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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • Good evening~

    I have been working with the Consumer Affairs department at Nissan and have been so disappointed . . .

    The struts on my 2006 Nissan Murano are toast . . . about an $800.00 repair, I am told. The hatch latch is also locked up, which will be additional $150.00 to diagnose and repair. How can it be that a vehicle that costs upwards to $27,000 can have such issues. Over the years, I have owned a few different vehicles: Toyota, Honda, Jeep, and Chevy to name a few. I have never experienced the repair issues with these other brands, as I have with my Murano. Even though Toyota is experiencing its own difficulties at this time, I will likely go that route in the future. And Nissan, well they haven't heard the last of me.

    Buyer beware.
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    I feel your pain.

    I had to replace my struts also along with many other parts. I agree with your assessment about the quality of the car.

    I recently replaced my '03 Murano :lemon: with an Acura TL. I also bought a used 4Runner to boot.

    No more Nissan's for me! If you can afford it I would suggest getting rid of the car as soon as possible before something really expensive happens. Read my other posts that are under my name.

    I paid $25K for my '03 and spent another $11K in repairs over the years.

    Good luck.
  • njmedicnjmedic Posts: 18
    Against my better judgment I bought a "first model year" Murano in '03. Love the size, etc. but OMG, this vehicle has been a problem since I've owned it! I've had four (4) alternators in six years which Nissan didn't seem to think was unusual...The first one was replaced at no charge since it was defective (a recall) but I've paid for the others. They won't admit that there is some kind of electrical problem which is causing them to fail among other electrical problems.

    Almost since I purchased the car the "Service Engine Soon" light has been on; the dealership(s) diagnosed various problems - to the tune of several thousands of dollars and the light REMAINS on.

    There is some kind of shield in the front underside of the vehicle which, if one pulls too close to a cement parking barrier or accidentally bumps hard snow, is easily damaged. The part is $150. PLUS the exorbitant labor rates the dealership charges! I've replaced THREE of them and need to do it again.

    When I called Nissan corporate and complained about all this their answer was "It's a he said/she said thing. There is nothing we can do." I told them that after owning Nissans since I bought my first Datsun B210 station wagon years ago, NEVER AGAIN would I buy another! What happened to "make the customer happy?" If I could I would get rid of this albatross tomorrow but can't afford a new car until next year.

    WAKE UP, NISSAN...or you're going to be in Toyota's shoes!!!
  • scheckscheck Posts: 8
    I'm afraid I got top all that. I bought a beautiful 2006 with low miles on 12/1. Within days and well within the used car dealer's warranty period, it started putting out white smoke. Since then $13,000 dollars worth of work has been done during 82 days in the local dealership and the problem still exists. Every engine part has been replaced except for the heads which have been to a local machine shop twice. At least now I have a free rental, but the used car dealer is threatening to bail out on me. Help!!! Where does Consumer Reports get good data on this vehicle?
  • Hi Mike,

    After my last round with a rude and inefficient Consumer Affairs rep, I requested to speak with a Manager. I will say, the gentleman who followed up with me was kind, understanding and took my disgruntled opinion with grace. It turns out that against my normal mode of operation, I had purchased an extended warranty to 100,000 miles 4 years ago . . . this saved my bacon. (Wouldn't it have been nice if the original rep I spoke with researched coverage?) Ultimately, the struts were repaired, a boot that had shredded apart, and the back trunk latch (locked up permanently) was repaired for a $50 deductible. I will take my vehicle in one more time over the next year for a major look-over before I hit 100,000 miles.

    Hope to drive this car another 80,000 miles . . . not sure that it will make it . . . but I am hoping it will be a vehicle for the sole purposes of work transportation. As for my next car . . . in spite of Toyota's recent repairs, I may return to being their customer.

    Good luck to you as well, and thanks for the feedback on your experience.
  • bikercrze1bikercrze1 Posts: 1
    We had our 2006 Nissan Murano S serviced for the recall on the air vent issue apparently they just come loose and cause all sorts of problems. The same week I received my recall notice in the mail the cars engine would sometimes vibrate violently and had poor acceleration and finally it would not run more then 5 seconds before stalling. I found out when I took a look under the hood it was in fact caused by the air vent duct completelly off the air MAF. Now a month or two after the rapairs the left CV boot is torn and there is a leak coming from a hose on the rear of the engine. With 75,000 miles there is no daought it was caused by the violent shaking of the engine before I got my recall notice. Now shouldn't Nissan be responsible for these repairs as well being they were caused by the very problem that prompted the recall in the first place.
  • njmedicnjmedic Posts: 18
    Well, one would think so, right? However, I'm guessing this will depend on the dealership you are using. I've had FOUR alternators in my 2003 Murano and the dealership refused to cover #4 saying "it was out of the warranty period" - like having this many alternators replaced in such a short time was normal in any way! Any dealership can make a good deal on a car. For me it's the SERVICE - or lack thereof which is provided afterward. Don't count on Nissan backing you up either. I tried calling corporate with my problems and their final decision was "this is a he said, she said thing so we can't do anything..." What happened to customer service? Sorry you are dealing with this and best of luck resolving things.
  • njmedicnjmedic Posts: 18
    My 2003 Murano failed inspection for emissions, something I didn't thing COULD occur. Anyway, since I DON'T do dealership maintenance/repairs because of the outrageous labor costs I took it to my mechanic who told me that they could not tell exactly what was wrong with it because the "codes" which came up on the computer were proprietary to Nissan. They knew only that something needed to be adjusted/fixed regarding the engine system. The dealership wants to charge me $125.00 just to provide the key to these codes! I am furious! Anyone else have this problem???
  • marciannomarcianno Posts: 5
    I posted an earlier concern relating to struts that needed to be replaced at 73,000 miles. When I contacted corporate, I was contacted by a surly young service representative that really had no desire to provide customer service. After about 6 weeks of phone tag, she stated that the car was out of warranty and a repair would not be honored. I politely asked to speak with her Manager, which she was none to pleased about.

    A manager from the Consumer Affairs division allowed to to share my concerns about my vehicle and the initial rep I worked with. The manager who contacted me was excellent. In my case, I had completely forgotten that I purchased an extended warranty which would cover the costs of repair on the struts and the back trunk that had locked up on me. Please check to see if you had purchased an extended warranty that may cover your repairs. (I am completely concerned that while I am wrapping up payments on my vehicle, I will run out of warranty over the next 10,000 miles (7 months or so) and will be in deep trouble.) If not, I would contact corporate and file a complaint . . . if not resolved by your Nissan contact, request a conversation with Management. Hopefully you will be heard.

    In a nutshell, I understand that cars breakdown . . . nothing lasts forever and let's face it, our vehicles can take a beating. When frustrates me, is that a Murano is an expensive vehicle in the first place and I would expect quality if I am spending more money than the average purchase. My car is for utility of safely toting my family to destinations and me to work each day. Style is one element, but safety and reliability are key.
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited May 2010
    Dear Bewildered Murano Friend:

    I have been on this blog for several years and am one many that experienced the same problems you and others in this thread are frustrated with.

    I loved my 2003 at first; but, it all went down hill the longer I kept the car. I have been criticized a lot in this blog for my highly critical remarks of Nissan, their lack of customer concern and the poor quality of mfr.

    I started a thread "Customer Satisfaction". Please let us know what your experience is with Nissan here.

    My advice that I have given to many is to sell/trade your Murano if you are having continuous problems. It WILL only get worse. I waited too long and spent north of $11K is repair bills.

    Some say it's only money. I can't afford that anymore. I bought an Acura and another Toyota 4 Runner.

    Be smart. Get a different car.
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    Please see my reply #2209.

  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited May 2010
    I have not written anything here in awhile. It seems we all communicated before. Just catching up.

    I would encourage all to cut their losses and find something else that you can depend on. I know it's expensive to make a move; I just bit the bullet and moved forward.

    Glad I did. I could have bought a brand new MDX for what I paid for my Murano plus repairs.
  • camel24camel24 Posts: 1
    That's very strange - we just bought a 2010 Murano for my wife and a few long trips in the first month resulted in severe back pain for both of us that seems to be connected to the car. Your post seems identical to our experience.

    I'd be really interested to know if you found anything that helps! (Like you, we really like the car except for this one thing.)

    Thanks for your help,
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I have a 2010 Maxima, but we did test drive a 2010 Murano a couple times and found the seats to be soft, but did not provide that much support. In fact the backs especially, are pretty flat across the bottom and you slide around in them if sitting in the back and go around any kind of curves, even ones that are not too sharp!
  • easym1easym1 Posts: 218
    I phoned 2 Nissan dealerships today and asked for the cost of trans fluid replacement and got 2 answers. The first dealership advised me that it's has a lifetime warranty and no need to replace while the other told me that 200,000 km is the time to do it....Which one is right?

    I currently have 100,000 on my 2004 Murano
  • no_startno_start Posts: 2
    That's very strange - we just bought a 2010 Murano for my wife and a few long trips in the first month resulted in severe back pain for both of us that seems to be connected to the car. Your post seems identical to our experience.
    I don't have a solution. It seems that the front edge of the seat cuts off blood flow behind the knee cap, causing the cramping.
  • matt120matt120 Posts: 2
    My 04 Murano SL makes the same noise. What was the problem? I know that others don't make that sound please help.
    Thanks Matt
  • matt120matt120 Posts: 2
    I bought an 04 Murano SL AWD last year. I have had a noise coming from the suv every time I turn the engine off sounds like a motor running. I've been told that it is the throttle body cycling, I never hear it on any others. Recently my service engine soon light has come on and it has a code p1283, I have bank 2 running lean. calling for more fuel. Why is this? Does any one have any ideas for the fix for each issue? Thanks Matt
  • dotson1dotson1 Posts: 1
    I have owned many, many cars in my life but the Murano is Satans creation. Problem after problem. Brake problems. AWD problems that the dealer could not fix! And yes my tranny blew at 100K and cost $5500 to replace. To Nissans credit, they reimbursed 100% without even asking (got a letter) Freaked me out ! But today, went to start the car and BOOM BOOM BOOM. Then no start. Strong fuel odor at the tailpipe (and vapor) Almost starts for a moment, then endless cranking. Sensor? Any help would be appreciated.
  • What year and exact model
  • jayhawk70jayhawk70 Posts: 56
    There are certainly a couple of folks on this and other threads with endless complaints about their particular car and complaining about the Murano because of their anger with Nissan or their dealer because of their particular car.

    But there are huge numbers of us that are extremely happy with our Murano. We've had our 2009 for 18 months and put about 36,000 miles on in highway, city, and mountain driving. Reliability has been superb. Absolutely nothing has gone wrong. Mileage at 78 MPH averages 22 to 23 mph (measured on numerous trip on I-5 between LA and San Francisco). The CVT is a wonderful transmission, especially in mountain driving with constantly changing grades. Nissan's technology remains superior to the Lexus (who only recently started using a hard drive for navigation, but nothing else - Nissan/Infinitis use their hard drive for a much more complete system, incorporating storage for music files, etc.)

    I, for one, am completely delighted with our 2009 Murano. Will certainly replace it with another Murano in 10 or 15 years, after we hit 250,000 miles or more. (unless by then I can finally afford a Ferrari...:-)

  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    When a message board is dedicated to problems and fixes, it will of course never carry any Murano owners with superb ownership experience. Our 05 sustained the Throttle Position Failure at 5,000 miles, was immediately diagnosed and fixed under warranty, and since then it has been bulletproof and a great car to drive, especially in snow here in the Sierra. 24 mpg on freeway driving. My only statement would be that it is noisy in the front, (more so than our old Audi or current 09 Pathfinder)most likely from the CVT and engine both being up there...and perhaps this has been addressed in later models. I also appreciate that Nissan has not so radically changed the body style that it remains very much "a new car." The leather and all the electronics perform without problems.
  • marciannomarcianno Posts: 5
    Hi Jayhawk.

    I actually loved my Murano up until the 70,000 mile mark. Unusual items began to break down. A friend of mine has experienced the very same issues: Driver side visor will not stay in place while driving which is a hazard (a $400 repair), struts bit it, back hatch lock froze (can be repaired by removing right front passenger door panel).

    I am just approaching the 100,000 mile mark and it is my sincerest hope that I will be able to hit the 200,000 mile mark. I believe consumers are cranky about spending $32,000 + for a vehicle, and dealing with issues that should not be issues, such as transmission failure.

    My initial experience with the Consumer Affairs group was pathetic. A twenty something service representative did so very little to help me navigate through the red tape. When I asked to speak to a manager, she turned her snittiness up a notch and transferred me to someone who truly cared about helping. I have retained his number, as he was a wonderful representation of what service is all about.

    I would recommend the extended warranty to buffer the unexpected repairs. It was my saving grace financially, as the repair bill would have easily pushed over the $1,000 mark. The visor . . . it remains broken. Not under warranty.

    Glad you have experienced great reliability with your Murano. Keep in mind the items I have noted in the event you do not have an extended warranty.

    My best,
  • Hi Marcia,

    Many Murano owners handle the visor rod issue with a magnet.
  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    edited August 2010
    There are certainly a couple of folks on this and other threads with endless complaints about their particular car and complaining about the Murano because of their anger with Nissan or their dealer because of their particular car

    We're glad that you are happy with your trouble-free vehicle. But there are people who are not happy with their problematic vehicle. That's why we have forum for owners. Forums are here to share. Don't doubt others. How would you feel if you report your run in problem with your Murano at 60k miles mark and people don't believe you?

    Like i-phone and Toyota's vehicle, if there is no media forums, Apple and Toyota would still deny there are problems in design.
  • Thank you for the suggestion. The dealership recommended I "jimmy rig" a paper clip at the hinge to keep the position needed to block the sun. The visor tends to swing down and block my vision while driving. :- (
  • Your welcome. Your complaint with the visor is not uncommon due to the rod material in the visor. Folks are using flat magnets to keep the visor in place. I hope tht that works for you and I agree about the visor flopping down being a problem.
  • --jayhawk,

    I am starting to think that you are a "serial blogger". You must be a planted Nissan employee who like their "customer-NO-service" refuse to acknowledge the problems MANY consumers are having.

    No doubt many folks love the Murano. No doubt some have had no problems. However, there is NO doubt that many others are having some serious and expensive electro-mechanical problems that have undermined their faith in Nissan (mine included).

    In my middle class neighborhood, five of us have purchased Murano's (different years); 4 of the 5 have had the same problems many others have shared in this thread.

    If you don't have any problems with your 2009 Murano then share your glad tidings with your "Prices Paid and Buying Experience" friends. This thread is here to help those who are having problems; not to listen to you tell everyone they are full of crap and they must be the problem. Take your Kool-Aide and share it with those are blissful with their purchase.

    IOW, keep it RELEVANT! :P !
  • Folks, I'm not trying to minimize your issues and concerns. Just trying to provide a little balance to mikesmurano, who has for months been spewing every thread (unrelated or not) about how terrible Murano's are and offering the only solution to any problem is essentially "sell it now..." He had a bad experience with a 1st generation Murano, but has been posting on every thread about all models, including the 2nd generation Murano, about how terrible these vehicles are. It would be nice if he could keep his posts "on topic".

    And Mike, its sad that you think anyone who tries to provide an example that is counter to your problem must be a Nissan employee. I'm not, and never have been, employed in part of the auto industry, and don't even have any friends or family in any part of the auto industry. (I was originally an aerospace engineer, and recently retired after a 30 year career in the computer industry.) I've owned Datsuns, Nissans, Dodges, Toyotas, Fords, Acuras, even a Corvair. All of them had serious problems of one kind or another, some under warranty, some out of warranty. All except the Corvair I had for at least 100,000 miles, and the last Dodge minivan I sold at 240,000 miles still running fine. (after a major transmission overhaul at 140,000 miles) Cars break.Usually right after the warranty expires :-) They cost money to repair, sometimes lots of money. But that doesn't make them bad cars. Heck, the Corvair was far and away the most problem prone. But with the top down and rowing through the gears (wondering if it was going to swap ends...), it was a great fun!

    OK, I've had my say, and will say no more about how fine a vehicle the Murano is here.

    By the way, there are also some other active forums focused on just Muranos where very knowledgeable folks hang out, if you cannot find a solution to your problem here. And I promise to try and be more helpful here and not focus on mike.

    Peace... --jayhawk
  • baldwin3baldwin3 Posts: 121
    edited August 2010
    I have been a reader and contributor to these pages for the 5+ years we have owned an 05Murano (and several Pathfinders and before Murano, 300Zs, and Audi (bad) and BMW5 (bad).) and I will state I am a dumb country surgeon with no Nissan stock or relatives, etc. My Murano had throttle position failure at 7,500 miles, and found the answer on THIS site, and my dealer promptly believed me and fixed it under warranty. Since then, zero problems of any kind...Jiffy Lube does the OLF at 5,000 and the 30, 60 AND upcoming 90K at the dealer...whom I trust, and obviously, many posters do not, which is sad... or would rather not spend money to check. I find complaints like "the seats hurt" and "the visor flops" to be trivial (sorry), but did you break the visor rod, and "something runs after I turn it off" (the electric fan) to be...well, dumb. I take the strut failures seriously and would like to know the real scoop on that. The "original alternator has gone bad" and "you need a new CVT" were, I believe, ignorant service writers at dealerships who could not recognize the TPS failures on earlier models. In addition, people put regular tranny fluid into the CVT which is like poison in your martini. And there was the screw up on the fuel tank protectors when dealers put on plastic "hang downs" which quickly broke off. Now all tanks have steel protection in front.
    In summary, complex cars often...any Audi, BMW, Toyota (and by the way, most of the "surges" were Purposeful for $$$) VW, Jeep and Range Rover...among the worst... and you will find "little things" (and BIG things) that were not perfect. A forum like this which concentrates on complaints will exhibit just that...complaints, and so it should. Often however, it exposes big deals, like the TPS, wireless accelerator control failures. Nobody knows really, whether they are widespread or just incidental...0.5% of a model or 5%...but I do know that some people post here with an agenda to disparage (to criticize and destroy) the Nissan Murano, and I for one, will just say...ours, maybe built on a 79,000, looks brand new, still in style with 2010 Muranos and bulletproof, as is our 2007 Pathfinder pulling a 17 foot 3,500 pound boat. OK? My bias, just the facts. Enjoy your Murano, and 05 is Noisy in the cabin...more so than the Pathfinder. I hope the newer models have silenced this down. Thanks for listening. No anger intent...just a response.
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