2013 and Earlier - Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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I am looking into a 2003 4-Runner. Just wanting to find out what most people are paying for it. Please post all models and accessories.


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    The 2 dealers I have been working with are selling a pretty much loaded (no naviagtion)Limited MSRP slightly over 40,100 for $ 36,300 and 36,900.
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    Two weeks ago I purchased a V8 SR5 MSRP: $34,849.
    I paid: $31,200. Included Sun roof, upgraded JBL stereo with changer, anti theft system, V8, and lots more!
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    Was that a 4x4? Or 4x2?
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    sticker 36,300 otd for 33,000 with sunroof, upgraided jbl, etc....
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    North Pole Alaska Purchased the one and only Sport 4x4 Multi Mode /V6 Stratosphere Mica Blue with Power Moon roof Black Running Boards Double Decker Cargo System Rear Spoiler Daytime Running Lamps
    Preferred Accessory Package

    MSRP $33631
    My TMV $32200 with Auto Service Company
    Edmunds $33300

    Dealer in Anchorage wanted $226 Less, but had additional paper work/admin $$ that would have eaten up any savings, plus who would travel 400 miles one way to save a few peanuts???

    Also, Winterization Package here in North Pole was $355 for Battery Warmer, Block Heater, Oil Pan Heater, and all synthetic lubricants for differential, tranny, brake fluid, and radiator protection to -60 F, versus Anchorage price of $595 for a Block Heater and fluid change out.

    The day before I took delivery of the Sport, the one and only Limited sold for full price $37,600.
    I'm pleased with the deal I got, and really feel comfortable with the dealership in every aspect, especially for warranty and service needs. They're holding for me a Toyota Extended Warranty 7yr/100,000 miles with $0 deductible for $1400- the Nye Dealership wanted $2295 for the same product.
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    I have to admit. I was impressed with the increase in size in the 2003 4Runner. It is slightly shorter than the Explorer and longer than the 2003 Honda Pilot. But the Explorer and Pilot have one feature still missing in the bigger 4Runner. It is a 3rd row seat. It is especially for those like my girlfriend and me who just changed from a minivan to an SUV with the same seating room and better traction.

      With that problem, the 4Runners are overpriced. And it is bad when their standard V6 has more horsepower than the optional V8. Our current SUV I highly recommend over the 4Runner and the other 2 I covered we got is a 2003 Chevrolet EXT Trailblazer LT with its standard V6. It has plenty of horsepower. It is more than the 4Runner's V6 or V8. But the EXT Trailblazer's optional V8 has more horsepower than its standard V6. I hope Toyota straighten those problems out with their 2004's. I called both to their attention. The rest is on them.

      For those not needing as much passenger room, I highly recommend the 2003 4Runner. It has more cargo room than the 2002. But I suggest getting it with the standard 4.0L V6. I hope this helps.
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    Base Number of Cylinders: 6 Base Engine Size: 4 liters
    Base Engine Type: V6 -1 Horsepower: 245 hp
    Max Horsepower: 5200 rpm Torque: 282 ft-lbs.
    Max Torque: 3800 rpm Maximum Payload: 1060 lbs.

    Base Number of Cylinders: 8 Base Engine Size: 4.7 liters
    Base Engine Type: V8 -1 Horsepower: 235 hp
    Max Horsepower: 4800 rpm Torque: 320 ft-lbs.
    torque is were its at not hp 10 points is not big
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    For more general comments, try the Toyota 4Runner discussion.

    Steve, Host
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    I've test driven both the TrailBlazer and the 4Runner. For me there was no comparison. I would not get the TrailBlazer over the 4Runner. The TB has a 275HP 6 cylinder (at least the one I tested) and the 4Runner has a 235HP 8 cylinder. But with more torque, the 4Runner felt much, much faster and had a lot more low-end grunt.

    Unfortunately, there wasn't a V8 TB EXT I could drive. Maybe it would do better, but it's also a heavier, larger vehicle than the 4Runner. However, I just wasn't as impressed with the interior, the looks, the reliability record, or a lot of other stuff about the TB in order to make it nearly as appealing as the 4Runner.

    As for the 3rd row seat, I don't really care that it's 'missing'. For me, it would be more of a bug than a feature. I rarely cart more than 2 or 3 people anyway. There's always a minivan if you really need more seating. I do wish the new 4Runner did have a bit more cargo room, though, it seems a little below par for the class.
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    To the person touting the Chevy Trailblazer, I feel sorry for you for buying that GM vehicle instead of a Toyota. I had GM's in the past, will never give them my business again. I've done Ford, same thing there. I've never tried Buick, Chrysler, or Dodge and probably never will except for when I get my Viper ;).

    I just traded in my unreliable Ford on a new 03 SR5 V8 and love the truck so far. I had a 96 Mustang GT that I loved and babied but it sure was not a quality vehicle. Too many little things going wrong, stuff that should never break or wear out were falling appart. The GT only had 57k miles on it when I traded it in.

    Back to the subject.. After having to work for just over three hours on the tradein price, I had to pay sticker which was 29,800 something US. They told me after going up 4k on what they'd give me for my Ford I had no room to work on the price for the 4runner. I expect my new Toyota to last much longer than my last vehicle.

    My brother had a 96 4runner and finally got rid of it after hitting 250,000 miles on the original motor. It was in bad shape, but you think that Chevy will live that long?
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    I feel sorry for you....You feel great and I am happy for you,but, let's talk in a few years and see how you really feel....My motto is "You get what you pay for" or "Pay me now or pay me later". I truly hope that I am wrong about your TB! I just have been there and done that with the Chevy, Ford and Jeep!!
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    It lacks a modern 4WD system. Auto 4WD is a poor excuse compared to the 4Runners Full-Time system. It also lacks the butter smooth V8 of the 4Runner. I absolutely lacks the reliability of a Toyota product.

    Let's see: drivetrain, engine, and reliability vs third row seat. Hmmmmm, which should I choose?
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    I got the vehicle for $200 over invoice or $29,600. It is the Blk Sport, fully loaded... sunroof, running boards, 6 CD changer, rear spoiler, rear audio system..... did not come with 4 wheel drive, however, did some off-road this past weekend in Owens VAlley... no complaints.
    I'm very satisfied with the handling as well as looks to this black and silver colored 4 Runner.
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    Got a 2003 Limited V8, 2wd (my mistake-should have gotten 4WD), 6CD, sunroof, no NAV, for $35,400 after doing research on Edmunds. List was about $37000. 4Runner is great; but after an outing in snow and ice, I should have gotten the 4WD for another $2K. Rear end limited slip works well, but the truck is very capable, despite its prettiness. With 4WD it would do wonders and go anywhere in comfort and style.
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    I live in central N.J. and looking for a good deal on a 2003 4-runner.I am willing to travel 100miles if the deal is right. Please let me know A.S.A.P if anyone has a dealer to work with me.
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    Genemachine1, you could try getting some quotes via our Dealer Price Quotes link once the '03's go live there.

    Meanwhile you can get dealer emails from the toyota.com site and try some of the ideas in Internet vs. Traditional Car Buying before you leave home. Good luck shopping!

    Steve, Host
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    Last week bought a 2003 sport edition 4x2 v6, with black running boards, preferred accessory package for $28,059. I consider this to be a very
    good deal since Edmunds TMV with the accesory package added is $28,471 while cars direct.com pricing is $28,503. Bought it in southern California.
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    I got a 2003 4Runner Sport V8 4WD with these options:

    * Moonroof
    * 6-cd stereo w/ 10 speakers
    * Running boards
    * Rear spoiler
    * Side curtain airbags
    * Garage door opener
    * Silly double-decker cargo thing
    * Floor mats, cargo net, first aid kit

    MSRP: $35,921
    My out-the-door price was $32,652
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     I just came home with a V8 LTD with side and curtain air bags, JBL upgrade, floor mats, sunroof, running lights for 35550, about 600 over invoice. I suspect I might have been able to squeeze a few more hundred out of them, but there was only one unit in stock with the options I wanted and I wanted it this weekend...I think 4000$ under MSRP is pretty fair, and I had a wonderful dealership experience...no tricks or BS, no ad fees, no ADM or prep fees, just a solid deal. Dealer was Luther Toyota, Golden Valley Minnesota.

    So far, awesome in the snow...childs play for this vehicle.
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    Congrats on the LTD V8....By chance is yours 4WD or 2WD? and What color?
  • barbarian71barbarian71 Member Posts: 11
    LTD Black with oak int, 4.7 V8 4X4. Added Moonroof, spoiler, JBL with 6-disc in dash, airbags, and c7 floormat/first-aid/cargo net package. Total price out the door (excluding tax and liscence- 35550. MSRP about 39,900. NOt a bad deal. THis option setup, by the way, seems like the typical setup for the LTD's on the lots in Minnesota
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    Hi, I just purchased a Limited 4 Runner last week. It is a V8 and is totally loaded. The color is Silver w/ grey leather interior.
    So far I am pleased w/ it.(except maybe location of window and lock buttons)
    I did have a 2000 ML320, I liked it but there was something always going wrong w/ it!! I used the Costco program and shaved off about $3,500. After talking w/ all the area dealers that was the best price,they all told me that they don't really deal on the 4 Runner because it sells it self. Oh well I'm just hoping I will get several hundred thousand miles on it!! :)
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    I'm currently driving a '90 4-Runner and happy with how it has lasted. It has 240,000 km (about 140,000 mi) and still starts at -20 without using block heater. I am looking at the '03 4-Runner sport in Jade color. In Canada the dealers have a policy called Access pricing. All the prices are the same for everyone and there is (supposedly) no room for negotiation. Any fellow Canadians out there know a way to beat Access pricing and get a little more of the MSRP.
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    I finally drove home an '03 4Runner Black, LTD 4WD V8. Everything but NAV for $36900 (good deal?). Such an awesome SUV. Thanks everybody for all the information that helped me decide to buy this vehicle.
    I love this vehicle that I even bought a 6/72 Toyota Care plan. I understand that 4Runner really does not need much of extended warranty because of its reliabilty but I intend to keep this for a very long time and ... considering all those gizmos... I may have been traumatized by my two previous SUV's (JGC and Passport) that I traded in after 2 years because they seemed to disintegrate and becoming a money pit as they age.
    I have question here... What is the difference between the 4Runner that, the dealer said, came from Canada and the ones from the US? The dealer said the one's from the Canada are cheaper, thereby they can put on sale. They said that when they obtained this cars from Canada, they automatically become semi-used car? Aren't they suppose to come from the same manufacturing plant? Is it in Japan? Sorry for my lack of knowledge, but I am learning.

  • javie109javie109 Member Posts: 5
    Silly me, I just found out that my question has already been answered in page 258. Thanks anyway.
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    I just got my 4runner Limited V8 4WD with Nav and most options except X-REAS (couldn't find it) for $38,792 - sticker was $41,492. It was tough to find Nav and impossible to find Nav w/ X-REAS suspension in So Cal.

    I couldn't find a 4WD Sport w/Nav anywhere in Cal, even though the Toyota website has that configuration for my zipcode.

    I considered an aftermarket Nav, but was impressed with the quality, integration and ease of use of the Toyota/Lexus Nav. Be sure to check any Nav for coverage in areas you plan to travel. I found the Toyota Nav to cover more remote areas which were not covered by the Magellan 750M or Kenwood.
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    just got a 2003 4runner 4WD, sport v8 model, stratosphere mica blue with the following options:
    sport v8 $29706
    moonroof $720
    convenience package $165
    running boards $276
    alarm $239
    double decker cargo system $80
    spoiler $160
    daytime running lights $32
    alloy wheel locks $37

    msrp 35,000
    paid 31,500
    which is right about invoice price

    did not have much choice in options, all the dealers had the exact same "Option package" for my area
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    I am in the same boat as you were...trying to get rid of my 2000 ML320 and get a 4Runner 4x4 Limited V8...
  • padenpaden Member Posts: 2
    boy did we get lucky today.
    we got a Toyota SR5 4x2 v6 Black for $25,200 out the door, yes that's right including tax license everything!!!!

    it has moon roof, black running boards, preffered package the works. the only thing missing is the Rear spoiler.

    We spent about 10 hours today driving around different dealers and got this deal from Keys Toyota. what a great deal!!!! still can't believe we paid couple grand under invoice, out the door!!!!!
  • lee86lee86 Member Posts: 2
    I live in Tennessee but willing to travel to any adjoing State to locate a dealer that will put me in a "03 4 runner Limited with everything except navigation for $35,700 incl. tax,title,fees. I've seen some post that make those numbers seem possible. Any advice is appreciated, hey "paden" where is Keys Toyota located? How much should taxes, title and fees normally total on this vehicle?
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    Are you talking v8? 4WD? xreas? Funky air shock things? You might be able to get something with one, but not all. Give me more info and I might be able to help.

    I've been looking for an 03 limited as well so I know a little. Of course I still don't have mine, so that should give you an idea of how much salt to apply to my post.

    As for TTL, that totally depends on your state. The out of state places I've called say that I have to pay between $15 and $110 there and then I register at home. Jump on the TN DMV site and see.
  • lee86lee86 Member Posts: 2
    Well, I couldn't wait. I finalized a deal tonight and I'm scheduled to pick it up tommorrow. I settled on a fully loaded limited with everything. (4x4, x-reas, airbags, soundsystem, moonroof, etc.) for $36,262.00 excl. TTL. By the looks of the other posts , this is a decent deal. I haven't accepted the vehicle as of yet so I can still back out but I think I'll stick with it unless I get a better office during business hours tommorrow.
  • bmw323isbmw323is Member Posts: 410
    So how much off MSRP (or over invoice) was your deal?
  • delguydelguy Member Posts: 43
    Is that the v8? I'm also curious what the sticker was. Congrats. I can't wait till I get mine.
  • rokinkrokink Member Posts: 25
    for a V8 Limited, 2WD, side curtain airbags, air suspension, NAV, DRLs, moonroof, mats, and the Southeast add on garbage. That is $1000 over invoice.
  • delguydelguy Member Posts: 43
    Well, I finally got mine.

    v6 limited, xreas, JBL changer, side air, + other minor goodies. Sticker 39.5. Paid: 34.8. Koons (Tyson's)in DC. I had to drive 120 miles each way, but I got the truck I wanted for the price I wanted. Heck this gave them a 3% profit from consumer report's wholesale price even counting $400 dealer cash. Put another way, that's $150 less than Edmund's invoice. On top of that I was able to do the 3.9% for 60 months. Suffice it to say, I'm pretty jazzed w/ my deal. I didn't even have to be a jerk though I did have to stand up for a couple of things and point out one mistake (I believe it was honest) in their numbers.

    In general the experience was good and I would recommend them.
  • pumpixpumpix Member Posts: 1
    Dear ALL,

    I am still negotiating with the dealer for a 4Runner Sports Edition with the following options:

    1. Leather Seats
    2. Sunroof
    3. Running Board
    4. Spolier
    5. Double Decker Cargo Sys
    6. 5 pc Carpet mat

    The final price for the call is $28,769+TTL. Please let me know if it is a good deal or not.

    Thanks a ZILLION!
  • eandyleeeandylee Member Posts: 28
    The invoice prices of Toyota on edmunds doe not include the TDA of $675(Toyota Dealer Advertising fee) that the Toyota Dealers charge you.

    So when a Toyota dealer claims Invoice+X you have to add $675 to the invoice price you see on edmunds.

    Toyota is the only manufacturer does that.

    All other manufacturere's invoice price exactly matched between the invoice price on edmunds and the dealers tell you.
  • vodgutvodgut Member Posts: 162
    Doesn't TDA vary by location? I'm not sure it's $675 everywhere.

    But yes, it is unfortunately not listed in any of the online invoice prices I've seen.
  • eandyleeeandylee Member Posts: 28
    yes, you are right. It varies by location. $675 in Virginia. Anyway, BE AWARE OF IT.
  • mrshenry2002mrshenry2002 Member Posts: 15
    All options except xreas and NAV 34,180.97 plus tax,title & license. Search the net within 75 miles of home...found the exact truck I wanted.
  • slitorslitor Member Posts: 29
    I just got my 03 4runner V8 Sports Edition with the following

    10 spk stereo
    running boards
    garage door opener

    For an out the door price of $31,400

    What do you guys think, is that a good deal?
  • jaredmsdjaredmsd Member Posts: 127
    Just picked up my 4runner which I had to special build order from Japan. I did a build order because I'm in California and was basically told it was impossible to get a 4WD sport w/o moonroof/spoiler/etc/etc and I didn't want to pay for all that crap that I didn't need on my offroading vehicle.

    It took 3 months, but I'm extremely happy.
    I got a '03 4WD V-6 @ $500 over invoice (build orders don't get any cheaper than that)
    I walked out the door $28,991 and absolutely NO OPTIONS (not even the $120 carpet mats, because I ordered aftermarked rubber ones that are far superior).

    For a truck w/ no options, it is pretty much loaded (the sport at least), I can't think of anything I would want added!

  • kings_in_7kings_in_7 Member Posts: 10
    Did anyone get this and what did you pay? I found out after the fact that the truck didn't have its own alarm system and they tried to sell this package...
  • slitorslitor Member Posts: 29
    I got the alarm, but didn't pay the $499 the dealer was asking. It was included in my out the door price.
  • oneptbukoneptbuk Member Posts: 4
    What region are you buying in? I live in Seattle and NO dealers are able to get their hands on a Sport V6 or V8 with the 10 spkr audio system, (or the electrochromatic mirror).

    Just FYI, but I could only get the dealer down to $32,350 for V6 sport:

    running boards
    cargo mat
    leather seats (aftermarket)
    dbl decker cargo

    plus the dealer VIP package...

  • slitorslitor Member Posts: 29
    I live in the Los Angeles region, got the 4runner from a local dealer. You'd be surprise how much under invoice they will go when you mention that another dealer gave you an under invoice price.

    Pit the dealers against each other, and have them give you an out the door price. Drives them crazy but gets you a better deal.
  • rawilliarawillia Member Posts: 4
    Purchased a 2003 4Runner Limited V6 4WD this past Saturday. Options included JBL radio with 6 CD changer in dash, curtain & side airbags, X-REAS suspension, Daytime Running Lights, Power moonroof, carpet/trunk mats, and cigarette lighter/ashtray combo. Price was $34,700 plus dealer fee($299).

    I highly recommend Palmer's Airport Toyota of Mobile,AL and their internet department. I have been checking the port inventories for the Gulf States and Southeast Districts for a while trying to find a V6 LTD in Dorado Gold with moonroof and X-REAS. I finally found two on 04/18 and asked for bids from 2 Mobile and one Pensacola dealers. Palmer's Toyota and the Pensacola dealer responded, I still haven't heard from the other Mobile dealer. Palmer's Toyota beat the Pensacola dealer's price by $1000. Contacted Palmer's Toyota by phone on Saturday 04/19 and put a credit card down payment on the car so that he could mark it as sold and get it sent to Mobile. It was delivered on 04/24 but we couldn't pick it up until the 26th. The price that Palmer's Toyota gave me was for one of the 2 Gold Limiteds but the one that was actually delivered had more options (curtain/side airbags,daytime running lights,ashtray) and I still paid the same price.

    This was one of the best car buying experiences I have ever had, there was no push to get the add on insurances such as GAP or extended warranty.

    If you live in the southeast part of the country I suggest that you check with them on prices
  • jules21jules21 Member Posts: 1
    Purchased a V6 Limited 2WD in North Carolina
    Out the door price: $ 33,800
    ($ 500.00 Below dealer invoice)

    Options included:
    1. Power Moonroof
    2. JBL radio w/ 6 CD changer in dash
    3. Rear spoiler
    4. Carpet/trunk mats
    5. Cargo vinyl mats & cargo liner for rear

    Very happy with this car. It is fast and Fun to drive! And it stops on a dime. The silver titanium color has a beautiful finish. This is a cool car!
  • konradek777konradek777 Member Posts: 5
    I found 4Runner Sport Edition, 4WD, V8, sunroof, side curtain air bags, NAVIGATION!!!!, cloth.
    MSRP $37,000. How much should I offer (they have incentive $750 for sport model
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