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Mazda6 Owners Meet the Members



  • wak1wak1 Posts: 5
    i have had mazda,s now the past 6 years and just bought a new 6 2.0l katano never had any problems reliability is out of this world.
  • dsiriasdsirias Posts: 34
    because there was not a single Grand Touring with a manual transmission in the entire state of California. I put down the deposit on May 5. Dealer says it will take 6 weeks. Is dealer being too optimistic with his time frame for delivery?
  • zoomzoomnzoomzoomn Posts: 143
    Central Virginia
    Redfire over charcoal cloth 6s MTX. Happily owned since August, 2003!

    AEM cold air intake, Racing Beat exhaust system, ASA AR1 silver 18" wheels, Racing Beat Suspension Kit (springs and sways), Tokico HP blue struts and shocks.

    I've always enjoyed this car and it flat out handles now with my suspension mods!!!
  • My name is Amanda I just bought a 2007 Mazda 6 S. The car is great. I was just wondering if anyone knew the paint code for Smokestone Metallic? I want to get a spoiler for the car but the web-site says the code is 35m but when I looked at the code on the door it says 32p. The web-site also says 32p is the code for Tungsun Gray. I'm hoping someone can clear this up for me. Thank-You. My e-mail
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I hope you have better luck with the 07' than the 05' 6 you had.
  • Hello all, just bought the 2009 Mazda 6 and is loving it.
  • Purchased a 2010 iSport, silver exterior & black interior last week and have enjoyed the purchase so far. Took a road trip to Houston yesterday and will be taking a road trip to Dallas on Thursday. Trying to get as much info as I can from the board. TTYL
  • lrotalrota Posts: 18
    2009 i GT - 6 spd manual - purchased new with only 290 miles from dealer for $17.9K. It sat on dealer lot since last March 2009! Are manual transmissions so unpopular now? Love the car.
  • mjm19mjm19 Posts: 6
    I'm thinking of buying this car this week. I currently have a 99 Maxima with 207,000 miles on it will the Mazda last as long? I've seen posts about engine problems. Love the looks of the car.
  • Predicting the life of a new car is difficult. IMHO any car should and will last 100K miles. I could even streach this to 150K. This does not mean that repairs above and beyond regular maintenance will not need to be done. This means that a well cared for engine should last that long. The first and most inportant care is engine oil. I check mine every fillup. I change my oil per the manufacturers recommended interval but I always use full synthetic oil. I have a 1993 suburban with 225K miles that supports this strategy.

    I currently have a 2005 Mazda6s (3.0L V6) 5-speed manual transmission with 67000 miles. I have had no issues outside of normal maintence or covered under warrenty. I loved the car when I test drove it and I still love it. I will probably keep it until the wheels fall off and enjoy it the entire time.
  • yankman04yankman04 Posts: 14
    I've had my 2010 Mazda Grand Touring for 12 months now and I am very happy with it. The engine problems, I'm pretty sure are with the older models. If you like the car - go for it!
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    I got 92K miles out of my '04 Mazda6 V6 (with manual) before selling it, with the only issue being a faulty gas cap that tripped the CEL (fixed under warranty). I loved the 6 so much that I bought a '10 6S GT (w/tech.), and after 9 months and 10.5K miles, I've had no problems whatsoever.

    Getting 100K+ miles out of the 6 shouldn't be a problem IMO.
  • numb3rznumb3rz Posts: 15
    Great car, fun to drive, lots of power, reasonable mileage, almost 28 highway. No major problems, one small one. The heater fan has a metallic rattle when it's very cold outside. Took it to the dealer, he had to order the fan. The wife took it in and she said it only took them 10 minutes, yeah right. The rattle is identical to what it was. Doubt if they ever touched it. I'll buy the motor myself and install it. They will lose a customer for life if that fixes it. I get lifetime free oil changes. I have let them do 2. I have done 5 myself. I'll be taking it in more often when oil hits $4 a quart and a filter is $10.
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