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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair



  • dannyrdannyr Posts: 12
    V6 but with the issues I've had I don't think it matters what engine I have. Since next year it appears Mazda is going back to making thier family sedans into big vanilla underpowered boats like the 626 days I don't really have a desire to own one again.
  • tenzoomtenzoom Posts: 1
    hey guys..I bought mazda 6 2004. the head light is not clear or poor. Do i need to change the light bulb or ? please suggest
  • fannin23fannin23 Posts: 1
    I hope someone here can help. I drove my mazda6 from columbus, OH. to St. Louis, MO. last night. Much of this drive was thru the rain. Towards the end of the trip we noticed the floor on the front passenger side was wet. When we would go around turns we were getting a swishing sound and water has been dripping underneath the passenger side dash board. All mazda dealerships service is closed until tuesday of course. In need to go back to Ohio on monday. I think I might have a clogged drain that has let rainwater get backed up into the dash. Does anyone know how to open this drain or have had the same problem? Any help is greatly appreciated. I looked thru past threads and saw someone has had this before but I never found the resolution of the problem here...
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Usually there is an A/C drain somewhere in that area on most cars...but does not sound like that is the problem if it only happened in rain.

    If you have a moon roof, I think there is a drain for that too...don't know how that is routed or anything...but that might be another possible source of the problem.

    I once had a Horizon with similar symptoms and it turned out it was the road spray from the wheel that was leaking in. Dealer fixed it on the second attempt. Maybe you could borrow or buy a shop vac for now and hope it doesn't rain too much on your way home.
  • tehighamtehigham Posts: 1
    My 2003 Mazda6 decided not to start today. I tested the battery with a voltmeter and it reads 12.7 volts (just fine). When I try to start the car, all of the meters start to flicker back and forth. The security mechanism light also flickers on and off. I tried the hazards and it made a loud buzzing sound. Has anyone experienced this? I have a manual 5 spd.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,564
    12.7 isn't a good reading.

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  • dannyrdannyr Posts: 12
    Sounds exactly like what my car was doing. As mentioned in my previous posts it seems to happen at indiscriminate times.

    last week i got stranded downtown during rush hour and was not looking forward to a tow, fortunately I got it started after 20 minutes and lots of swearing and made it home. I was going the next day into the dealer to get my serpentine belt and tensioner replaced and again brought this starting problem up. They didn't know what to do unless the problem was replicated there as the reading on the battery seemed fine and it was only a year old and they didn't want to guess with replacing stuff.

    Lo and behold in a moment that may be one of the greatest moments in my life the car wouldn't start as I was leaving the dealer. This never happens according to Murphy's law. Never been so happy to have my car not start. They brought it back in and then said that my battery had a bad cell or something. This will be my 3rd battery in my 4 year old car so either something's draining it prematurely or I have lousy luck with batteries and bad cells.

    On a side note, I found another rust spot the size of a dime along the top corner of the car. It appears they didn't seal the crease well enough between the front windshield and sheetmetal on the top. The adventure continues and just counting the days until it leaves my garage.
  • wak1wak1 Posts: 5
    i have just bought a new 6, black mica colour i have noticed a few minor scratches on it,i had the paint gaurd done but i was wondering is it a good idea to to apply a really good wax and polish maybe to try and cover these up and help protect it a bit more, can anyone suggest a really good wax and polish treatment.
  • wak1wak1 Posts: 5
    i am thinking of using meguiars full protection kit on my new 6 could anyone tell me if this is a good choice as i am really not up to date with polishes or waxes.
  • I am having the same problem on my 2004 Mazda 6i (4 cyl). I have owned the car for 9 months and it just started this wierd surging recently. I am looking for ideas on a fix as well.
  • I invested in the high end xeon bulbs at Advance Auto ($35 for a pair) and it made a world of difference. Factory bulbs were terrible. A little tricky to put in, but if you practice on the old ones before doing the new ones you will get it.
  • mazdaedmazdaed Posts: 7
    It looks like it'll cost ~ $500 to remove the wing spoiler from a '07 Mazda6 HB (includes repainting, etc.). Has anyone tried to substitute a lip spoiler or something like that on the deck lid ? It will probably be another brand since not all the holes are covered up by a Mazda lip spoiler.
  • Scott,

    I own an '04 M6S 5-door hatch with the 3.0 V6 and 5 speed manual, and have a couple of thoughts on the surging and high idle:

    (1) I've been told (though not researched it) that emission controls on the '04 V6 engine cause the high idle you described, particularly between shifts during hard acceleration This also might be the case on the '05.
    (2) You may know the 3.0 liter V6 used in the M6 is Ford-sourced (based on the Duratec V6) and utilizes a modified throttle body fuel injection system, which is not as precise at delivering fuel to the cylinders as a port-type fuel injection system. While I like my M6 a lot, one of my biggest complaints is the throttle control, which is poor at best, particularly for a vehicle with a manual transmission.

    I've owned my M6 for almost three years, and if my experience with the car is any indication, I think you're just going to have to live with the surging, high idle and imprecise throttle control.

    Good luck!
  • I took it in to the dealer, it is still under warranty. They replaced the throttle body, and both symptoms were cured.
  • My 2006 Mazda 6i, at 64 mph has a front end (right side) kind of buzzing noise, like a baffle or something vibrates against something. Nerve racking, stays at 64-70 mph. Anyone ever had this happen? Also front brake rotors are shot at 18K. Otherwise the finest driving mid-sized sedan one could ever own. If you've had this vibrating, buzzing noise, let us hear from you. Sounds like a baffle, plastic panel, something like that...
  • gregoryhgregoryh Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 mazda 6, the problem is with the A/C on the fan cycles on and off. The fan will come on and run for about 30-60 seconds and than turn off for only about 10-15 seconds. We had the A/C checked and it had a full charge. This car only have 42000 miles and you would thank it still under warranty but is not because I'm in the military and is station in Germany. Thanks for your help
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Which fan? The fan in the AC system that circulates air in the interior or the fan on the radiator?
  • Yes, we all need to know if it is the HVAC fan or coolant fan.
    I just bought a 2005 6S, and while being checked over after trade-in, some type of service bulletin was done regarding a fan control module. I saw this on a warranty report I got after buying it. I don't know which fan this was for.
    Perhaps yours needs this upgrade.
    I could look over the paperwork to try to figure out a number or title if you can't figure it out some other way.
  • gregoryhgregoryh Posts: 2
    The radiator fan
  • mz6greyghostmz6greyghost Posts: 1,230
    The radiator fan

    You are a likely candidate for the TSB on the Fan Control Module. Take it to the dealer, and have it replaced. It's a 10-minute job, and it shouldn't cost you a cent.
  • mazdaedmazdaed Posts: 7
    My brand new '07 Mazda 6i HB (touring) was just put in the shop at the dealer because of a strange scraping (high-pitch) noise when shifting from N to R with foot on brake. Less noise when shifting from D to N. This only happens after driving car for 5-10 min. Anyone else have this problem ?! It only has 300 miles on it !!!!!!!
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    My 07 6i Hatch GT has no unusual noises when shifting from D to N.
  • mazda6iguymazda6iguy Posts: 365
    Just wondering if anyone knows... there is a sticker on the front inside of the drivers door that says "HE5". Just wondered what that meant? It is on my 2003 Mazda 6i
  • mazdaedmazdaed Posts: 7
    The dealer said the idle arm was defective and is replacing it. (I'm not sure how this is related to the transmission noise though)
  • angelsfanangelsfan Posts: 7
    My girlfriend dropped an earring coincidently down the gap near the emergency brake. I didn't know if it was possible to remove the panel myself to get to it, or if I'd have to have the dealer do it. I also didn't know if it can fall out of the car from there too, or if it's safe stuck inside. Has anyone else had this happen and if so, what did they do?? I'm a little panicked... :(
  • Dealer diagnosed and repaired the noise. Turned out to be an exhaust shield. It needed to be repositioned. They replaced new rotors as well. All under warranty, now my 6i is perfect in every way. I am a used car dealer, but highly recommend Ontario Mazda, Canandaigua, NY for service. They simply are the best in the business. I will bring my 6i there for routine maintenance, and I have a shop I use for my own used cars. Pays to have a good dealer, these cars are usually great, but the noise bothered me, and is all fixed. Hats off to Ontario Mazda! :) :)
  • mazdaedmazdaed Posts: 7
    As they were fixing this in the shop, they also found the heat shield near the catalytic converter was loose and they had to replace it. That's 2 problems for a 2.5 week old car ! Is this normal ?
  • After a hard winter here in Colorado (more than seven feet of snow this season where I live), it's great driving around with the windows down again. But I've started noticing a slight "ching-ing" noise coming from the suspension and/or under carriage of my '04 M6 5-door - somewhat like a series of chain links clanking together. It most often occurs (or at least I notice it most) when driving over pavement expansion joints, through street gutters, etc (small bumps at speeds below approx. 30 mph). The noise is independent of the brakes (occurs whether the brake pedal is applied or not). Any thoughts? The local Mazda dealer didn't find anything amiss when I had the car in recently for the cooling fan control module recall. Thanks!
  • My heat shield was repaired at 18,000 miles on an '06 without incident. Just be thankful you have a dealer willing to repair a couple problems on a 2 1/2 week old car. Hopefully you won't find anything else wrong. Mazda cars are bulletproof when it comes to reliability, so count your blessings and drive your new car and enjoy it. Before my '06 6i, I had an '04 6i with 74,000 miles and a 5 speed, it ran like a Rolex until I sold it and bought this '06 used with 17,980 miles. Don't worry about "little" glitches which can be repaired. It's the overall build quality, handling, mpg, that REALLY makes your '07 superb. Drive it and enjoy ot,,,,little things happen even if you buy a Rolls-Royce!
  • amatusf21amatusf21 Posts: 2
    So last december my 03 6s started this shaking/stuttering thing between 40-60 mph. I took it into the dealership and made them update the software, though they said the problem i was feeling was "normal". Since this had never happened before, I didn't consider it normal. Now, after 6 months of this "normal" problem, it shakes in idle as well as every other gear while accelerating. You have to let up off the gas or hit it harder for it to stop, then next time you change speeds it starts again. And just recently upon hard acceleration, there is a belt screeching sound involved....has anyone else had issues close to this?
    I am taking it back in the shop friday to have the fan module replaced for the THIRD time (which i have to pay for since it was already replaced as a recall) and the car is no longer under warrenty so i'm terrified at what they are going to find when i have them check this again (and normal is not a finding). I am 5 1/2 mths preggie and need this car to stay reliable for me!!!
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