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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair



  • azorglubazorglub Posts: 43
    I'm in the east bay, and the Fremont dealership wants $600 for the 30k maintenance. That sounds a bit steep to me. Any other recommendation?
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    Yes, skip it!

    IIRC, the ONLY thing that's required by Mazda at the 30K service besides the oil change is the air filter change (and only in Puerto Rico). The rest is just checking fluid levels and inspections (of brakes, etc). The plugs don't get changed, the radiator doesn't require a flush.

    From the Mazdausa website:

    Exhaust system heat shields, Idle speed, Front and rear suspension and ball joints, Function of all lights, Power steering fluid level, Steering operation & linkages, Tire inflation pressure and tire wear, Fuel lines, hoses & connections, Engine coolant level, Driveshaft dust boots, Cooling system, Drive Belts (tension), Bolts & nuts on chassis & body, Brake & clutch fluid level, Disk brakes
    Engine oil filter, Engine oil, Air filter - Puerto Rico ONLY
    All locks & hinges

    I'd replace the air filter myself, but it costs $20 at some parts websites and it's a 5 minute job yourself.

    The only thing I'm not sure about is the auto transmission fluid change, since I have a manual.
  • azorglubazorglub Posts: 43
    I got a manual too. :)

    I'd still like a recommendation for a good independent mechanic if somebody knows a good one.
  • I am a current Mazda 6 S Grand Sport owner and am inquiring about excessive tire wear on these cars. My dad is a mechanic and told me that my uncle (a 2005 Mazda 3 S Grand Touring owner who has 15,000 miles on his car) had to replace all 4 of his tires because they were completely worn, and this is only after 15,000 miles.

    My dad said that by the tread of the 18" tires, I maybe lucky to see 25,000 miles on the tires.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue or problem?
  • jeremy585jeremy585 Posts: 9
    I get the same, but with a 6cyl. Overall Mazda's dont get very good gas mileage. I rarely get 300 miles to a tank
  • I have a 2006 6S Grand Sport 6 cyl Grand Sport automatic and I am getting 25 mph with mixed driving (Mostly City) and 27 mpg straight Highway Driving. I am able to get 170 mpg on just a 1/4 tank of gas.

    Hope you are able to get that fixed, Good luck!
  • suydamsuydam Posts: 2,947
    I also have the 6cyl wagon (2004). I get maybe 20 mpg overall, sometimes 23 if doing highway driving. It's the single biggest weakness of this vehicle. Although I love it, I'm actually thinking seriously about the Honda Fit, especially if gas prices keep rising. It's too bad because I love every other aspect of the car.

    As to the tires, I have almost 20,000 miles on my wagon and so far the tires are fine.
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  • mjvchicagomjvchicago Posts: 149
    I have a 2003 Mazda6s and can say that I ran to 45,000 miles on the original set of tires. They were the stock Michelin MXM4 17" set. I have since replaced them with Avon M550's. I have heard a lot of people get say that they didn't get good treadwear on the Michelins, but I'm not sure why. Wonder if it was a certain batch that was bad.

    Have you regularly rotated the wheels?
  • I only have 2,500 miles on my Mazda6, but I am very particular about the maintence of my car. I change my oil every 2,000 miles (I know they say 3,000 to 5,000 but my dad is a mechanice and I have access whenever the need/want is there) and I rotate my tires every 6,000 miles.

    I was looking for feedback because my dad said he's had a few Mazda6's in and the owners weren't getting very good mileage out of the stock tires. I just hope that is not my case!
  • sodeepcsodeepc Posts: 4
    Hi all -

    I am planning on buying a 2003 Mazda6S with 29,000 miles on it. The only problem I can find with it is a scratch on the front right bumper and on the right rear tire rim.

    Are there any problems that I should know about with this vehicle? Would it still be under the standard warranty?

    I'm looking at either this or the 2003 Accord EX V6 but I like the styling of this vehicle.

    The sales price they are providing is 16,991. It has leather seats, moonroof, an aftermarket navigation system, spoiler, chrome exhaust, and chrome gas tank cover, and is in good condition other than the scratches I mentioned. Good deal?

    Thanks for your help! I hope to make a decision by end of day tomorrow at the latest!
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    With that price you can almost buy a new one, considering all the latest incentives.

    I'll sell you my loaded up 04 6S with 14k miles for $1k more, and in probably better condition. ;)
  • sodeepcsodeepc Posts: 4
    Incentives? Like what? I don't see any incentives available.
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    All sarcasm aside, the price is entirely too high. Check out other similarly-equipped vehicles in your area, and check out to get some pricing information. I wouldn't pay over $14K, considering it probably was sold new for only $22.5K (some would say even $14K is too much). Bargain it down, and don't be afraid to walk. There will be plenty of other nice examples out there.

    As far as problems... Make sure the car has the current "reflashes" for the ecu, and that the tires and brakes are new or barely-used. If it's an '03 with manual tranny, it may have a short-lived clutch. Throttle-bodies and PCV valves are possible problem spots as well. You can't do much for the TB, but a bad PCV valve starts with excessive oil consumption, and could lead to total engine failure. In other words, check the oil at least once a week, something I do religiously with both my cars, not just the 6.

    I'm not trying to scare you from the 6, just giving you a heads-up about what you can expect. That being said, if you can talk down the price, get the 6! Much more fun-to-drive than any Accord, hands-down!
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I don't know about your region, but in mine there is a $2500
    rebate plus $1000 rebate for Mazda financing.
    Better deals toward the end of season. Shouldn't be too hard
    to find a decent deal if you do your homework. :)
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    anyone painted the brake calipers on a 6s? have the 17" rims and since it is entiurely exposed - ould probably look real nice if they were painted.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    we got a 6 sport 4 cylinder bose and roof for about $20,000, on a sticker price of $25,000 or so. this included $2500 rebate + 500 credit rebate.

    then add ttl on top.

    i would definitely price out a new one and compare apples to apples.
  • rtalartala Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 6s with auto trans and have been experiencing similar issues. Almost immediately, I was dealing with very hard cold shifting which had the dealer flashing my system. Then I've had the engine randomly rev up at cruising speeds (flat road, not accelerating or decelerating) from around 3000rpm to 4500rpm while staying in 4th. Again, the dealer flashed the system. Had an issue while accelerating onto the highway where the trans stuck in passing gear and the car hit the rev limiter and starting bucking (almost rear ended because the car slowed dramatically). Still revs up when not called for. It has been in 6 times, has about 9000 miles, and they kept it for a week just to have the system flashed and nothing yet fixed. I received a call from the dealership the other day saying they just got an update from Mazda and new parameters to program in, so they flashed it again. Guess what? Not fixed. Anyone else dealing with this please post. Thanks
  • saurin666saurin666 Posts: 2
    Sorry, could not think of a better description for it!
    I have a 2003 6i. I have done a lemon law on it twice now for problems with the brakes. First it was the fromt brakes, where the rotors had been replaced 3 times before the first lemon action occurred. that time, I was told that the original rotors have now been replaced with a more heavy duty set. they actually look bigger than the rea ones. The 2nd lemon law action was for the rear brakes, where when they were hot ( I live in South FL), the interior of the car sounded as if I were next to a fog horn. The factory rep (Tony) couldnot belive that the dealer (Delray Mazda) was not able to "find" this problem, especially after I showed him. Well, they replaced the rear rotors too. But now, the fronts are acting up again. Every time I come to a gradual stop, the front brakes wobble, studder, shake, however you want to describe it. I drive mostly on the highway with the car back and forth to work and it is mostly parked on the weekends. I am sure that they are gonna say I drove thru a puddle when the brakes were hot. I know of another person who had the same 03 as me with exactly the same issue. She now has an 06 (what a dummy!) that has the same issues too. What the hell is Mazda's problem> Anybody got any ideas?
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I also live in S.FL, and go to Delray Mazda for all my service. I always deal with Mike Galahue. I can't beleive they could'nt find the problem with your brakes. Coincidendlly, i'm bringing my car there this week for a TSB on the brakes. Mine are clunking when i step on pedal first thing in the morning. After that they seem to be fine, no clunking,shaking,wobbling or any decreased feel. I'll see how they are fixing this item and let you know what happens. I have an 04 6S.
  • sepang6sepang6 Posts: 6
    I had the same problems. They replaced the entire brake booster. I also filed a Lemon Law suit against them. I have my court date in August. If you don't mind me asking what did you get (compensation). My Lawyers are requesting $5400.00
  • mobile1phmobile1ph Posts: 6
    I recenly put in some coolant into my car a couple weeks ago. I checked the coolant today and it turned orange. What could it be? is it rust? 2nd my oil on the dipstick is a little past the MAX mark..will it hurt my engine? and lastly i'm getting very low power in third gear..what could be the cause of that? I would appriciate any advise anyone can give me. My car has 15,000 miles on it only.

    Thanks a lot!
  • saurin666saurin666 Posts: 2
    Of course, after every factory rep visit, Delray Mazda was able to miraculously rectify the immediate problem. It seems that they are reluctant to perform a warranty issue unless they get a kick in the pants from Mazda. Anyway, as a result of their fixes, I did not get to turn the vehicle in for recompensation under the lemon law. These brake issues seem to be the kind that re-appear after 6 months on the road. What I need to do is find out from the AG if I can still pursue the lemon law claim even though it has been past the two year limit even though I am still having to deal with the problem. I now have my car into service at West Palm Auto Mall and can't wait to hear what they have to say about the brake problem.
    As for compensation, consider howmuch you have spent per month in payments, all of the repair costs you have incurred and see if their is a diff between what your are asking compared to what you get. And then ask how much the BBB is getting off the top. Get receipts!
  • I have a 2004 mazda 6 with the v-6 and 17-inch wheels. I too have had the same break problems. Actually I am taking my car in tonight to have the brakes looked at for the 3rd time. The first time I took it in they turned the front rotors. The second time I demanded they replace the front rotors. It should be intersting to see what they want to replace this time. My father has been an automotive tech for ford for 18 years and an automotive instructor for the last 17 year and he said the breaks are not heavy duty enough for the car. If I file a lemon law claim and recieve money I am going to install an aftermarket break system with bigger rotors and calipers. My fear is my car goes out of warranty in December.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    If I file a lemon law claim and recieve money I am going to install an aftermarket break system with bigger rotors and calipers. My fear is my car goes out of warranty in December.

    Check the lemon law in your state. Many states have the lemon law expire at 24,000 miles or so.

    Are you concerned about your car going out of warranty because of your brake issue? If so, your brake pads and rotors are not covered after 12,000 miles.

    I have a 2005 Mazda6i with 18,000 on it. No brake issues. Actually, no issues at all!
  • seth042280seth042280 Posts: 65
    the only thing I can think of . is possible mixing of coolants . I know it doesnt make orange but Green and Red could make a rusty color . that or its oil mixing with the coolant which would be very very bad .yes over filling your oil can be harmful . I am suprised you didnt get a CEL light . for the power loss there is actually a recall for this . Good luck
  • scottnjscottnj Posts: 6
    I've got a 2006 mazda6 and I popped the lumbar support bag or whatever it is that inflates just by leaning back to reach into my pocket! I don't really care cause I didn't use it anyway, but anyone have any clue how much that would cost to fix or would it be covered under warranty? Only got 11k miles on it.
  • ericzoomericzoom Posts: 213
    I brought my 6 in today to Delray Mazda for the previous brake issue of clunking in the AM, and they put new updated hardware clips holding the front pads. No more clunking and the pedal feels more solid than before. Great service from them. :)
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    should be covered under warranty.
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  • tsungtsung Posts: 2

    Just got my used 2004 Mazda 6, mileage 17k and having the noice (clunk ,squeak or squeal. whatever) when I release the brake slowly. It seems that a lot M6 owners have the same problem. Could anyone give me suggestions how to deal with this problem? Changing new rotor or new brake seems not working? and the warranty is expired for brake, do I have to pay if I want to change a new brake?

    Thanks for the help!
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