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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    "Do you have a Nissan dealer within 50 miles or even a car shop?"

    I know I wouldn't drive 50 miles to change a light bulb. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Yes you would if the shop was next to a Denny's with an all you can eat special for forum hosts. :P
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Well, with incentives like that ...! ;)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • pf2001pf2001 Posts: 110
    I went in for an oil change and there was a recall for the in-take valve. I had it replaced. Has anyone heard about it or have this done?
  • Yes, I received notification from Nissan a few months ago regarding the recall on several models. I have a murano sl 06. The replacement was perform free of charge, it only took a few minutes.
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    What is it? Am I doing damage by waiting? I have no symptoms of anything. Only 25,500 miles on my 2006. Due for oil and rotate, but don't want to pay the $ to rotate at Nissan when local tire shops do oil and rotate for free.....If I NEED recall done, then I'll just let them do it all at once.
  • According to my rep at Nissan and the card I received in the mail, there is a possibility of the valve malfuctioning causing you to loose control of the vehicle and crashing. You should check with Nissan to find out why you have not received your notification in the mail. You are supposed to take the card to your nearest dealer for the repair
  • Hi there, I had exactly the same problem with my '07 SL and brought it to the dealer more than 3 times and nothing had been fixed. they replaced all the remote keys, switch on the windows and system control module. It just happened again 2 wks after I broght it to the same dealership. Both windows came down all the way by itself parked in front of the garage.with the car locked and both remote keys are kept inside the house. I called the dealership and they suggested I leave my car with them for a week to see they can duplicate the problem. Personally, I think this is a manufuring defect and hope more car owners write to Nissan directly so they can look into this issue seriously.
  • My '04 Murano has same problem. It started @80,000 miles. First noticed problem when starting the was slugish. This got progressively worse resulting in a failure to start at all. Someone jumped it with their car and the Murano started immediately with no problems for about 2 months. THe same simptoms happened a second time, so I had it towed to the Nissan Dealer. It sat at the dealership over night and when they started it theree was not problem. When they put it on the computer, there were no error codes !!!! They cleaned the air intake sensor and all seemed fixed. Three weeks after the dealer repair, the simptoms started again with the same results, "Dead in the parking lot". This time I got another jump and it started with no problem. I like my Nissan but this problem doesn't seem to be "fixable"!!!! What the heck are owners supposed to do when no error codes are recorded and the dealers only resolve is to replace the wiring harness and/or the engine of a 5 year old car that hasn't even hit 100,000 miles ????? I guess my only solution is to buy some other car that is reliable.
  • scheckscheck Posts: 8
    My 2006 Murano is much quieter than my previous vehicle in terms of engine and road noise, and from the side windows. It kind of makes the noise from the wind/air going over the windshield seem so much more noticeable from about 40 MPH and up. Has anybody ever installed a bug shield/deflector and noticed a change, maybe some air being deflected up and over the vehicle? I usually don't drive with the radio on or a CD playing, so I thought this might be an option. Has anyone had a particularly good or bad experience with the installation and/or use of a particular brand of deflector?
  • On my '04 Marino just yesterday, the gas door latch would not retract, door would not open when pushed on. I tried every way of getting the latch to retract. After many trys, today it began to retract. I had bent the metal tang back so I could gas up when it finially worked. The dealer quoted me apx. $200.00 worth of parts that may be necessary to fix it. Today its working fine???!!!!. I went thru a fit of this same problem several months ago. Now the latch retracts like new. Does any of you posters have a certain sequence to follow when this happens? Loose wire, bad relay or what?
  • I had the same problem and posted on here how you might be able to get it open. I got tired of dealing with it and had Nissan fix it. I think it was about $200-250.
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    Does anyone know how to turn off the airbag flashing light? It has started flashing since last week whenever I start the car.
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 569
    Take it to the dealer! Something serious could be wrong with the system and the air bags might not deploy in an accident. It could be just a sensor malfunction or an electronic gremlin BUT you can't take a chance.
  • I am a new owner of a used 2003 Nissan Murano SL. SInce I've had it, I have noticed that the DTE (Distance till empty) has only showed an asteriks in the readout. After refering to the owners manual, I read that this would be the case if fuel level was too low to compute. However, after numerous fill-ups, this feature still has not worked. Is there a "reset" that somehow I could get this to work. If anyone has had to have this fixed at a dealer, what would be the ballpark estimate. This isn't a huge priority for me, but I would like to try and figure it out. Thanks for any help.
  • I just installed a new power window motor on my 2003 murano and it has a hard time coming up i think i have lubed everything what else can i do
  • I had the same thing happen to me tonight. I drove to school in the pouring cold rain (which means there was no way in "H" that I had my windows down) and when I came out 3 hours later my front windows were down. It was a dark parking lot and I was scared to death that someone was in my car. I came home and Goolged my question and this web site came up. Thank you sooooo much!!!! I went out to my car and tried it by holding the unlock button down and sure enough the windows opened! At least your answer saved my a trip to the dealer. Thanks for saving me time and thanks to this web site!!!
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    This has happened to me in the past 2 or 3 times already.
  • i have a 2003 and the seat is one of the reasons i bought this car. very comfortable.

    however, i have never heard of anyone ever having a seat removed and reinstalled. can anyone confirm that this was reallyt done. rr70
  • this is a heads up to all murano, and even all nissan owners with the 3.5 engine.

    on another message board for nissan owners, there is a thread about coolant smells in new muranos. i had this problem with my 2003 murano, but they never found the problem and it eventually went away.

    i also have a 2008 altima coupe with the 3.5 and there is a very strong coolant smell. while researching this issue, i found that there are quite a few others with this problem.

    stay tuned. rr70
  • dear best for less.
    i have a 2003 and over the years, one in a while, the car would not keep running. you described it perfectly.

    the fact that it would start and not run, and they say it sounds like a back pressure issue because it will keep running with 2 plugs, make me think that the computer is messing up the valve timing.

    any way, was it ever fixed and how?

    how about pulling a computer from a wrecked 2004 for your car.

    for my car, it only happens on the first start of the day or after the car has sat for 8 hours at work.

    usually, it cooler or cold weather.

    how cold was it when this happened.

    let us know, this is a big issue.

  • perhaps no one has mentioned it, but often the rattling from the door(s) is nothing more than the plastic inner panel which has a tiny gap from the steel. put a folded business card in there and it will stop. a very low tech issue and problem.
  • I have owned many different types of cars and trucks. This “2003 Murano” has turned out to be for me one of the most unreliable and repair intensive cars I have ever owned.

    The short list:

    • Recurring brake and strut problems.
    • Engine oil leaks (valve covers; seals; gaskets; etc.).
    • The engine now is burning oil (I have changed it every ~3K miles).
    • Catalytic converter system and O2 sensors replaced.
    • Failed power door lock solenoids (2).
    • Cup holder ears broke with little pressure.
    • Bose CD changer problems (disc player skips; speakers cut out).
    • Gas cover door sticks preventing access to fill tank with gas.
    • AC system coolant leaks repaired and system re-charged.

    These issues have made the experience of owning this car very sour. I have spoke to other owners who have expressed the same dissatisfaction. See my posts in the CVT issues section.

    By anything else. Don't buy Nissan!
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    Mike: Really sorry to see that list of pain. My 05 has been bulletproof now at 80,000. And still original brakes that look good. None of the above. I wonder if in the two years between 03 and 05 certain flaws were fixed, or, if like the story goes, you got a car made early on a Monday or late Friday afternoon.
  • ljetteljette Posts: 19
    I bought my '05 Murano brand new and have put more brakes on this car than any other car I have ever owned. I also have had to replace ball joints twice. I don't drive fast or stop quickly or take the car off road so I don't know what the problem with the brakes is. I have 100,000 miles now and am a little worried because it is now starting to burn a little oil. I have had the oil changed every 3000 to 4000 miles too. The exhaust flanges rotted out at 99,00 miles, but the muffler was in perfect condition so I had the brackets welded. Like many others I had the rocking front drivers seat but luckily my husband fixed it.I also had an real problem with the air bags sensor and had a total of 16 visits to the Nissan service center before they finally fixed it. I agree with you...this car is very expensive to maintain and I would not buy another one.
  • Two weeks after taking my 2006 Murano to the dealer for the air intake recall, I started to hear a humming noise coming from the front of the car. I took it back to the dealer suspecting that they had caused some other problem and they gave a quote of $1600 to replace the front wheel bearings, a bunch of parts from the front suspension and the drive belt. Then I took it to another dealer further away from home to make sure it was really the wheel bearings and they got to the same conclusion but gave me an estimate of $750 to repair the two front wheel bearings only. I ended up taking it to a small shop that I know and ended up paying $550 for the repair. To have a problem of this magnitude with 40K miles is not a good thing for a car in the Murano class and after finding out through this forum how many other people had similar problems, I’m really disappointed with Nissan.
  • I also experienced the brake issue which ended up being the least of my troubles.

    I am a mechanical engineer and worked in the auto industry so I feel I carry an astute analysis of this car.

    My observation is that the original brake design is a little meager when you ocnsider the weight and design of the car. That is usually why the pads wear out so fast. I tried different types and grades and never found anything suitable that lasted long.

    I did start buying the better Duralast pads from Autozone that have the lifetime warranty. Brake pads are relatively easy to replace for a shade tree mechanic and typically don't require machining the rotors.

    Mine also started to burn oil. The dealer told me that the PVC (built into the valve covers) could be clogged, etc. I replaced them and saw no improvement. However, the oil burning casued my catalytic converter to clogg up and fail. The dealer estimated ($1200) to fix. This is not a cheap fix either. I did find the mfgr. of the CAT though; bought one direct; took it to a MIDAS shop and they replaced for a total of $300 labor + $250 (CAT & gaskets) = $550.

    This did not change the fact that the oil still burned. I just sold the car last week.

    Murano's are still valued and prized as a great car. If you can afford it, I would unload asap.

    I just bought an '05 ACURA TL & a '99 Toyota 4Runner and feel like I made the bast car decisions in 10 years.

    Please read all of my other posts.

    Best of luck. Write me anytime.
  • I never had any problems with my wheel bearings.

    But, I am not surprised. As I mentioned in the previous post, Nissan under-engineered a lot of things in this car.

    I am surprised that they still were not getting it right as late as 2006 models.

    I expect we will be seeing Nissan's management in front of congress in the future.

    They have injury related issues witht he Murano that can be found on the NTSB's website.

    Also, another topic to keep in mind. The Murano has a drive by wire acclerator. There is no cable. The gas pedal has an encoder that syncs with a small electric motor mounted to the throat of the throttle body. The motor opens the butterfly on the intake/T.B. while the fuel pump receives a signal from the ECM via the encoder.

    There was one instance where a woman's ECM/encoder went screwy and the car accelerated upto 50 mph before she crashed and flipped on its side. The engine and wheels were still racing. I am waiting to see if a lawsuit is going to be issued.

    Weird stuff!
  • jg2003jg2003 Posts: 2
    My 2003 Murano just failed the state inspection because of the left ball joint and outer tie rod end. I'm pretty sure I've already replaced the ball joints once. Anyone else having this issue?
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    I had my struts replaced when getting new tires last year.

    There was a creaking sound from the front wheel assemblies. The ball joints checked out okay, but I live in the south where the car saw little snow and salt.

    I have heard and read about a lot of instances of this problem in the Muranos. It's a heavy car prone to suspension issues.

    If the delaer is proving too expensive, try a quality-reputable tire shop. They may be able to give you a better deal with better parts.

    The shop I used gave me a life time warranty on the parts and labor.

    The dealers don't always know best and are usually more expensive.
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