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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • The defrost was on full, believe me. I assume your wipers came back the next day? I need to try to isolate the cause-
    there is something specific that trips the breaker. Any Murano experts out there?
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    It happened to my friend and I when we were out in her Lincoln. They were fine when we went in to eat at TGI Friday's and wouldn't work when we came out. THey didn't seem frozen, didn't seem like the motor was even trying. They came back on about 10 minutes later, when we were almost home...This was at about 34 degrees. Never figured it out. It was sleeting all day here that day. Point it, is may not be a Murano thing at all. Mine were fine.
  • mmmsmmms Posts: 25
    :( Well, with my "04 it was the door locks, locking themselves, now with the '07, it's the windows opening themselves when the vehicle is parked. Anyone else have an incident with the '07's doing this.

    By the way, anyone know of any service bulletins on this?
  • fhrabetinfhrabetin Posts: 34
    I don't know what type of device you have for opening your car but with my 03 I had the same situation until I realized loose change in my pocket was hitting probably the open button for a period of time causing all the windows to open, verified by the owners manual. Look at your situation and manual and see if a similar situation could be occurring.
  • homeounerhomeouner Posts: 145
    A few weewks ago a poster had comments about how worthless the Nissan extended warrentee was. I called the Hall Nissan dealer where I purchasrd the car new W/ an extended warrentee till 70,000 miles. My 'o4 now MO now has 43,000 miles. I suspected the thermostat was hanging open as the initial warn up was taking too long. The thrmo. & its housing are listed in the parts included in the extended warrentee. Hall told me that there in a $116.00 diagnastic charge to check the thermo. If it is truly defective the diag. cost will be covered along W/ the threm. replacement. If not found defective I pay the cost of the diagnostic charge. Should not the diag. test be charged to the extended plan and paid for by them. When purchasing the car and extended plan they told me that 3rd. party plans would not be accepted for repaires as well as the company plan. What are you posters experiences W/ similiar events. I will comfront thoes people soon about a fraud or my misunderstanding of the plan.
  • mmmsmmms Posts: 25
    I appreciate the reply. I had thought of that also. I do not have anything else in the pocket that I carry the Intelligent key, in. I also called Nissan to see if the "key" had any window function. According to them, it doesn't.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    This happens to me twice already in the past and I don't carry loose change or anything else where I put my keys. It's either on my right pants pocket ot my right jacket's pocket and the keys are loose inside both places. I got no idea how it can happen.
  • I had the same thing happen to me twice. I have a brand new 07 murano SL with 250 miles. I understand that there's a bulletin on it NTB03033, or something similar. has the dealer done anything for you?
  • mmmsmmms Posts: 25
    As a matter of fact, I took my vehicle to the dealer yesterday. I was going to leave it, but as I talked to the service writer, we discovered that the problem may lie with the key fob. If the right sequence occurs, and if the unlock button is held for 3 seconds more after unlock, the two front windows will open. This operation is buried in the owners manual, I had to look hard, but it is in the key section. I had the key fob in my right front jacket pocket with 2 keys attached. I removed the keys and the fob is the only thing I carry in that pocket. I am going to see if that indeed was the culprit.
  • pf2001pf2001 Posts: 110
    This is true. If you hold down the unlock button for 3 seconds, the front two windows go down. I do this in the summer time on my 04 Mo to let the heat out. Hope this helps.
  • first of all, even with high milage, you should expect that certain things last. you have had a lot of repairs. i have driven all my last cars over 100,000 miles and never had so many problems and repairs. i believe that there are a lot of muranos out there with wheel bearing which will be a problem. mine with 36,000 miles is making a weird noise which, clearly is coming from the front end. bearing? who know, but i am not running back until it gets really bad and needs to be repaired.
  • fhrabetinfhrabetin Posts: 34
    I'm writing this message while awaiting delivery of 4 new Michelin's for my 03 Murano SE. I am thinking that if I had it do do over again I would not have gotten a Murano or an AWD vehicle. First a piece of the AWD transmission went out for $1600, the rear brakes recent replacement for $400+. I just had the studs removed 3 weeks ago and picked up a screw but ran the car at low speed 1-2 blocks and have excessive sidewall damage and so needs to be replaced. BUT, because I have good but NOT great tread on the other 3 I have to get 4 new tires-hence Michelin's as they have better sidewall. This is the second time buying a new set in 2-3 years, total cost ~ $1300. It's like the tires are magnets for screws and nails or is it just bad Karma? I usually didn't have to do anything before this except new tires every 45000 miles or so unless I had over 1,000,000 miles on a care/truck. This car is much more expensive to operate. Keep it on big city roads and you'll probably be ok, otherwise it seems like you take your chances. You pay for a very comfortable ride. :confuse:
  • I got over 57000 miles out of my first set of goodyears on my 03 SL. I haven't had any problems with my car except a few squeaks and the recalls...I feel lucky after reading all this stuff here.
  • My hatch handle was sticking also. Shine a flashlight in where the handle is and on top you'll see a spring in the center. It might be all rusty. Mine was, just spray WD-40 on it. Soak it and work it, it'll start working properly again.
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Murano Folks: Got 4 Michelin tires to match Murano measurements to replace Goodyear Originals which got 29,000 and were pretty bald at the end. $850 total with disposal, balancing, tax and cost. This tire is "supposed" to get 40,000 but here in the High Sierra, with rough asphalt and winding, tortuous roads, 35 would be just fine. As I posted before, there are at this time, FEW alternatives...for those of you who have had fabulous experience with OEM Goodyears...great going...59+K is incredible. However, Pirelli and one other, as I mentioned previously, are not special, and so you should stick to the reasonably priced Goodyears.I would love to know if the 59K Goodyear is "straight ahead driving" as I cannot even come close to that on our mountain roads.
    These Michelins, although they cost a man's monthly labor, are QUIET (to help an already unusually noisy cabin) and should be good in snow. I hate giving money to the French, but Cooper USA did not make this size (yet)...and for those who said they were "lucky" to have lots of Murano miles with no mechanical problems..well, just remember, only PROBLEMS appear for the most part on this Murano is just fine at 29,000 and Consumer's Report still, for 2007 issue, rates Murano as a "Best Buy". So, there could, and are....a whole lot of worse cars out there for your driving pleasure...JOHN B
  • ssarjunssarjun Posts: 2
    Is Security System which provided by Murano is safe or not? Because I am planning install Security Alarm system to it. I saw many thefts are going on in my area.

  • baybaybaybay Posts: 6
    Hello Everyone! (RE: Fuel Tank protector)

    I need your help, I have provided my local dealer and my regular repair company and they are telling me that there are numbers missing from the part numbers from the part number others have shared on this site to get the better metal cover vs. the ugly, cheap plastic one put on the car by the recall.

    Here is the number that I have: A 7285-CC25A. It is the middle section that is apparantly missing some piece.

    I appreciate your help. I really want to get this installed before I have a similiar problem like others have discussed.
    Thank you!! :)
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Tires: I stand by my post #1789 as to ratings and price. I bought Michelins and they cost $850 with all the disposal, taxes, balancing, etc., but are QUIETER than the original Goodyears which gave me 29,000. However, other posters have had 50+ thousand miles on the Goodyears, and they should send a prayer every day to their State road folks...the Pirelli Scorpions are really mud/ice tires and until Cooper comes up with Murano tires, it is Goodyear and Michelin...but if someone has newer data, please post.
    Famous tank shield: Homeouner got hers/his and I got mine and on post #1427 I posted the number on my Nissan invoice. That was the number then and unless it has changed, anyone telling you that it is insufficient is disingenuous at best, or just ignorant and does not want to help you. Go to any Nissan dealer, get down on your knees and look under the new Muranos...they all have steel shields, just like mine and Homeouner's...and until they change the Murano dimensions, those shields will work. Push, press, argue and be insistent... Thanks John B
  • baybaybaybay Posts: 6
    I have found out that the west coast and east might have different part numbers as they are sourced form different areas of the world. Also, I forgot to mention that it is a 2004 Mur. Thank you. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  • Hi! i had a 06 S AWD model I want to know, is there a way to upgrade my cd/radio system. Since now it just can play cd only, I would like to change it to play 6 cd/mp3 too. i lives in NYC. Any place can do it? Thanks!
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    After my Murano sits over-night it seems to struggle to start for 4 or 5 seconds. Then it kicks in and starts perfectly. It acts as if it's not getting fuel for the first few seconds in the morning. Any thoughts? :confuse:
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    I have noticed for many months now, a disappearance of posts concerning TPS failure and possible CVT failure...unless this is a fluke, it would appear that things have settled down. My 05 now has 30 K with absolutely no problems except the TPS at 7K and tank shield recall... I got the steel tank protector. Comments? John B
  • andytommoandytommo Posts: 33
    So as I was driving last week I noticed a rattling sound coming from somewhere behind me, to the right. When I stopped I hunted high and low for something that was loose....

    C'mon, take a guess......

    Yup, the one of the fuel tank protectors is loose and is falling off.

    Anyone know if recalls come with a warranty?
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Was it the real deal or the plastic Hang Down Tom Dooley?
  • lwolf99lwolf99 Posts: 80
    My wife just purchased a 2007 Nissan Murano SL AWD. I have been reading about the (past) gas tank pucture issues, along with the various protective correction options.

    Does the problem of potential gas tank punctures still exist with a new 2007 model? Anything I should check?

    Thanks in advance.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    I hope that Nissan has addressed that issue by now. All those past recalls should not be an issue anymore on the 2007 models. I hope I'm right. If not, Nissan got a problem.
  • eugarpseugarps Posts: 1
    I test drove a 2007 Murano yesterday and loved it. But after reading some of the problems here, not so sure about it. Would you buy Murano again? I am very used to my no-mechanical-problems-ever Honda Accord, but would like an SUV and not too crazy about Honda's CRV or Pilot.
  • mike1111mike1111 Posts: 93
    I would buy again.I think by the 4th year the problems would be worked out.Consumer Reports still has the Murano as a best buy and i'm sure they have a larger sample group.There will always be problems here and there with any car i guess.I waited till 07 to buy and i'm glad i did.
  • fhrabetinfhrabetin Posts: 34
    No. Consider other issues such as tires. They all have to have the same amount of wear for the AWD system to work. I one is ruined due to flat/sidewall damage etc. and a new tire has too much tread then you need four, not just one or two say for the front or back to be even. I've replaced 2 sets on an '03 with 85000 miles. Otherwise once the other bugs are worked out it drives like a dream with good mileage.
  • ljetteljette Posts: 19
    I have a '05 and I am going to buy another one next year.I love this car. But I had my fair share of problems.Actually only one problem.My air bag light. I had it in for service 10 times before the regional manager recommended the electrical harness be replaced.That took care of the problem.Then Nissan of North America sent me a nice check to make up for the trouble it had caused me!You bet I'm going to buy another one.
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