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Nissan Murano Maintenance and Repair



  • Yeah, I read this and think...isn't the UV hitting the human much more important than the dumb dashboard?
  • I have had intermittent "check engine" light messages come up on the dash of my 03 Murano ever since I've owned the vehicle. I've had multiple electrical problems including needing four alternators in nine years among other things. Right now, the light is off. Tomorrow? Who knows? I've replaced the gas cap, instructed the service station attendants to tighten it securely after pumping my gas, etc.

    Right now, my main problem is a loud, intermittent banging noise coming from under the hood in front. It almost sounds like something was dropped into that area. I have an appointment with my mechanic to get it checked out; I will NEVER, EVER use Nissan service again. Their labor costs are HUGELY inflated. Anyone else having/had this problem? If so, what was the cause and was it an easy fix? I'm nervous that this will be some big engine issue...

  • tionationa Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Nissan Murano SL with a little over 54K mileage. It had some noise so I took it to the dealer, and come out with this repair list:

    Power Steering High pressure Hose
    Right Engine Mount
    Front Engine Mount
    CV Boot

    The total cost is about 1.8K.

    And I was told that the Arm Control of front tires starts to crack and will need attention in the near future, which will be roughly 1k per deal quote.

    I have never poured this much into a car repair before and this dismayed me. If the car can be trouble free after 3k, maybe. I browsed this forum a bit and it seems Murano would have transmission issue in the future too.

    In short, I am thinking to replace this thing (I was planning to keep it for at least another 3 years). Before I do the jump, could some forum older timer give a list of common Murano major problems after 60k? Is it worth fixing and keeping at this point?

    Sincerely appreciate any feedback and help.
  • I have a 2007 Murano that I bought used. In April the car completly shut down and I had it towed to the dealership. They determined that it was the crank shaft sensor and replaced it at no cost since it is still under warranty. On January 9th the sevice engine light came on. Took it to the dealership and they determined it was the Cam sensor and replaced it. The very next day the sevice enginge light came on and the car is shutting down once again. Since it happened over the weekend I'm SOL. Dealerships have only skeleton crews and I can't get someone to look at it until Monday. Anyway, anyone else having problems with sensors? I'm considering selling the car. I'll be taking a loss if I do. However, I do not feel safe. It is really scary when the car completely shuts down.
  • re:#2314, my post, replaced my 2 struts on my MO. There is 2 access covers to get at the 3 bolts to remove the struts. You do not have to remove the cowl. On the passenger side its fairly easy to get at the bolts. On drivers side one of the three my wrenches could not reach. I drilled a 3/4 " hole in the plastic upper cowl cover.above that bolt. I used Gabriel ultra struts, I advise ouners not to use that brand as they really ride rough. Be sure to line up the v notches on the spring retainer to the out board side. I borred the compressors W/ locking pins for non slip out, can cause lots of damage.
  • Question: This is my first Nissan that I bought. I included the extended warranty on the car. I bought the car a good distance from my home. We have kept up with maintenance on the car, however, we did not save the receipts for oil bought. I now have a problem with my Murano 2010, 28,000 miles, with white smoke when starting my car. I took it to the dealer and provided him with my service record of when we changed the oil. Because there was sludge in the oil, they want receipts for the oil purchased. We have only ever used what was stated in the manual. We were never told to save receipts for such things as oil, window washer fluid, air filters, etc. Now Nissan doesn't want to honor the warranty. The dealership won't even diagnosis what's wrong with the car. Where is it stated that receipts must be kept for 'normal' supplies for your car?
  • bdymentbdyment Posts: 571
    This is why I always have the selling dealer or another authorized dealer do the regular maintainance according to the owner's manual while the vehicle is under warranty. If something goes wrong, they did the service. All records are there and you also have a receipt. I guess it is only reasonable that a dealer or manufacturer would want to see receipts for warranty work.
  • It is listed in the owner's manual to keep a record of work done. It says that it can be done by the owner. It does not state anything about receipts. I did keep a record each time we changed the oil, put new filters on, added coolant, and windshield wiper fluid. There hasn't been anything wrong with the car until this. As I mentioned in my original post, the dealship is far from my home. I even purchased the extended warranty for this car. I have taken excellent care of this car and followed what was said in the manual. If receipts are required too, then it should state that. I did not buy the car in anticipation that something would go wrong such as this. I am extremely unhappy with Nissan.

    Thank you for your reply, however, it doesn't answer my original question of where does it say in the manual that if you don't have receipts that it voids your warranty. That's the question I would like answered.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    It's in the warranty statement itself. It says specifically that you have to keep receipts for service work done elsewhere.

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  • ljmeurekaljmeureka Posts: 1
    When I stopped at a traffic light, my Murano engine began reving and felt like it wanted to take off and run over the car in front of me. It sounded like I was ready for the Indy 500. I had my foot on the brake, then put both feet on brake, then just turned engine off. I waited a minute or so for my heart to stop pounding, then restarted the car and drove without a problem to a safe place and had it towed to dealership. They can find no problem but also won't test drive. I am afraid to get it from them and drive it. I drive long distances on curvy roads and am afraid it will accelerate over a cliff or when in town fear it will harm others. Any thoughts out there on what this is? I have 86K trouble free miles on this car.
  • Hello, I was wondering what you did? I am having the exact problem. I was quoted $234.00 to replace it from an auto place. They said the code comes up, but the when they test it, it's ok? Thank you for your help.
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