehicle. I had driven a Toyota Tundra the same day I stopped into Nissan. We met in the parking lot and he introduced my wife and me to Pete , his truck salesperson. We drove the Titan and were happy with it. We came to an agreed upon price and purchased it. It was a very pleasant business experience and the professionalism was unsurpassed. This vehicle ownership began positively but has turned out to be the most discouraging and negative situation I’ve ever experienced.

    Initially, we had some problems with a couple of dealer items
    (A remote starter, paint protection, and undercoating), all of which were resolved by the dealer to my satisfaction.

    Then, at less than 4000 miles, I noticed a pronounced shaking in the front end when the brakes were applied. It continued to get worse until it had lost much of the breaking performance. Passengers that were in the car would ask me what the problem was and it was quite embarrassing.

    Nissan was soon contacted and made me aware that they knew about the problem and told me to schedule an appointment to service the vehicle. I dropped off the vehicle and the dealer installed new brakes. I soon found out that the Nissan Corporation apparently had instructed the dealer to “cut the rotors” and to put new pads on. I am not a mechanic, but this sure didn’t sound proper or acceptable to me. I owned a new Nissan Titan, with very few miles on it, and they cut the rotors on the vehicle? Well, as you already know it didn’t solve the problem. Two or three days after picking up the vehicle, we drove to St. Louis, Illinois and the truck was shaking and vibrating so violently that we had to pull off the road. At that time, we called Nissan directly and were told the nearest dealership was in Bloomington, IL. (My wife was terrified because of the intense noise and vibration.) The dealership in Bloomington cordially tried their best to rectify the problem, but again, it was unsuccessful.

    I then began to contact Nissan directly via the 1-800 numbers and got the run around. I have never been treated so poorly and was lied to on numerous occasions. My wife and I have purchased many new vehicles in our lives, and neither of us has ever experienced this disregard. We are educated consumers and neither of us can think of any other product that we have ever purchased that has caused such difficulty or dissatisfaction.

    The week following our St. Louis trip, I brought the vehicle back to Nissan and they installed another set of brakes, I believe in March 2005. Those brakes again lasted a very short time until the truck again began shaking, rattling, and vibrating. In my opinion, the braking performance was cut in half from when I purchased it less than 6 months ago. After almost having a rear end collision on the expressway (because of lack of lack of poor braking performance), I again made calls to Nissan as well as Nissan Corporation.

    On April 28th I once again took my truck in to be repaired. I was notified yesterday, May 11, 2005 that the truck was completed. I went in to pick up the vehicle but decided to test drive it before accepting it. The new brakes were soft, spongy, and I didn’t feel safe stopping at any speed. I even tried stopping while driving in reverse and the truck made an awful grinding noise. Attempts to stop while driving on the expressway were so unsatisfactory that I refused to pick up the vehicle because of safety reasons. This braking is NOTHING like the original product that my wife and I purchased 6 months ago in November 2004. Although the appearance, comfort, and special features are an attraction when selecting a vehicle, we feel that the braking system is one of the most critical factors of any vehicle.

    While dealing with all the aggravation and frustration surrounding these 4 sets of new brakes in 6 months (including the first set that came on the vehicle), I have obtained copies of the Nissan directive sent to all of your Nissan dealers dated August 31, 2004, stating that Nissan was aware of the defective braking system on the Titan and the Armada. We purchased this vehicle in November 2004, and were not made aware of brake problems.

    Had my wife and I been informed of these problems up front, we would not have purchased the Titan. This is truly deceptive practice by Nissan, in my estimation.

    My wife is afraid to ride in the vehicle, our adult girls don’t want to ride in the vehicle, my co-workers laugh about the problem, and our neighbors don’t understand why Nissan hasn’t stood behind their product.

    Nissan should be ashamed that they knowingly and willingly sold us this “lemon” truck that has now had its fourth set of brakes. No discussion has even begun about the wear on the tires, transmission, front end or the other wear and rattles that have occurred on the vehicle resulting from the intense prolonged vibration. We are appalled that Nissan isn’t concerned with the health, welfare, and safety of us as customers.

    With all the aforementioned considered, I believe that Nissan should accept responsibility for their product and swiftly replace this vehicle. I can’t think of any other acceptable solution.

  • titan6969titan6969 Posts: 3
    Again I am stuck

    Thank you for the time you spent today trying to help us come to some type of satisfactory solution regarding our new 2004 Nissan Titan (purchased in November 2004). This note is to document in writing that we did not pick up or accept our vehicle today as we don’t feel safe driving it in its “modified” state.

    To clarify, the vehicle now has had its fourth set of brakes. Per John Landers, the Midwest sales rep, the current set of brakes are actually made for the 2005 Titan but were “modified” in order to remedy the brake failure that Nissan has experienced on all of their 2004 Armadas and Titans. These modified brakes seem to be the poorest performing of all the brakes that have been installed on our truck and are unacceptable and most unlike the brake performance on the truck when originally purchased.

    Although we feel we have a “lemon” vehicle, and are disappointed that Nissan has refused to remedy the problem in a satisfactory way, we appreciate your help in exploring alternative options. We just purchased this new Titan, and are now having to replace that vehicle in less than 6 months due to the manufacturer’s unsafe brake system. We have fulfilled our part of the financial contract, however, Nissan has failed to come through with a satisfactory repair to the brake system.

    We feel as if we are between a “rock and a hard place” and must replace this vehicle. The tires, front end, drive train, and all joints and parts have been subjected to the severe jutter/vibration while moving. The long term damage from this can be substantial and not our responsibility. Our hope is that Nissan Corporation will accept the appropriate responsibility for their faulty brakes and assist us in replacing this vehicle. Our current interest rate on the Nissan loan is 1% and that was a major factor in our purchase of the Titan.

    Thank you for trying to help us resolve this matter.

  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    Some folks have been replacing the side rail attachments with sheet metal screws. This solves
    the problem.On another Titan board someone modified the brackets on the bed extender so they
    would slide over the attaching brackets, however that takes away around 6 inches on the width
    of the bed extender.
  • rorydroryd Posts: 2
    Thanks for the response. Do you have the URL for the other board that you mention. I'm curious on the possible mods for the bed divider.

    Best regards
  • titan6969titan6969 Posts: 3
    All I hear from Nissan corp. is Lies. They will never put anything in writing and continue to lie to me! All these vehicles need to be lettered "Lemon Truck"
    Don't Buy this truck....... Its sad too because it was a good truck till you hit the brakes and feel like your in "Sanford and Son's" Junk truck....People come up to me all the time and "say, what a beautiful truck , how do you like it??? Well, I have to be more honest than Nissan Corp. , I tell them it has serious brake problems and not to buy one!!!!!!
    Signed ,
    Titan For Sale !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • They are a little sensitive about posting hyperlinks to other sites. Perhaps this riddle will help: titantalkdotcom.
  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    If you do a Yahoo search on Nissan Titan Forum you will see a few other links for talk & club that will help.
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    Brakes are really simple, hard to belive that you are having so much trouble with them, and that the dealer in bloomington could not fix it. Make sure also that you are not resting a foot on the brake to overheat them, that the master cyl is allowing them to "release" and the truck to freewheel when your foot is off. Sounds like possibly a master cycl problem, then you now have air in the lines which is causing a spongy brake feel. Good luck.
  • damurphdamurph Posts: 10
    I'm considering the 05 Titan SE King Cab but the brake issue bothers me. Can I hear from any and all 05 owners about their ownership and service experience?

  • handsrlifehandsrlife Posts: 2
    I have had the brake problem just like everyone else has had. Even had some problems with the dust plate really making racket when I turned left after the brake replacement. Yes the brakes felt squishy and they rolled a little for a few days but the pressure came back after that. I hate to hear that someone is having problems with Nissan because they have ben nothing but helpful with me. I love my truck, blows the doors off of Ford, Chevy and Dodge.

    Yes gas mileage stinks. I heard you shoud start getting better after a few thousand miles or so but I have 24000 and still get 13.5. I drive pretty hard and it is pretty much 50/50 City/Hwy. I finally put in the Tornado and after three tanks I am getting 14.75. So a really good increase. I am planning on installing a K&N cold air intake and supposedly that will up it another mile or two. So I have been happy about that.

    Truck is 2 wheel drive with big tow and off road package. So I would xpect some to get better without these options.
  • blackoneblackone Posts: 4
    I'm going to buy a canopy for my truck. I'm looking at the Lear and A.R.E. Has anyone had any experience with either one or recommend something better? I really like the looks of the ARE but at $1600.00, a bit spendy. Then when I put racks on it it takes another jump.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I have had the brake problem just like everyone else has had.Yes gas mileage stinks. I heard you shoud start getting better after a few thousand miles or so but I have 24000 and still get 13.5. I drive pretty hard and it is pretty much 50/50 City/Hwy.

    First off, not everyone has had the brake problem. I've had 2 Titans and in 20k miles never had a problem with the brakes.

    Second off, what gas mileage did you expect out of a V8 engine? If gas mileage is a concern you are driving the WRONG vehicle.
  • handsrlifehandsrlife Posts: 2
    Well, gas mileage is not a big concern, obviously I have driven the truck pretty hard. if you can make it better shouldn't you try? That was all my post was for. The dude saying not to buy the Titan.

    Also, I would take your truck in and have it checked if you have an 04 because in all estimates you don't know you have the brake problem. I didn't. They checked it at the 15000 mile service and found they needed to repair them.
  • alaska1alaska1 Posts: 5
    I have read on a couple of websites that a relay and fuse are required and that if your truck didn't come with them from the factory, you have to purchase them from the dealer or the wiring won't work. Did you have this problem or any problem with the wiring for the trailer hookup? :confuse:
  • alaska1alaska1 Posts: 5
    I recently purchased an '04 Titan XE King Cab 4x4. I recently sold my 92 Corvette with LT1 engine. This is a good replacement for my performance withdrawl. This truck really hauls!!! My last truck was a '95 Toyota T100 4x4...not exactly a barn burner, but a damn good truck from a reliability standpoint...I hope the Titan proves as good, we'll see.

    The truck had 8800 miles on it and I got it for $21,500. That was really why I got it. It seemed like a terrific deal and I figured if I didn't like it, I could sell it and either make a little or lose a little. Call it an extended test drive. :)

    I am a little disappointed in the fuel economy. It was rated at 14/18 and I'm only getting about 13, but that could be my excessively heavy right foot...the truck is too fun!!

    After reading some of the posts here, I'm pretty concerned about the brakes. I have not felt anything at this point...maybe they were already replaced, but I'll crawl underneath it tonight and have a look.

    Mine came without power windows and am thinking about putting some in...anybody know of a good website and/or experience doing this job... I've done a lot of my own mechanical work.

    In the gas mileage area...has anyone tried Mobil1 in both engine and differentials? I'm definitely going to put it in the engine...that stuff is phenomenal for longetivity. I tore my LT1 down after 90K and still had hatch marks in the cylinder walls. Hard to beat that.

    What is the "tornado" and where can I find one?

    Thanks for the forum.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Also, I would take your truck in and have it checked if you have an 04 because in all estimates you don't know you have the brake problem. I didn't. They checked it at the 15000 mile service and found they needed to repair them

    The brakes were just checked at 8k miles and no problems at all. Went 15k in my other Titan with no brake problems at all. Not all Titans are affected.
  • benitslubenitslu Posts: 5
    I have an 04 Titan CC and have absolutely no problems with my truck as of yet, 14k miles. I have never owned a new vehicle with a warranty. You can just take your truck into the dealership at 15k miles for a FREE tune up/check up??

    I love this truck and cannot think of any thing better to own at this time!
  • goliatingoliatin Posts: 2
    Just wanted to add my 2 cents-worth on this Titan brake judder issue. I own an 04 Titan....had to have a brake job done at 6,000 miles AND at 12,000....AND now with only 15,000, I am about to return to dealer again with serious judder!! So far, Bankston Nissan, Dallas, has made repairs at no charge...but they continue to "repair" them with the same substandard parts/service! This time the rotors are at minimum thickness and will have to be replaced. When will they recall? Dealer says they will recall soon but did not say where he got his info. Signed: a "Wish-I-had-bought-a-Frontier" Titan owner.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    A reporter is interested in pickup buyers’ views on the Japanese offerings – both people who would definitely consider a vehicle like a Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan or Honda Ridgeline as well as people who wouldn’t – and why or why not?

    Please respond to with your daytime contact information and a few words summarizing your opinion no later than Wednesday, June 8, 2005.

    Jeannine Fallon
  • sailor3sailor3 Posts: 4
    Ready to buy SE 4x4, but still trying to decide on the king or quad cab. Can someone please comment on the back seat room and door ease of operation on the king cab? I have teenage kids that would ride back there occasionally. They want me to buy the quad, but I'd really like, but don't really need, the longer bed area. Thanks!

    Also, does anyone else think the "chrome" plastic door handles feel "cheesy"? They almost drove me to another truck!

    Thanks! :)
  • roobsterroobster Posts: 6
    I just bought a 05 LE CC with the Big Tow package. What a difference in room between the King and the Crew Cab. The crew has much more leg room than all the other brand trucks I tried. If you don't use the bed every day for work go with the crew & the smaller bed. Even if you need to put 4 x 8 sheets of plywood back there you can always buy the bed extender.
    I like the cheesy chrome handles, give a little pazzass to the truck. Chrome adds a lot of class to any vehicle. I'm from the old school "If your chrome don't shine it ain't cool" :)
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