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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,909
    So, the Accord IS listed on the Ford Partner plan? :confuse:
  • Go to this Website..This is the Mazda Users Group..You can get a PIN for the Mazda S-Plan for Free..I used it already.
  • Does the vehicle have Nav and Bose/Moonroof? I got a 6 S GT fully loaded for $29,200 in November. Basically, it was $1,000 below invoice, and I also got 0% for 3 years. If you use the S-plan and get the pin # through methods mentioned on this site, you should be able to get 2% below invoice. That's pretty close to what I negotiated without using the S-Plan. Although, when I mentioned S-Plan at several local dealers, I was told it was just invoice price. At the time, I did not have a pin, so I did not pursue it.
    Good luck, the new 6 is a great car!
  • Thanks, Bose and Moonroof, no Nav.
  • skywebskyweb Posts: 2
    Went to Jeff Haas Mazda, Houston, TX on Dec 30 to buy a Mazda 6 i Grand Touring AT. I made it clear to the salesman I wanted the 0% incentive and he said that was fine, on approved credit. Offered 24,400 but they countered 24680. We negociated a deal for $24,500 0% incentive, no down, no payments for 90 days. MSRP was 26680, TVM was 26204, and INV was 24514. They asked me to sign the offer which stated "will buy today 24,500" which I did.

    I went prepared, read several articles on Turns out they tried to pull a couple of tricks. The finance manager said it was sent it to financing with standard APR, no incentive. He told me I'd pay 9.9% APR. That's about $4200 in interest payments. I informed him 0% was included in the negociated deal and he denied this. They told me my credit was bad and I'd have to pay more. This reminded me of one of the tricks I read about on They say I was getting an incentive of $1000 instead of the 0%. They offered to remove the incentive, split the difference, give me the 0% if I paid $500 more. They even showed me the statement I signed. "will buy today 24,500" they added "std. APR" and told me it was there when I signed it.

    I told them they were playing tricks on me and that I was leaving. Went to another dealer the next day and bought a Mazda6.
  • skywebskyweb Posts: 2
    thanks to Joe Myers Mazda Houston, TX!
    I took on the task of shopping for a new car in Dec after a total loss accident. I was overwhelmed with all the choices out there. Camry, Sonata, Accord, Malibu, Altima all with similar prices. I visited about 20 dealerships and really studied the market to avoid getting the wrong car or paying too much.

    Purchased a 2009 Mazda6 i Touring AT with Conv Package on Dec 31 2008. The MSRP was 24885, INV 22853, and TMV 24594. My first offer of 2,250 below invoice, 22635*, was accepted. No sunroof.

    * They wrote the deal up at 22,335 + 299 for 1 yr. paintless dent/ding repair. I didn't want this service, but its cost was built in free. What I didn't know that day is that you can cancel this within 30 days and get your $299 back! The ding repair doesn't include collision damage. It is limited to 4" or less of painted surfaces damage, doesn't include: paint repair, chrome, glass, areas with lines or curves, nor areas with reinforcement behind the body panels. Huh? That's the whole car.

    Sent in the cancellation for ding repair today and this will reduce my purchase price to $2550 below MSRP and they included the 0%, 0 down, 0 payments for 90 days.

    I believe it helps to make an offer on a vehicle on the last day of the month.

    I think the leather trimmed cloth seats look great. It gets hot here in Houston and the cloth seating area should be a plus. The DSC, Blind Spot Monitor, auto Rain Sensor, push button start, no touch keyless entry are all features that blow away the Camry.

    The sliding armrest is funtional and comfortable to use. The leather wrapped steering wheel had a good feel.

    At night the instrument panel and center console lighting transform the car with a futuristic look. If you are thinking of buying a Mazda6 you must test drive this car at night.

    Bluetooth was easy to pair with my phone. Controls are on the wheel. The system is voice responsive and it works great even though I haven't done the voice training.

    I was looking for a car with a futuristic style and found the Mazda6.
  • Thanks. I got it bookmarked.
  • where do I look in the website? Thank you!
  • I've gotten a quote on a 2009 M6 iTouring, black cherry with beige, conv., bose/moonroof, MSRP $26645, was a demo and has 1600 miles on it. I am a current Mazda owner, so the below price does include the loyalty bonus, but not the low APR. The price quoted is $21,561 + $270 doc fee + TTL.

    That appears to be $100 below invoice, then minus $2500 in rebates/incentives (including loyalty).

    Should I jump on it, or can I do better?
  • SeegarzSeegarz Posts: 11
    This may be a little late... but i've been recently shopping around for the new Mazda6i Touring, AT and just got an internet quote for $21,613 which incl all dest. chgs and handling fees from dealer near San Marcos, CA. still searching for one with the Conv Pack and hoping to spend no more than $22400. any thoughts?
  • tamzabtamzab Posts: 4
    Im looking for the base 09 Mazda 6. I'm getting the car under the S plan.

    Went to Maple Shade Mazda in Turnersville, NJ

    The dealer info doesnt add up to me. The invoice I got off of Edmunds said $17,601 plus destination charge. The salesman said that Edmunds was innacurate and the invoice was $19,739. He said the $19,739 included $670 destination fee, a $253 Philadelphia assessment fee (he said all Mazda's have this, its an advertisement fee, I have never heard of it) and a $87 level 2 emission fee (He said NJ requires it... idk). That is $2,138 more than the invoice... That soulds way off to me.

    The S-plan is usually the invoice and a 2% discount right? maybe I got the wrong info.

    Here's the numbers he gave me

    MSRP: 21,020 (Edmunds said it was $18,550)
    Invoice including the fees, $19,739 (thats what he said is the lowest he could go) Edmunds said $17,601
    Cap reducation of 903.00 (I dont know what that is...)
    Term: 36 months
    Money factor: .0002300
    Cash Due: $1600 (that includes $750 of my money, the 1st month payment, and $850 lease support from Mazda) But now that I just added it.... that doesnt make sense.. It would have to be $1,893.41

    Monthly payment 293.41, that does not include gap insurance

    He said Taxes are $762.28 , we are 7% in NJ
    The it says fees/Lessor $403.30 - he said that was the tags.

    Am I getting ripped off or is he actually right? I just dont understand how he can say Edmunds is wrong.
  • I just received (1/10/09) an email from Maple Shade Mazda, maybe it will help with your negotiations. Here it is:

    "All New 2009 Mazda 6 Special Supplier Pricing -- You Pay What We Pay!
    Maple Shade Mazda is, for a limited time only, offering NO HASSLE, NO HAGGLE, Special Supplier Pricing - PLUS - $1,000 Current Mazda Owner Loyalty Incentive.
    Your $1,000 Loyalty cash can be combined with 0% APR financing or a Fantastic Lease Option."

    I paid $1,000 under invoice w/0% back in November. I was not a Mazda owner at the time. I used Edmund's site for invoice pricing and added the francise fee to it. Other dealerships in and around Philly also had the fee. I also added the emissions fee provided on Edmunds. I had a good experience at the dealership and can recommend you include them on your dealership list. Good luck, it's a great car!
  • tamzabtamzab Posts: 4
    Thanks musicman!

    Was the 1,000 under invoice the OTD price. They said they can not budge under invoice plus the fees.

    you can email me at

    Im supposed to go look at it again tonight... but I heard people get the S-plan at invoice -2% and Im over that for sure....

    Did you use the S-plan?
  • My neighbor is Manager of Naperville Mazda in IL..
    I just factory ordered a 09 Mazda6 iGT w/All Accessories from him to be delivered the last week of March.
    I did S-Plan...S-Plan is at Invoice plus Destination ($670.00), Plus a Regional Fee (IL Fee is $336.00)=S-Plan Price..You do not get 2% under...You could get Dealer Cash, which I am getting ($500-$1000) and an S-Plan Rebate (You will know the Rebate $$ (If there is one), when they put your S-Plan Pin in.
    You also can get Public Rebates and any Special Financing.
    They have to show you the invoice, which shows S-Plan Price.
    Hope this helps!!!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    You do not get 2% under...You could get Dealer Cash, which I am getting ($500-$1000)

    If there is $500 to $1000 per unit in dealer cash, then 2% (or more) under invoice would certainly seem possible.
  • tamzabtamzab Posts: 4
    How do I know if dealer cash is available? is it certain dealerships or does it depend on the car?
  • You need to ask..Mazda usually gives Dealer Cash every month..
    It is Mfg to Dealer Incentives..I know in Dec., I could have received 1000 Bucks.
    So, when my car comes in, I have to see what the Dealer Cash is for that month.
  • Please forgive me if these questions have been answered, but I appreciate any help that I get. I currently have my S Plan Pin in hand and prepared to go to the dealer.

    I used the S Plan when I purchased my 2005 3 s as well. But from all my research the invoice on the 6i sport is 18729 +670 destination. Now would the S plan price be 2% lower that the invoice price. Since I currently own a 2005 Mazda3, do I still Qualify for the incentives, I had gotten an email stating $1000 loyalty and $1000 cash back.

    With that being said does that make my price around $17000?

    If this is the case it would be helpful with my trade, unfort. I have negative equity based on the trade ($4000) and what I owe ($8000), I know it is not always wise to incorporate into new car, but I drive many highway miles.

    Again, I appreciate any help that anyone can provide, I had issues with Wayne Mazda when I bought my 3, do I need to use the same dealer for the Loyalty etc.

    Thanks so much.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    How do I know if dealer cash is available?

    Generally you don't or you don't know all the mfr to dealer incentives. Edmunds reports sometimes shows dealer cash in the same place where they show current rebates. I was just responding to a post that claimed dealer cash was available.

    When I bought the previous version for about $1000 under invoice, I was told of an incentive from Mazda to the dealer that had enabled that, when I asked how they were able to meet my price. The dealer had advertised a base model at well below invoice, I asked for and got the same discount on a higher trim level.
  • The person is lying re:"its an advertisement fee"" Go to another dealer.
  • On a demo, you should be able to do better.
  • The Advertising or Assesment Fee is Printed on the Invoice..In Chicago it is $336.00..This is right from Mazda..There also is a $500.00 S-Plan Ony Rebate in this Area
  • Dealer is still making quite a bit of money. There are dealer hold back $$$'s on every car and on the Mazda6 they are about 560.00/car. plus dealer incentives for volume, making their quota's ect. hence invoice price being a great deal is a myth.

    Dealers have to make money (of course!) to make a good profit and employ/pay w decent wages (if they want to retain employees).
  • Re: "My first offer of 2,250 below invoice, 22635*, was accepted. No sunroof."" Wow! great deal and if they accepted, maybe there was more wiggle room re: $$'s
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    from all my research the invoice on the 6i sport is 18729 +670 destination.

    Don't forget to add the "regional assessment" to that. Edmunds does not track the regional advertising fees because they differ from region to region. The regional assessment is charged to the dealer, and is not built in profit. Edmunds also explains that as well.

    Now would the S plan price be 2% lower that the invoice price

    No. S-Plan enables you to purchase the vehicle at the no haggle price of what ever the invoice price is.

    Since I currently own a 2005 Mazda3, do I still Qualify for the incentives, I had gotten an email stating $1000 loyalty and $1000 cash back.

    You do qualify for the $1,000 owner loyalty rebate since you own a Mazda, as well as wither taking the $1,000 Dealer Engagement Cash or Mazda's special financing. You cannot combine the Dealer Engagement and special financing.

    Currently, Mazda is offering "S-Plan" to all current Mazda owners on the 2009 Mazda6 combined with the $1,000 owner loyalty. They go together. You cannot negotiate with the dealer, and then add the owner loyalty to the price. It's either you use the $1,000 owner loyalty and buy the car for the "S-Plan" price, or you cannot use the rebate, and you negotiate your own price with the dealer. You are better off just taking advantage of Mazda's owner loyalty + S-Plan and then applying the public offer that works for you (special fi or dealer engagement)

    I had issues with Wayne Mazda when I bought my 3, do I need to use the same dealer for the Loyalty etc.

    No. Buy the Mazda6 where ever you want. There are a load of dealers in Jersey.
  • They did offer to do better, but I didn't pursue it - decided I'd rather have an i Grand Touring, but will be waiting a few months until my employment contract is renewed. On the iGT, they offered S plan (invoice) less $2500 (no special financing, owner loyalty), and wouldn't budge from that.
  • Just purchased new Mazda 6 i Grand Touring auto 4 cyl with Moonroof/Bose package (no nav). Didn't like local dealer. Went there first and told them what I wanted and since they didn't have it, the Sales Manager told me to check it out at other dealers and price it there and then come back. How stupid was that? I listened to them and checked nearby dealers online, then drove 46 miles to next state of Maryland and purchased the car for $25,233 plus tax (over $1000 under invoice). I didn't get a loyalty reduction since I hadn't owned a Mazda since 1998. This price included dealer prep and temp tag but not registration which I will do myself. They were really super. Not only were they nice people but the sales lady picked up the car at another dealer and then had it delivered it to my house the next day. I am thinking about having them install an exact duplicate after-market rear wing spoiler. Any problem with that?
  • SeegarzSeegarz Posts: 11
    Just bought a Mazda6 i Touring with Convenience Package $1895 below MSRP. I used the Costco buying program and paid $55 doc fee, $233 license fee, tax $1793, transportation $670, and San Diego assessment for $150 for an OTD $25,209. Hoping i didn't pay too much. :)
  • igozoomzoomigozoomzoom Waleska, GeorgiaPosts: 801
    That looks like a fair deal according to the few sources I checked. What exterior and interior color did you get? Automatic or manual?

    I'm planning to get a new Mazda6 s Touring in the next 3-4 months. I really like the cloth/leather combo interior on the Touring with Conv. Pkg. My only complaint is that they aren't heated....only the Grand Touring with all leather has those.
    2015.5 Volvo S60 T6 Drive-E Platinum, 2012 Mazda CX-9 GT
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