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2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I got my 2010 Limited in late November. It is fully loaded and the MSRP was about $41k. I paid $1500 under MSRP and the trade in on my Jeep was competitive. I probably paid a little more than more recent buyers but I was one of the first in the city to get the car.
  • fxoffroadfxoffroad Posts: 67
    Hmm... "one of the first in the city to get the car(ie. 4runner)" or saving about $4,000.

    I guess I'd prefer the cash over being the first kid in my neighborhood to get a new bike... but that's just me. :shades:
  • lmbeanlmbean Posts: 5
    Did anyone look at the 2010 Pathfinder before purchasing their 2010 4Runner ? We are deciding between both. Pathfinder seems to offer alot more yet is the Toyota 4Runner a better quality purchase. We will be driving alot in Colorado. Appreciate your help.
  • yassyyassy Posts: 70
    no offense, but a FULLY loaded Limited runs close to $44K with remote start, nav, 3rd row, special color, conveniance package..
  • alex412alex412 Posts: 3
    Thanks a million for the tip about using the car buying service. I got one offer for a Limited from a dealership in Maryland for $450 under invoice (±3,600 off msrp). This dealership didn't have a Limited in stock so I tried (with no success) to get a NJ dealership to match the offer. I had been in touch with Darcars Toyota in Silver Spring since I purchased my 4th Generation Toyota from them so I asked if they could match the offer. 24 hours later I have a brand new limited in my driveway and couldn't be happier! I'm sure Darcars doesn't want to sell too many 4Runners at this price but I was extremely happy with the way I was treated and would definitely recommend giving them a shot. Thanks to everyone for sharing your buying experiences... I probably wouldn't have purchased one without you.
  • thekurpthekurp Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    I'm in Florida.

    Purchased: 2010 4Runner Limited Blizzard Pearl - no added options

    Paid: Trade-in - 2004 4Runner Sports Edition w/ 59,800 miles
    Cash: $24K

    In other words, my old 4Runner + $24K = Out The Door (including tax, tag, title, and everything else).

    I'll leave it up to you to decide how good a deal that was.
  • agnostoagnosto Posts: 205
    My deal was similar with different trade in vehicle:

    Trade In: 2007 TCH (Toyota Camry Hybrid) around 50,900 miles
    Cash: $23,995
    Vehicle Purchased: 2010 4Runner Limited 4WD with NAV and Carpet Mats (MSRP: $42,314)

    Notice about my trade in:
    Toyota dealer tried to sell my ex 2007 TCH almost 3 months ago at $23,000 and finally was sold a couple of days ago at $17,988 since its value was affected by the recall... so, I did excellent with the purchase of my 2010 4Runner at invoice considering I got it at the end of Dec. 2009 and my trade in valued at $16,560 ...
  • mobjackmobjack Posts: 6
    edited March 2010
    I used USAA's car buying service and by the next day received an offer for a Trail Edition at $600 over invoice. At this point I contacted ten other dealerships within MD, northern and central Virginia in an effort to get someone to beat that. After a week of bartering, no one's budging beyond $600 over invoice. The explanation I've been given a few times is that TE's are very hard to come by and that they move quickly when they're available. I'm also reluctant to buy the most common model with the KDSS because I just don't need it.
    Today I got an offer to order a TE for $34,500 that does not have KDSS and its accompanying NAV system. It'll take three months to arrive from Japan, but it should have close to zero mileage and if no other offers come in by tomorrow, I'm taking the deal. puts $34,500 at $488 over invoice and after about ten hours free time spent visiting dealerships and talking on the phone and emailing, I'm thinking it's worth it.
  • "You may include the dealership name, city and state in your post. Please do not post names of salespeople, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information."

    I received an offer for a TE on the lot for less than $34,000 from McGee Toyota in February. I think its in Maryland. Too far for me to fly and drive back. Appears to have been sold. The salesperson was kind to let me know what invoice really was ( had it wrong at the time), perhaps I could return the favor.
  • jgg7jgg7 Posts: 2
    picking up my TE with KDSS, floor mats, remote start, and paint protection film for 33,400 from Stevinsons East in the Denver Area.
  • I noticed on the Toyota website (when using my zip code), that you can now pick a TE with KDSS and no NAV. And I can see them on too, including a red TE from the same dealership (sweet, but I'm not in for fly and drive). But for $33400? I'm having a hard time believing that, or maybe Colorado does not have that 'advertisement fee' thing going on. Trade in?
  • jgg7jgg7 Posts: 2
    Yeah, I was messing around on for quite some time and noticed the Denver region was the only one that split the nav and KDSS - part of the reason why I'm taking the 8 hr drive. But no, that is no lie - it took some negotiation, but I got them to remove ALL dealer fees (including those wrapped up in the invoice price) and add in the remote start for invoice. The paint film was added because of some delays in the arrival of the truck. No trade in. Picking it up next weekend...
  • mobjackmobjack Posts: 6
    Wow, $33,400 would be a sweet deal to get the KDSS. They must not be selling many TE's out there.
    I wound up with $34,300 from Mechanicsville Toyota in Virginia. I got an offer of $34,375 from Casey in Williamsburg, VA but chose the other on price and it was closer to home.
  • Impressed with your negotiation skills.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    If you bought a new Toyota since Feb or are thinking about it, a reporter wants to hear from you. Email by Wednesday, April 7, 2010.

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  • mrd5mrd5 Posts: 2
    edited April 2010
    Here's the deal:
    2010 4x2 Limited 37,765
    Mats 299
    leather 3rd row 1,015
    Running Boards 499
    Color (Blizzard) 220
    Nav 1,420
    Delivery 795

    Total MSRP $42,013.00
    Discounted Price $38,859.00
    TTL 1,887.68

    Out the Door $40,746.68

    What do you think?
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    edited April 2010
    If you must really have a 4Runner, then go for it. For that kind of money, I'd be looking at an Acura MDX w/tech (the best NAV in any vehicle) lease unless you plan on keeping the vehicle for many years. Running boards and 3rd row are useless IMO, especially the 3rd row in a 4Runner. Toyota's bluetooth and NAV draw many complaints.

    Hate to say it, but with all the 'improvements' Toyota made with the 2010 model, I'd be looking at another brand. Even a 2010 JGC with a Hemi, NAV, and 4wd can be had for less. A 2010 JGC V6 4x4 can be had for $11,000 less without the leather and NAV, but with full-time 4wd and 0% apr. Sure, you'd get Jeep's so-so reliability, but its worth a look.

    Good luck on whatever you choose. Fwiw, I have a 2003 4Runner, but I wouldn't purchase the 2010 4Runner. I would consider a 2010 Sequoia otoh.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    A 2010 JGC V6 4x4 can be had for $11,000 less without the leather and NAV, but with full-time 4wd and 0% apr.

    True, but a 2010 4runner SR5 V6 4WD would also be less expensive (and minus the leather and NAV) than that Limited and would be a better comparison for that 2010 JGC.

    The 2011 Jeep GC looks interesting (and very competitive, at least on paper), but there's no way I'd consider the outgoing 2010 model. There is a good reason why Chrysler has layered on the discounts on the 2010 model -- it needs to clean 'em out before the significantly improved 2011 model arrives and makes the 2010 even more difficult to sell.

    Agree on the 3rd row seating, though. IMHO, anyone who needs to use the 3rd row for anything more than the occasional emergency should be looking at a minivan (that 2011 Sienna looks really nice).
  • mrd5mrd5 Posts: 2
    I don't need the 3rd row just nice to have, just in case. Also the kids like to use the running boards to get in. We had a Sequoia in the past, we also already have a Honda Mini Van, and I do like the Honda NAV system. Thanks for the feedback.

    Dealers still hasn't provided me a verified VIN # or a delivery date.
  • t4r4met4r4me Posts: 4
    Shopping for well over a month and found 3 white 4r's in the 2007 and 2008 range. One '07 SR5 with high miles, vinyl and then 2 Sports in another state. Had been lurking around here and read up big time.

    Disappointed with the 2007 deal falling through (Wouldn't come close to TMV), made a 2 hour drive, test drove the loaded sport with Nav, noticed just the slightest ticking noise in the engine, hightailed it across town to the other dealer...2nd car just purred....and I just knew in my gut I had to have that 4Rnr. Purchased for a bit under Edmunds TMV for that SUV with options.

    I'd been test driving everything, BMW's, VW's, Lexus, Tahoes (or ho ho's as my 6 yr old calls em.) This toyo fixation came to me in the 11th hour. So far I got a cherry. 2008 with 36K mi, dog pee on the mats which they ended up giving me new generic mats and a full tank of gas to hit the road home. Great experience all in all. Can barely sleep it is so awesome.

    Sam Swope Cadillac in their Automall in Louisville absolutely bent over backwards for me and the buying experience was painless and smooth.
  • I bought a new 2010 4Runner in January 2010, just as they first arrived on my dealer's showroom floor. I had been shopping for 6 months to replace my 2002 X-Terra, which was, by the way, an excellent car all-around, but it looked like an off-road vehicle with lots of scratches, dents, dings, stains on upholstery, etc. I used it as a car to haul things back and forth to the barn, for dog transport, etc. It had been really put to good use, and was a great utility vehicle, but was in scratch and dent condition. It was loved.

    My dealership was Toyota of Hattiesburg (MS) and I had a very good experience buying the car. It only took about one hour to complete the deal, start to finish, and I was on my way. They've been very good about answering my questions following the sale, and also answering questions about the Toyota recall.

    I subscribed to several services to help me arrive at the correct price for my 4Runner. What I learned was that, pre-recall, there were no discounts to be had on the 2010 4Runner. I looked around for a 2010 4Runner and eventually paid the full sticker price of $43,850, plus tax and title for a 2010 Limited with every possible feature, except no third row seats: mine has the pullout tailgate party package. I should note that the dealer gave me $5,000 for the X-Terra mentioned above, which was probably $2,000 more than it was worth. The new 4Runner has been a great car so far, and I have few complaints (the interior lighting is not very good, and the USB port is in an impossible spot to access). I love the full-time 4WD---it was great with the bad weather, snow and ice we had this winter.

    However, all of that being said, I parked it last month and have not driven it again. Unlike die-hard former 4Runner owners I read on the blogs, I am afraid that Toyota is not fully disclosing everything, and that the 4Runner is the next shoe to drop. I've read several credible accounts of unintended acceleration in the 4Runner, and frankly I just don't want to wait to find out. I know I'll take a beating on the sale (it has 5,000 miles and 2 dealers have offered me $35,000 to buy it) and I would prefer to keep it if someone can tell me definitively that the system used in other Toyotas is not the same one used in the 4Runner.

    I tried to swap it this weekend for a 2010 Ford F-150 King Ranch Demo with 5800 miles, but haven't yet been able to reconcile myself to the financial beating I'll take. I'd really prefer to keep the 4Runner.

    Any comments, suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • fxoffroadfxoffroad Posts: 67
    Your post doesn't hold water. Having just done a google search, I'm unable locate any documentation or articles that would suggest the 4Runner has issues with unintended acceleration.

    Of course you had a good buying experience, you are a car dealership's dream - you paid full price for a vehicle that, had you dealt with dealers, could of been discounted to @ invoice or about 500 over invoice. There is no party mode/sliding tray "package" as you suggest - those are standard on the Limited. A Limited w/ Navigation (no third row seating) and a few other throw in options (floor mats, exhaust tip, cross bars) should cost under $43,000. Looks like you paid additional dollars for dealer stuff, undercoating, weather protection, etc.

    You clearly state that you like your vehicle and it seems are basing your decision not to drive because of rumors that can not be substantiated. Should you trade, you indicate that you'll get $35,000 for your Toyota - a loss of about $8,500. Sounds like a fear based decision without much fact to support your assertion.

    If you're willing to take a loss that great, based on fiction rather than fact - that's your decision, though fiscally seems rather ill-advised.

    Sounds like there's some other underlying issue here that you haven't documented in your post.
  • There are actually several reports of 4Runners and unintended acceleration, and here is a link to one of them:

    URL to article: mptoms.html

    If you wish for me to, I will post links to additional articles on acceleration, as well as linkage, transmission, rust and related problems with the 4Runner which Toyota has recently owned up to, but of which 4Runner owners have long complained.

    No, I am not a car-bargain shopper, and there were a ton of dealer-installed's a great vehicle. However, there is nothing I'm failing to disclose in the post. I am concerned about Toyota's failure to own up to the other problems in their extensive line. I hoped by posting here, someone who had similar concerns might help point me in the direction of information showing that the 4Runner should not be expected to experience problems.
  • fxoffroadfxoffroad Posts: 67
    You asked for feedback, and I gave you some. Being defensive really doesn't drive your point home. You found one, just one article on the net about a 2004 - and that article isn't even "proven to be an issue".

    Sounds like you just want to stir the pot. Or you purchased a vehicle and didn't think it through - which is evident by the price you paid for the vehicle.

    Why don't you take your vehicle back to the dealer and make them buy it back.
  • boats3boats3 Posts: 42
    edited April 2010
    Just bought another 4Runner, my second in about 20 months. Unfortunately my FIL totaled the first one, a 2006 :cry: Anyway, I finally found another V8, need it for towing, which you can only get a used one. This one was in good condition overall, needed a little owners TLC with the cleaning, dealer did not do a good job with prep. Paid just over 20K out the door. It is a Limited with the air ride, Navi, Back up Camera, leather, moonroof, etc...the only thing I can see missing compared to my 2006 was the seat memory. Although the 06 did not have the air ride, Navi and Back up Camera. TMV came in around 20k for the car and I got it for it with all the fees, taxes, etc.
  • tangmantangman Posts: 127
    How many miles were on it and what year. I have been looking for a V8 as well.
  • boats3boats3 Posts: 42
    2005, and 53,000. I bought it in North Jersey.
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    Drive and enjoy your 4Runner. All vehicles have issues, but I haven't heard of UA on any 4Runner.
  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    The previous 4th generation having SUA (sudden unintended acceleration) is completely nonsense. There are other "4Runner Forums" on the net and now many 4th generation 4Runner owners have well over 100K on them with little or no issues.

    I have not read ONE REPORT of SUA on ANY 4Runner forum involving the 4th generation.

    I have 75,000 miles on mine with just a sunroof that got off-track and one shock that leaked. I tow a 5,000 pound 21 foot travel trailer on a regular basis.

    You basing your decision not to drive yours based on ONE REPORT on the net? After all, everything you read on the net is TRUE, isn't it? :)
  • coleonyxcoleonyx Posts: 3
    Hi all,

    I am interested in a 2010 4Runner trail, and am interested in knowing what the going price is in Southern California. I'm looking for one with the KDSS. I have a quote for 36,600, is this a good deal for SoCal?

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