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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    Avidboy, just visited the MazdaUSA site and saw nothing about $2000 rebate for the Grand Touring model. Did see 0% for 36 plus $1500 which is a pretty good deal in itself but nothing about $2000 with no financing. Is that a regional thing, I'm in the midwest?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I actually asked the dealer about that, he said that if we took the $1500 rebate + the 5 year 2.9% financing rate, then the dealer does not get the 2000 dealer cash from the manufacturer.

    Yes, that is often the way it would work. I know on the Mazda3 recently there was $1000 or $1500 dealer cash, if the 0% 36 month financing was not taken. So the reality is that you chose the discount financing over the $2000, you could have paid $2000 less and financed at the market rate of maybe 6%.

    I don't remember exactly what you paid, but suppose you had a choice of $25,000 and 2.9% or 23,000 and 6%, in either case your monthly payment would be about the same ($448 vs $444). So the reality is you paid $2000 less than the indicated cash price, because had they not subsidized your loan rate, your monthy payment would reflect a price of $23,000, not $25,000.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I'm in the North East. It might be a regional thing. will not disclose the optional dealer engagement cash if you opt not to take the special financing. You can only find out from your dealer.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    If you opt for the $1,500 dealer engagement on sv, sport and touring models ($2,000 on GT models), you cannot get the special financing

    I guess I'm a little confused. Are you saying that besides the $1500 national customer rebate and the $1000 Mazda owner cash that there is an additional $2000 in "dealer engagement" on the GT models if paying cash for the vehicle? That would indicate to me that I could get $4500 possibly off from invoice which would be quite a deal. Please correct me if I'm wrong as I'm not to familiar with the term "dealer engagement" other than I think it means it is a rebate to the dealer from Mazda USA.
  • ctl1ctl1 Posts: 18
    I just purchased my 2009 Mazda6i Grand Touring/w the moonroof/Bose package using the Edmunds quote service at the end of May. Two of the 5 dealers quoted a price of $24,147 (list price $28,240). After exchanging a series of emails, I went to the closest one, test drove it and bought it on the spot. I also had a $500 Preferred Buyers coupon, which was deducted after TT&L were calculated, for an OTD cost of $25,363. I ended up financing the purchase through my own bank since they were able to significantly beat the rate the dealer could offer. All in all, working through the internet rep at the dealer was the easiest car buying experience I've had.

    I did inquire as to whether the quotes included the Mazda low APR interest rates/$1000 customer cash offer and all 5 dealers said no they would have to raise the price $1000 to use it. Three of them also told me that the $2000 manufacturer to dealer cash incentive was included in the quote but I could only use this or the Mazda financing offer, not both. It also matters where you live. I'm in Texas where Mazda was only offering $1000 customer cash back with their financing offers. From some of the prior messages, $1500 appears to be available in the right areas of the country. Nevertheless, I am happy with my purchase and am enjoying my new car!
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    $1000 customer cash, $2000 manufacturer to dealer cash, $500 preffered cash is $3500 in rebates/cash. So in effect they gave you less than $600 off MSRP.....I think you should have gotten at least another $1000 off to classify as a good deal. People can usually buy at or less than invoice in todays market without any rebates or manufacturer cash, etc. Maybe they really drive a hard bargain in Texas but IMO you could have done a lot better. Maybe something to consider for next time.
  • waterbuck1waterbuck1 Posts: 11
    I'm talking with a dealer in Alabama that has appraised my trade-in (a 1994 Nissan Altima in "fair" condition, i.e. low miles but looks like crap) at $800.

    Taking my trade, they are offering an OTD price of $23,282 on a Mazda6 iTouring with Automatic Transmission, Convenience Package, All-weather floor mats (quoted at $80), and Electrochromic mirror ($385).

    I don't have their write up of specific costs in hand, but I think they likely would break it down as roughly this:

    Vehicle price roughly $23k
    Taxes, fees and registration: $1100

    My tradein: -$800
    Final price OTD: $23.3k

    Is this a good deal? How aggressively should I seek a reduction? shows that my region definitely is running $1500 to $2000 higher than the national average. For my region the Trueprice suggests that $22.8k is a "great price", and my guesstimate is that there is roughly a 23k price on the car they are trying to sell me.

    Finally, I have one "ace" which is that I will receive a $500 Mazda preferred buyer coupon in the mail (don't have it yet, and I have not introduced it into the negotiation).

    If I think I want this car, how hard should I try to nudge the price down, PRIOR to showing them that $500 coupon?

    Is it considered totally improper to settle on a final negotiated price and then just "spring" the Mazda Preferred Coupon on them as a last-minute surprise? If someone knows the protocol of this stuff, let me know.

  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I don't think the coupon should matter at all to the dealer, I would assume that this would just mean they get $500 from Mazda and you pay $500 less than you otherwise would.
  • loukinglouking Posts: 28
    The 2009 Mazda 6 i Grand Touring I purchased is white with beige leather seats. The seat belts are black ! Nice car but why did they do that ?
    I cant stop noticing it now. It looks really goofy !
  • la4meadla4mead Posts: 347
    I think the lighter upholstery looks really cool :shades: (and it stays cooler in the sun) as well as functional, and I don't mind the black safety belts a bit.

    I'm sure they did that to save production costs. But lightly colored belts tend to get grimy looking, and the black tends to look new longer.

    I think you'll like the way the belts break up the look a little more as you enjoy the car more and it ages.

    Plus, if that's the thing you had to "settle" for, your GT must rock! Congrats on the new car.
  • waterbuck1waterbuck1 Posts: 11
    I'm looking in Alabama and have an offer for an iTouring Automatic with Convenience Package, plus self-dimming rear view mirror and floor mats for 23.3k.

    This is in the "good price' range from for my area.

    Do you think I can get them to go much lower?
  • loukinglouking Posts: 28

    Yes . . . you can do better on the price. I got an i-GT with moonroof/bose pkg. for $23100.
    You hold all the cards.
  • waterbuck1waterbuck1 Posts: 11
    Hi Lou-
    Did your i-GT have the Convenience Package and the Moonroof/Bose pkg? Also, can you give a sense of what State or region of the country you are in. On, I seem to be in a bit more pricey area.
  • dulla1031dulla1031 Posts: 3
    Hey Water-

    Check the feature comparison page on the M6 website. The Grand Touring does not have a Convenience Package. It has most, if not all of the features of the Convenience package already by default, hence making it a Grand Touring.

    The Convenience Package is available on the I Touring models. However, Moonroof/Bose is an option package available to both trim levels.....Navigation is only available on Grand Touring.....At least this is true in the Northeast.

    My last quote on an I Touring with Convenience and Moon/Bose Packages was $21,800 before TT/Reg fees. quoted price on a Grand Touring with Moon/Bose was $23,200. Hope this helps.
  • nmnewm6nmnewm6 Posts: 3
    Just bought a Mazda6 S Grand Touring with Bose/Moonroof + Navigation. MSRP $32790 . Was offered $26,500 and used preferred card for $26000 + TTL. . Unless I am missing something, I think I got a decent deal, but would love to hear what others think.
  • rayrockemrayrockem Posts: 3
    great deal jeffy and yea thats right about $200 of invoice however you also have to take in to account hold back so you factor in another 450 -560 but thats not to say thats not a good deal you have to also remember the dealer has to keep the lights on and the service lane open for you to change your oil when you come back so dont feel bad or anything
  • rayrockemrayrockem Posts: 3
    you definetly did that is below invoice and below hold back not even employee priceing would get you that low. did you own a mazda already? all things aside great deal dude the dealer must have been desperate
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    It would be nice if you shared what dealer and where located and if you got the current Mazda owner discount. Tks.
  • nmnewm6nmnewm6 Posts: 3
    Dealer definitely was motivated more than others. They had very few cars remaining as they are moving to a new location in a couple of months. Strangely, they said they are not getting more cars until they move . Figured at first they are shutting down but I saw the sign and the construction on the new building going up. I had to sign up with their bank financing which I will shortly move over to my own. Although their bank rate was actually decent.

    I wish I had a Mazda before.. I would have saved an extra $1000.. :-)
  • nmnewm6nmnewm6 Posts: 3
    Did not get current Mazda owner discount. It was Puente Hills Mazda in CA. Went through internet sales dept and negotiated via email and phone. The associate I spoke with was very cool and the transaction was pretty easy. I was prepared for dealer bait and switch but they stood behind their offer.

    They have very limited stock left from what I could tell although I did see at least one more Mazda6 in the showroom.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    Tks. That is a very good price you got, in fact it is the lowest I've seen. You got a great deal. Enjoy your new wheels!
  • I can confirm nmnewm6's figures as they are close to the quote I accepted for my Sangria Red Mazda 6s GT w/ Bose/Sunroof package:

    Cash Price: 26264.00
    CA Sales Tax: 2441.91
    Doc Prep: 55.00
    DMV License Fee: 302.00
    CA Tire Fee: 8.75

    Dealer offered a decent (not wonderful) price for my trade-in (an 11 year old Honda Accord 4 cylinder w/ 5MT that needs a new CAT) and my wife and I accepted the deal after talking it over for about 10 minutes.

    Unfortunately I didn't qualify for the loyalty bonus.

    The dealer was Fremont Mazda in Northern CA and I went through their internet dept. Of all the dealers I contacted all but 1 were between 26.2K and 26.5K; the other dealer was quoting a ridiculously low number (around 25K) and I was convinced this was just bait. The guys at Fremont made the process nice and easy and relatively quick (I have a 3 year old who was ready to destroy the place).

    My impression is that the V6's are not shifting that fast even though they are relatively scarce. It looks like Fremont has only 2 or 3 left in stock compared to several 4 cyclinder models.

    After 2 week's ownership my favorite things are: BSM, the power, HID lights, the power, the color, the power, the gauge cluster, the LED tail lights, and the power. My only dislikes are the missing auto door locking feature (even my basic Accord had this) and no place to put the key fob (I've resorted to using the door handle). Mileage, so far, is matching the & consumer reports mixed driving figure of 20mpg.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    Nice info. Looks like you guys are hitting the perfect storm of poor auto sales and rising gas prices to get some really good deals on the V-6s. I notice that Fitzmall, an East Cost chain of dealerships, is offering similar deals on their website and they seem to have a good inventory. With the loyalty discount it appears that almost $7000 off from MSRP is possible with some combos.

    Re the key fob. I thought the idea of the "keyless ignition" was the ability to open and start the car while leaving the fob in your pocket/purse. Is there a reason that you have to find someplace to put it??? Just curious.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,093
    A reporter from a finance magazine is looking to speak to consumers who are owners of a Mazda 6. Please send your daytime phone number and the vehicle you own to [email protected] by Tuesday, June 16, 2009.
  • toolsboytoolsboy Posts: 1
    Cash Price - 27450
    Mazda Rebate - 1500
    Loyalty Rebate - 1000

    Bought the car for about 300 under invoice. I think that I probably could have done about $100 better, but not much more. Bought from Galpin Mazda in Van Nuys, CA.
  • m6user, regarding the key fob - you're right and I guess its just habit. I automatically take my keys out of my pocket and unlock using the unlock button on the fob and never think to put them back. I'm just used to driving with the key in the ignition rather than jabbing me in an awkward spot. :)
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,181
    Know what you mean about old habits dying hard. I have two fobs because I drive two different vehicles almost 50/50 and the "gobs of fobs" can be a pain carrying around. I know I could go to just using the key on one of the vehicles but Mazda doesn't let you separate the key from fob. Oh such problems all this convenience makes. ;)
  • mikemartinmikemartin Posts: 205
    I can get a V6 2009 Mazda6 Sport Automatic from Brown's for $18,460 plus TTL.

    This includes destination, but also includes Mazda Loyalty Bonus of $1000.

    Car doesn't have leather, nav, etc, and MSRP is just a tad south of $27k.
  • twing54twing54 Posts: 4
    That looks like a great deal. Brown's lists their prices and I dont see anything as good as that. Would you share with us how you got that price?
  • mikemartinmikemartin Posts: 205
    Hey twing.

    I called them and had to do some haggling. I asked them to beat or at least match a Fitzmall car, and the salesmen did, by $200.

    Again, this includes the grand Mazda is giving me for being a current owner.

    The salesman was very honest and told me that they aren't selling very many cars at all, and that the V6 is selling worse than the last gen V6 did. I assume this is just because the economy is so much worse, and not because the car is. He said most of the cars they are selling are used and under 8 grand.

    I do think some hardcore Mazda fans are disappointed that Mazda went Camcord big in proportions with the new 6.

    I, for one, am not. We want a larger car with a larger trunk. It's hard for us to get the stroller in my wife's Nissan Altima but it fits in the new 6 just fine - it would have never, ever fit in the last gen 6.
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