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2010 Corolla Altis - Inconsistent electrical problem

bportanezbportanez Member Posts: 2
edited March 2015 in Toyota
Hi Guys,

Just want to get your inputs on this as this is getting very frustrating.

I get this inconsistent electrical problem wherein the car does the following

1. Trigger oil pressure sensor (Oil is just two less than a month old, upon checking its full and clean)
2. Auto- revs at idle (MAF sensor probably)
3. Alternator area has a noisy sound similar to diesel engine - knocking or flapping maybe (sometimes the whole trip, sometimes when i rev between 1-1.5 RPM)

This is very inconsistent as sometimes triggers any or all of the items above when I start the car, or an hour in the trip, sometimes not triggering at all.

Hope you guys have something to share on this. You may question for further details if needed be. Thanks!
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