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Mazda6 Maintenance and Repair



  • Recently I have been having issues with my '04 Mazda6 not starting......I put the key in and the car turns over, but then completely cuts out. The lights and radio still work fine, but the car won't I try again and again, and finally get it to start. I am going to go get my battery checked to see if maybe that is the issue. Has anyone else experienced this? It does not make the clicking noises like some of the other posts and the needles do not go haywire either.....
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    It does not make the clicking noises like some of the other posts and the needles do not go haywire either.....

    That's because it's probably not the battery. The fact that it turns over indicates you have juice. Does the engine actually start and die or does the starter just abruptly stop turning without the engine ever starting?
  • I bought a 2006 Mazda 6 last year in October sometime and it's starting to have problems.

    First my key fobs only briefly worked...then they just went kaput. I've tried manually reprogramming them with no success so far.

    Then about a month or so ago my check engine light came on. Went and had it checked at AutoZone and it was a gas cap issue. Tightened it and all was well. Except when I went to fill up. Every time I fill up I have to rev the engine as I'm cranking or else it won't start...and even then it idles really rough until I'm able to get on the road and back up to speed. After that all is well until I have to fill up again.

    Then yesterday my check engine light came on again. I take it back to AutoZone after checking the gas cap and I get the same code again...I buy a replacement cap to see if that helps and I'll know in a few days.

    However my issues were EXACTLY what another poster described back in October:

    I a T...exactly what he said. Is this a common issue and what's the deal?
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    is it the V6 or the 4 cylinder?
  • I had the battery and the starter checked and the mechanic said both seem to be acts exactly as though the car is going to start---makes the initial start-up noises, etc, but then completely cuts out. I have spoken to a few mechanics and no one can give me an answer until it either happens there or if the car breaks down completely :confuse: If anyone has any info that might help, please let me know!
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    makes me think the fuel pump or the fuel line has some sort of problem.....
  • riswami1riswami1 Posts: 33
    I just played chicken with my fuel tank and lost. My low fuel light was indicating it was going on with around four gallons left in the tank. This has been pretty consistent. Yesterday I ran out of gas. AAA provided me a gallon and I drove 2.5 miles to a station. The car took 15.782 gallons.

    I tried to squeeze in more fuel verse my normal fill.I went past the first pump shut off and it did not want to take much more; shutting off pretty quickly. So how can Mazda list the car has an 18 gallon fuel tank is beyond me.Is anyone else out there run their tank down low and been able to squeeze 17 or more gallons in the tank?

    From what I can see this fuel system holds around 16.5 gallons.

    I'm actually glad I ran out of fuel; now I know what my car holds and it confirmed my low fuel light goes on with about two gallons left in the system. By the way I check my fuel mileage every tank and I should have had fuel in the tank based on getting two miles per gallon less verse what I have been actually getting.
  • Hi All-
    Appreciate any feedback you can give. Just dropped my '07 Mazda 6 Wagon off for service. I told the tech that I had been feeling vibration on braking from highway speeds. I bought it certified 11/07 with 1500 miles and put about 8400 miles on it since then to currently 9800

    1) The dealer just called me asking if I ever had the car towed. I said no
    2) Service Mgr called me back and said they found both CV Boots "punctured" and leaking grease onto the brakes
    3) They said Mazda wont cover this.
    4) I reviewed the history of the vehicle (bought certified from them in '07), garaged, baby it etc and swore never towed.
    5) He says he cant get his Mazda rep on the phone today- but that both Axles need to be replaced; they dont mess with just the boots.
    6) I told him unacceptable; he is checking with his operations manager and will call me back.

    Any thoughts appreciated. I barely drive this car as I travel alot. Its garaged or sitting in my driveway. It seems unusual that both boots would be punctured.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    First the CV Boots- It is quite unusual for the boots to be damaged at such low mileage. Road hazard or towing are the most likely cause for CV boot being torn at such a low mileage. What I'm wondering is how did the car arrive at the dealer before you purchased it? Was it transported and were J-hooks used to pull the car on to the trailer/flatbed/transporter or to secure the car during transportation?

    Damaged CV boots will not be covered by Mazda on a warranty submission so this is going to be a difficult situation to resolve.

    Now for the vibration- I expect that your rotors are warped. The rotors will need to be turned and the cost be covered under the warranty. You may need to make the case that the rotors being warped is due to defective rotors and not wear and tear.

    Good luck. Let us know the outcome.
  • Ok, here's the deal. The service manager called me back. We argued for about 30 minutes. I pleaded my case; low mileage. baby the vehicle, never towed. Here is the kicker; I asked the same question you posed; how did the vehicle arrive at your dealership? He could not answer it; but after agreeing that we need to come to a solution and that I put my faith in his dealership when I made the deal back in Nov as a certified vehicle; I recommended we come up with a plan and that he speak to sales and to his boss. He said he was going to speak to his "operations manager". He called me back again about an hour later and said they were going to cover new front axles, rotors and pads under warranty. That they dont mess with just the cv boots. The grease from the "punctured" cv boots ruined the pads and rotors. So, all in all it may turn out well. They seem to be doing everything possible to make this a win/win. It will be mon or tues before they get the parts. They gave me a loaner- I'll let you know how it turns out.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    It is nice to hear of a good resolution to your lousy situation. I'm sure if you had to cover the cost of the repairs you would have negative view of Mazda dealer if not Mazda.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008

    Mazda Customer service, imo, is very good. Bad customer service is one thing I have never experienced in my 9 years of Mazda ownership. Any problems, if you make a good enough case, will be taken care of.
  • I have a six cylinder automatic with 70K on the clock. No major problems up till now. It started OK but as I drove off it seemed to lose power but didnt quite shut off. It picked up again and now seems OK.
    I recollect similar stories on this board and solutions like changing battery didn't seem to fix the problem.
    Does anyone have a solution I can tell my service mechanic. Its difficult when this is an intermittent problem and would not happen when I take it in to the shop.
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    check the throttle body

    Some vehicles may experience a MIL illumination with DTC P2135 stored in memory.
    Customers having this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following repair procedure.

    1. Verify DTC P2135 is stored in memory.
    2. Open hood and locate throttle body.
    3. Inspect letters on throttle body as shown below.

    If letters "AA", "AB", or "BA" are found on the throttle body, proceed to Step 4.

    If letters "BB" is found on the throttle body, troubleshoot DTC according to the Workshop Manual.

    4. Record customer's preset radio stations.
    5. Disconnect negative battery cable.
    6. Replace throttle body according to Workshop Manual (section 01-13 []INTAKE AIR SYSTEM REMOVAL/INSTALLATION AJ).
    7. Reconnect negative battery cable.
    8. Erase DTC.
    9. Re-enter customer's preset radio stations.
    10. Verify repair.


    "BB" Marking = Good Part
  • Thanks for the swift reply. I will take this to Mazda Service.
    One question. Can you tell me what the "MIL illumination with DTC P2135 stored in memory" actually means?
  • chikoochikoo Posts: 3,008
    that means check engine light :shades:
  • I had the same isssue with our '06 with the V6 and 6-speed auto. The dealer I took it to replaced the transmission under questions asked. He simply had to call Mazda for approval. I spoke with the tech and he said "Oh yeah, we do about about one of these every month". This is in a city of about 60,000 population....indeed, this does not exactly fill me with confidence.
  • They also replaced my transmission under warranty. Apparently, the pre-February 2006s have this problem, the cause was corrected in later production of the transmission by AISIN (Toyota). This transmission is a new design that is also used in many different cars for most car companies. I haven't heard any other reports of failures.

    I do find the transmission clunky and inconsistent, apparently this is due to its programming by Mazda. Too bad, if the car was manual, I'd probably keep it till it dies.
  • I have an 06 Mazda 6 with 39,000 miles on it. Ever since I got it from time to time when I press the gas and try to accelerate, it kind of takes off slowly, then jumps before it gets up to speed. Now it has started to act like it doesn't want to move sometimes when I press the gas. I will be in the middle of driving, and then all of a sudden the car sounds like it is reving up but moving slow. Almost like it is stuck in neutral or something. It happened twice after getting off the highway when I tried to take off after slowing down for a stoplight. I took it to the Mazda dealership today, and they found nothing wrong with the transmission or engine. They said other Mazda owners have complained about the same thing. He explained to me that the computer in my engine needed to be recalibrated. This is what it says on my receipt..."reflash completed". Now I am still under warranty, so it cost nothing, but on the way home from the dealership it did the same thing it was doing before. I called the guy and he said I shouldn't worry because everything checked out on the diagnostic machine. Should I just let this go, or insist that they figure out what is wrong with the car? I guess if it dosen't do it anymore, I won't worry, but I am concerned about this becoming a common occurance since this happened twice in one week. I mean, what if I am on the highway, and it stops accelerating? That's scary! Anyone with advice or similar problems please advise. Thanks.
  • jkobty2jkobty2 Posts: 210
    I just bought the 2009 Mazda 6, I usually do the oil changes myself. I was looking at the engine compartment and the filter does not look like a standard filter. Is it one of those paper filters that has a metal housing? Can you only buy it from Mazda? Has anyone already changed the oil on their 2009 Mazda 6 with the 2.5L engine?
    Also I am planning to immediately switch it to synthetic oil with my first oil change.
  • The 2.3 liter engine in the previous model used a cartridge filter.There is a good chance this engine uses that type of filter also.
  • i just went onto NAPA Online. The 2.5 has the same filter as the 2.3. You have a cartridge filter. Pep Boys also carries filters for these engines.
  • b75b75 Posts: 4

    My father has a 2004 Mazda 6 wagon. When he puts the (manual) transmission in reverse, the reverse lights won't come on. He's tried the bulbs but they're fine and suspects the switch on the stick shift might be the problem. Any suggestions as to what the problem might be and how to fix it? My father's very handy and likes to fix things himself.

    I'd appreciate any help before he starts tearing his car apart!


  • slickdogslickdog Posts: 225
    The switch is probably mounted on the transaxle case, I haven't spotted mine during routine maintenance but it's probably buried. Shifter mounted switches are sort of old-school.
  • Newsoul,
    I too, have a Mazda 6 Tamura which only a year old and I`ve only owned it for two weeks and it appears to have very similar problems to yours. It`s fine when it`s cold, but as soon as it warms up, it`s difficult to move off in first gear smoothly as it will have a sudden jerk after a `flat spot` type symtom. Also, the engine sometimes goes into a `sleep type` mode when pressing the accelerator has no effect until you change gear and `wake it up`, so to speak.
    Have you had any replies to your article above as I would be very interested to hear them.
  • cac4cac4 Posts: 11
    Hello I searched and didnt see any questions with this problem. I have a 03' mazda 6 and for some reason the key will not open the door locks. The key is the main key and does open the trunk and starts the car. I checked the 2 door lock fuses and they are fine. The key fob works fine. I a not sure if I have to reprogram anything??
    Thanks for any help. :D
  • des5des5 Posts: 88
    '05 6i with 61K mi. When I start to move or come to a stop, there is a slight movement feel in the steering wheel as if its moving forward/back with the car motion. Not much movement, just enough to feel it. The service manager drove it and felt it, but can't say what's causing it. They said maybe the its the rack (probably would have replaced it if warranty hadn't run out). Anybody else experience this?
  • Looking to buy a 2004 Mazda6 with 120k miles. Asking price is 5,975. The mazda6 that he is selling should normally go for 8,500 dollars. Is this a safe buy or will the transmission die on me in the next year or so?. . .
  • JuSEJuSE Posts: 5
    Hi,...I have the same problems with my 2006 Mazda6. I see your post was put up quite some time ago but if you could give me any information you have gained that would be appreciated?..have the issues been resolved and what was done to fix the problems?
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