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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I'm looking at an 05 V8 4runner Ltd with the following options 6 disk CD , moonroof,side air bags, rear spoiler, NH (X-REAS), RL, SR, Conv. Pagage, SPort bumbers, Wh/locks, pref. [non-permissible content removed]. package.

    MSRP $42,581.
    Dealer Disc: ($5,081)
    Rebate on'05: ($3,000 cash back)
    Net price to me before TTL: $34,500

    Should I bite....or pay a few grand more for the '06?
  • :confuse: What would be a fair monthly payment to expect when leasing a 2006 SR5 2WD? The only options that I am adding will be the power moonroof and post factory leather. The MSRP will be approx. $30,000, while the AAA/COSTCO Fleet Manager will sell me the vehicle for $28,500. Zero down, approx. $1500.00 drive off, 36 months, 12,000 miles.

  • I'm in Colorado. I paid 34,411 + taxes
    I also got Toyotathon $1000 cash back and $500 college graduate cash back. From the info I had, I paid $500 over invoice then got $1500 in rebates.
    6 disc 10 speaker in dash stereo
    Double Decker Cargo
    Rear view w/ compass

    What does everyone think of this deal?
  • Does anyone know what kind of discounts are they given on the 05 4runner. Invoice plus rebate?
  • When I called and talked to the dealer they told me the special Costco price is 38,600. This seems to be about 1,400 above invoice. I was surprised. Usually I have found 'fair' prices using the Costco program.

    These prices do not include the 1,000 rebate and my state taxes, but do include everything else.

    And advice? The model I want has sunroof, upgraded stereo, side airbags, etc. but NO NAV or DVD.

    Thanks, Barbara
  • Should I negotate the price first? Or find out if they can get what I want?

    I am 100% certain on the model/options/color that I want. I understand that Toyota packages these things and I'm okay with taking a certain package of options that come together. But I will not add Navigation or DVD or switch colors. So which comes frist? the chicken or the egg? (negoting a price or finding if it's avaialble?)

    FYI, There are 4 dealerships within 1.5 hours of here -- but they are mostly all smaller dealerships.

  • comancoman Posts: 11
    I'm going to be buying an 06 SR5 in the next two weeks. Does anyone have a Toyota dealer they recommend in the Denver or Colorado Springs area? Any place I should NOT deal with?

    I test drove a 4Runner at Liberty Toyota in COS and was not very happy with the high pressure salesman. He drove us nuts with his obviously memorized sales pitch. I'm hoping that all Toyota dealers are not like this one!

    Suggestions appreciated.
  • To all:

    This is my experience with the sticker price vs negotiating:

    The sticker price was 32.4K plus some change. I was able to negotiate the price down to 22.4K. They did give me about 3K less than Blue Book on the trade-in which was ok by me. I was also able to negotiate the extended warranty down. It can be done.....I was there 6 hours.....but well worth it...
  • What's a fair markup over invoice? None? $600? 3%?

    The invoice for the 4x4 Limited V8 is $37,210 including the $605 distination charge. But the dealer has a holdback of $768. So if I paid 'invoice' the dealer would still profit $758. So should I negotiate up from invoice? Or up from 36,442?
  • I live in Milwaukee. Worked with Wilde Toyota here in town-negotiated all online. I am waiting on my blk 06 Limited V8 4x4 w/gray interior. It should be in around X-Mas. MSRP was 43386 w/Nav, Sunroof, Side curtain, daytime running lights, rear spoiler, floor mats. I was able to get $36950 which included the $750 rebate. I put $500 down and they began looking for my vehicle. I was going with one of the common builds for our region, so they felt they could land one before the end of the year. I negotiated with them 12/5, they called the next day finding one on the boat coming from Japan with my exact request. They said it would be in a California port on 12/11. Be to Chicago within a week from there, and then on a truck to Milwaukee around X-Mas. They are the largest volume Toyota dealer in the MW area. Claim to be pushing 400 new ota's a month. So far, they have been outstanding.

    You can negotiate prices. Good luck everyone.
  • I got the deal you'll find on the last page at Toyota Stevison West. They will deal between $500-750 over invoice if pressed. I had a couple issues with salespeople, but their finance department is great and the sales manager was good. The other thing I found is that they stand behind their word. First they took my word for what I was promised by my salesperson even though he was sick and not there (he had promised the $500-750 over invoice). Next there was a mixup with my sales contract and I was charged less than I should have. They stood behind the price as they legally should have. But, a lot of dealers might cause a stink with you, they just took it in stride.
    They're in Golden. I assume you'd get the same treatment at Stevison East in Aurora or any other Stevinson dealers I'm unaware of.
    Good luck!
    By the way, love my new '06 Sport Edition...just a great ride.
  • I have been reading this board for a while, what a great place to learn and discuss. Here is my first question to all of ya'll leasing experts.
    I am in the process of leasing a 06 V6 Sport 4x4 with sunroof and towing option. The dealer offered me $313 plus tax with $950 down (includes some doc fee and first month lease payment), the residual after 3 years of 12,000 miles/per year is $20,990. The dealer claims that they are only making $200 over invoice, since MSRP for this truck is around 34,000, he is selling it around 30,000. I have always been the traditional buyer, put ton of money down to get a loan, and bargain the best price possible. I decide to give lease a try, consider the lease payment will only be ($313+tax) X 36 = 11880 over 3 years. Please give me your thought on this deal, or post your number if leased the similar 4runner. I am looking to close the deal by the end of year. thanks in advance
  • pab5pab5 Posts: 20
    Just negotiated but not finalised a Drive out price $30516 on a new 06 Titanium Metallic 4WD 4 Runner with Sport Package, Double decker cargo system, JBL Homelink, Spoiler, Electro mirror and Daytime running lights. Also agreed on $700 trade on my 86 4wd truck. I will sign on the dotted line for $29816. Is this a good deal?
  • I assume that's V6, if it doesn't include tax, that's the same deal I am getting
  • pab5pab5 Posts: 20
    No that is a V8 and includes tax and fees
  • dude, pab5, that sounds incredibly good. I'll be shopping for a similiar Sport. What did your tax and fees amount to? and also, if you please, what is your invoice cost on that one- so I can figure a similiar discount. Negotiating strategy?

    Nice work, as far as I can tell, best deal I've seen on a '06 w/zero mileage :surprise:
  • jasxxjasxx Posts: 12
    Can u tell me what was the MSRP on that vehicle? Thanks,
    Jay sends!
  • rfa5rfa5 Posts: 1
    I'm now negotiating for a 06 4runner Limited with Nav here in NY. I also have a dealer in Florida that has what I want at a much better price. It seems the NYC area dealers don't want to deal...they quote a price of $750 off sticker...big deal! They are also bad mouthing the Florida dealer stating that it isn't the same car, it has a cheaper battery, the radiator isn't as good and even the tranny is different as it's a Florida car. Sounds like bull to me. Do they make any of the cars differently for various parts of the country? As it stands right now it's worth it for me to take the drive south for a little R&R and a new car!
  • I dealt with Toyota City in Mamaroneck, NY. They dealt right from invoice straight away.
  • locomolocomo Posts: 29
    All 4unners are made in Japan. Battery is possibly different, but no way the radiator or tranny are different. I'd check out the Florida deal. Better weather this time of year anyway.
  • I have been looking for 2004-2005 4-Runner Limited editions with:

    Navigation system
    Sun Roof
    Leather interior
    Dual climate control
    4 wheel drive
    Rear bumper sensors and camera

    At this point, I have it narrowed down to two dealers with two options:

    2004, 27,000 miles for just over $30,000 - Beige
    2005, 9,000 miles for $35,000 - Silver

    The only two differences are color (my wife likes silver) and the fact that the 2004 has a built in DVD player, which is not worth that much to me, as I can get a portable DVD player for $79. How much premium should I put on the milage difference in the two?

  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    The thing is that the '05 is used and doesn't qualify for any factory incentive or rebates. I don't know what rebates are available but you can check. Can you find any new '05- V8s out there? They are discounting them like crazy. I paid 26K for an '05 Sport (2wd) with just 5,000 miles on it. It was a dealer demo so it qualified for all rebates and incentives. The only options were a sunroof and daytime running lights.
  • Chuck,

    Thanks for the response. The 2005 actually "qualifies" as new, since it is a distributor or dealer demo. They didn't offer me any rebates, but they did offer the 1.9%, 5 year financing, which would save me about $1,000 over the 2004 at 5.9%. The NAV system and other perks are driving up the cost of the models that I am considering. I am still negotiating and will try to leverage the other incentives. I love playing hardball with these guys. It's almost like a sport. I will also look at some other new models next week.
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    "I love playing hardball with these guys. It's almost like a sport. I will also look at some other new models next week."

    Yes, I didn't get the deal I got until my hand was literally on the door of the showroom ready to go home after negotiations hit an "impasse". They really tried low-balling me on the trade, and wanted to use my good credit against me by asking me to finance the difference on the trade. Yea right!
    They are not going to sell many cars between Christmas and New Years, so you are in a good position!
    Good luck and let us know the deal you get!
  • I went with the 2004 Limited V8 fully loaded (NAV system, DVD/Entertainment, Rear bumper camera), with 27,000 miles and negotiated down to $29,000. Not too bad, considering the features, I don't think.

    Any feedback?
  • nepropneprop Posts: 41
    Offer feeback requested from all of you. I'm in New England and I'm being quoted $28.5K for an SR5, 4x4, 6 cyl with the following options AW (Al Wheels), DR (Rack & Cross Bar), RL (Daytime lights), NE (Leather steering wheel with cruise and audio controls), SR (moonroof), TH (3rd row seat), TO (tow hitch). How much lower should I be able to go?? Dealers are trying to maximize their sales by end of 2005 so that they get the best allocation in 2006 (it's part of how the game is played) so if I don't score now, then I'll likely wait until February for President's Day sales.
  • Is it new or used?

    What is the mileage (if used)?

    What model year (if used)?
  • I just had the biggest screw job pulled on me that I've ever seen at Toyota on Nicholasville, near Lexington, KY. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was looking at two cars: one was a used 2004 Limited 4-Runner (at another dealership), and the other was a new (dealer demo) 2005 Limited 4-Runner (at Toyota on Nicholasville). To make a long story short, I underestimated the interest payments on the used 2004 model last night while closing on the car and wanted to reinvestigate 1.9% financing options on the "new" 2005 model at the other dealership. The dealer with the 2004 gave me until noon today to hold the 2004 for me while I did some due diligence investigation at Toyota on Nicholasville for the 2005 model. Earlier in the week, Toyota on Nicholasville's used car manager offered the car to me for $34,500 at 1.9% financing, which seemed too good to be true. At around 11:30 AM today, we made the decision to go with the 2005 model at Toyota on Nicholasville for $34,500 at 1.9%. At that time, the other dealer called me saying that he needed a decision since he had someone ready to buy the 2004 model. Since we were filling out paperwork at Toyota on Nicholasville (which took nearly 3 hours), I released the 2004 model. After 5 hours at Toyota on Nicholasville today, the used car manager comes in and says that he made a mistake and that they can't offer the 1.9% financing on the 2005 model since they miscalculated their costs and would lose money on the deal. The problem that I later learned was that he hadn't cleared it with finance upon his initial offer. They would not work with me on a fair solution, even though they cost me a 4-Runner at another dealership while giving me the run around today. I have a call into their owner, but I will never do business at Toyota on Nicholasville again. I would suggest that anyone on this board follow suit and be very careful if you do negotiate with them.
  • wkeyswkeys Posts: 3
    The dealerships do not set the interest rate, the banks (or lenders) do. If you agree to a certain price for a vehicle, that plus fees and tax is all the dealership gets. The dealership does not make more money by charging a higher interest rate, and does not lose money with a lower rate. That 1.9% is not for everybody. Usually you have to have a beacon (credit) score of 750 or higher.
    Are you more concerned with the monthly payment, or the interest rate? I would pre-qual at the bank or credit union if I were you.
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