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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You will not be able to get anyting until late February or March. Toyota Does not have anything available. I already checked with Aries and Westin these are their release dates Feb. or March; they are in fabrication, but still have not made production. You might want to drag your feet a little if you are worried about cracked or scratched bumper.
    Leave your receiver/ball or bike rack in the hitch for the time being.
  • toymath,

    I agree that online price is just the start of the process. I did get rather far today using that method. I have been quoted $33900 for a Trail edition from just an email and one phone call, thats about $500 over invoice. I plan to do more negotiating tomorrow and head into the dealers thereafter.

    I am just happy thus far that dealers are willing to negotiate on such on new vehicle.

    I will report back, thank you!
  • From experience (toymath), I have to disagree. Having purchased/leased my last five vehicles using the internet as a starting point has saved me a lot of $$$. In fact, people have been amazed at how much money I've saved, including a couple of buddies who are in the car business. What works best for you - may be entirely different... w/ your packed lunch and all. :) Like I mentioned to you in another post, for the exact same vehicle one dealer quoted me $150 bucks more for a lease than another. That saves me a lot of time and effort.

    If I ever had to spend a lot of time at a dealership, I'd go nuts. For me - getting quotes via the internet allows me to weed out the dealerships that may try to jack people around - not the other way around. I've saved a lot of $$$ this way.

    Plus, its great when all you have to do is walk in, sign your name on the paperwork, hand over a check and then walk out the door in less than 15 minutes. Two of those times the dealers didn't even drive my trade-ins (though they were less than 2 years old).

    If I had a relationship w/ a sales manager - like brandonWI has - that might be a different story. Regardless, I hope he gets to the price point he wants to be at.
  • That's the beauty of this forum. We can all benefit from each other's experience. Have you made any more progress?
  • toymath... yup, i agree with you totally. Nope, I'm going on vacation for two weeks in February and will see what happens when I come back. Now I think I have to get a Limited, rather than an SR5 because of the 4WD thing. I am going to start getting broker quotes and see if I can do any better than the front range dealers.
  • Yesterday I went to two dealerships. To get a 2010 Limited w/ Nav the lease payment came in at $732. That was the lowest price compared of the two dealerships.

    Today using the same numbers as the dealer, I went online and used lease calculators and the monthly lease payment was $100 - so either I'm whacked or am missing some dealer padding (aside from the doc fees).

    Both dealerships told me the same thing - limited production and strong sales on the Front Range mean they don't need to deal.

    I had hoped to get the deal done yesterday (cuz once I make up my mind, I just want to get it over with)... but clearly my original intent to wait awhile seems to make the most sense. If I can get a deal @ the invoice price - I'll be in good shape.

    If you make a deal, let me know. I'd be curious to know how well you do.
  • Leasing a Toyota is a bad idea. Very little lease support.

    Financing a 4wd limited w nav and 3d row (bought at 40,240) for 5 years, 0 down, 5% interest, will cost you 759.37 plus tax per month.
  • That was to finance for 5 years w 0 down, not leas .

    For a lease at that price you could get a loaded BMW X5 or Mercedes GL.
  • Went to two dealerships in Denver today. There's no chance for a deal on a 4 runner when they can't even get any on the lot, and the money factor is .00255. What a joke. I think the smart thing for me to do is buy out my '07 for 18K and wait until next year when things calm down. If you're getting lease quotes for over $670 for a loaded Limited with NAV, no down, 36 mo. 12K per year, you're paying more than the $42020 MSRP.
  • Sounds like you're having the same kind of "fun", I'm having.

    So on Friday... first dealer for a LTD w/ Nav: MSRP: $42,938; Selling price: $41,335; Residual $23,982; Money Factor .0025; Denver Sales Tax @ 7.75%; Doc Fee: $339; Cap Reduction/1st Payment: $2,000 - the monthly payment on 3yr/36,000mi was $732. Just nuts... the other dealer (Boulder Toyota) was $720per month before tax. I just laughed... I think the sales dude should get a job at The Gap.

    Invoice should be around $39,600.00...

    When I ran the numbers on - the price came in at $644. If I price the selling price @ $39,600 (which it looks like others have gotten - but probably not here in CO)... the payment was about $587. Thoughts?

    Re: Money Factor @ .00255/6.12%... This is just below prime, so I wasn't freaked out. But the selling price... there must be folks willing to pay what dealers are asking - the vehicles are definitely moving off lots.

    If can't find invoice pricing some where in the U.S in March, I'm thinking about selling my leased 08 Outback and pick up some cheap and short term lease (swaplease) that would end in Nov-January and then buy a 4Runner at the end of this year.

    On another note... really, really like the ride of the 4Runner. Fit and finish were excellent. Driving the SR5 in 4H on dry pavement was fine even turning typical street corners... binding only happened on tight turns. The LTD drove really well too and has better residual values and the Nav that I think I have to have.

    Looking forward to the day I can take my future 4Runner up to Pike National Forest and get myself lost.

    The fun continues... and my head is starting to hurt. :)
  • Jinwang, I'm in a very similar situation and got quoted 32,200 (plus tax, title, etc = 34,400) for pretty much the same options on the SR5 (minus cargo deck). Yet, I see on this forum that people are getting Limited's w/NAV for 38,500 ---TE's for 34,500 ---and prices at or around that....I guess it's all supply and demand, but I've got to get tough. I was driving my current car and got lost this weekend in "Philthadelphia", and told myself that my new car will be loaded and have navigation. Rand McNally and my wife just aren't cutting it (sorry, honey...) After test driving, the 4Runner will be my next car. But if I can get a Limited for just a few K more, I'm all for it.

    I've done my internet research, and I'm really looking for a black (or Grey) Limited with Beige Trim (charcoal with the Gray color) and NAV. They tell us that in the northeast, the third row won't be available for awhile. Dealer website lists the MSRP at 42,300 - so what to offer???? I'm thinking 38,750???? I just want a no hassle experience, but if I offer a price like that, should I just stay firm? I can afford to wait a few months, but any help or shared experiences would REALLY be appreciated. Folks, let's share our experience and help each other out, here!!!
  • Toyota Rental rents the 2010 4Runner SR5. This one had Blizzard Pearl, sunroof, 5 speed, electric seats. Texas title registration receipt was in the glove box, said it was purchased for 27,500. Based on the prices here that is some mark up. I think I will wait to buy.
  • I offered the dealer 38,500 online for a Limited, 4x4 w/nav online. I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow...

    I'm wondering if the recall will help or hurt this. After all, what else does Toyota have left to sell right now? The dealership has tom make money. I'm offering a little over invoice, right?

    Does anybody have any definitive answers as to whether the 2010 4Runner has the same acceleration/braking system as these other Toyotas that were recalled? I know the 4Runner isn't on the list, but it's a new generation...should we be concerned????
  • I offered 38,500 for much the same vehicle today online...we'll see what happens. (Black Limited 4x4 with Nav, list was like 42,200 or so...)

    With this recall and suspension, I'm really hoping they're desperate to sell anything. I'm in no hurry anyway...
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    It depends on what state you get the 2010 4Runner from... I got my Magnetic Gray Metallic beauty 2010 4Runner Limited with NAV and floor mats from NC and the invoice is higher in the states of NC, SC, GA, AL and FL. In addition the color does make difference in pricing... So, one should know how to use the Edmunds TMV Price Report tool correctly...
  • Edmunds TMV is a reference point - it's not the end-all, be-all of vehicle pricing.
  • xpoxpo Posts: 2
    Hey guys, new to this forum. I just purchased a 2010 black limited (RWD), with nav, carpet mats and toyoguard for $37,700. Was just curious what you guys think on whether that was a good price or not. I live in FL, and it took about 2-3 weeks to get the 4runner the way I wanted it, so i didn't press the price too much after other dealerships said they wouldn't go lower than 38,500 and it would take just as long to get it in.
  • Congrats on your new 4Runner. The invoice price for your vehicle was probably around $36,500. With the Toyoguard looks like you paid 700-1000 over invoice. But under what Edmunds says most are paying.

    I guess its all about supply and demand. Yesterday a dealer gave me a price of $500 over invoice on a Limited w/ nav and 4WD. I told him no. :-) I'm going to wait a month and see how Toyota deals with its current issues. Hopefully I'll be able to do better.

    Congrats again!
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    Edmunds invoice (not including floor mats and toyo guard) is $37,300 ... so $400 more for floor mats and toyo guard you did fantastic and very close to invoice ... congrats in your new purchase... the 2010 4Runner Limited with all the goodies and the 20 inches wheels is a superb vehicle to own for many years (btw, I own the 2010 4Runner Limited 4WD with NAV and floor mats).
  • xpoxpo Posts: 2
    Thanks guys :) I would have thought more about 4WD, but that would have taken even longer to get and living in FL and not doing much off-roading didn't make it a high priority for me. It's only been 5 days, but I love my 4runner.
  • I'm trying to negotiate a 2010 4WD Black Limited w/NAV, and they almost seemed appauled when I offered 38,500. Said it was well below invoice. They're reluctant to move below 39,975. Supply and demand, or should I just keep pressing? (I'm in the Northeast, need the 4WD, lots of snow...)

    Do you guys enjoy the NAV features? I'm also considering an SR5 with premium/leather (can probably get for 33,500 or less) if I can't get the price I want on the Limited. Are the extra features on the Limited worth it? Is the 4WD system 6K-7K better?
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    Assuming no other options, besides NAV and you live in one of the NC, SC, GA, AL or FL states, then the invoice for the 2010 Black 4Runner Limited 4WD with NAV is $39,153 and makes your deal about $822 above invoice, which is not bad deal knowing the high demand/popularity of the beast :shades:
  • Anyone?

    I offered to spend so much over invoice for a TE, and the salesman produced a printout that claimed an invoice price of at least $1000 more than the 33287 no-options value I see on or, or any other place. It can't be explained away either by dealer or port added accessories.

    The only thing I can think of is they haven't ordered a TE before and maybe double added some of the options that would normally be covered in the price of a TE.
  • rjsdrjsd Posts: 5
    The price of the TE is being inflated simply because "it can be done". At least to me it seems TE's are currently being delivered at a rate of about one TE for every three dealers or so. A month ago it was one or two to a region.
    So there is going to be some initial "got to have it first" demand but in this economy how long will that last? How quickly will production/delivery be ramped up? SR5’s are starting to sit for a while & offered at a reasonable discount the TE is following by two to three months.
    Since I am frugal, I will wait four to six months then go make a deal on one that has been sitting on the lot for a while, kind of like those previously in demand hard to find FJ cruisers.......
  • I'm inclined to agree. There seems to be no TE's around here (northeast), or they're few and far between, although I did get to drive one, and it is SWEET. I'm debating a nicely equipped leather SR5 vs. Limited. Like you said, I seem to be getting better deals on the SR5, and I'm not sure if the Limited is worth the extra 7K in my situation. I don't plan to "off-road" too much, but I do live in the country, and navigation and full time 4WD would be cool. But since it will be my first 4Runner, if I can score a decent price, I think I may start with an SR5 and work my way up in a few years...if I had the money, I'd love to go Limited, but the SR5 seems to be a very capable vehicle, and the reviews on this forum have been very positive.
  • I did some math, it indeed looks like the dealer added the invoice price of the so-called options that are standard on a TE (CP, EC, DJ). They did say they have never ordered one before. I will give them the benefit of the doubt (for now).
  • After trying dealership after dealership, I was finally able to nail down a 2010 Limited 4WD w/NAV for under 39K sale price. (tax, title, etc. will bring it back up to around 41-42k though). Salesman was great, smooth transaction, and I'll be driving by the end of the week. I definitely recommend asking every place for their "best internet price" and go from there. I'm pumped to get on the road! Good luck everyone.
  • Getting quoted $31,743 +ttl on a MSRP of $33,293 for a 4WD SR5 (price includes destination/delivery) in Dallas, TX. The dealer is also offering an additional $1000 off for Toyota loyalty for current Toyota owners. I don't own a Toyota, but if I can get the 4Runner at $30,743 +ttl would that be a good deal. What are most people getting these for? Thanks!!
  • I have seen "internet sale" prices or had gotten offers anywhere from $33,200 - #33,500 on SR5's with the premium leather (MSRP around 36,500 or so). ALso got quoted 32,200 on a less equipped SR5, so 31,743 doesn't sound too bad. Especially with the extra $1000 off. If leather seats arent an issue, then getting a 4runner for just over 30k is very tempting. I wonder how much prices are trending down since Toyota's recent troubles, even though the 4Runner isn't on the recall list, and everyone I've talked to insists there are no safety concerns.
  • I have a quote for $40,377 on a Limited in Houston. Is this fair? It does not have NAV and really need opion if anyone has this and is it worth to get. Appreciate your help.
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