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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Quoted 32,600.00 out the door price. Is this a good deal?

    My other choice is a '07 Lexus RX350 program vehicle, that is certified. has 14,100 miles. out the door is 34,200. Not certain which is the better deal.

    I could live with either car.

    thanks, stormylolo
  • Stormylolo

    Toyota Limited price is good. Does that include rebate. I hope not, I hope you opt for 0% financing. If that is the price with rebate, then it is not as good. It's ok price, they would be making load of money off you. So you should provide more detail on that price you received.
  • hey, welldone.

    buying toyota does seem to take a lot of time, but time is money, so if you are going to save thousands of $$$$, why not, if they don't respond to your emails, i think the best thing would be just go to the dealership and inquire if they have the vehicle you want, color, options... and then start negotiating, because it is easy to negotiate on the car that is just parked in their lot and wasting space...
  • Hi i30rls,

    I agree. I will try my luck this weekend at a few dealerships since it is month end. I appreciate your help.
  • Was just quoted $37200 for an '07 4Runner fully loaded w/ NAV. Taking the 0% financing for 48 mos. so i lose the incentive and the car is really worth $39K. Original sticker was $43875. Is this a good deal or not? Thanks.
  • I looked at the same truck in memphis, with the sticker being 39 high, they came back with 38 low, and would not budge. I was sure they would go lower with today being the last day of the month and quarter etc. but no luck.
  • i30rlsi30rls Posts: 28
    check with and to see what the car's smart price is or average price. I think the price for Limited was too high and if they are not budging, leave, go to another dealership. That's what I did then I was told that the price that I wanted, I had to go to DisneryWorld. and guess what, I purchased it the same day for the price that I wanted at another dealership.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Don't know if this was an end of month deal but if the factory msrp sticker was 43900 (not with overpriced dealer add ons) and you get 6700 off plus about 4000 off worth for the 0% that is a good deal. The vehicle may wholesale used after 1 yr for about 14000+ off msrp so they are hardly giving it away.

    good luck

    Was just quoted $37200 for an '07 4Runner fully loaded w/ NAV. Taking the 0% financing for 48 mos. so i lose the incentive and the car is really worth $39K. Original sticker was $43875. Is this a good deal or not? Thanks
  • talked to the internet pricing people, they are going to beat their own salesman. Told them another dealer was taking 3500 off sticker (39.9) (this is true) and they said they would beat it. Just waiting for the final offer. If it is under 36000 then will take the 200 of as financing is about 6000.

    Originally wanted a tahoe, but couldn't get a deal I liked. Have loved 4runners since I wa a kid and had forgotton about them and then looked online and started talking.
  • i30rlsi30rls Posts: 28
    Yes, be careful of those telemarketers working for dealerships, even though they may tell you they will beat the price, make sure to bring your emails to the dealerships, you should have everything documented. Because from my experience, when I got to the dealership, they told me that telemarketer was giving me the price on the lower model, so make sure you mention in the email the model of the car. Don't trust those internet pricing people, all they want is to get you come down to the dealership. You have better chances of negotiating for the car without them giving you a price and getting the best price if they have the car in the lot wasting space.
  • Ok. This is my first time purchasing a vehicle on my own. I was quoted the price of $26,885 on a 2007 4Runner which has a sticker price of $29,334.00. I was hoping that I could get a better deal at this late date in the year but I was told that this was their final offer. I only want it in a particular color and I have searched 3 different states. I'm pretty sure I could get a lower price if I considered another color but I'm not open to that. Need advice ASAP.
  • kirby2010kirby2010 Posts: 136
    That's a good question - you want to get a fair deal. I bought a 2007 Sport just before the Labor Day weekend. It was $300 over invoice and $2000 cash back from Toyota. The net was about $5149 below sticker. A bit over $35,000 sticker and a bit over $30,000 out the door. I was pleased to see that the out-the-door price was within a hundred dollars or so of the Edmunds "TMV" for the same model in my zip code. Check out the Edmunds site and plan to pay about what they have there.
  • ucscucsc Posts: 48
    Dear all,

    I bought a 07 4Runner SR4 V6 4x4 with side airbags, mooon roof, 17'' alloy wheels etc. in PA in the end of Sept.

    MSRP ~$33,600,
    Invoice ~$30,300,
    Price negotiated $29,550 + 0% APR for 48 month,
    Additional college graduation rebate $400,
    Out-of-door $31,000 + 0% APR for 48 month.

    I took 0% APR for 48 months because the interest of financing $30K at 5.5% APR (fair market rate) for 48 month is about $3.5K, greater than the $1.8K rebate. So my price is $7.5K below MSRP.

  • i30rlsi30rls Posts: 28
    Hey, UCSC

    Any tips/suggestions for successful negotiations. How did it go for you?

    The price you paid is pretty good with those options.
  • ucscucsc Posts: 48

    The negotiation is very difficult. Most dealers wouldn't go $200 below invoice on the phone, but I kept on calling/emailing all dealers within 200 miles. I finally got a good deal from an out-of-state dealer, then I asked my local dealer to match it. I think any deal of $500 below invoice is a good one.

  • Hi i30rls,

    I finally found a 4wd sr5 with all the options I like at $30,020 I am willing to pay. It is ~6100 off MSRP with a couple thrown-in accessories. I'll go with 0% financing (so it is actually 4100 off), what do you think about the price?

  • i30rlsi30rls Posts: 28
    Hey, welldone. What are those accessories?
    When you priced the accessories with or, what is the smart price or TMV price on the car? List the accessories. I was actually thinking of purchasing SR5 myself, but I figured, Sports Edition came with all the accessories and options that I wanted in SR5, so I went with Sports Edition, plus it looked meaner and sportier :) Make sure you ask to see the invoice from the dealer. Also, try to price it up with carsdirect as well. $30,020 could be a good price, but you gotta have different sources to agree with you that the price is good. Also, check Ignore dealer's MSRP price, I am thinking they just put any number there... Hey, another thing is if you ask for too many accessories, and they don't have the car in stock on their lot with those accessories, they have a bargaining power, which means more money for you pay them. It is always better just to go to the dealership, read the sticker with the price and what options it already has and try to negotiate the price on that car, so they can sell it to you without incurring any additional costs at installing additional options. Again, Sports and Limited Editions come with most of the options Toyota offers, so you have better chance of getting a good price on those models if you really want the accessories. And to be honest, one of the accessories that i wanted 6 disk cd player, is the only thing I am not happy about in my sports edition. The sound is awful, compared to Clarion cd player that I had in my old 04 Honda Civic. I can't figure whether speakers are at fault or cd system itself. I was thinking of getting one of those after market ones, but after reading somewhere that there are many things connected to its cd player, I am afraid that they can disable some options or damage some things while installing after market cd / dvd player. So, think about your options, do you need to pay $2500 extra for that navigation system or you'd better off using $300 Garmin. Choices, choices...
  • i30rls,

    I have been searching all available 4Runners online. I located 5 of them at nearby dealerships. So, I contacted them all, some dragged their feet to respond. However, this vehicle is on one of the local dealer's lot. Last month, I visited the dealership 2 times, I walked away from the deal 2 times. This is an aged vehicle and has been sitting on their lot for a long time. The 4WD sales are slow here. Finally, I negotiated down to this price. The MSRP is $36200 on the sticker. The smart target price is 31063 without Leather, Vehicle Shield Package and Package B. The TMV price is $31,080 again without Leather, Vehicle Shield Package and Package B. Yes, I saw the dealer invoice, the invoice price was $32493 that included the holdback of $598 and PIO (port installed options) holdback of $292.

    The add-on accessories are all weather floor/cargo mats and homelink and they are not included in the MSRP. The installed options on the SR5 4WD are:

    o 17" Alloy Wheels W/P265/65r17 Tires
    o Tonneau Cover
    o Black Roof Rack And Cross Bars
    o Rr Spoiler W/Center High Mounted Stop Lamp
    o Daytime Running Lights
    o Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof W/Sunshade
    o Vehicle Shield Package
    -Lusterizing Sealant
    -Sound Shield
    -Sealant Cleaner
    -Rental Car Assistance
    o Double Decker Cargo System W/Cargo Net
    o Leather Steering Wheel And Shift Knob:
    -Includes: Cruise Control And Audio Controls
    o Power 8-Way Driver And 4-Way Passenger
    o Nightvision Mirror Upgrade Includes Compass
    o Receiver Hitch / Wire Harness
    o Leather Interior Upgrade
    -Front Leather Faced Seats
    -Liquicell Comfort Technology
    -Power Lumbar Support - Passenger
    o The Extra Mile Option Package B
    -Custom Tape Stripe
    -Cargo Net
    -First Aid Kit
    -Carpet Mat Set (5 Pc)
    -Fabric Guard
    -Wheel Locks
    -Carpet Floor Mats
    -Rear Cargo Mat
    -Road Hazard Tire Warranty (3 Yrs/36,000 Miles)
    -Roadside Assistance (3 Yrs/36,000 Miles)
    -The Extra Mile Service Rewards Program(5 Yrs/60,000 Miles)

    Yes, the sound system would be nice, but, you can not have them all. I am not a big fan of built-in navigation systems, either. So, what do you think about the price?

  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    You want 6000-8000 off msrp for a 33k ish 07 4runner. The dealer add-ons you can calculate and add on separately. They are universally overpriced on the sticker. Good luck.

  • ty2007ty2007 Posts: 2
    according to edmunds:

    SR5 4dr SUV 4WD (4.7L 8cyl 5A) Invoice: $28,508
    SR5 4dr SUV 4WD (4.0L 6cyl 5A) Invoice: $26,709

    according to carsdirect:
    Vehicle Shield Package Invoice: $99
    Extra Mile Option Package B Invoice: $455
    Leather Interior Upgrade Invoice: $1,005
  • i30rlsi30rls Posts: 28
    Hey, welldone, looks like you did your research.

    The Sports edition that I purchased came with the following

    17" Alloy Wheels W/P265/65r17 Tires
    o Tonneau Cover
    o Black Roof Rack And Cross Bars
    o Rr Spoiler W/Center High Mounted Stop Lamp
    o Daytime Running Lights
    o Power Tilt/Slide Moonroof W/Sunshade
    and some other extra options that are standard on the Sport...

    and I ended up paying $30,400+tax.

    However, you are listing some standard options that all of them come with and some extra ones. Some options like rental reimbursement can come with your insurance, I have it with Geico, but I think it sounds like they are throwing in one of those Toyota extra warranty coverages and that is always up to you if you want to get it, you can probably negotiate not to have it. In anyway, I think the price is reasonable since the estimated cost on edmunds and comes out more. I think you should go for it if it is not a used or a test drive car. Check Toyota website and see what standard options Toyota comes with, so they don't throw in standard options into the same pool as extra options you paying extra for. If it looks standard, then you may want to point out to them and see if you can negotiate more. But I also think that if you exhausted all the dealers in the area, then go with the best deal. Also, listen to your gut feeling. If it feels like it's a good deal, then it is a good deal.
  • Hi i30rls,

    Thanks for your encouragement, I appreciate your help. I came to an end finally. I went to the dealership today and purchased that vehicle because I exhausted looking around and there was no other availability in terms of the color and interior we were looking for. So, I paid $32020, $4200 off MSRP (no dealer add-ons, it is the sticker) with 0% financing, I opted out $2000 rebate for the financing. I checked the sticker for factory installed and port installed options. The milage was low, 65 and I put 8 more miles on it while test driving. The leather interior, nightvision mirror and receiver hitch were port installed options. There was no dealer installed options, so, no DSRP (dealer suggested retail price or the rip-off sticker). We negotiated down directly from the MSRP. I think it was an average deal I got in the end. But, this forum really helped me a lot. So, for me it is a good deal, I am happy, I joined the club!

  • i30rlsi30rls Posts: 28
    Hey, welldone

    Congratulations on your purchase!

    I think in the end, as long as you did your research and negotiations, you should be better off than someone who doesn't do research or not aware of the game dealers play.
  • seraanseraan Posts: 5
    I just picked up a Silver 4runner 4X4, MSRP 31.894, and my
    price was 26500 (not including tax, title). I had a trade in and got decent price on it. I went to New Jersey for it because in my area, Westchester, some dealers had no more 07 or with loaded with stuff I don't need and getting the color was not easy either. I'm very happy with it (this is my second 4Runner), just traded an impreza and I will never look back.
    Options on it: (I think it was the option 'A' at
    17" wheels
    roof rack
    50 state emission
    daytime running lights
    leather wrapped steering wheel
    tow hitch
    I dont need anything else, maybe better tires,
    And let it snow, let it snow..
  • ty2007ty2007 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if there is 2007 4runner Toyota incentive in November? Thanks!
  • Hey all, thinking about purchasing a limited 4runner, silver, 4wd, v6, '08 with options of FE, RF, TO, QV, EJ, NH

    was quoted 34,500 including destination charge

    is this a good deal, i feel like it is, let me know
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    8000 off a 07 40000 4 runner was an ok deal when supplies were there in september. I would guess 4000-5000 off an 08 would be ok now. Personally with the way these machines depreciate 1st year I would want more off. Also work on the financing as there is a lot of money there.

    Good luck

    Hey all, thinking about purchasing a limited 4runner, silver, 4wd, v6, '08 with options of FE, RF, TO, QV, EJ, NH

    was quoted 34,500 including destination charge

    is this a good deal, i feel like it is, let me know
  • I suppose I must be the only one on the East coast that wants a Limited with NAV and rear DVD for grandson to watch. Whenever I do a search for the above, no dealer has one. As a matter of fact, according to Toyota's website, both NAV and DVD are available on the Limited but if you use the "build your Toyota" option, nowhere does it even show the DVD or a price. However, if you use the TMD option on Edmunds, you can price the truck with both. What gives? Am I missing something?
  • dhnsxdhnsx Posts: 5
    Does anyone know if there are "left-over" 07 deals in the Seattle area or in general? I'm tryin' to pick one up this weekend/soon. thanks in advance guys!
  • tsu670tsu670 Posts: 293
    Twin Cities area. Options included Nav (NV), Value Package (QV: sunroof, rear spoiler, X-REAS suspension), Daytime Running Lamps (RL), Weight Carrying Tow Hitch and Ball Mount Kit (TO) and Carpet Floor Mats/Cargo Tray & Cover (CF). Sticker including destination of $685: $42,299. Less QV package discount of $1,085 equals total sticker of $41214. $1,000 factory rebate effective 11/01/2007. Purchased on 11/05/2007 for $36573 plus tax/lic. Used Costco program which included a very large discount on extended warranty, so took advantage of that, too. Also purchased prepaid maintenance plan to save on those pesky expensive every third scheduled maintenance charges. Costco gave us a $50 coupon towards parts or service at dealer. That went towards custom 4Runner all-weather floor mats, normally $97. Perhaps not the best deal, but certainly not the worst.
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