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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I qualify for a mazda6 at invoice because of the s-plan. If I buy a mazda I get invoice plus all incentives. Unfortunatley if I use this plan I am not allowed to "bargin". Is it possible to get mazda6's below invoice? I am willing to negotiate and don't need my car today.
  • lobelobe Posts: 10
    Amato Mazda in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I know they had one for sure, and I THINK they had two. 2006's. When I was looking at the Mazda6's, you see rows of cars. I saw the blue and got my hopes up as I walked down the row to the blue one and...let down (for me), an automatic! Awwww.

    As I recall, they were the S version with the automatic, and not loaded with any options, so that kept the price down. But I didn't look that close as I focused on manual transmission cars. I haven't been past there since I got my car a week ago.

    I don't know what the current rebate amounts are. I did use the mazda credit to get the $1000 off for using it. Interest rate was 8%. I was told I had to wait one month, and then I could pay it off in its entirety if I wanted, which I will do with a home equity loan at a lower rate.
  • lobelobe Posts: 10
    Are you talking about a 2006 model or 2007?

    I can tell you that when I was searching for a 2006 Mazda6, I could have received invoice price minus the $3500 rebates from several Mazda dealerships in Milwaukee and Chicago. Several dealerships had newspaper ads for that.

    As I posted, I got mine for $500 below invoice. And that was not with haggling, walking away, fighting, etc. I was asked what price I would pay to buy that day, stated that price, and they said ok. A very cordial transaction (actually all done by e-mail until going in to pay for the car and picking it up. Well, to get the loan to pay for the car and pick it up). I don't know what your experience would be in your part of the country. Or what the experience would be if you are talking about a 2007.

    I did suspect that there would be excellent deals on 2007's at some point this year since the 2008 Mazda6 will be substantially different. (I didn't care about that, so since I got a price that I was happy with, I went ahead and bought a 2006 this year).
  • Thanks for the information, I'll look into that dealership since I'm not horribly far from Wisconsin. Glad to hear it was relatively easy for you to negotiate with them, as I'll have to do it via email as well. only shows $500 MAC cash on 5-door/Sedan. You said it was $1000, am I missing something?
  • I am talking about a 2006. Why is it that they will sell below invoice? Isn't invoice what they paid for it? Also I only see 3000 in rebates not 3500, how did you come up with 3500? Thanks.
  • lobelobe Posts: 10
    I bought a week ago Monday, so that was September 18. At that time, there was $2500 "cash to customer". There was also $1000 "cash to customer" if Mazda Credit was used. I don't know exactly which models that applied to, but it applied to many Mazda6 models, including mine. So I got $3,500 "cash back"--so was instantly taken off on the contract. I don't know why they reduced it from $1000 to $500 for using Mazda credit, or when. On the edmunds website, it still says that $1000 is available until October 2 if using Mazda Credit. But maybe that needs to be updated.

    I don't believe invoice is what the dealer pays when all is said and done, as there is a "holdback" that they get. I thought I read that it was 3% for Mazdas, but I can't say for sure. So I don't know what the dealer's actual cost is.

    This has been a highly unusual month for me. I had not bought a NEW car since 1995. Since then, I had bought cars that were a couple of years old, and lower mileage. But I had been watching for over a year, and 2006 Honda Pilots were "on sale" recently. They had a $3000 "rebate" PLUS 2.9% financing. I found a model I wanted, and on labor day I went to a dealer and drove it. My wife liked it. Invoice was $25,300 after the $3000 off. I offered $25,000 and all I said was if they would sell it to me at that price, I would end my search and get it today, and if they couldn't, no problem, but I would head down to Chicago right then to see what I could do there. The salesman went to talk to the sales manager, came out literally 2 minutes later and said that was fine. Again, no haggling. No back and forth. No arguing.

    I am no "super negotiator". But I got a new 2006 Pilot for $300 under invoice plus 2.9% financing. I got the Mazda6 for $500 under invoice. Why would they do it? I don't know the car business well enough to answer that. There are others that post around here that probably can. All I can say is that I am not exaggerating numbers to say, "Hey, look at the deal I got! I'm awesome!" I haven't bought a new car in over a decade. But these are the actual, exact experiences I had this month.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I think the Mazda credit rebate was/is $1000 on s models and $500 on i models.
  • Thanks again Lobe and Jeffyscott. You guys have been very helpful. I'll call a dealer tmrw and ask about the mazda credit thing. I find most times when i call them, I seem to know more about their pricing than they do. Maybe they are just trying to play dumb to sucker me, who knows.
  • I'm in the Central Ohio area and also shopping for a 2006 Mazda6 (s model - V6). My dealer offered $2500 in rebates below invoice, plus another $1000.00 if I finance through MAC. He will also throw in leather interior and heated seats (outsourced to a local shop they work with). It's very tempting, but for 2007, I see Mazda has lowered the price and added features. One example (all other features being equal):

    2006 Mazda6s $23,570 MSRP
    AM/FM CD
    4yr/50,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty

    2007 Mazda6s Sport VE $22,685 ($885 difference)
    AM/FM in-dash 6 disc CD Changer
    Side Sill Extentions
    Dual Oval Exhaust Tip
    Smoke-tint Headlight Lenses
    Body Colored Grill
    3yr/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty

    It's really a tough choice to either jump now or wait until this time next year when the 2007 incentives are available. :(

    Good luck to those making an upcoming purchase, and congrats to those who ended the agonizing and made the leap! The Mazda6 is a great car! :)
  • lobelobe Posts: 10
    I did notice, also, that the pricing had changed on the 2007's, and seemed significantly lower for the same level. About $1000, it seemed like to me for the example you cited, which was the car I was looking at. Other comparative models seemed to have a little different amount of change. A little change in the length of the warranty, too.

    So I agonized as well. The 2007's are already about $1000 less. But maybe the incentives at the end of the year wouldn't be as much, and so maybe the total purchase price would be about the same. But maybe the incentives would have to be as large to move the 2007's since the 2008's will be a lot different. Lots of factors, and couldn't be sure.

    That is why I told them I wouldn't buy at invoice. If they wouldn't have gone $500 below invoice, I told them I would just take my chances then and wait until the end of the 2007 model year.

    At the end of it, I got a new 2006 Mazda6 S 6-cylinder for $17,800. If you consider what you get for that level of car, and compare it to the other cars available, and the cost of 1-2 year old used cars, and the average price of a new car sold in the U.S. today, I decided that is was a very nice deal and went for it.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Is there going to be one? Seems like EVERY Mazda dealer has several 06 speed6 cars sitting on the lot waiting for a buyer - and they are not moving well even with $3,500 in rebates and MAC money. I am tempted just becuase of the nice price, but would like to know the pricing and features of the 2007 speed6 - if there is to be one.

    I noticed the speed3 has "Rain sensitive wipers" while the speed6 does not. That could be one nice thing they could change for 07 - and who knows what else?

  • There will be a '07 MS6. The only changes I'm aware of are just the deletion of the Pearl White color and the white-on-black leather option, among other small details.

    Some dealers won't even acknowledge that there's an '07 model just yet, figuring it's a great way to get rid of their '06 models first. But yes, there's an '07, and it will be (temporarily) dropped when the redesigned 6 debuts in '08.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Thanks for the info.

    If it were not for that "FWD thing" I might just get a speed3. About the same HP and torque and is a 600lb (about) lighter car with tire pressure sensors and the rain sensing wipers. Stickers for less, but may sell for MORE than you would have to pay for a speed6 :confuse:

    You would think if they make speed3 so similar (and in some ways better) than the speed6 then they would improve the speed6 to keep it ahead - and maybe help sell more of them.

  • I was quoted $23,600 (after rebate and before T/T/L) for a 2007 M6 Grand Touring Sport Wagon, which seems like a pretty good price. Basically, it has all options except nav. What's the likelihood that I could get this price again in the next 3-8 month timeframe? I'm guessing that the $2500 rebate won't come around again until this time in 2007. Also, any opinions as to why the warranty length was reduced from the 2006 to 2007 model? Thanks in advance.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    You meant to say you got that quote on a 2006 car, right? The $2,500 rebate is on left over 2006 cars - not on the new 07 models.

    There are few option on the GTSW that amount to much other than the NAV system. Does it have remote start, auto dim mirror, etc? Those are all small change items in any case.

    Invoice on the car is $25,627 with nothing else, less the $2,500 rebate = $23,127. So with no options your quote is $473 over invoice. Does this include the dealer prep or doc fee? If so, then that is not too bad - if the are going to tack one on top of that price then I would ask for a better price (closer to invoice).

    The rebate runs out on Monday and may be dropped, renewed, or even increased. It appears there is an additional MAC finance rebate of $1,000 on top of the $2,500? I would probably get MAC financing and take the $1k more off, then if you don't get a nice rate just refinance the car through your bank or credit union after you get the car. As long as there is no early pay off penalty in the MAC contract this should be easy to do and save you more money.

    This now a "dutch auction" situation. There are xx cars available equipped like you want in the colors you like. If you hang on, the dealer will get a little more desperate to sell and Mazda may increase the rebates - but other shoppers are saying "heck, with $3,500 in rebates and car near invoice I think I will take one". So your gamble is will they still have any cars when/if the rebates get larger. $3,500 total is a lot of money, I would guess that it would not go much more - maybe $3k with no MAC tie in or something. But if they don't sell with the current deal, it will either be sweeten it or sit on the cars.

    And yes, if the dealers order too many 07 cars and they too don't sell then Mazda and MAC will likely have more rebates this time next year. They may not have has many loaded up or top in (like the one you are looking at) next year to sell since the pricier ones would tend to sell slower - I guess.

    The warranty changed from 48/50k bumper to bumper to 36/36k bumper to bumper + 60/60k powertrain. So 10 more months and 10k more miles powertrain but less full car coverage. My guess would be to make the warranty more in line with what other car makers are doing. Folks that think they will stay in the car longer will appreciate the longer powertrain and those that trade cars a lot will not care one way or the other.

    If this is the car you like, I don't think it will get much better so you might want to hammer the price down a little more then go ahead and get it while you can. Check out the MAC money to save another $1k as well.

    The changes from 06 to 07 are supposed to be:

    Enhancements to the 2007 MAZDA 6 include:

    Auto dimming inner mirror and Homelink standard on Grand Touring
    New trim grade structure
    Added standard content that includes Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Traction Control and Side Air Bags with Side Curtains on all models and trims
    Two new exterior colors – Smokestone (sedan and wagon only) and Violet Gray

    But I think the 06 GTSW has ABS, TCS, and SAB/SAC - right? The mirror can be added for a couple hundred bucks by the dealer.

  • Thanks, Dennis.

    According to the "inventory search" on the MazdaUSA site, this is a 2007. Also, the VIN is for a 2007 car and the printed "window sticker" also says it's a 2007 but I haven't seen the car in person yet to confirm that. I'm assuming that the dealer rep knows what models he has in stock so I was surprised that the rebate apparently applied to a 2007 (this is the only 2007 M6SW they have versus 4 2006s).

    I'm trying to avoid haggling in person as much as possible so I've only been emailing so far. The emailed quote said that it includes everything except "governmental fees" so I'm assuming/hoping that it covers all dealer fees. I'll confirm that by email or when I go in to see the vehicle. Interestingly, the dealer rep said that the rebate is nullified if I choose to finance via Mazda since I had read that the rebate and financing discounts could be "stacked".

    I misquoted in my original post and the quote price was $23,800 instead of $23,600. It still seems like a lot of car for the money. If the gas mileage was a little bit higher I'd be a little less hesitant about going forward.
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    If the MazdaUSA search shows the VIN and it is an 07 VIN then it should be an 07 car. Neither the MazdaUSA web page nor Edmunds incentives nor any other page I could find shows ANY rebate on an 07 mazda6. Who told you that this applied to this car? The salesman? I bet when it all shakes out if you tried to buy this car you would find there is no rebate on it.

    I heard a tale of someone who was sold a car, signed the rebate forms (assigning them to the dealer) only to have the dealer call them back in a few days asking for more money - seems the rebate was not on the car they purchased so they were being asked to make up the difference in cash.

    They have the heavy incentive on the 06 cars to move them out - now that 07s are arriving or are on the lot. I can think of NO reason for them to put the same big rebate on the 07 when they have 06 cars sitting unsold.

    Double check with the dealer or better still call MazdaUSA - I don't think this 07 car you are looking at has a rebate on it now - and may not until a LONG time off.

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Just out of curiosity, do you know how that case worked out where the dealer made a mistake in applying rebate?
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    IIRC he took the car back and unwound the deal - with the dealer protesting the whole time. In any case, it was a big mess. It was a deal like this, the rebate applied to a different model year car than was purchased so the car company told the dealer "sorry" when they tried to get it. At lease the buyer was not planning on having the money sent to him, then he would have been stuck with the car.

    On the "assign rebate to dealer" form there may or may not be some wording to cover this so what happens if it is not honored may be subject to what that says. In this case, the dealer told the buyer that he qualified for the rebate had him sign the form assigning it to the dealer and deducted that from the price of the car. I think it would be different if you claim to be a recent college grad (for example) and then they later found out you were not and withheld the rebate for that. The dealer should have known what was valid and what was not.

    For all I know there is some secret rebate on 07 Mazdas that is not listed anywhere - but I seriously doubt it. This is September, soon to be October, of the new model year. Way too early to panic and stick money on a new model. For sure a dumb move to offer the same or similar money as they have on the left over 06 cars.

  • Lobe,

    Our thinking was the same with regards to comparing the pros and cons of the 2006 to 2007 models. In the end, I thought the 2006 model was the way to go, and so bought one today. Silver, Mazda6s, V6, 5-speed. It's the only V6 5-speed in central Ohio, and it's exactly as I wanted. My dealer sold it at invoice, minus $3500.00 rebate ($1000.00 of that was because I financed through MAC). It has cloth seats, but I take it in later this week to have two-tone leather and heated front seats added at no cost. The 2006 Mazda6 has got to be one of the best deals going right now. :)
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    Congrats on the new car!

    How good (or bad) was the MAC rate? What folks were doing last year on RX-8s was taking the MAC money and then re-financing right off with their bank or credit union. At that time the MAC rates were not very competitive....

  • Dennis,

    Thanks. The MAC rate was terrible - 7.99%. Yeah, I'm going to refinance in a few months.

  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    One more question - any wording in the MAC contract to prevent you from doing the refi right away? Last year some folks were told they have to keep it under MAC for 3-4 months, others paid it off with the first payment (with no blow back from MAC about it).

  • Sounds like the car I am looking for. What was the final out the door price if you do not mind me asking. Thanks
  • That seems like a great deal. What part of the country was that? Any idea what the "value" of those seats is?
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    You can pay it off anytime...but if you do so within 3 months the dealer is charged back..the loan police won't show up at your house but you won't have any friends left at the dealership.

    I don't know about your dealer..but we will re-fi any qualified customer thru one of our banks or credit unions at no charge.
  • Audia8q,

    Thanks for clearing that up -- that's exactly what I thought, but wasn't sure. What if I make my first monthly payment plus two up-front payments to MAC in, say, the first month, then refinance? Does that keep my friends at the dealership? Or is there something necessary about waiting three months?

    The selling price for the 6 was $18508.00, before taxes and fees, and not including my trade-in. Basically, the selling price. My dealership treated me really well, probably becuase I had just bought a 2006 MPV for my wife 13 days before buying the 6. :) I was definitely his best customer of the month.

    Let me tell you, driving this car, I can tell you it was a steal.
  • lobelobe Posts: 10
    Hi Bob,

    From me also, congratulations on the new car!

    Yes, I agree that what level car you get for the price right now, it falls into the "steal" category. The way I define it, it you get a good price it is a "deal". If you get a great price, it is a "steal".

    I just got the absolutely plain "S" version, manual v-6. As I recall, the invoice on it was $18,308 after the $3,500 off. I offered $17,800 and they accepted. Then it was just tax, title, and license on top of that. No other fees. So $508 below invoice.

    I don't know the value of the leather seats, but I would imagine it would come in at more than $508, so you got an exceptional deal also.

    I am fine with the cloth seats, but would prefer the leather.

    The finance guy said that I could pay off the Mazda credit loan after one month (essentially the time it takes to have the first payment come due), with no effect on the $1000. I think I will contact the dealer, though, and see if he indeed has to eat the $1000 if I pay it off before 3 months. Because if Mazda would do that to him, seriously, I will just wait the 3 or 4 months or whatever. It won't cost me THAT much, and goodness, let the guy make a little money. Yes, my Mazda loan was 8% as well.

    I haven't heard. Did Mazda extend the deals on the remaining 2006 Mazda6's?

    I have only driven it about 400 miles so far. I really like it. I got 24.6 miles per gallon with 330 of the miles being city driving, so I am very pleased with that. I haven't been putting the foot into it, though.
  • Lobe,

    Sounds like we both got good deals. Our cars are identical -- well, until later today, when the leather and heated seats will be installed on my ride :D I think they sell the leather package for $1200,00 - don't know their cost though.

    Yeah, I don't want that $1000.00 to come back to them either. But the lowest interest rate I can refinance at is through my Credit Union, and the catch 22 is that, after 90 days, the car will no longer be considered new, and so I will get their used car rate, which isn't as good. So I'm hoping that making up-front payments to MAC will satisfy them and prevent the charge-back.

    24.6 - that's excellent! Hope to see the same, I've also been babying it. It's enough to know the power is there when I need it. :D
  • dwynnedwynne Posts: 4,018
    The new incentives have not been posted on the Mazda web page yet - they still have the ones that ran out on Monday.

    I agree that you don't want to hose the dealer, but as you said a "refinance" rate can be a lot higher than the new car rate and if you can get the new rate now then it would save you a lot of money. It seems like MAC brings this on themselves, if they would offer a fairly competitive rate to folks with good credit (the ones that will refinance when they get a bad rate) then folks would not do this. I can understand a high rate for weak credit, but when you qualify for a prime rate and they give you the bad rate - not much choice but to re-do the loan (after taking their money).

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