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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • alexftnalexftn Posts: 1
    Just traded in my 2005 CRV EX AWD (w/55k) for a Murano SL AWD with just the premium package.

    According to edmunds, invoice is at around 29,300
    Considering that I doubt I would have sold my car privately at more than 15k + my own hassle, I decided to trade-in instead.

    Got the Murano for 14500 + tax+about 200 in fees.
  • jinx1832jinx1832 Posts: 11
    I am considering purchasing the following 2007 demo (3K miles) from a dealer.

    Is this a good deal at $24K + TTL?

    Total MSRP:$36,995.00
    Packages and Options

    * Touring Package
    * Sunroof Package
    * Premium Package
    * Leather Package


    * Carpeted Floor Mats
    * Splash Guards
    * Cargo Area Protector
    * Roof-rail Crossbars
    * Sunroof Wind Deflector
  • favrenofavreno Posts: 4
    FDEEEEEJ, I need to know where you got your deal at, as I am looking to buy the same vehicle. Need to know ASAP, as I am looking to buy in next couple of days. Please let me know the dealer name and location!!! It is about $1K cheaper than I have found so far in the twin cities.

    Need your help...
  • In My opinion, you got an excellent deal!! Hope you enjoy driving your Murano as much as I enjoy driving mine.
  • xiaoruixiaorui Posts: 5
    I want a murano 09 with tech, premium, leather package and dual moon roof. The edmunds invoice is 33356. A dealer gave me 33500. I forgot to ask that is OTD or not. If it is OTD the price should be very good, right? I am going to buy it in ohio, toledo area. Any suggestions? Thanks
  • xiaoruixiaorui Posts: 5
    BTW, I am struggling between Acura RDX and Murao. The price is similar and 32000-33000 can give RDX technology. Which one I should buy? So hard to decide.
  • jinx1832jinx1832 Posts: 11
    You can't go wrong with either vehicle, although i prefer the Murano based on the interior (more space), and exterior (sporty appearance). I think the Murano can hold its own against the RDX in terms of performance and driving experience. For the price/class, I would go with the Murano, if you can take a step up, nothing beats the MDX.
  • xiaoruixiaorui Posts: 5
    Thank you for your advice. I also prefer Muarno. I am a little hesitate to the quality of nissan compared with honda. BTW, what do you think the price? I am planning to negotiate from 31000 plus TTL. what do you think? thanks
  • jinx1832jinx1832 Posts: 11
    Seems like starting around $2-3K below invoice is reasonable, anything less than $1K below invoice is a good deal. It may be worth waiting until the end of the month or labor day to pull the trigger.
  • Hey Fav - I was able to get this deal from two dealers (+/- ~$100)

    Try going through internet pricing department at Luther in Inver Grove Heights or Kline in Maplewood.

    They can both get you that deal I think, takes a bit of persistence though
  • favrenofavreno Posts: 4
    which one did you buy from? who was the salesperson?
  • Jinx,

    What kind of warranty comes with the vehicle? Just the remainder or is it considered new from when you drive it off the lot. What type of financing was available to you. I'm thinking of looking at pretty much the same deal, except the dealer is about $5K higher than what you paid...I laughed at him...I could get an 09 for almost the same.
  • $14,500?????? I take it was a used murano
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    after trade-in..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • jinx1832jinx1832 Posts: 11
    It will be the standard warranty, 3 years 36K miles, as it is a new car (never sold). I am going to plan on getting financing through a local credit union for about 5% (60 months). I highly doubt a dealer will give lower financing unless Nissan is having an promotion.
  • favrenofavreno Posts: 4
    got mine at Luther. here are the details.

    msrp $36680
    invoice not sure, but i think it is $33,500.
    final price $31,900 (rebate to dealer)

    i also got the best price for my trade in, from any other dealer (about $500 more).

    also another good note for people. i went to capital one (online) and got financing check from them @ 5.19%. it's a no obligation check that you can use to take the financing part out of the negotiation. in my case, when i went to the dealer, they were able to get me a better rate (4.89%). my thinking is that they try harder to get you a better rate, so they can beat the capital one rate so they can still get the financing done, as they receive a kickback for helping with the financing.
  • lac252lac252 Posts: 1
    actually that's exactly what I paid for my Murano. Got SL with premium pack, leather, tech pack, moon roof with a few accessories. Paid 31,000 plus TTL. Bought it at Courtesy Nissan In Richardson, TX.
  • Try looking at Dobbs Nissan is Memphis, TN. They have MSRP and internet pricing on each Murano. They are coming about $4000 off of MSRP
  • My first post here, so lets get right to it.

    I am buying from AutoExchange in Europe, it serves DOD employees and Military types. The prices over here are supposed to be a deal but from what i see it's not!

    2009 Murano SL 2WD $26,969 Deep Sapphire/Black Leather

    -Ziebart, rust, sound and fabric protection: $469
    -Shipping/handling/stock fee/admin fee: $2,738 (overseas that $$ would be like state tax/licensing etc)
    Premium Pck: $893
    Tech Pck: $1,697
    Tow Pck: $606.50
    Leather Pck: $1,429.50
    Splash Guards: $104
    Moonroof: $1,045
    Floor mats: $93.50

    Total: $36,044.50
    Minus Dealer Credit: $539.50

    Equals: $35,505 -$25 gas credt = $35,480

    What i need help with are the folowing charges; what is "Inland Stock" how can it be stock if i am having this factory built and delivered from Japan through the US and over to Europe? $299.00 charge. It is not coming off a lot in the US. Trust me I will check the built date on the door interior and if after my order date there will be hell to pay!

    Thanks for your help and any advice

  • dealer invontorry is if the car was on a dealer Lot If you are ordering the car should not have that charge. Maby sum ordering fee I dont no to mutch about that just trying to help you out. DO they sell the Maranno there in yorape. What part of Yorape are you in thanks for reading Marco.
  • dc44dc44 Posts: 19

    I'm about to start test driving, speaking with dealers and crunching numbers for an 2009 Murano LE (as well as some other cars). After reading the posts on this forum, it seems as though it is still a buyer's market considering Murano sales are down about 20% from last year. How much do you think is a realistic discount off of invoice if the purchase were to happen on the last day of September? $1,000 off invoice? $1,500? I'm located in northern Virginia, will be a cash buyer and have several dealers to work with. Thanks for your help and I look forward to reading your responses.
  • I'm a first time car buyer and beginning my search for an 09 Murano SL. I'm in the Houston, Tx area. The Murano I want MSRP is around $35k. (Tech, leather, prem packages). Would it be a reasonable expectation to be able to get them down to around $30k? We are open to when we will purchase. I think they will have better deals in December for EOY.

    Any suggestions, advice is greatly appreciated!!!
  • August just beat out July as the worst car sales in 15 years....SUV's sales are leading the way in the "not selling" dept. I would take nothing less than $1000.00 below invoice. I just got my loaded 09 SL for $2065.00 under invoice(included the $500.00 rebate Nissan was offering). If you were buying a Toyota Prius you wouldn't have much room to work with....But an SUV, you are in the power seat. Just be willing to walk away from the deal if they refuse to work with you. I looked on Carmax website and found the identical car that I was looking for and saw what they were selling it for and printed it out. I was ready to use that to bargain with but my dealer did better all by himself :-) By the way..This is my first Murano and first Nissan and after driving it for 5 weeks, I LOVE IT!!!! Good luck shopping.
  • Anyone know the new lease rates for a 2009 Murano SL for 36 months at 15K. Hopefully by now they have reduced the MF since they are not selling. Thanks
  • Wow! $2k below invoice. Can I take you car shopping with me? :-)
    Where are you from? Which dealership did you get your Murano from?
    I'm just nervous being a female. (I'm a 29 yr. old HS teacher but have been mistaken for a student on many occasions.) I don't mind looking young but not when I'm trying to haggle with a car salesman.

    I already recieved Internet offers of $100 below invoice. If thats their starting number, how low do you think I can get?
  • dc44dc44 Posts: 19
    According to the stories out today, Nissan sales were actually up by 14% in August. Not sure about the breakdown of sales by vehicle...still waiting on that. Check out the story here:

    This would seem to help the dealers a little bit.
  • dc44dc44 Posts: 19
    Actually sales numbers by vehicle are now up on the Nissan web site. It looks like Murano sales were down 23% in August 2008 as compared to August 2007...this is good news for Murano shoppers. 2008 Murano sales are down over 10% from 2007, including an average of 21% over the last three months.
  • I am also in Houston and looking to lease a 2009 Murano. I got a offer of 31,071 for an SL with tech, leather, premium and dual panel roof. I got that offer from Sterling Mccall Nissan. I will wait and see what the September rates are going to be. I will definately purchase this month.
  • The Postman:
    Is $31, 071 a negotiated price? I received an initial offer from Sterling McCall for the same specs for $31, 853. I haven't negotiated with them yet. $31 is about $1k under invoice. Does that include the $500 cash back that Nissan is offering right now? If it doesn't then that brings it down to $30, 571 which is pretty good I think for a ~$35k MSRP.
    Please make sure you post what you end up getting this month.
  • Keep us posted. I am interested in getting a Murano this month from Sterling Mccall as well but with Navi. I am hoping the MF goes down.
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