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Mazda6 Accessories and Modifications



  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    JLAudio did a check on the Mazda6 stock head unit couple of years ago and expressed their amazement at the signal quality that it produced. JLAudio also said that it has never seen such clean signals from factory oem head unit.
    So I went ahead and changed the speakers and put silk tweeters and infinty woofers.
    The sound is so clean and stereo imaging is gorgeous. All I need now is a subwoofer.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Tks for the info. That's all I was looking for was somebody that knew more than me to provide some decent inof. Maybe a stupid question but why do you feel you need a subwoofer on top of the new speakers?
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    'cause the woofers don't bring the roof down :)

    Seriously, even allrange speakers are OK. but we add tweeters to enhance the upper freq. similarly, we need the subwoofer for the low end.
  • I got the 09 mazda i GT with Bose System. Bose is a huge disappointment.......... Clarity? whats clarity, this system is only clear when you have it at a low volume. Once you turn it up, everything becomes distorted. (my tweeters blew and i did not even bump the volume up that high)
    occasionally, the system would shut off and turns back on while i'm driving.

    I want to upgrade my system without putting an extra sub in the trunk, any suggestions?
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008

    Bose is a very complicated setup. If you want to have something else, you should have opted for standard audio, and then upgraded.
  • oxoxoxox Posts: 7
    my destination point is always off from the actual place. it can be off by a few houses or even by one block..wth!
    anyone experiencing this on their stock nav? called dealer & they dont got a clue. do i have a defect nav unit?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    When crossing an intersection, does it accurately show your location?
  • oxoxoxox Posts: 7
    it accurately shows my car's position no matter where i'm at, so i guess the gps receiver is fine. i'm suspecting could it be a faulty map disc?
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Faulty by design, maybe. Map data is not accurate down to the address (or parcel) between indexes and they can't tell you where the driveway is located on that parcel anyway. So, until they get parcel data into those maps (don't hold your breath), NAV systems will do that to you.

    You still gotta have street skilz, yo.
  • oxoxoxox Posts: 7
    [quote]So, until they get parcel data into those maps (don't hold your breath), NAV systems will do that to you.
    dang..this sux
  • I recently purchased an 09 Mazda6 with navigation. Must say it is woefully lacking in Shopping POIs, especially in comparison to the Garmin Nuvi we have in my wife's car. Only Shopping categories are Grocery Stores and Malls. Here are a few businesses it does not contain entries for:: Lowes, Home Depot, Sports Authority. This is the only item in which I am disappointed; the rest of the car is great. I sent an e-mail to Mazda expressing my dissatisfaction.
  • oxoxoxox Posts: 7
    yea, the car is great other than the nav problem~~maybe all mazda owner w/ nav should write mazda a letter & let them know this problem.
  • There is a gitter deliberately built into the GPS system. Unless you are working for DOD and dropping smart bombs on unfriendly(s) you won't be able to get an exact position. The system works for us regular folk like a baton pass-off with a random gitter. As you pass a particular parcel or half-way point and the GPS will mark where you have been for sure and then start randomizing where you could be based on your direction. A major intersection will be a fairly accurate gauge of how well your map is working. If you have a GPS for bikes and joggers you can have some nerd-like fun and actually see how the algorithm works in practice. Wow dude... how do I know this kind of crap? I need to get some sleep.
  • anyone know how i can turn off the odometer in an 09 6. is it just a fuse or do i have to go behind the dash
  • Who could we send this to? I have my 200 dollar garmin in the car still so that I have a real nav device when I really need it. If you're looking at a new 2009 Mazda 6, bypass the 2000 nav system, it's a piece of crap, get a garmin nuvi instead.
  • Not a clue why so many are having problems with their navs?
    Mine works just fine & gets me perfectly everywhere I want to go.
    Yes POI is not the best & so what? there's much more to navigation!
    I like having my Radio, Sirius, Bluethooth Phone + Audio on big screen!
  • Has Mazda improved their IPod integration kit since 2007? I would like to be able to integrate my IPod into a 2009 Mazda6 factory audio system. My girlfriend's CX-7 has the "IPod kit" and its crap. Does not allow you to go from song to song, makes you set up playlists to hear songs, etc.

    Ideally, I would like to display song info on the Navi screen. Is that possible?

    Is the 2009 dealer installed accessory improved?
  • sg8sg8 Posts: 2
    Can you tell me more about how the sattelite radio and bluetooth interface with the nav system?
    1. Does Satellite radio display the song/artist/station/information on the nav display? The standard interface (on vehicles w/o nav) displays radio data on the LED panel where the clock and the trip computer are located - and it is pretty weak.
    2. Does the buetooth/phone inteface import your entire address book from your mobile device at once - or do you need to add contacts one by one?
    3. Is there any other advantages the nav interface, and what is the most annoying thing about it?
  • oxoxoxox Posts: 7
    1.satellite info does display on the nav screen, but only under the sat audio menu. if your using navigation you wont see those info.

    2.yes it imports the entire phone book from mobile device.

    3. advantage- bt-audio is great, no messy wires from my blackberry to car audio system, i can't think of any other advantages other than this feature.

    1. crappy navigation software- i did notice this mazda system tends to take longer/weird route than acura's nav system (& yes, i've the settings right)
    2. poor screen resolution/display quality.
    3. poor choice of display color- it turns into night mode whenever headlights are on & in night mode the map screen is black with dark grey, its really hard to see anything at night. if i use daytime setting its too bright at night and kept on having glare in my right eye which is annoying. (btw i tried to turn brightness/contrast all the way up @ night n it only got worse)
  • sg8sg8 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the quick response.
    I would not expect the nav system to be as good as a garmin portable (they never are) or maybe even an acura. I like to have it as a back up.

    Having used the system for a while, would you have opted to purchase the system again if you had the transaction to do over?
  • Buy a Garmin 255W for $175 on ebay and also buy a clip to attach it to the front vent for 6 bucks...its close up, it has better navigation and you can take the $ you save and take your wife out to a nice restaurant which will show up on the Garmin but not on the Mazda navigation unit. Besides the stereo unit without the navigation looks hot. In three years you will be able to buy an up to date unit for only $100 and still save enough to take the wife out to a nice place to eat.
  • waterbuck1waterbuck1 Posts: 11
    I'm trying to sort out whether I need to get the Bose/Moonroof package on a new iTouring. I don't need a moonroof. I would like somewhat better sound than the stock speakers, which buzzed a bit on my test drive.

    If I want to get an improvement (I'm not a big time audiophile), can I just purchase 4 new speakers and installation at Best Buy? I don't know enough about speakers to figure out what level would be "better".

    What is a decent improvement and what's the total cost typically? Do I need to buy an amp too?
  • vfontjrvfontjr Posts: 9
    This is the response I received from Mazda regarding map updates for my 2009 6i which came with a 2007 map set:

    "Thank you for contacting Mazda.

    At this time there are no updated navigation discs that have been issued. If updated discs become available in the future, part numbers and ordering information will be made available to authorized Mazda dealerships Parts departments. We regret any dissatisfaction with this situation."
  • Mazda has know about this issue for a long time and knows about all the people struggling to use a 10 plus year old disc. My house and some neighborhoods are not on the map! 4 times I have been promised an updated disc and still waiting..... and waiting. At least they have been honest with me and trying hard with desno to get an updated one, Even sent me a 200 dollar gift certificate for the purchase of the new disc. Like we were suppose to pay for it after a purchase of the new 2009 Mazda 6 vehicle?
  • Is the problem with the Bose system clarity at high volumes only? If so, then adding a better amplifier would help. If the clarity is bad at all volumes, then there must be something wrong with the head unit.
  • Definitely get the lower cost trim and put in an after market audio system. A lot of the times they will keep the original head unit, which makes it look much better, plus saves you money. Just add a good amp, some great speakers, and a subwoofer. I would guess the cost would be $600+
  • I just purchased an 09 GTi Mazda 6 and I love it. But where I live right now there is no garage and between the snow, rain and summer sun the car will be exposed to the elements. I washed and waxed it already but I would like to know if I should purchase a more expensive custom fitted car cover from the dealer or will the best cover from walmart suffice?
  • Does anyone know the unlock code to inhibit the navigation system for the Mazda 6 from not working during car movement.?... I hear there is a way to allow it to work even during driving.
  • need help how do you import the entire phone book from mobile device thanks :confuse:
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    I have successfully paired my HTC Mogul phone (Sprint) with my 6i GT via Bluetooth. However I have never been able to import the phone book using the Import Phonebook command.

    Anyone else having the same problem? My phone is among those listed on the website as being supported for Bluetooth headset and Bt Audio. All other phone functions work flawlessly.

    On the same site I found buried in the FAQs (THIS SHOULD BE LISTED IN THE MANUAL that comes with the car) that the phone book must not contain more than 1,000 contacts. So I deleted a ton of contacts that I am not likely to call anyways and got the list down to around 500 contacts. But the import phonebook hangs (well I lost my patience after about 3 minutes).

    I even unpaired and re-paired but it continues to show the same behavior.

    I can't believe they charge $2,000 for this nav and still don't get this to work right.

    Any suggestions? Please email me.
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