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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dgopelikadgopelika Posts: 7
    Thanks for the input. I am finding that out. Did you have a trade and, if so, did they treat you fairly. If you traded, what source did they use to quote the trade, ie NADA, Edmunds, Kelly BB or other. Thanks.
  • thereal411thereal411 Posts: 16
    I'm curious which dealership you decided to purchase from.. I've put my Murano on hold while I see how things stick with my job. But definitely still watching for deals in the greater Seattle area.
  • joelh12joelh12 Posts: 1
    Anyone having any luck in the DFW area? $1000 off sticker is all I am seeing.
  • dannyodannyo Posts: 9
    I did not have a trade. Chose to sell it myself.

    Everything went very smoothly and quickly thanks to the internet prelims. I was pointed toward this dealer by another poster on this valuable forum. I finally concluded that he was correct and that this was the best deal to be found in my [our] area of the country.

    Had purchased my last 2 vehicles [Dodge and Nissan] from a dealer within 3 miles of my house. Guess there had been turnover at this dealer because I could not even get a response to them after multiple visits, phone calls and e-mails.

    Would have much preferred to deal that close to home, but, they were mysteriously non responsive.

    So, I made the trip, and glad I did.
  • jimmyjugjimmyjug Posts: 6
    I went with Auburn Nissan. They are pretty good. Didn't push me with their Extended Warranty and add-ons. They just let me know that they have it. They're also part of the Rainier Auto Advantage program thru which you get Lifetime Oil Changes, 100K Mile Warranty, Free Service Loaners, etc.
    The only problem is, they didn't have the vehicle I am looking for and gotta wait 2 weeks :( Let me know if you need more help! Thanks!
  • dgopelikadgopelika Posts: 7
    Thanks. Was in communication with Rivergate and his last words were "found one". When attempting to find out what he found, no answer in two days. Well...I guess he lost it. lol

    So, Plan B. I have to be in Austin at the end of the month, so all you Austin any ideas who wants to sell a Murano under invoice.
  • gr8trfoolgr8trfool Posts: 21
    Try Courtesy Nissan in Richardson. Had within a few hundred of invoice, but some dealer add-ons. They were tracking down a differently equipped one for us in Austin (most everything here in color we wanted had Nav/Tech, which we didn't want).
  • dgopelikadgopelika Posts: 7
    I pulled up the Nashville Better Business Bureau and Rivergate rated unsatisfactory. I think it was for failure to respond to complaints. They are not a member of the BBB. I sent a email to Nissan America HQs in Nashville and asked if they recommended Rivergate as a Nissan Dealer. I received no response.

    Did this issue arise at anytime during your dealings with them. Just curious.
  • anderchoianderchoi Posts: 1
    09 Murano SL AWD Black/Black Leather

    Tech Package
    Premium Package
    Floor Mats
    Cargo Protector
    Splash Guards

    Free tire changes for the life of the car, including road hazard coverage. (I figure about $600 for each complete 4 tire change x 2 usages over 6 years so value is about $1200?)

    I live in California (SF Bay Area) and total OTD was 37,000. Could I do better? :confuse:
  • dannyodannyo Posts: 9
    I had no problems, during the internet preliminaries or the purchase experience itself.

    Sometimes I would get immediate e-mail responses, and other times, I would have to follow up. But, the salesman said he was selling 40 units a month via internet, so I guess you can't always be the only prospect they are working with.

    E-mail me off the board if you like, and I will give you my salesman's name.
  • dejenkdejenk Posts: 6
    I would like to discuss your Rivergate experience off the board if we could. I am just not sure how to do that.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,046
    Every member has a e-mail account.

    Click on the My CarSpace tab near the top left of the page. From your CarSpace page you can access your mailbox.

    All e-mail accounts are



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  • lmyklmyk Posts: 1
    I have been investigating my CUV purchase since Feb. I have driven the Murano twice and I think its the winner (it was between the Acura RDX & Murano). I am looking to buy sometime between July and September. Anybody getting any good (invoice or under) deals/quotes in the Cleveland/NE Ohio area? I am looking for an AWD LE w/o nav & w/o entertainment, or an SL w/ similar packages (leather, tech, moonroof)- which ever I can get a better deal on.
  • I was wondering if anyone has baught a Marano s moddle the base moddle in New York state if any one has I am looking now Going to start the prosase of getting dealer bids. I am in Long Island New York. dont want to go to far up state but If I have to for a grate price I will Or I Might go to fits Mall in Pa. has anyone baught a Maranno from fits Mall if so Pleas let me no how it was the Hole story. I no I am 5 Howers away from there. Might have to get it shipped. Little wearry about all of this Marco thankyou for reading. Sorry about my spelling.
  • I'm in the Pacific Northwest and looking for some info on a 2007 Murano SE. Is this a good price? I like the 2007s almost as much as the 2009, and looking to make a purchase soon.

    I was quoted $27,400($9,600 under MSRP) for 2007 SE AWD that includes:
    Touring Package (includes Sunroof, premium, and leather package)
    Flor Mats
    Splash Guards
    Cargo Area Protector
    Brushed Aluminum Roof Rail Crossbars

    If this is a good price I'll pounce, but if not I'll keep looking and maybe think about the 2009s. Thanks
  • pbyaegerpbyaeger Posts: 4
    I bought my 2009 Murano SL last week--I'm also on Long Island. Checked out all the dealers here and got lots of runaround--trying to get prices over the internet was a pain.

    I ended up buying from Koeppel Nissan in Jackson Heights, Queens. They were absolutely great--got exactly the car I wanted. Great service, great price, absolutely no BS or stress. It was the easiest deal of my life--and I love the car.

    I'm sure they've got the S model--if not, tell them what you want and see what they can do.

    My car--

    2009 Murano SL, AWD
    Deep Sapphire, black interior
    Roof rails
    Tonneau cover

    It is an absolute joy to drive.
  • dgopelikadgopelika Posts: 7
    Never heard from Rivergate again after I asked the Nissan US HQ if they would recommend them. Never heard from them either. Lynch Nissan in Auburn Al is asking over invoice. Evidently they haven't got the word about the subprime mess. Might be the dollar tanking has made the foreign made cars too expensive to sell. Let's see how this plays out. Looking at the FX35. Cars Direct has a good deal going. So far on the internet, dealers don't like to communicate except by phone. Kind of makes you wonder about internet sales when they are afraid to put things in writing. I foresee some dealer bankruptcies down stream. Just some thoughts.
  • martinrrrrmartinrrrr Posts: 12
    Sorry to hear that. Shame on them. My experience was much better, but if they don't want your money then certainly look elsewhere.

    I looked at used FX35s before buying the Murano. I think that they look nice. There were actually many used ones to choose from. In the end I decided against the FX35 due mainly to the gas mileage. It gets 15 MPG! Yuck. A friend has one and she confirmed the MPG. Other than that though, she loves it.

    Good luck.
  • dannyodannyo Posts: 9
    Sorry to hear that. Sounds like my local Nissan dealer.

    There are two of us on this forum who had better luck. E-mail me for the salesman's name and e-mail address. I'm confident he will take care of you.
  • johndenverjohndenver Posts: 2
    Best offer I'm coming up with right now in the Denver area is 3% off invoice on any Murano plus the $500 Nissan rebate for Memorial Day weekend, although the sales manager advised he expects this to run through June. Any better deals out there to be had?

    I am having a tough time selling/trading in my 2003 Hyundai Sante Fe XL 4WD which is fully loaded. Dealership came in with an initial quote of $4k when the Edmunds blue book TRADE value was at $8500...what a joke. Any suggestions on selling/trading this type of SUV in?

    Thank You,
  • unkuserunkuser Posts: 5
    Well I am not sure if this is the best price or the best bargain.. but after first test driving the Rogue, the Murano 2007 and Finally the Murano 2009.. This is what I am paying for:

    Murano 2009 SL
    Premium Package
    Dual MoonRoof.

    Stupid Documentation Fee $299
    Taxes 2690.39 (NY State Tax)
    Registration 350.00
    Total $33839 -500 Nissan Customer Rebate 33339.00

    The dealer wanted to charge $200 for some stupid detailing protection option... I almost walked out when he didn't remove it. I told him 30K out... but he sneaked in the documentation fee as well..

    I went in to buy a Rogue... left with a Murano. According to Edmund's invoice price... I paid $1000 Less.
  • ulchikulchik Posts: 1
    Can you please tell what kind of deal did you get and who was your sales person? We tried to lease from Staten Island Nissan, signed all the papers but they tried to screw us up when we came to finalize the deal and pick up the car. We are also looking in NY/NJ area 2009 Murano SL, AWD, Leather, Premium (with rear view camera) to lease.
  • Thankyou for getting back to me. So You baught your Maranno from Copal nissan In Jakson Hights. I havent bin on there websight in quite a few munts I will go on there and see what they have in stock. Then I will contact them threw email and leave my Phone number. So you got the sl nice car. I just want the s Maranno in the same color you got it in with the bage Interior. or maby the saran stone color. Not shore yet. Thankyou anyway for the Heds up on copal nissan. I was going to contact quite a few dealers. If you dont mind me asking what other dealers did you contcat that gave you the run around Thankyou so mutch for reading my posting Marco and sorry about the spelling.
  • go to copal nissan in Jakson Hights queans. or amady vil nissan on Long island or try legand nissan. Hope I was able to help you out thankyou Marco.
  • sixfivesixfive Posts: 45
    Black LE with Tan leather with navigation, cross bars, sunroof, mud flaps, carpeted mats, $40,100 MSRP can be had for 570 down 570/mo in NJ.
  • frates68frates68 Posts: 3
    2009 SL
    rubber cargo mat
    $31,500 + tax and standard fees.

    I too went in thinking loaded Rogue, which I indeed liked, but that extra space and fit and finish of the Murano is hard to beat.
  • alex777alex777 Posts: 9
    I quoted 2009 SL AWD with Premium Package, Splash Guards and Floor Mats. So far the best offer was $29000 + TTL. Do you think it is possible to get better deal? I am in NYC metro area.
  • pbyaegerpbyaeger Posts: 4
    My deal was excellent--below invoice, but I do have some connections at the dealership. If you look at the Koeppel Nissan website and find the Sales Manager, that's a good person to talk to, and you can tell him I sent you. I'm breaking the rules here if I list his name, but he's easy to find.

    He was great, so is the dealer principal. It was a clean, fair deal, and in the end, both sides were happy. I would send my mother there if she were in the market for a Nissan.
  • pbyaegerpbyaeger Posts: 4
    Yes, Marco, I was very happy with Koeppel Nissan in Jackson Heights. The Deep Sapphire is beautiful. Very sparkly.

    I contacted quite a few dealers, only Koeppel gave me straight, clean answers. Everyone else wanted to play games. I don't believe in badmouthing businesses--I just take my dollars to those who treat me right. Koeppel treated me very nicely.
  • jduerbuschjduerbusch Posts: 9
    Hi I have been reading this blog for 6 months. I have been waiting for the price to go down on a Murano and thanks to the information posted here I was able to go into the dealer with some knowledge of what the going price was.

    I got a 2009 Murano FWD SL
    Dual Moonroof
    Preminum Package
    Technology Package
    Leather Package
    and other things

    MSRP $34,730.00 Invoice $31,688.00.
    I paid $1000 less than Invoice, $30,688.00 which $500 was for the weekend sale promotion from Nissan.
    In addition got clear coat, fab protection, a full tank of gas and a $100 gas card.

    It might not be the lowest, but it is about as low as I have seen here.

    My Location is the St. Louis MO area.
    The prices above does not include sales tax. The only thing I had to pay above the
    cost was a $189.00 document fee.

    BTW it is Black with Black leather.

    Thanks for all your comments.

    Joe K0BX
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