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Nissan Titan



  • sailor3sailor3 Posts: 4
    Thanks! I think I'll go with the crew..... gotta live with the kids..
    BTW, I agree the handles look good, they just "feel" cheap.

    Been reading the "problems" forum -- have they fixed the brake problem for the '05's?
  • splashsplash Posts: 9
    Purchased new 4X2 CC one week ago. First tank of gas all highway miles averaging 70 mph, going easy on the throttle, got 17.5 mpg. If this improves once the engine is broken in, I'll be psyched to get such efficiency out of its performance V-8.

    Unless one needs the longer bed daily, I think the CC is much better. The rear is huge! - especially with the seats folded up. For occasional really large loads, rent a trailer from U-Haul for $20-30 per day. With an SE CC or higher, you'll get the automatic rear window standard which is an awesome feature. If the rebates are still going, aim for around $5500 off MSRP for CC and $6000 off MSRP for KC. Good luck.
  • jadstoyjadstoy Posts: 2
    Does anyone know what cable I need to buy in order to connect an Apple iPod to the stereo via the AUX jack?

  • bradzoombradzoom Posts: 1
    I use a dual 3.5mm audio cable along with a belkin car power adapter and belkin tunedok. I like using the belkin power adapter because it has a 3.5mm output connector which eliminates using my ipod to adjust the volume. If you use the power adapter be sure to plug it into the outlet that turns off when you turn your truck off, your ipod will automatically stop when it senses a power source change, just like when you unplug your headphones.
  • They have a fix for the brake problems. I have an '04 XE Titan. I have been in four times to have brakes fixed. No problem from dealer fixing them. I have 27,000miles. My new set of brakes are coming in next week. They have them, but are trying to give them to customers that have had extensive or multiple brake issues.
  • stevenlgtsstevenlgts Posts: 11
    Just a general fact for those to remember concerning gas mileage. The big tow equipped Titan's come with a 3.36:1 final drive ratio whereas the Titan's without the big tow package have 2.94:1. The higher gear ratio will burn more gas, even though this is not reflected in the mileage reported on the window sticker!!
  • splashsplash Posts: 9
    I do have the big tow package. There is a switch in the cab to be used when towing, what do you think that does if not affect the gear ratio?
  • coveredicoveredi Posts: 20
    That switch should change shift points in the tranny. Will generally hold a gear longer before an upshift, and should downshift quicker. At one time, a tow/haul switch kept the transmission from going into it's final overdrive setting, but that's generally not the case anymore.
  • splashsplash Posts: 9
    I'm starting to get it. I guess the gear ratio is determined by the physical size of the gears. What exactly is the ratio? Does 3.36:1 mean that the gear turns 3.36 times for every revolution of the wheels? Apart from increasing low end power and using more gas, how would the higher gear ratio affect performance? Does it affect acceleration? Thanks.
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    basically, a higher NUMERIC gear ratio (not to be confused with someone talking of "shifting into HIGH gear" and other phrases) provides more turns of the input shaft per turns of the wheels. This helps get the car moving in a hurry and pull heavy loads, but the downside is fuel milage.

    A LOW numeric gear ratio in the rear end will provide nice highway cruising without excessive engine RPM's (although this depends on transmission gearing of overdrive, but a generally accurate statement) and higher fuel economy.

    Drag cars and heavy trucks use a high (numeric) ratio rear end ratio.

    If you have a big tow and want a lesser ratio, one way to slightly alter this is to use a tire with a larger circumferance - although this can affect speedo and ABS.

    The best way to eek out better fuel milage is to not "stab" the throttle but ease into it and gradually get up to speed, try to hold your speed and plan ahead in traffic to not have to slow down just to speed back up, air up your tires, don't drive over 60 where air resistance gets to be a big factor. of course that's easier said than done! LOL

  • stevenlgtsstevenlgts Posts: 11
    Well said Dirk! I thought it was important for those potential buyers out there or current owners to realize that the $400 Big Tow package will impact their mpg!! I ran the numbers, assuming the stock Goodyear 18" tires with a loaded wheel radius of 16.3",
    -With the 2.94:1 final gear ratio @ 2000 rpm the speedo should read 66 mph.
    -With the 3.36 (Big Tow package) final gear ratio @ 2000 rpm the speedo should read 58 mph. To get to 66 mph with the big tow would require you to spin 2300 rpm!
    This calculation does not account for drag and for those that drive with their emergency brakes on ;) ! See for your self - Gear ratio calculator.

  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    With the 3.36 (Big Tow package) final gear ratio 2000 rpm the speedo should read 58 mph. To get to 66 mph with the big tow would require you to spin 2300 rpm!

    My Titan runs 1600 rpms at 58 mph towing our TT or empty (doesn't seem to matter either way) and 1900 rpms at 68 mph. Since I've owned 2 Titans I have noticed that this one runs lower rpms than my other one did. Only difference between the 2 is my first one was a CC SE 4x4 with big tow and offroad pkgs, my second one is a CC LE 4x4 with just the big tow pkg.
  • splashsplash Posts: 9
    Thanks for the lessons. This is my first truck but certainly not the last.

    Next time I'm on the highway, I'll see what speed is reached at 2000 rpm and let you all know. In general, I drive as Dirk recommended to improve fuel economy and to decrease wear and tear, except for sticking to the most efficient highway speed. Besides wearing out the brakes faster, what are other mechanical disadvantages of fast starts and stops?

    My current truck is a 4X2. I didn't see myself off-roading and the snow season is short where I live. What do you guys think about the advantages/disadvantages of 4X4 vs 4X2? I once heard somewhere that the extra weight of the 4X4 may negatively affect gas mileage and that repairs on a 4X4 are more costly.

    Does anyone understand what the Trac system does/how it works?
  • stevenlgtsstevenlgts Posts: 11
    Keep in mind the tire size plays a factor. I am not sure what tire size your vehicle has. In my calculations I used the stock 18" goodyears.
  • krashkrash Posts: 6
    I have an 04, SE King Cab, Off Road, Tow etc. 18" stock tires, 7500 miles. My first tank was 13.2, second 14.2, third 15.3. Mileage stabilized a bit at 3k to about 14.9 on average, then at 5k, increased to about 15.3. Now I'm up to around 16.2 with both city and highway driving. Recently, on a road trip from Utah to CO I was surprised to get 18.7 traveling at 75mph. Yes, 18.7 on the highway! I'm not a leadfoot by any stretch, but have found that the truck seems to get better mph if I drive it just a bit harder than average. Not sure why this is??

    I have only had one issue with the truck, the brake shudder at 5k. The dealer fixed them no problem, though they had a little trouble getting parts.
  • dirkworkdirkwork Posts: 210
    I drove a standard 4x2 truck for years, and occassionally would get stuck or nearly stuck going skiing or offroad. With some skill and a bit of weight in the bed, you can do a lot with 4x2.

    But, if you need it, nothing beats a 4x4 and they do look cool, and you get more $ when you go to sell it as a 4x4 truck really holds value.

    but things can break, and extra weight is a penalty gas milage wise. Basically, you get the extra cost back when you sell, generally, and if you need it during ownership, bonus. But it would be cheaper to just not get it at all, like here in Houston where we seldom need traction.

  • Anyone have any complaints about the 4 wheel limited slip system? I am a little leary of traction control systems that use the brakes to control spin. At times, in real life this equates with going no where, unless it can be defeated. I've read the brochures/online, but I haven't heard real life experience. I like the locking rear differential option, but don't want the off-road option since it isn't available with the VDC. Any info appreciated.
  • robert26robert26 Posts: 10
    does anyone have any ideas on improving gas mileage?

    i have a 4x4.

    i've heard some talk of increasing air intake but that this may damage the throttle?

    any other ideas?

  • alaska1alaska1 Posts: 5
    I have an '05 SE 4X4 with Big Tow. I just went out and drove my to 2000 RPM. at that RPM my speedo reads 72-73mph!! Could my speedometer be that far off? My build sheet does show lower gear ratio (although it doesn't say what the ratio is).
  • alaska1alaska1 Posts: 5
    Just for clarification, I have the stock 18"x8" wheels (5 spoke smoke) and the stock Goodyear tires on it. So I'm curious if this is correct or if my speedometer is off. If the speedometer is not reading correctly, it will affect my fuel mileage calculations plus it always nice to know how fast (or slow) you're actually going. :)
  • stevenlgtsstevenlgts Posts: 11
    I made the RPM vs. speed calculations with an online services. I would suspect that your speedo is accurate and there must be something wrong with my calculations. But the bottom line is that gas mileage will suffer more with the Big Tow package vs without the Big Tow package due to the higher rearend gears. So, my advice is not to get the Big Tow package if you are concerned about mileage and you are not intending to tow over 7400 lbs.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    What's that?? LOL Just returned from a 1000 mile round trip towing our travel trailer, averaged just under 10 mpg. Not too bad towing a trailer that is 26' 6" long and weighs in around 6k lbs. The truck was flawless other than sucking gas at an alarming

    Empty I seem to hang in the 15-16 mpg range with both city, hwy, and mountain driving. Best tank was 19.6 mpg (all hwy), worst tank was 8.9 mpg (all towing over the mountains).

    I have a 2004 LE CC 4x4 with Big Tow, just turned 14,000 miles this morning.
  • 4wheels44wheels4 Posts: 2
    Hi everyone
    I will be in need of a vehicle this year, and I am considering the titan. This forum has been quite informative--thanks. I see that a FFV Titan is available according to edmunds. My local dealer really couldn't give me any info. The window stickers on the trucks they had on the lot said in smaller print it was an alternative fuel vehicle, but no big letters at the top with the truck model saying FFV. Has anyone got a FFV and used the E85 or other fuels? My understanding is that one takes a hit on mpg with E85. So maybe other than enviro friendly, the cost factor may be a wash.
  • alaska1alaska1 Posts: 5
    Food for thought. Just prior to the '05 CC SE 4x4, I had an '04 XE 4x4 KC. The '04 did not have "off road" or "big tow" and the tires and wheels (17" steel) were much smaller than the '05 18". Could the Big tow package with the bigger wheels net the same highway speed/rpm as the trucks with the 17" and higher ratio? I mean would the diameter of the 18" tire offset the lower gear ratio? In other words: 17' tires x 2.94 ratio = 18" tires x 3.36.

    Maybe that's why they use only one mpg (14/19) for all trucks. Like I said...just thinking about it. :confuse:
  • jerrywimerjerrywimer Posts: 588
    It's also possible (likely, even) that the overall outer diameter of both the 17" wheel / tire combo and the 18" wheel / tire combo come out close enough to the same to be effectively the same. That negates the tire size issue on gearing, but doesn't address the effect of the differences in tire / wheel weight - larger wheels normally have more mass resulting in more work getting up to speed or slowing back down (aka worse fuel efficiency, but maybe only a bit). This is also why most recommend upgrading the brakes when going to larger wheels and tires.
  • savytskyysavytskyy Posts: 1
    Hello everybody, can somebody help me. We have just Titan, and there is a conrol panel with tv and dvd player. The pronlem is that i cant encrease the volume on it, just decrease, which is funny. Can Somebody help me plz:)))
  • rrtitanrrtitan Posts: 6
    Here are the wheel options:
    4x2 XE
    17" x 7.5" Steel wheels
    P245/75R17 Tires

    4x4 with Off Road
    17" x 7.5" Seven-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels
    P285/70R17 B.F. Goodrich® Rugged Trail® tires with
    raised outlined white lettering

    4x2 and 4x4 SE and LE
    18" x 8.0" Six-spoke aluminum-alloy wheels
    P265/70R18 Tires with raised outlined white lettering

    4x2's with nothing else have a 2.94 ratio similar to a four-speed
    automatic 3.73 ratio

    4x4's or 4x2's with Big Tow have a 3.36:1 ratio similar to a four-speed
    automatic 4.10:1 ratio

    As you can see, the Off Road is the one that has a 1in. smaller rim and a 2in. bigger tire. This means the wheel size is 1in. bigger than the standard 4x4 and 4x2 SE and LE.

    Hope this helps with the accuracy of the ratio police. :P :shades:
  • mikehnmikehn Posts: 1
    Will Nissan be offering the "employee discount" on the Titans?
  • geo9geo9 Posts: 739
    Why bother with a new one........A used one can be bought for a VERY
    low price according to the car guys over at the Smart Shopper threads.
  • waralex66waralex66 Posts: 1
    yes they will offer the employee discount to everyone.............all of the car dealers are starting the discounts, rebates, and more. GM was starting going broke,but the sale boosted sales greatly(by 46%) this month all of the other dealers are going to try it as well
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