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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi! I brought an brand new 06 S model for 2 weeks. but this morning i find out my "service engine soon" light is on. It is about 600 miles. is it normal? or there is something wrong w/ my engine? please help!! :sick:
  • njmedicnjmedic Posts: 18
    Leslie, I've discovered that I get that warning light when I need an oil change. It can also occur when you forget to tighten your gas cap, also, however, so try checking it. If it persists, have the dealer check for computer issues. Good luck!
  • Tkz for your info Njmedic. i did tight my fuel cap again. and the light still on, but this morning, I check the light is automatic off. I hope it is because i did not tight it off. My next question is Is it gonna hurt my car and engine etc.....
  • I already did that, they plugged into the obd 11, and it did not register fault code.
  • timbo4timbo4 Posts: 30
    If your gas cap was loose with the engine running causing the check engine to illuminate the check engine light won't turn off till about 25 cycles of turning the engine on & off. I once left my gas cap off & after about 12 days the check engine light turned off. In fact it turned off the morning that I was going to take it to Nissan for service. It has never come back on. I'm not sure if you can just start & stop the engine or if you have to start it, drive it & then turn it off. Hope this helps.
  • Tkz Timbo4. Now is like 3 days already. my "service engine light" did not turn on anymore. and i pump the gas this morning, I make sure it is "click" 3 times. i hope last time the light was on b/c i did not "click" it right. But anyway, thanks for your experience sharing. :shades:
  • Same thing happened to me with my 03 - they couldn't recreate the problem and finally (after my numerous calls) they had the service tech drive it home. The car died on the highway and they had it towed back to the dealership - needed a new transmission and transfer case.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Why would you have a security system installed when the car comes with one :confuse:

    It is most likely the idiot at Circuit City screwed up his install, and clipped the wrong wire. :sick:
  • B/c my car just come w/ the immobilizer system. It prevent the car won't be stolen. but it won't prevent they come in my car and stole all my stuff. I think the Alarm can do some protection for not letting that happen again. :cry:
  • To All my Murano Friend,
    It is me again!! After the "service engine" happen. the car work fine till Saturday. It is a long story. Some one broke my front passanger side wondow and get inside my car. They stole everything. my protable TomTom Navi, coins, bluetooth handfree etc. First I have to fix my window. Now i got a different brand windows instread of Nissan. (The edge of the window is print other comapny) I just had my car for 3 weeks.
    Then on Sunday Morning I went to Circit city near me to install the alarm and remote starter. Everything work fine and when i got my car back,i realize the "Auto" Climate Control the vent is always running HOT and it set so High. but the Manual work fine. because it is kind of late so i did not really do in to it.
    This mornig when i try to start my remote starter, it had no respond the door won't automatic undoor, the starter is not working even when i put in the key, it won't let me start the car. (It is around 7 am) So i call my office and took a day off and later WALK to circuit city and ask them what happen. They open 10am. So I wait till they first open run into the cars dept. and talk the one of the guy that i talked to yesterday. He said it can't be happen so he told his manager and one fo the installer. they both come w/ me to my house and check what happen. they check my car, it is because of one of the Main fuel burn. So they drove to the Nissan dealer and buy the "Green" Color fuel and plug it in and it start again. So I told them the Climate control problem. They drove my car back to circuit city and double check all my wire and make sure everything is connect correctly. After few hours past, they call em and drove back my car. They said Everythign fix and Nothing wrong w/ the "Auto Cliamte Control" But after the they left, I do the test drive to the gas station, The "Auto" Climate Control still running so High and it is already HOt even through I set it to 65. Can someone help me? Or I have to run my car longer to see it will lower down, but i think before it lower down. I probaby will melt.!!
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    Have they checked the TPS? If I'm not mistaken I read similar problem here.
  • timbo4timbo4 Posts: 30
    Well Leslienation it's sad to see that you left your complicated Murano in the hands of Circuit City. Most employees in these chains have minimal training. Your Murano has a double security system. The first being the anti start system through the chip in your key. The second being the security on unauthorized entry. But when someone breaks your glass I know of few factory or add on systems that protect against broken glass. If items are in plan sight most thieves know to "break & dash".

    I guess a good question is why would one leave valuables in sight in the car? You must take reasonable care of valuables in your car. Good luck fixing your car. Take it to Nissan & send the bill to Circuit City. But don't let the same inexperiance give your Murano any more problems.
  • Tkz. timbo4. Today i went back to circuit city, one of the tech. his parent had the Mo too. Therefore, when i explained to him what happen. he know exactly what i am talking about. He said b/c they did not connect the Interior Tempature Sensor wire that is under the Steer wheel. Now everything fix. I hope i won't need to go back again. :shades:
  • I had the mud flap type gas tank protector installed a couple weeks ago.
    Looks awfull. All three dealers in the Virginia Beach area will only install the mud flap type because thats what the campaign calls for and they are not budging even after numerous calls to Nissan and the Area Specialist. I had it installed because of the liability aspect, some one hurt in the car, was the shield installed and why not when it was available? The dealer will get me a formed metal one for $28.63. If I am correct I thought a poster had installed the metal shield himself? If some one did could he post his experience so I could do that too. The '06 MO have the formed metal so it must be approved. A Nissan dealer in Charlotte NC. sells the metel shield for $14.50 plus $10.00 shipping,so its better if I get it from my local dealer in case I have to return it because the job is too difficult. The mud flap is a "cheap" way to get a awfull looking fix to this problem.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    You need to go back several pages and read forward. There have been several posts about this, including one guy from California, who included a dealer phone number and all the part numbers. :)
  • Do you have remote start with your alarm? If so, does your auto-AC start along with the car when you remote start it? Mines doesn't =( The lights for the AC turns on but no air coming out.
  • Yes. i do have remote starter w/ my alarm. and the Auto AC is working fine when i use remote start. Well!! i think when u first start your car, the AC air is coming from the bottom feet vent. So maybe that is why you don't feel the AC comign out. You might try to feel it under your knee area.
  • See my postings 1584 Oct. 11 & 1589 Oct. 12. It is really simple and easy to install. I would tell you exactly how simple, but the Caveman may be a forum member. Good Luck.

  • I bet you if someone traded in an older Murano to a Nissan dealer with that tank plow, the first thing they would do is switch it out with the contoured one before they tried to resell it. If anyone is ever at a Nissan Dealer, check out the pre-owned Murano and let us know if they had the tank plow or countoured shield. My Dealership plainly lied to me and said they never heard of it.
    Can you give me the part number and dealer who might ship out to San Diego.

  • The factory installed shields on the '06 MOs are the contour ed type, dont show from the side. Those who purchased 03, 04, 05 MOs should be entitled to the no show shields as installed at the factory and not be forced to endure the unsightly mud flap supplied with campaign. The Nissan company shows a lot of disrespect to the mud flap owners who paid from $28000.00 to $35000.oo for a stylish auto only to have it blemished with mud flap shield.
  • Hi All!

    After driving all of the mid-size SUV's, including the new 07 Santa Fe, I fell in love with the Murano. What a machine! It rode nice, was very roomy and comfortable, and was just sweet. Then, I started to read about their problems on different forums. Are these SUVs as bad as I'm reading? Gas tank problems, CVT problems, electrical issues.....It makes me want to run far, far away! If I'm going to buy a car with an upper 30's sticker, it better not have these issues!

    The 07 Santa Fe was nice, but not as polished. But $7000.00 less!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Mark,

    My advice would be not to purchase a Murano. I have a 2004 Murano. I loved my car when I first purchased it. Good looking, drove great had roomy interior. But, at only 26,000 miles with no warning, my transmission went. I took it straight to Nissan. First, they tried to tell me it was my brakes, but I new better. They kept it over night and called the next day to tell me I needed a new transmission. Thank God, it was covered. I then found this sight and learned all about the things wrong with this car. Everyday I drive my car I wondered what will happen next. My transmission still does not run correctly. Even though I love the car, the other problems make me wish I had not purchased the car.

    Good luck with your decision.
    Karen :lemon:
  • ctxctx Posts: 50

    Be smart. :D If you read every other review and every other forum on EVERY OTHER VEHICLE on Edmunds you will dig up problems and issues. Murano is a great vehicle. Do your homework. Go to JD Powers or Consumer Reports, etc. Just because a vehicle has a recall or a complaint on a forum doesn't mean it is a bad one. Forums can be a relatively small sample size. Guess what... I saw similiar comments about my last car.. one that has been on Car and Driver's Best over 10 times.

    Trust me I saw all the comments you did and had no qualms about purchasing the Murano. Good luck with what ever you end up in! :D
  • Mark:
    I have a 2003, had intermittent problems w/ the AWD light coming on inappropriately, then the unit "failed" 6000 miles past warranty. Replaced for $1400 and its' giving grief again but past the parts/labor milage warranty. Yes many other cars have "problems" but consistent issues would give me cause for concern. It's your money, do you want to take chances? I've owned many cars over the last 25 years, 3 of those Nissan/Datsun. One was horrible, one great and this one questionable at best. We're looking at new vehicles of this type, the Murano isn't one of them. Good luck. :confuse: :sick:
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Mark, like all Internet forums, and especially enthusiasts ones, things here are magnified, blown up out all all proportion and some people are extremely picky. ;)

    There are documented problems with the Murano's tyranny, early on, that wasn't really the transmission, but a controller part, I believe, a couple of years back, and an issue with the alternator. I was one who had the alternator problem on my 2004. It was out of warranty, and Nissan, since they knew of the problem, replaced it at no charge. Even though I had the extended warranty.

    But what vehicle can claim absolutely no problems, ever, for any buyer? I had the problem, Nissan took care of it in one day, and that was that. Will you read horror stories from some users? Heck yeah. Some had to pay for out-of-warranty repairs, but again, what car can claim no one ever did. Were some of the problems you read about in forums the fault of the driver, sure. Are there so many documented problems, compared to the total number sold, to be concerned about? No.

    I am now on my second Murano, a beautiful 2007 Chardonnay SE AWD with Late interior leather. Outside of that one problem, I have never had another. :)
  • I have the same problem since using a plantronics bluetooth headset charger. Anyone have any suggestions...please? I tried replacing the fuse and everything is still dead. :cry:
  • I've got an '04 murano SL. I'm sure it's been answered here before, but does anyone know how to reset the maintenance reminders(oil change, tire rotation) that pop up on the display screen after 3750 miles and7k every time you turn on the car. I'm out of warranty and probably won't be going back to dealerships for routine maintenance. Having to schedule weeks in advance for a freakin' oil change is too much of a hassle. Wherever I find to do it may know how to reset, but just in case they don't, I'd like to know how.
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Here's what you do to reset that light:

    Turn off the engine.
    Press and hold the select/reset button in the instrument panel, then turn the ignition switch ON (Position II).
    Hold the button for at least 10 seconds, until the indicator resets.
  • Well, I was a little premature a few months ago thinking that I had finally had the last big problems with my car.

    1. Had a service the other week, mentioned to them there was a slight droaning/rumbling sound coming from the front wheels/axle. I got the usual 'Customer states....Could not duplicate' reponse. Fair enough, I had new tyres and an alignment done, I thought that might have solved it. I then went on a 2,000 mile roundtrip down south for work, over which period of time it got a LOT worse. So I took it in again today, expecting the worst. I was expecting a 'Well, we found the noise, but you'll need a new xxxx' (fill in with something expensive).

    The bearings on the front left wheel need replacing. And possibly the front right, but they can't tell for sure until they've replaced the left side and listened to it again. Now, ok, I've put 73,000 miles on it in 26 months (less approximately 6 weeks its been in the shop, on and off), but still, I wouldn't have expected the bearings to go already? I asked the service tech if he has encountered many others that have had this, but he said this was the first Murano that he's ever had to replace the bearings on. Anyone else out there needed this work, or just lucky old me?!

    2. When I went outside with the service tech to my car, I noticed (as I always do now, :( damn recall) and commented on how unbelievably ugly the tank 'protector' was that he had put on a couple of weeks ago. He laughed, agreed, and said 'yeah, I don't know what Nissan were thinking when they came up with that one'. I'm thinking of just taking it off again, either that, or waiting until the first proper snowfall of the year and watching the pathetically lame flimsy thing get left behind in my rear view mirror as it gets ripped off.

    3. The power outlet issue - I had the same thing last year, I think I just had a dodgy charger which kept shorting the fuse, it got so bad that I bought a pack of fuses, and every few days I would have to replace them. However, the you need to work out which of the fuses have blown. There are 3 if I remember correctly for the outlets. One I think was labelled as the cig lighter, there is the one in the trunk, and the other outlet. Sometimes they would all blow, sometimes just one. It was bizarre. Anyway, just change them all, and I'm sure it'll work again....I bought a new charger, seems fine since.

    PS I think I was quoted something around $450 ish for the bearings, just for if anyone cares?! lol
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