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2013 and Earlier - Mazda6 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Tks. I am a current 6 owner and 8k off sounds too good to be true. I'm going to try to find out more.

    Anybody got any good deals on the 6 in the Chicago area recently????
  • I just purchased my 09 Mazda6 s grand touring v6 with navigation, bose/moonroof for 23,700 from Audi/Mazda of Oakland. It was advertised in their website under specials for 24,999. The salesman could only give me an additional 300 off, but I also got another 1,000 off for loyalty rebate. Total out the door price was 26,207.

    Check your local dealership's websites for internet specials on the 6. By the way, forget about adding the Mazda special financing with 2000 cash back to whatever deals you find because they will tack on anywhere from 1k-4k to the advertised price. I love this car and it was worth the wait!
  • That's about $9k off MSRP, right???!!!
  • Saw this promo on Mazda's site, any idea what the money factor and residuals they are assuming here?

    Any one know what the promo would be for a Grand Touring if at all it is applicable?
  • Royal Motors in San Francisco offered me this deal on the

    2009 MAZDA6 S, Sport SDN for $19,750 plus tax and fees.

    After some emails back and forth, the salesman mentioned he didnt have the car in the showroom, and that he required a $500 deposit which is required when they are exchanging vehicles between dealers.

    Wondering if anyone has had experience with this, and if the price is a good one?
  • Yes, it was about $9k off MSRP since I was eligible for an additional $1k Mazda loyalty rebate. Otherwise, it would have been about $8k off MSRP without the loyalty, for the s grand touring model.
  • You got a great deal.
  • So I priced a 2009 6s GT with Moonroof/Bose and tech package. msrp is just under $31,000. the best offer I have so far is $23,014. That is invoice -$3250 factory to dealer cash-$1000 owner loyalty-$1000 additional factory cash.

    How did you manage to get $9000 off? Was it from the dealer's end? I am told the dealer hold back is $750. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I purchased a metallic silver 09 S Touring with the Bose/moonroof option from a dealer in SF.

    Total out the door price was $23,900. Is that a pretty good deal?
  • MSRP for my 2009 6s GT with Navigation, Monroof/Bose and tech package was $32,790. They had an online special for $24,999, so they were asking about $7,791 off from MSRP. I was able to talk them down another $300 off from their asking price, plus I got another $1,000 off for loyalty. So the total off from MSRP was $9,091. I guess the difference here is that mine came with Navigation which is an extra $2000 option, and the dealer listed the entire package as an online special for $24,999. By the way, their advertisement is still posted on their website for $24,999 with Navi, in case anyone wants to print it out and try to get a different dealership to match (they don't have any left).

    Here is the website: 45EDEF087
  • Thanks for the help. I thought you might know the breakdown of the discounts. I am going to try to get remote start thrown in for $23,014 +TTL. Another dealer has agreed to that but I don't like the color.
  • It is pretty good relative to deals available in Alabama in June of this year.
    An iTouring with Bose/Moonroof was something I tried to get, and wound up at a total OTD price of $24,300 (after my crappy old trade it would have been 23,700).

    So I think if your OTD with the more costly 6-cylinder version is at $23,900, you have done very reasonably.

    In the end I let go of the need to pursue Bose/Moonroof and went for a price about $1200 lower.

  • In case anyone is still shopping for a 6s GT in the bay area, I saw a commercial advertisement last night on ch. 26 from Menlo Mazda of Redwood City. The 09 Mazda6s GTs are $8,000 off the MSRP price of $32,700 which should come with navigation.
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    I heard a radio ad yesterday advertising the same deal ($7K+$1K loyalty discount) off MSRP at Oaktree & Capitol Mazda (both in San Jose). They are holding firm on the loyalty part so I'm not biting.
  • rj123456rj123456 Posts: 137
    Pulled the trigger today, had to drive a bit but got the $8K off MSRP.
    $22,340 + CA taxes/registration

    Black/Black Leather

    Very nice so far!

    They have another one with the same deal but it's an S (6 cyl)
    Also, another dealer was offering $7.5K off without the NAV

    Get the 2009s while they last!
  • ravikravik Posts: 1
    Last weekend i bought 2009 Mazda6 i Grand Touring and got 8000$ off from MSRP at Antioch Mazda.

    very nice sofar
  • I live in the northeast and am currenly looking at a 2009 Mazda6 S GT with bose/moonroof, spoiler, and wheel locks. MSRP is $31,200 and I was told it will be $24,200 otd so basically $7k off MSRP. That price includes the $1k loyalty rebate. I was told that with the dealer cash I wasn't eligible for the $1500 rebate and 2.9% financing. I'd appreciate any feedback!!
  • acadaacada Posts: 5
    I too am located in the North East and just pulled the trigger on an '09 sGT with Moonroof & Bose for $23,600 + tax and tags. MSRP on this car is $30,790.
    I was able to get a set of all weather mats thrown in, that's about it. Could not get the 0% financing either. I guess I did OK....but not as good as those guys out on the west coast. :(
  • hack2hack2 Posts: 6
    What dealers in the Northeast were offering these numbers?
  • acadaacada Posts: 5
    These are dealers in NY and NJ
  • hack2hack2 Posts: 6
    I am from NY. What dealer did you get the $23,600 price from? I was offered a floor model for $23,990.
  • hack2hack2 Posts: 6
    Just pulled the trigger on an '09 sGT with Moonroof & Bose for $23,575 + tax and tags. MSRP on this car is $30,790. Last one left on lot. Checked around a few scattered across the Tri State region. Dealer was unsure if incentives would be carried over next month for the 2009s. Not sure if he was being straight but I wasn't willing to take a chance.
  • Got a base model as a 3rd vehicle from dealer in Austin TX (Roger Beasley), the deal went rather smooth. The dealership cut $1,500 off the price. The only hiccup was the salesman was a bit harried when we visited and re-visited. He was handling 2 customers at the same time. Also, the salesman/F & I guy failed to tell all the paperwork they needed to set the deal, so I've had to go back to the dealership with follow up paperwork. Overall, I'm satisfied, no pressure tactics and the dealerhip beat my pre-arranged financing.
  • Bought it at Mike Pile Mazda in Tyler, TX. Aug 27, 2009 for 25k. Has everything except navigation.
    A wonderful road car as the trip to Calif and back demonstrated. Super mileage as high as 34 and never below 32. Tons of power for a 4 cyl.
    Total quietness from air at Interstate speeds.
    Changing the oil and filter myself, you will notice how easy it is due to the Mazda engineers have a hole thru the bottom engine cover for the drain plug and filter.
    Great thought here.
    The car is flawless for me, and the wife just loves it too.
  • Tried to buy a 6s Touring in Indianapolis last spring, but by the time I got in front of the F & I man the payment was quite a bit higher than what the salesman said... they kept jerking me around to the point that I walked out in disgust. I re-evaluated everything and ended up with the car originally I wanted, a Pontiac G8, at the price I wanted to pay. So Mazda lost a 6 sale because the dealer wanted to f**k me more than they wanted to move a unit.
  • boeayaboeaya Posts: 14
    Hi there I am in TX as well is your price for Mazda 6 that you have mention is OTD?
    How's the car so far?

  • Hi boeaya,,,, the window sticker price was 29,300 plus or minus.
    Then you add the sales tax, license, documents fee, etc.
    Then you deduct 1000 for a discount, deduct my trade-in of approx 4500.
    This out the door price came to 25,000. I shook hands on this price.
    The deal went great, as this dealer is a stand-up dealer in Tyler, Tx.

    I was in Tyler last week to go to Sam's Club. The Mazda 6 has a super huge trunk, the back seats fold down, and I had tons of room, like a station wagon.
    This was one of the reasons I bought the car.
    My salesman was Ron Moore, and I consider him a friend now. I even stopped by and said Hi to him at the dealership on the loop..
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    That was an object lesson in why you can not rely on anyone's report of the price that they paid, whether they call it "OTD" or not. It appears the actual deal was a discount of less than $1000 from MSRP, since you have to add back in the "document fee" and of course the trade in.
  • I got mine from Courtesy Mazda in Longmont, CO and they were great to work with. They gave me more for my 03 Maxima trade in than anyone else was willing to do, and gave me his best and final number right over the phone. I spent less than an hour in the dealership, it's so nice not bickering for hours with dealerships like we used to.
    I wrote them a check for $21,200 for my loaded (no Nav) GTs including the $1,200 10/100 extended warranty after my $5,700 trade.
  • boeayaboeaya Posts: 14
    I have a standing offer at this point about $25.5k before TT&L the only option on it was the tech package, but stock for i GT is rare in the metroplex, another thing is they increase the price if I am going to take the special finance rate for some reason :confuse: . That's new to me.
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