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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • :shades: Paid $29,450 out-the-door ($27,000 before tax and license) in San Diego, July 31st. Dealer said they lost about $550 but needed to sell 400 cars that month. Mine was #396.
  • What dealership was this in San Diego. Any options? Can you describe in detail what you got and where the offer started from?

  • I bought it at Mossy Toyota in Pacific Beach. No options really, just the sport package with the V8 engine, 2WD, exhaust tip by valor ($65), and floor mats.

    I got quotes anywhere from $27,000 to $28,600 + taxes and fees. I requested online quotes from about 15 dealers in San Diego and LA. Tustin Toyota in LA emailed me a quote for $27k and Mossy matched it. Hope this helps.
  • ffx1101ffx1101 Posts: 3
    I didn't know that SR5s came with leather seats as an option?
  • linhmanlinhman Posts: 5
    I have learn a lot for previous messages on buying new car. As a result, here is what I got for SR5 V6 4x2 at $28,900 drive out with following Options:

    Vent shade visors,
    Anti-theft alarm system,
    Hood Protector,
    17" Alloy Wheels W/P265/65r17 Tires,
    Black Roof Rack And Cross Bars,
    Daytime Running Lights,
    Window Tint,
    Rear Spoiler,
    Leather Steering Wheel And Shift Knob:
    Includes: Cruise Control And Audio Controls,
    Power 8-Way Driver And 4-Way Passenger,
    Third Row Seats,
    Nightvision Mirror Upgrade,
    The Extra Mile Option Package B.
    Cargo Net
    Fabric Guard
    Custom Tape Stripe
    First Aid Kit
    Wheel Locks
    Carpet Mat Set (5 Pc)
    Carpet Floor Mats
    Rear Cargo Mat
    Road Hazard Tire Warranty
    (3 Years / 36,000 Miles)
    Roadside Assistance (3 Yrs/36,000 Miles
    Extra Mile Extended Life Tires
    (6 Years / 100,000 Miles)
  • mark824mark824 Posts: 9
    Ok, I was all set to get a Honda Pilot.I love the space and 3rd seat is a good size. I can fit in it and i am a big guy.

    I have a walk out the door price of 27,500 for a 2WD EX-L(comes standard with leather, sunoorf, xm, 6cd, heated seats, 3rd row, side air bags-big bonus for me). I am lookig for a comparable 4Runner with 3rd row (i know its not as big thats ok). It looks like the limited has the options I want and need but will be thousands more then the similar price Pilot. I could go up to 30k out the door (6% tax where I live in GA)

    What is a good price to pay for the 4Runner?


  • dman090dman090 Posts: 4
    Well, just leased an 06 4Runner SR5 V6 4x4 from Andrew Toyota in Milwaukee. I wanted the Sport V6, but stock in the Milwaukee area is sparse. I went for an SR5 instead of the sport. I do only minimal offroading, so the XREAS wasn't important to me. I mainly wanted the hood scoop, tubular sidesteps, steering wheel audio controls (lame I know but I like them), and special interior cloth. $2k seemed too much to pay.

    They still had to locate it, so this put me in a worse position than if they had it on the lot. Ended up talking them down to 29447 (Roughly 600 above Edmunds Invoice, 300 above "their invoice") with some accessories and maintenance thrown in. With a residual of 18296 (inflated by Toyota to move leases this month), 2700 at signing, put my monthly payments at $330 including tax on a 3yr/36k.

    All in all, an okay experience. This is the first time I've ever done car negoitaiting, so my nerves weren't as steely as they will be next time and I made some rookie mistakes. Sales experience I would rate at 6/10, as they generally were not very upfront about things, kept running back to check numbers and leaving me for 5-10 mins by myself. I had better when the sales manager at Amato Cadillac sat me in front of the computer and just ran the numbers.

    Am now in the process of calling them everyday for status. Thanks for all the info here!
  • suzintnsuzintn Posts: 19
    I leased a SR5 4Runner 4WD last night for 200.00 over invoice and payment of 337.00 after 2K down, money factor .00001. Now I find this online at
    Customer Incentive, Cash (Expires 8-31-06)
    --- • Models w/V6 Engine in Los Angeles Region -1,000.00
    --- • Models in Cincinnati Region -1,100.00
    --- • Models in Central Atlantic & Denver Regions -1,250.00
    --- • Models in Kansas City & San Francisco Regions -1,500.00
    --- • Models w/V6 Engine in Gulf States Region -1,500.00
    --- • Models in Chicago Region -2,000.00
    --- • 4WD Models in Southeast Region -2,500.00
    (Incentive Combinations & Availability May Be Restricted by Regional or Fleet Rules & Other Factors -- See Dealer for Details)

    What is the 2500.00 incentive??????? I know about the 1100.00 as well but what is this additional 2500.00? I'll go back todya if it applies. Advice please???
  • Don't know if I paid too much, or got a deal, but just wanted to pass along my buying experience in Northern Virginia (Fairfax, Chantilly, Hendon area). Maybe it'll help some of you out.....

    2006 4Runner, Limited, V8, 4x4, Navigation System, Sun Roof, Rear Spoiler, Side Air Bags--basically everything except XREAS and air suspension: $36,900

    I think all that matters is if it *feels* like you got a deal, so don't anybody tell me I got screwed!! haha
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A large national news magazine is looking new Toyota owners that switched out from a Ford vehicle with their new purchase. Please send an e-mail to no later than Wednesday, August 23, 2006 by 2:30 PM PT/5:30 PM ET containing your daytime contact information, what Toyota car you purchased and what Ford car you left behind.

    Edmunds Manager UGC Click on my screen name to send a personal message. Need help navigating? Check out Getting Started in Edmunds Forums.
    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • I got a quote yesterday for a 4X2 V6 Sport Edition for $26,647 with a $1000 rebate included (before tax and fee). Invoice from is $26,642. Just want to know if this is a good deal. Thank you all for your feedback.
  • Just to add to the message above. I got it re-quote today for the same car but this car includes sunroof, daytime running light and carrying tow hitch and ball mount for additional of $1210. The grand total for the car is $28,107 rebate included (before tax and fee). Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hi. looking to get a 2006 4runner. Right now they are offering $1500 off or 0% financing till sept 5. Does anyone know what the offer package will be after sept 5?
  • hbc75hbc75 Posts: 37
    I have visited two local dealers here in New England, and never received callbacks from either one. I followed up with them, and still no calls back. :mad: I was ready to purchase too this past week, knowing the deals ended 9/5. At this point I see that the leasing and cashback is on until 10/2, so I am in no rush now. My problem is that the inventory is only '06 models and there aren't any limited V6 models. I can't seem to get any solid pricing returns, so I will move on to the next dealer, but the inventory seems short. Any idea as to when the '07 4Runners will be delivered? Has anyone seen an '07 4Runner at any dealership? Are there any major changes from the '06 to '07 models? I can't find anything that would lead me to believe they have changed anything this model year. I would imagine the discounts won't be as great as '06 models, anyone have any insight into this? :confuse:
  • Yea, I've emailed/called about a dozen local dealers, and only 3 have given me the time of day, even when show up for a pre-arraged test drive. The 07's are starting to trickle in, but there is so much demand for the 06's the are not really discounting them. I was told you could place an order for an 07, with exactly the options I wanted, for $1500 more than an 06 (cuz the lack of discount). but you would have to wait a month. He showed me on his computer they had a few dozen 07's at the port in NJ.

    Yea, they don't want to seem anxious about making a sale, hoping everyone would come in before the 9/5 deadline. I left a voicemail with a salesman and his manager Friday AM, saying my financing is good, and I was ready to buy, before I took off for the weekend. Did not call me back till Saturday!!! Its like you have to beg them to take $35k off your hands!
  • Over Labor Day's weekend, I got my new 2006 4Runner V6 Sport Edition 4x2 for $27,000 OTD. Just wanted to share with you all. The experience was fairly painless since the deal was done over the phone. I just had to do the paperwork at the dealer. Good luck to those who are still looking.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    Today, I made my farewell to my 2006 4Runner LTD V8 4WD with 2933 miles at CarMax and left in peace (got very nice cash price, lost about less than 14%). Nice SUV, but the MPG (13-17MPG) in city was very poor. I will enjoy my 2007 TCH very much without a doubt :) ... good luck to all of you shopping for new vehicle...
  • I'm in the market for a 06 4Runner SR5 v6 4x4. Here's a quote I got, do you think I still have much room of negotiation? Thanks a lot for any comments.

    2006 Toyota 4Runner with 3rd row seat, side curtain airbags, 17" alloy wheel pkg, roof rack, rear spoiler, moonroof, tow pkg and preferred accessory pkg. It has a MSRP of $34,114. I can sell it to you for $30,728 + taxes & fees

    BTW, this is after 1.5k rebate.
  • That seems higher than I've seen. Check out prices.
  • thank you for the information
  • Anybody have the scoop on incentives for October for both 2006 and 2007 models?

    I just did a physical scan of 2006 inventory here in Houston and it looks pretty thin. I also found out that the Toyota dealer web sites are not up to date. Many of the 06's listed on the site are no longer in stock.
  • Hi All I just bought a 2006 4Runner SR5 V8 with

    3rd row seat
    Roll sensor and airbags

    Price before taxes and lic was 31663.

    However i think I got totally screwed on the Extended Warranties. I ended up paying 2800 dollars for the 7 year/100,000 mile extended warranty platinum. This included 55000 miles of paid service as well.

    I really don't know how much people are paying for this. Please post what you ended up paying for the Toyota Platinum extended warranty and paid maintenance. Thanks

    Also I just got the vehicle today and have to go back tommorrow to finish up the trade in. IS there any recourse for me in California?


  • cowboy7cowboy7 Posts: 16
    I bought a car from Charles Maund in Austin TX a few years ago. The experience was fine. This time, the sales wanted to have my credit card before sales was willing to submit my offer to the sales manager.

    I do remember sales using this technique in the 80's- usually asked for a check of a small amount, but have not encountered it for the last 4-5 new cars I bought.

    I ended up buying a car from Classic Toyota north of Austin. This dealership seems to be more straight, and they do not need my credit card to consider an offer.
  • I've owned two 4Runners,and both gave me well over 300,000 miles of excellent service w/o any major problems. Scrap the extended warranty. Just tell them you've changed your mind and you want to cancel it. Period.
  • Yup did just that went back and cancelled the extended warranty and the prepaid maintenance that they had bundled in that 2800 price.

    If need be I will just pick up an extended warranty from Toyota before 36K or 3 years.

    Do I have to take the 4Runner in to a toyota dealer and follow the maintenance schedule to get the extended warranty down the road?

    BTW thanks for the help everyone!!

  • cowboy7cowboy7 Posts: 16
    One place I found that shows what a good price for a Toyota is is

    From my own shopping experience and from reading this forum, I'd say you have a good offer if it is comparable to what fitzmall offers. Remember to compare your local incentive vs the incentive from where fitzmall is (usually Maryland for Toyota cars), and take that difference into consideration. does seem to keep the incentives updated and accurate as far as I can tell.

    No disrespect to, but I always found the TMV prices from the Edmunds website to be 1-2K higher than the real world prices, when we consider a ~30K car.
  • In Gulf States Region: Don McGill, Houston
    2007 4x2 SR5 V6
    Leather; Extra Mile Package A (Security, NightMirror, Mats, Nets, yadda yadda yadda); Moonroof; Power Seats; Roof Rack; Leather Steering Wheel/Shifter; Spoiler; Stainless Door Sills; Double Decker Cargo; 17" Wheels, Tonneau Cover; By Dealer: Tint, Permavin, Sealant Package;
    MSRP: 34,425 (Dealer stuff had incredible markup)
    Invoice: 29,439 - 500 cashback = 28,939
    Paid: 29,374 (after cashback)

    Great buying experience, sweet SUV. Now to accessorize!
  • bitoybitoy Posts: 6
    i bought my 4runner sat. oct. 7 w/ the ff. options;
    SR, TO, TH, fe, DR, AW, RL,NE, SO, GN, CF

    29256 out door price Galactic Gray color (no sales tax in NH) thanks to ooooh... ilove my runner
  • hbc75hbc75 Posts: 37
    I need to look up all the codes, but... what dealer did you use bitoy? Gotta love no sales tax.
  • bitoybitoy Posts: 6
    29256 / 48 months / 0% APR

    really love this runner...
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