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Nissan Titan



  • The NEW one!!! That's an awesome deal.. I'd wish i waited a bit longer before buying an 06 crew cab. :(
  • Does anyone know where the oil sender/sensor location is on this titan? And, does anyone know if the oil pressure gauge is a rea one or is it just a dummy?
    Thanks for any inputs.
  • Have 03 Tundra with the Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo's just put second set on truck had 58,000 on first set great traction to the end. You will love them in the snow live in North East and go to New Hampshire to snowmobile never had issue. Get up to friends cabin after weeks worth of snow 15" to 24" of snow on the drive go right through. Have to clear the end as the plows pile it about 4'to 5' high would take out grill and lights with that packed pile of snow.
  • rapidorapido Posts: 5
    Anyone able to find info on any big rebates to get the 06's out the door? I'd like a Nissan but my local Dodge dealer is taking off over $11k off sticker and the Chevy dealer is knocking off $12k. This makes the $6500 most buyers can chip off the MSRP of the Nissan look a lot smaller,plus all you have to do is pick one off the lot to get the big rebate, no haggling.I've been looking around and haven't found any thing that Nissan may be doing for Nov. Should I just threaten the Nissan dealer I'm going to get a Dodge?
  • Yes, and please report back here once you do it!! Most if not all dealers, would love to get rid of their old 06 models ASAP.
  • Highroller, so far one dealer has contacted me. I'm looking at a 06 crewcab LE I haven't gone to see it because it's about a 2 hour drive. There are very few 06's left,anyways here's the deal. It's MSRP is $37,005 he's quoted me 30,6xx.That comes out to be $7k off MSRP. So far the average I see is $6500 off except for one guy who said he got 8300 off but that was a while ago.The dealer I talked with said he took the 2250 off the invoice and then took the 500 hold back off of that to come up with that #. Whatta think??
  • $30,6xx for an 06 LE? Interesting and a little better than mine, what does the LE all include in it (navi, tow, 4x4, etc?) Did you also opted for the extended warranty and maintenance? Some people i know have gotten the 06 LE for as low as $29k with many various options.

    For my 06 SE, i opted for the extended warranty and maintenace. Dont have the tow package or a navy or a dvd or a 4x4 though, but i got the SE popular package with step rails and mats. All in all, my price rounded out to be $31,1xx.
  • The dealer tried to send me the picture of the actual sticker on that truck. No luck on getting on to a folder yet. I'm not sure about a Nav. system or DVD. It is a 4x4 though, so it's pretty safe to assume it has a tow package. I'm thinking of calling him to get the details pounded out once in for all. I know it does have have floormats and a bed extender, but at $120 for mats is not real exciting since you can pick some up at Pep boys or someplace like that for about $30!
  • HIghroller,just got off the phone with the dealer to pound out things, the price is$30694.
    It's an 06 LE crew 4x4 (redbrawn) and like I mentioned before,floor mats and a bed extender.It don't have a tow,DVD,or Nav.package. Really the only thing I'll miss is the large mirrors on the tow package but it seems to be a honest deal and I'm probably going to go with it
  • Does it have step rails, rockford fosgate system, leather, heated seats, fog lights?

    Most of the LE's have these, but for 30694, it's not really bad. I'd go through with it too, but is there any way to bargain with them for the tow package? I'd say, "It's a done deal if i can get the tow package with the mirrors included on the LE." $30694, it's alot better than what i paid for (since mine is only the SE). I wish i could of gotten the tow package with those big mirrors. The other thing i desperately want is to have a tranny temp. gauge (should be included with the tow package) and FOG LIGHTS!!! *sigh*

    Before making it a done deal, ask them about the fog lights or the tow package. I was about to walk out the door, but the salesman asked me if he could put something on to make me reconsider. i told him to get me the step rails and the stupid mats. I regret not telling him that i wanted the tow w/ tranny temp. gauge and fog lights. If not tow package, the fog lights are the next thing on the list. I think if your LE didnt come with fog lights, it's a no brainer for your salesman to add those on for you free of charge. These things i consider very essential down the road.... I think you'll enjoy your new truck either way ;)
  • Highroller still pounding out the deal. I asked if there was any dealer fees that were going to added to the $30694 I was quoted on the truck with the $37005 sticker.He said yes a $27 title and $249 for paperwork I guess. He said all the dealers charge this fee and they were one of the cheaper ones.He was right, his competition was getting another $30 for the same.I don't care for the phony fee and told him I was looking at another truck, which I was, but was'nt so interested in. So I got him to put on step rails at no extra $. It does have the heated leather,4x4, spray-in liner,bed extender 8way driver and6 way pass. seats power mirrors with turn indicators duel climate,the 10 speaker stereo with the sub woofer, and pretty sure on the fog lights too. I tried to get the reciever hitch also but figured he'd only say he could afford one, which he did. I preferred the steps so took that. I've been dealing for a week now.It's been fun but I'm glad it's about done.Thanks for your replies. I should have it in 3 days. It's out of state so I'm making plans for the ride this weekend
  • That's what i like to hear, good deal. Have fun in that truck. ;) Also, don't ever hesitate to bring it back to the dealer if you recognize any problems you're having with the truck. You paid for it, so dont let them push you away if you need something to get fixed.
  • I have a titan with the rockford fosgate radio and navigation. It has a aux input on the radio. Can I plug a Sirius Stargate 4 directly into the aux plug? Even Best buy did not know. Thanks for any input. Dale
  • Anyone know if it's possible to disable the feature of having the front windows open when the open button is held down on the remote? The windows on my Maxima and Titan open up at night sometimes from stuff in my pocket pushing on the remote button. The owners manual doesn't offer any way to disable this feature.
  • I have been having brake issues with my 2004 Titan, and after reading this message board, am worried that this repair may not be adequate. I brought the truck in for a slight pulsation, brake light flickering, and a screeching noise coming from the right front tire (3rd time for brake issues). They informed me that the right caliper was frozen/cracked and the brake pads were damaged. They replaced the caliper and pads, Nissan covered the cost for the caliper only. The dealer then informed me that the left front side also had the same problem, but Nissan would not cover the cost of those parts and they where going to charge me an additional $860.00. I called Nissan and filed a customer service report. In the end Nissan covered some of the cost, but I was charged $467.00 and went 4 days without my truck. How do both calipers fail at the same time (47K mi)? What caused them to crack, the larger pads? Why did Nissan only partially honor the warranty? Is this going to be the pattern of owning this truck, every 20K miles replacing the brake system? Note: I have the tow package but haven't towed anything with this vehicle, too afraid, especially with my wife and son in the vehicle. I guess the best option is to take the hit and trade it in. I am very disappointed with Nissan for not engineering a proper fix for this recurring problem.
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Seems like your dealer wouldn't go to bat for you. Calipers are covered 3/36k warranty. Only pads and rotors are not.

  • i had an aftermarket auto start installed, as a result i hit lock button 3 times to start and now my close window feature no longer works. i would try contacting someone in the auto alarm business, i am sure they can disable the button from opening windows.
  • I Have a 2004 Titan and I agree with you that the brakes on this truck could be better, But.....I have towed construction trailers with cars on them and completely loaded hay wagons and have not had a braking issue when towing and I did not have the assis. of a brake box either. When I towed the cars I went down some serious hills, It is all in the way you drive. I'm not saying that you don't know how so please don't take it that way but as long as you are smart, you will have no problems braking when towing. The contruction trailer weighs an easy 2500 lbs. and I towed my thunderbird once and my full size Bronco on it as well, so there was some serious weight there. I have also pulled my 24 ft. camper without issue.
  • I'm with you on the looks....It's not the best looking truck out there but giving the performance of it...I gave up the look and took the performance.
  • I bought my 2004 Titan at the end of this past summer and love the truck. The only thing that is driving me nuts is the dash rattle/squeek that I hear. When driving while accelerating you can hear it. If you put it in neutral, nothing, neutral and give it a little gas...nothing, put it in gear and accelerate....rattle/squeek. It is def. coming from the inside, i just have not been able to pin point where? Any ideas??
  • Yes I have an 06 Titan and the rear shakes at 47mph & at 52 mph. I've had the tires rotated/balanced then replaced all tires and that didn't help at all. I don't know what else it could be. Has anybody else experienced this same rear end shake?
  • My 2004 Nissan Titan LE has 23000. I am on my fourth-set of rotars and brake pads, and computer system. Took the vehicle to the dealer and was called a "lair" without looking at the vehicle. Then one service manager said "you can trade it in and we will give you $2500 off MSRP of a new Titan." And then another service manager said "all SUV/trucks brakes make noise" I asked what highway to you travel that you hear all that brake noise on trucks and SUVs? I took my Titan to Midas and paid $795 for the required brake work that they were obligated to perform under warranty. I suspect a great lawyer would be taking on a class-action law-suit against Nissan and their brake defect on 2004 models. I am personally seeking lemon buy-back.
  • robnaorobnao Posts: 29
    I posted this in the maintenance board also, just wanted to cover all the bases. I am just wondering if anyone is having this problem with their paint. I have an 05 SE CrewCab 4X4 Off Road w/tow package, red alert color. I noticed a few small (1/16"-1/8") blisters in the paint, some had already broken when I first noticed them exposing the primer. I did a good inspection of the truck before taking to the Nissan dealer so I would know where the blisters were and stopped counting at 20, most of them are already broken, all of these expose the primer. The dealer has not been very supportive, saying that Nissan will probably claim they are rock chips and door dings even though the location of many of them rule these possibilities out (even have some on the tailgate). Has anyone else noticed this problem? We might have to get together to get Nissan to fix this one, I will post more as my situation progresses.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
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  • How about doing an article on the 2004 Nissan Titan brake defect? And how comsumers have to replace the rotors every 6000 miles because of warping. Also, when you try to get the defect fixed you get the following statements "your a lair," "all trucks/SUVs make brake noise," "we won't honor our warranty, or "just trade it in."
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Weird, never had this problem on my truck, other than the initial brake issue which was repaired by Nissan, no questions asked. Have 32k miles on my new rotors and no issues.

  • This week on my way to Indy I hit a patch of black ice and
    sent my 04 Titan LE King Cab down the embankment and into
    a pile of trees at 70mph. Myself and my passenger (a client!) walked away without even a scratch. The Titan
    wasn't quite as fortunate. My question to you all is....
    given an insurance check and the ability to get whatever you want after a few years of Titan ownership, would you buy the same truck again. Mine had 46,000 miles, still ran strong as day one, and in my opinion is the best looking truck of the class. Negative aspects....sometimes electrical components just quit working for a while...the power seat wouldn't come into driver position when the key was installed, the cruise control wouldn't work sometimes, and then they would work the next time I used them. But my biggest complaint was all of the squeeks and rattles that
    were starting to work their way into the truck. The dash, the passenger seat, etc. But would this be enough to keep me from buying another. I don't think so, but I am going to at least look at what else is out there. I live in Louisville, a strong Ford town, so that would be my only real other choice. I was wondering how you all felt about your Titan's if all of the sudden you had the check to get another truck. Thanks for your opinions, Jon
  • I would not buy another Nissan Titan truck. My complaints are (1) I have had my rotors and brake pads replaced 4 times, every 6000 miles, the brake vibration got so bad I could barely control the vehicle (2) I have been stranded on several occasions when the BCM body control module tripped and I lost power to the vehicle (3) Nissan stopped honoring its warranty at 24,000 miles and 30 months; and I paid $800 at Midas for parts covered under bumper to bumper warranty that Nissan would not replace (4) it would always take more then one trip to get a fault fixed right or my truck programmed once the part was replaced (5) I have been called stupid, a lair, told all brakes squeal, and that I should just trade the vehicle in versus getting it repaired. So not only was the truck I purchased unsafe and unreliable ..... the Nissan service department was much worse. Why subject yourself to such torture?
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    the Nissan service department was much worse. Why subject yourself to such torture?

    Did you ever think to try a different dealer? I had issues with my Titan as well, but the service dept was outstanding, bent over backwards to keep me happy.
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