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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • Timbo, My MO s drivers door only locks by it self. I cannot get through to the details to fix it as per the web site given in your post. Is there a simpler site to reach these details. Thanks, Homeouner
  • timbo4timbo4 Posts: 30
    The service bulletin number is 05102a. The service bulletin gives you the part needed but doesn't give you installation instructions. The part costs about $130.00 & it is composed of the entire locking mechanism, including the auto lock actuator. I installed it myself in about an hour & it requires the removal of the inner door panel. This gives you access to the access plate which is held in place by about 8 bolts. You must also remove the window which was easier than I thought.

    I haven't had the door ininadvertently lock on me since I installed the new part. The part has the "Renault" name on it. No wonder it failed. Not a Frenchy fan. Good luck.

    If you have it replaced by Nissan please let me know how much they charge for labor to install this part. Link below will get you to the service bulletins. Any problems feel free to e-mail me.
  • timbo4timbo4 Posts: 30
    I read your post over & I mis-understood your question. I think you wanted to know how to fix it. I couldn't find instructions either but there is another chat room that is monitored by nissan techs (see link below). You can post a question on how to install the part & I have seen the techs post illustrations & instructions from their technical manuals. Hope this helps.
  • timbo4timbo4 Posts: 30
    Went to get gas this morning & found that I too have joined all the others who have not been able to open the fuel access door. Got access to the locking actuator by removing a bolt from the interior lining & then pulling the fabric & plastic liners back about 10 inches. The actuator is white & to unlock pull the pin (white pencil like pin) towards the back & the door is unlocked.

    Checked Nissan parts & they want $85.00 for it. My fix is to unplug the actuator & keep it disabled for good. Glad this happened near home. I am going on a 9 hr trip on Saturday so this fix will prevent it from ever happening again.

    This problem seems to be happening alot. Nissan should step up & fix it. My model is a 2003.
  • I am sick and tired of accidently pressing the panic button on my keyless entry. Does anyone know how to disable it?
    I appreciate your help.
  • I was thinking of replacing mine, but when you go to the Nissan site, they specifically warn that they cannot be used to replace conventional tail lights in the older Muranos
  • I had this problem too! Just spray a little WD 40 on the pin and it will continue to work just fine. It tends to get stuck when the weather is real cold. Also, if you keep locking/unlocking the doors, it will eventually unlock. I was forced to do this the first time it happened because I could not make it home without some gas
  • I had this happen to me as well. There is a Nissan service bulletin on this. I mentioned it to the dealer who previously accused me of unintentionally locking the doors. They saw the bulletin and fixed it under warrenty. Also, go to Wamart and get a thin key made for 89 cents to carry in your wallet. It will not have the "chip", so it can not be used to start the car, but it will let you unlock the car.
  • The Murano has accelerometer sensors in it that detect deaccleration. If your going down a steep hill, you might notice that, as you take your foot off the gas, the engine RPMs go up to prevent the car from accelerating. This is more pronounced if you have the cruise control on. This is akin to downshifting. Regular automatics will allow the car to coast and not downshift to slow the car. As the Murano slows to around 5-10 mph, the accelerometer is no longer functioning, hence the perceived change in slowing down (the car is coasting rather than downshifting). It's easy to get used to and nothing to worry about. The sensors are high tech. Put your Murano in L (low), step on the gas, and acclerate to 80 mph. The engine will never over-rev, but you will get up to 80 in the low setting with the engine constantly churning 6500 rpm. Try this in a conventional automatic, and speed will be limited by the engine governer.
  • I purchased the shop manual on CD rather than the print version because it's cheaper, and the print version is almost 5000 pages long. It's a nifty thing to have if you do stuff yourself. I just like reading it for all the techno stuff, which is really cool.
  • I think the engine coolent thermostat is stuck open on my 04 MO W/ 40500 miles. Heater takes forever to get warm. Has anyone out there had this problem?
  • kst2kst2 Posts: 2
    I too have the noise when making a moving right hand turn on my 2003 SE Murano. Have you had any luck finding out what it is? The dealer had the car for 2 days and couldn't recreate it. It doesn't happen all the time with me either, which makes it hard to pinpoint to a mechanic. I'm hoping my local mechanic will be able to find it, but was looking for more information.
    Any information would be most helpful.
    Thanks so much,
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    Forgive my ignorance....but how often should I rotate the tires? I do about 70% around town and maybe 30% highway. I got my first oil change a little late, around 4800 miles. I just realized that I didn't ask them to rotate the tires (and they didn't suggest it). I am thinking it is time...Is it time? How much should a dealership charge me? I may take it Just Tires or somewhere I know will be quick. I did notice the maintenance bars were both reset to zero. Is it automatic that both the oil and tire bars get reset at the same time?
  • The Murano takes awhile to warm up (for me, about 5-8 min of driving) before the automatic heater kicks into full blast. The heaters on Muranos never get that hot, so it takes awhile to get the inside really warm (up to 25 min on a cold subzero day). Thats the advantage of having heated seats. Conversly, the air never gets that cold. It seems that when they put in the HVAC, it was underpowered from the get go.
  • Rotate the tires at 7500, oil change at 3500. Each reminder has to be reset separately (and manually. When they changed your oil, the mechanic probably set both to zero when he was trying to figure it out. Also, you can set the miles for each separately to alert you when you need service. If you have an NTB around, they rotate tires for free. If you go to Nissan, its about 60-75 dollars, since they claim that the tires need to be balanced after a rotation, which of course is just pure bull!
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    I do have an NTB, right by "my" mall!! Looked on their site and they don't advertise free rotation...I'd almost feel guilty getting it free when I've never even been there before. They do have a coupon on the site, for 19.99 you get tire rotation, high speed spin balance and alignment check. I figured 19.99 would be the going rate, but I also believe I do not need balancing every time, so I'd take the free rotation if they really offer it. I am in South Jersey, I wonder if it varies by store. Thanks for the tip!
  • pf2001pf2001 Posts: 110
    Hi all,
    I was wondering what is the going rate for back brakes on the Mo? Mine are getting kind of low and I received a quote for $176 total(taxes, labor, and install). Is this reasonable?

  • Whoever does the brakes make sure the quote includes Nissan shoes. There MAY be a problem with non-branded shoes squealing or other obnoxious behavior such as pulling. This action occurs with non-branded Toyota pads/shoes.
  • I think the free tire rotation is chain wide. Maybe you should call them or stop by. I was surprised the first time I went in for a rotation and got the bill for 0 dollars and 0 cents even though I had not bought tires from them before. My guess is they offer free services on the chance that you might buy something there. Unless your tires are out of balance, I'd just go for the tire rotation. They will also check your alignment for free. The last time I was there, it was out of alignment, so I had them align the tires, so eventually they did make money off me.
  • Uggghh,

    After answering the question on the fuel door, now mine is sticking again. From the manual, it seems like its either the relay (located in the cabin by the brake pedal), or the actuator which is the locking mechanism. Seems simple to test, I'll have to do it this weekend if I get a chance.
  • My 2003 Murano has 36,000 km and has been great up until last December. Then it started to sound very rough when the engine was under load, going uphill, or accelerating. Car still accelerated properly. When stopped at the traffic lights there was a slight vibration in the gas pedal. Could also feel it in the seat.

    Took car to Nissan dealer who said "no engine codes". Claimed it was the fan belts. Replaced the fan belts. Called to say that all engine fluids needed replacement. Replaced everything. Charged me $1005.

    My son picked the car up and it was sounding almost the same as when it went in when he brought it home. I waited 3 days before I could not stand it anymore. Car felt like a 15 year old car. I had a J30 with the same engine which my son now drives and it feels much better. Took it back to the dealer who test drove it and said it was now 3 years old and I should expect it to start sounding rough.

    Is this what a 3 year old Murano should feel like. I have read all of the posts and have not seen anybody with teh same symptoms. I have read the TPS but it has different symptoms. Anybody got any suggestions,
  • pf2001pf2001 Posts: 110
    I was thinking of purchasing the oem brake pads via the web and then take them to a shop to have the brakes changed. Does anyone know of a site that sells oem brake pads for the Mo?

  • I just bought a 2003 SL Murano and I too have the same noise problem when making a right hand turn. The previous owner had taken the vehicle to the dealership several times and each time they replaced something such as Strut and other steering components but still haven't been able to figure our what exactly causes it. I am thinking of taking it to another mechanic but not sure if he will be able to pick it up. Did you have any luck on finding a solution. I would greatly appreciate if you could advise me.
  • I don't have an answer to this one but you might want to contact Car Talk (Click and Clack) on NPR. These types of questions are right up their alley. Call 1-888-227-8255 and see what happens. This is an on the air program so they will call you back, if they do decide to work on a solution, usually mid-week. Shows are broadcast on weekends on Public Radio. You could also access their web site, Car Talk-google search for address, and see if there is a solution there. :shades:
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    Gotta say I am very impressed with this vehicle for the 3+ weeks I've had it. I topped off the tank after the first 100 miles, drove it another 250 miles, checked with a calculator (miles/fuel purchased), and happily got 20.3 mpg 95% around town. The trip computer was only .4 mpg optimistic (commendable).
    In spite of a slightly nervous ride over rough patches in the road, it is otherwise a delightfully smooth and quiet vehicle. Edmunds seems to hate the CVT but I find it smooth "as butta" and perfectly responsive.
    I'm a little concerned that the salesman/dealer stressed I keep to the 3 month oil changes. Is Nissan having engine sludge issues? I had a 2000 Toyota and remember well the commotion. (Never quite sure how that turned out, whether there was truth to it or not, and didn't keep the car long enough for it to matter.) A few years ago Consumer Reports did a report on vehicle oil changes and suggested 3k/3mo oil changes were wasteful and unnecessary.
    Love the car and plan to stick to the book, but just wondering why I got 3 reminders from the salesman to keep the oil changed. :)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    but just wondering why I got 3 reminders from the salesman to keep the oil changed.

    Perhaps it's just a courtesy and he keeps forgetting he already told you? ;)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I'd probably do a 3000/3 month cycle especially if you do a lot of stop and go driving or drive in a dirty/dusty environment such as country or desert. Stick with major brand oil change places, don't have to use Nissan. Change your filter with each change of oil. I have an 03 with 84000 miles and no oil usage.
  • ljetteljette Posts: 19
    I get my oil and filter changed every 3000 miles.The dealerdhip will do it for free for the life of my car,as I bought it new,there.Check into to it.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    2005 Murano, 27K, wife car, school, shops, short trips..but at 5000 feet High Sierra with many snow days. Perfect except for TPS 7K diagnosed thanks to this site's advice, under warranty. City 19mpg, flat land highway 23, regardless of octane.
    Turning noise: a thought..sometimes on a hard tight turn an inside edge, usually rear, of tire, rubs against wheelwell housing. Have it with 01 Pathfinder because I put slightly larger tires on it, but can also happen with MO if underinflated and car is loaded. Just a thought...
    Rough idling: no excuses...engines should be smooth and quiet. Try adding fuel-injector cleaner to tank when it is just 1/2 full. Also, for that one half tank, go with the highest octane. If that solves it, add the injector cleaner at EVERY oil change and use the lower octane..which at 500 feet, is, definitely, not as smooth, at least for mine. Oil Change: 3,500 to 4,000 with new filter is probably adequate for city or towing. Cheapest way to avoid expensive engine fixes. I have used Oil Can Henry, Jiffy Lube and Lube Express as well as dealer at 5K, 15K and 25K and have never had a problem. Caveat: before you drive away, check the dip stick to be sure they remembered to add oil. That little detail can ruin your day. I have been there with a Chevy dealer.
    CVT: they work, are smooth and are becoming common transmissions for Nissan as well as other major brands. NEVER EVER let anyone "add" regular Automatic Trans Fluid to your Murano. It needs special Nissan CVT stuff at your dealer (every 30K).
    Tire rotation: 7,500 is a good number. This service is really necessary, as the front tires will wear faster, since they are the basic pulling power for MO. Tire stores charge nothing or very little, as they value you as a future customer. Once you purchase tires there, all rotations should be free. Balancing every 7.5 is not necessary at rotation, unless you have steering wheel vibrations. Balance and alignment if free, is great; otherwise do it when you buy new tires.
    Thanks to all who contribute to info on this saved me on the TPS back in 2005, and helped get the famous tank shield which was a fun experience in corporate politics, and I got the metal version. All in all, MO is a neat vehicle...complicated and smarter than most of the dealers who "fix" it...or try to. John B...Twain Harte, CA
  • i have been on this board since the very begining, and some of you may recognize my name.

    this post is to warn everyone that they purchase the factory warranty at their own risk.

    today, i brought in my 03 murano w/ 36,000miles since the brakepedal no longer went back and forth (up and down). just the accel works.

    i have a nissan 10 year 70,000 plus gold zero deductible plan which clearly covers this component.

    dealer says the repair not covered per plugging in the part number. you can look at another thread on this board, apparantely this is not an abberation or an isolated event.

    the repair however is clearly covered. a call to nissan elicited that even if the part is not mentioned in as an excluded repair, it can still be excluded. this is scary stuff since in the end, if nissan doesn't want to cover the repair, you are stuck. since in my state a service contract is governed by strict laws, will refer this problem to the appropriate agency and also to the attorney general's office.

    it will be repaired.

    but beware, nissan is not honorable.
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