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Scion xB - Hip to be square



  • 68mpolo68mpolo Posts: 21
    just wondering how many total miles it usually takes before you guys fill up the tank on the xB.

  • davkendavken Posts: 2
    Dear iteach2, Sorry I did'nt reply to your question. It's been awhile since I logged on to this website. To answer your question, my sunroof came as an option. Desert Toyota in Las vegas had it installed by an authorized Webasto dealer. Webasto specializes in after market sunroof. You can contact them over the net. I believe that it comes with a liftime warranty or the life of your car. I E-mailed them about taking it through a car wash, and they said it was OK. So far no leaks. I think I paid the dealer about $1,200.00 to have it installed. If your log onto Scionlife, you can read about some guy who installed his own sunroof. Good luck.
  • rob999rob999 Posts: 233
    I've test driven an xB but unfortunately did not have an opportunity to take it on an extended freeway cruise. I regularly drive on highways where the posted speed limit is 75 mph. For you owners, how does the xB do on extended high speed cruising? I'd feel more confident if it had the 2.4 from the tC.
  • After driving a couple Corollas, a tC, an xA 1.0, and a xB. I oredered me a xB. Hopefully I will get it before March.
  • I commute about 100 miles a day to work and back. I was looking for a vehicle with good mileage and a seat that didn't make my butt fall asleep after 75 minutes behind the wheel. I was looking at WV Golf diesels and liked the mileage but was not too crazy about the price and VW's reputation for crummy quality and service. I stopped for gas one morning and started a conversation with an Xb owner who stated that he gets 34 mpg with the 5 speed and has a ton of room. I guess my main questions for you Xb owners is: Is this a comfortable rod for a hour commute? Also can the XB cruise at 70mph? I'm impressed with the utility of the vehicle and just need some basic info. Thanks to all.
  • my wife thinks the seats are like living room furniture, very comfortable.


    Your experience may be different. I am getting between 31 and 34 mpg in mixed but mostly highway driving.
  • Thanks for the update. Does your Xb have an auto or stick? I haven't driven it yet and I need some feedback on either tranny. Also how does it cruise on the open road? Will it cruise at 70 mph ok?


    Again, as always, Thank you
  • I don't possess mine yet. Its coming. However, I have driven both. The manual is faster, but either transmission will propel the xB. After all the xB does have 108hp. Thats more than my wife's 95 Corolla.


    I looked at the new Corolla, Camry, xA, and the tC. I chose the xB for its utility and comfort. This is my 15th Toyota. I drive 80 miles a day minimum. I took the xB for an extended test drive through city and on the interstate and was never disappointed. The big question is it better than the Celica that I just sold today.
  • You are making the right decision.

    I owned a Santa Fe for four years and gave a lot of problems and also the Santa Fe eats gas like an 8 cylinder car. Additionally, the road noise on the Santa Fe is absolutely horrendous.

    I am also going to buy me "The Box". I currently own an Expedition and with the prices of gas I need the box for errands. I already test drove it and I am very pleased with the results.

    Smart move on your part.
  • Hi, I don't know who you are but your comments are very good and I believe you have a very good knowledge of cars.

    I just want to thank you for your observations which I now read very attentively.

    Thank you so much for your input.

    Much appreciated.

    Gil Lucas
  • Hy,

    I asked the toyota dealer in South Florida (Miami) how much adding the cruise control would cost and I was quoted $359.00 dealer installed.

    Indeed $575 is way high.

    Gil Lucas
  • Yea $575 is too high. The dealer in Hagerstown, Maryland quoted me $499 and I think that is too high based on the above posted quote. It looks like there is some "wiggle room" in the options price, and I thought all Scion's prices were standard! I just test drove the auto tranny last night and was impressed at how smooth it was. The pickup is comparable to other compact cars of the same class, plus the Box looks cooler and has a ton more utility. I ran it up and down I-70 at 70-80 mph and then around some twisty 2 lanes and it handled nicely. Wider tires and the strut tower brace should just make it handle better than it already does. I think I'll order the auto trans when I go back because of the traffic snarls around the metro DC area. It's just a personal preference because I see no sense sitting in the rush hour stew with a stick. This is a good all around vehicle.
  • I have the 5 speed manny. I can put it 5th at 40 mph as the gear ratios are low.


    I can accelerate up a grade in 5th from 60 to 65 mph, no need to downshift.
  • One of these days, my xB is going to come in.


    Roughly $1330 was fees and sales tax. The car is still a good deal. However, 4 and some payments on the car is just paying to ship it, tax it, and handle it. Now consider the dealership I went to had cheaper fees.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    Spent 16K on a Malibu Maxx instead. Interestingly enough both have about the same amount of interior space and tons of flexibility, but the Malibu only pulls about 2000 rpm at 70--- makes for a lot less racket.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Is a redesign coming soon? I know it has only been here a short time, but it is an older design that has been on the market in Japan for years. It seems to have a late-90s look.

    It could at least use a stronger engine and side curtain airbags.
  • It's not too bad. It is no hot rod, but I commute about 30 minutes each way to to work. Mostly interstate and speeds of 75-80 in the morning. It manages those speeds fine, but passing someone going 55-60 can take a bit longer than you might expect. I have the automatic though. You should really pressure them to let you test drive it on the interstate, that was my main concern before I bought mine also. I was pleasently surprised that it gets along as well as it does with that tiny little engine. It's very quick and scooty around town I think.
  • How is yiur gas mileage witht he stick? Is the stick a pain to drive in bumper to bumper traffic?
  • I looked at the Maxx and liked it but could not make a decent deal with any chevy dealer, although I just received a mailing about a $6k discount and 0% finance. I read the fit and finish was subpar and there were problems with parts falling off.
  • micwebmicweb Posts: 1,617
    You said: "Spent 16K on a Malibu Maxx instead. Interestingly enough both have about the same amount of interior space and tons of flexibility, but the Malibu only pulls about 2000 rpm at 70--- makes for a lot less racket."

    Wow, if I'd been able to buy one at that price I'd be owning one now (actually the normal sedan which I like better). But GM priced them too high and was too slow rebating them when they came out. I wasn't willing to pay "list". But at that price - I'd do it (or would have done it). Let us know the details - your equipment and the sticker price. let's go off topic for just a moment....the whole appeal of the Scion is the "set" but "good" price, but deep discounting the fine Malibu makes it worth you did.
  • csandstecsandste Posts: 1,866
    The 5 speed xB was cranked up a lot more than the automatic. Think it runs at least 500 rpm faster at 70.

    Base Maxx has trip computer (with mpg, miles to fill, two trip meters, etc), movable pedals, power seat (up and down only), back seats that recline and move back and forth 7 inches, automatic headlights, nags at me to watch out when its wet and temps near freezing, back that makes into a picnic table, power locks mirrors and cruise, front seats that flip and turn into tables and a back fixed sunroof with strange little rollup shades-- a veritable swiss army knife full of crap.

    Lots of people hate Chevy dealers, but I've had good luck with past cars. Stronger bunch around St. Louis than Toyota and certainly Hyundai. Plus even though it's odd looking (a bit like a giant Chevette)-- though not as strange as an xB it's a Chevy underneath. Any local garage should be able to work on it when the short 36K warranty runs out.

    Seating surfaces aren't up to the xB's quality, especially in the base car and I miss throwing the 5 speed Elantra around, this still seems a bit too large but I'm liking it more and more.

    I'm averaging 25 mpg around town-- pretty damn good for a car with a 3.5 liter v-6 and an automatic. Does just about as good as my '01 Elantra.

    If I'd still had my GM card and was still a Chevy owner I could have picked it up for a bit over thirteen. Too bad the Maxx is so odd for the typical Chevy buyer that sales are disappointing. Wouldn't surprise me to see it dropped when platform changes are made. Too bad, since it's the spiritual heir to those big old Saab hatchbacks of the eighties and nineties.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Is posted on the Scion site now. I'm still not impressed. Not worth the $ IMHO.
  • Scion: The new word for Ugly!
    The strange thing is at the autoshow last year, middle aged folks were loving this piece O c**p! I thought this was supposed to be for kids?
  • Adults found out that this was a great little runabout and commuter car. Easy to park, easy on gas and lots of room for your stuff. Maybe a little research and education would cure your bitter attitude dude.
  • I couldn't agree more, crazedcommuter. It's difficult to find a vehicle with that combination of room and mileage, at an affordable price.

    It appeals to practical people, but maybe not to trollers.
  • I'm getting is between 31 nd 34 mpg. The tach says 3100 @ 60 mph, although I seldom travel at that speed.
  • Don't need education to know that thing is butt-ugly! Just proves that Americans will buy any piece of foreign junk! I guaranty that if that same cube on wheels had a Ford, GM or Chrysler name badge nobody would touch it!
  • Yeah it appeals to some loooozars but not to people that like real cars.
  • You said,
    "I guaranty that if that same cube on wheels had a Ford, GM or Chrysler name badge nobody would touch it! "
    That's because everything would fall off it. Door knobs, handles, tranny leaking, bad head gaskets, etc. all seem to be trouble on American cars. I know , I own 2 Chevy's and a Ford. You don't have those kinds of issues in the Toyota cars. They still have their problems. but not to the extent of the Big 3 makers. Resale is always better on Honda's and Toyota's too. Most American cars lose 20% of their value in the 1st year of ownership. By the way, It's quite obvious that your education needs a little work. I guaranty it. "Let's get 'er done!"
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