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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • I just leased a 2006 Murano S AWD. It has a roof rack with cross beems. I quickly noticed that at about 40 MPH and faster there was an unacceptable amount of wind noice around the roofline - it almost sounds like an slightly opened sunroof - which I don't have. I took it to the dealer and of course they said it was the position of the antenna on the roof. After I laughed, they took it for a test drive and agreed about the roof - wind noise.

    I then removed the 2 cross beams and the wind noise has been reduced by about 80%. I also have Goodyear Tires which create in my opinion eccessive road noise.

    Am I just over sensative or has anyone had the same issues? I just turned in a Ford Freestyle Xover and other than an underpowered V6, that thing was very very quiet!What softer tires should I put on this vehicle as well?
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Cross beams on roof racks cause noise. My Pathfinder did the same until I slid the cross pieces all the way to the back of the track where the driver can hardly hear them whining. The earlier Muranos (I have an 03) did not have cross beams, only side pieces and there is no roof noise, but front tranny and motor are definitely louder in the cabin than "luxury" cars like Audi or BMW.
    On tires: there are not a whole lot of choices out there. My tire dealer states that a year from now, there may be more brands for Murano, such as Cooper, which has been great on the Pathfinder, made in USA.The original equipment Goodyears are going to need replacing for me at about 30,000, but I see posts on TIRE RACK that they have served 50,000 for others. We drive curvy mountain roads with rough asphalt, not straight-ahead freeways 80% of the time. I think they are poor in snow, have worn quickly and are noisy, but the Murano with FWD/AWD has a lot of front end cabin noise no matter what. I noticed that moving from the quiet but totally unreliable 01 Audi A6 to Murano. Tires will make some difference, but not fix it completely.
    Michelin has an excellent and expensive tire called Cross Terrain SUV All Season with a wear rating of 8.1, a noise of 8.6 and 8/10 buyers would "Probably" buy it again. Tires list for $167 each, add mounting and pressure stems...try 180 x 4! Pirelli makes the Scorpion Ice and Snow which is not that aggressive a tread that it can't be used for daily driving...wear 8.5, noise 8.3, would buy again "definitely" 9/10 buyers. ($155 plus misc = 170 x 4) I doubt, even though they are cheaper, that I will buy Goodyears. Drive the Goodyears till they need replacing, then check. There may well be many more choices as this 235/65TR18 size becomes more widespread in use. John B
  • mritermriter Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Murano AWD SL with 45k miles. Today without warning it started dying on me when I put it into gear. It was towed to the dealership, the torque converter was froze and the transmission is trashed. It's covered under the power train warranty and Hummel's Nissan in Des Moines is taking great care of me. I'm posting to see if others have had the same problem or if this is a fluke.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    Did they check the TPS before deciding it's the transmission?
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    I don't know much about all this, but I've followed enough to know a lot of people have TPS problems. My quetion is this though....if at 45,000 miles the dealership is willing to put in a new trans, wouldn't you take it, even if the real problem is the TPS??? In the process would the TPS get replaced as well?
  • mritermriter Posts: 2
    I'm don't know what TPS is. I spoke to the dealership today and he said once the torque converter freezes up both it and the transmission have to be replaced. He did tell me that they have seem only seen this happen a few times. I'm concerend about it happening again after the warranty is expired.
  • Thanks for the information. Sounds like you know of what you speak in terms of the roof rack and cabin noise.

    I can't believe designers don't or can't figure these things out ahead of time in testing.

    As far as tires, I only have about 500 miles on the car and am goign to contact the dealer to see if I can get them's worth a try.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    If they replace the trans and discover the fault was TPS right after, they will surely replace it...otherwise, once you drive your car and got the same problem, you'll ralize they change the wrong part. I believe that the bigger repair that the dealership does, the more money they can make..either from you or the car manufacturer.
  • homeounerhomeouner Posts: 145
    I ordered the metal protector Nov. 12 06. The first order was rejected, and a special order resent. The part arrived at Victory Nissan on Jan. 7 07. The parts dept. kept following up on the order till it arrived. The installation was very easy, two bolts and one push in fastener. The wraparound protector will be an effective protector and not be noticed. It cost me $28.00.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Good going! The metal shield is worth fighting for and you have a great dealer to go to bat for you...$28.00. For others with the Hang Down Plastic, you can check my post #1599 in which the part numbers are listed. Homeouner's experience proves the metal contour shields exist. John B
  • After setting our eyes on the Murano for 1 1/2 years, we finally made the purchase on a 07 Murano. This is my wife's car; however, she has been commenting that the engine seems sluggish, or more like something is holding it back when letting the foot off the accelerator. After driving it, I felt that when letting off on the accelerator (in the speed about 25-30 mph) and just to let the car to coast a little, the engine power gets cut back, which felt like a breaking has been applied to the engine itself to prevent the car from coasting. Because of this "breaking", even during normal local driving, it made the ride and the car feels heavy. When approaching the red light, she sometime fears that the car slows down too fast (even before applying the breaks) and the car behind it can’t stop on time. Is this how CVT should feel like? We had took the car back to the dealership and test drove another new Murano, it feels the acceleration and deceleration on that Murano is a lot smoother, which made the ride feels lighter on its wheels (doesn't have much of the engine breaking feeling).
    When we test drove the car there was a bouncy feeling (like driving on a unsmooth surface), the dealership said the car has been sitting there for a little while and it formed a flat surface on the tires, but after couple thousands of miles it should go away. Has anyone experience it?
    Finally, rattling or vibrating noise in the trunk area which can be heard better in the slower speed (without the road noise), any ideas?
  • Hello:

    Thanks for all the help. After about two months of complaining to my local dealership (Maine Mall (Berlin City) Nissan) and finally giving them the part number, after contacting their regional service manager they were able to locate the new metal shield and install it for me at no charge on my 2003 Murano. It looks much better and I hope it improved my gas mileage.

    I was told that this part was sent special to them by the service manager and was not available for them to order directly. I was later told that it is the same part used on the 2007 Murano so I am not sure what to believe.

    On a secondary note, my winter mileage around town is between 15 and 17 MPG, it is only slightly better in the summer. I am very light on the gas and watch the gas use meter as I dive to try to maintain the best mileage possible. I have complained about this to the dealer and as usual I am told it is within normal parameters.

    I maintain the car regularly have changed all filters and use nothing but premium fuel. I only have 25,000 mile on the car and bought it new in August 2003.

    I have asked other Murano owners what their mileage is and I always get a higher number then what I seem to see on my own. Mileage however, like other things, is something that people tend to lie about so I am not sure what to believe.
    Any idea what should be looked at to improve this mileage?

  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Headed into year #3 with the 03 Murano. Live in mountains,do a lot of uphill/downhill at 3,500 - 4,000 feet. Rarely any load in car other than wife-kid. Avg 18 under these circumstances, with tires at 33 psi. Reg fuel. Premium will not improve numbers..don't waste $. Flat sea-level 55-65 mpg gets 21, rarely 22. I think that's going to be it...can't goose it anymore. The Murano is rather big and heavy. Hyundai/Kia Santa Fe models which are copycats get 15/18. John B
  • I have a 2003 AWD w/ about 86000 miles. On avg. I get 18-20 mix city and Hwy, open road 60 mph++ 22-24 on med grade, otherwise too much ping. I'm at 3500 feet in central OR. 2 things that might help are 1) bring tire press up to 36 COLD using a dial-NOT a stem gauge. Stem gauge will give you 3 diff. pressures 3 diff. time on the same tire. I got this idea from retire master mech. at Nissan before he retired. 33# gives it a cushy ride, 36 firmer and better on tight corners. No noticeable change in tire wear. Remember the Explorer debacle w/ tire failure set at lo press. to attain nice ride. Many hi speed blowouts occured because the tires got hot. 2) Look into using a airhog airfilter by Fram, this is reusable, you clean in and treat it every so often when it get soiled. Easy to use. The filter has deeper pleats so the engine gets more air.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    You're MPG is not too far from reality.
  • homeounerhomeouner Posts: 145
    Hi, maineguy, The formed metal tank protector was factory installed on the '06 murano's and also on the '07 models. The stud holding the shield in the center could have been installed when the mud flap style was installed on my MO. The rear most fastener uses the hex cap screw holding a plastic angle at the rocker panel in front of the rear wheel. The push on is into an existing hole in the floor pan. A nice design.

    hi, mainguy
  • honodohonodo Posts: 1
    WOW the same thing just happened to me, we went on a Vermont road trip from NYC and as luck would have it the car just stopped moving on the first mountain encountoured. The engine was still running but the wheels just would not move, something you do not expect on a 2005 SL with 13500 miles on it. We got the car towed to Miller Nissan in New Hampshire (they really did not help ease my emergency, but i can say Enterprise rent-a-car did).The car has been in for a day and they are saying "we never have seen this before" and now we are waiting for Nissan Co to identify and confirm the fix. I hope Nissan pays for the rental because my car is 240 miles from me.
  • homeounerhomeouner Posts: 145
    Hi, easym1 The metal form fitting fuel tank protector # that fit my '04 M is # A-7285 CC 25A Homeouner
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    I am no expert, but I have been there with my own TPS failure (properly diagnosed and fixed fast and free in 04) and read these posts and believe that the Throttle Position Sensor...the "no metal connection" to the gas gooser...all "by wire" sure sounds like the problem. If so, it has not been "fixed" over these years, or as electronics do, fails occasionally. If you turned your ignition off, waited two minutes and tried to go again, did it function properly? That is 80% of the time what a TPS failure does. JB
  • rpdrpdrpdrpd Posts: 36
    The dealer let me take an 07 SL AWD for the day yesterday; I noticed the same thing as you when I took my foot off the gas. Its as if the vehicle is coming to a complete stop rather quickly - "sudden deceleration". I asked someone I work with who has a 2-month old 07 AWD and she said the same thing happens to her. She loves her Murano, BTW.

    My non-mechanical brain tells me its the CVT and just something to get used to.

    Anyone else?
  • timbo4timbo4 Posts: 30
    Yes you are right about getting used to the CVT. When I got our 2003 I had a hard time getting used to the deceleration when coming up to a light. When the car dedelerated to less than 10 mph the CVT let loose & it seemed like the car would lunge requiring more braking. I noticed it for about 6 months until I anticipated the lunge. Now I don't notice it at all.
  • Thank you for your replies. I think you guys are right, it does need some getting-use-to for the CVT. As I've mentioned, this is my wife's car, but I had a chance to drive it last Friday, and it felt the car is running smoother, or as the way it should run. Most importantly, my wife felt the same way that the car is "coasting" better after letting off the gas. Maybe...we are just getting use to the CVT.
  • This power outlet thing had me baffled until I read your post (as well as a few others). I had already checked the one fuse I thought covered all 3 outlets and nothing. I didn't realize there were multiple fuses for the different power outlets (reading is fundamental). I checked a few more fuses and ding ding ding ding ding. OK so I now have power for my cell phone charger but I am worried about being prepared for the future. Apparently this is a known ongoing issue that I can expect to re occur. There are a couple spare fuses in the fuse box but I asked the dealer to just sell me a few spare fuses and they don't carry them in stock and we'll have to order them! Huh! Well, anyway you mentioned buying a pack of fuses. Did you get them from the dealer or through an auto parts store? And is there any difference "genuine nissan quality replacement fuses" and Wally World fuses?

    Thanks for the post(s). You all just saved me the expense of a service visit to dealer
  • homeounerhomeouner Posts: 145
    The CVT is very smooth and seamless when on the acceleration phase, but on the slow down several jerks or lunges happen much more than the 3-4 or 5 speed trans. on most auto in the recent 10 to 15 years. The slow down is a real minus to this trans. The trans seems to be reliable but the control systems are reported to be troublesome. I hope the aftermarket suppliers are able to repair or replace the units at a more reasonable price than the dealers after all the warrantees have expired.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Murano 03 with 30K, only problem TPS failure at 7K, recognized and fixed ASAP. Otherwise, fine. 18 city, 23 highway. I am reading the posts on slow-downs, including the post that reads "as if the vehicle is coming to a complete stop." I must comment that our Murano and our 01 Pathfinder, with entirely different transmission engineering, drive exactly the same, and I have tried to duplicate these "slow down" situations, but cannot. Our CVT is seamless on the accelerate and on the decelerate phase. The variability does trouble me.I would appreciate someone commenting on whether this is a new thing with 06-07 CVTs which might be due to "tinkering" to prevent previous failures of 01,02 and 03s, or different driver "perceptions". Any comments from the pros out there? John B
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    Has anyone replaced their regular tail lights to the new LED lights for our Murano?
  • timbo4timbo4 Posts: 30
    Back awhile in this thread I think someone tried installing the LED tail lights & they didn't work properly. Seems they have a different power requirement as they were very dim. I never saw another post on the subject & it was never reported that the problem was ever resolved.
  • timbo4timbo4 Posts: 30
    Anyone had any problems with their sun roof. Opened mine today & it would not shut. It went back & forth, motor sounds ok, no binding. Got it almost closed but it stops about 4 inches short of closed. Air dam isn't binding. This Murano is nickel & diming me to death.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    Thanks you very much. I'm hoping that at this point in time, someone was able to figure out the installation.
  • timbo4timbo4 Posts: 30
    OK I'll answer this post myself. Found service bulletin which cleared the problem. To reset sun roof memory all that is needed is to hold a sequence with the control buttons. Go to for help. This siye has helped me fix not only this sun roof problem but also problem with the drivers door locking without locking the car.
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