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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • green11green11 Posts: 22
    Test drove the Tribceca. Liked both about the same.

    I like that there are not as many Tribecas on the road, but I also like that the Murano holds onto value better, and a slight edge at the pump. A few more toys on the murano as far as options (not standard but with packages), but a limited Tribeca is pretty loaded also. I do not need AWD or 3rd row seating.

    Another option is that I traded a clunker which I did not mention. I would get 3500 towars the Tribeca and 4500 towards the Murano.

    My loan is for 7 years at 5.6% (cerdit union), so again I like that I will not be upside down for too long with the Murano should needs or financial situatuion change.

    This was really for my wife (family car but really hers) so she liked both a lot but preferred the Murano.

    The bluetooth is really nice on the Nissan.

    Both vehicles should last a long time. Muranos are still built in Japan, but I am sure the Tribeca made in Indiana is qulaity also. Subarus are known to last forever, probably safer than a Volvo in a crash, and legendary AWD. Too many people overlook them IMO. I can see why though as not as many delaers and the small dealers often have zero or only one in stock.

    I almost just got a Tribeca though because it was easy to get below invoice. I do not mind workign a few dealers but this time as mentioend it was a real hassle.

    I really sympathize for those that want a Murano becasue the good deals are not as easy to get right now in some or most parts of the country. IMO many would save as much or more by having good fianncing in line as long as they do not pull their credit too often to do so.

    I belong to Alliant Credit union. Anyone can join just become member of PTA for $25.
  • green11green11 Posts: 22
    I am not an expert at leasing but IMO no. You really have to work backwards to figure out interest rate and comapre to the cost of buying. Then decide how much is worth it for you to have lower and shorter payment versus buying. Subsidized leases can be sometimes be very good deals but often ownign is not the much more or longer in payments. No as many great delas on leasing, and teh good deals on leasign are often for vehicles that are not moving.

    But on just price alone I think you could have done much better.
  • green11green11 Posts: 22
    I think it is national but I could be wrong. The nissan murano add on my screen right now says 1500. It ends in July.

    No one knows but most expect the rebate to decrease in August.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Need the money factor and the residual to really determine but it does not look like a good deal. The discount off msrp seems meager at best..
  • The Nissan incentive seem to be regionalized. I am also from the Boston area and the dealer only gave $500 off the quote for incentive. There is short supply in this region and Nissan is not offering much on these end of year models. I may try to wait for the 2010's but have a clunker so will need to see how fast the money is running out. Does anyone know how the CARS money is being tracked. I cannot afford to miss out on $4500 for my nearly dead Pathfinder.
  • green11green11 Posts: 22
    I imagine you would have to call the government phone number for program or have a dealer check for you.

    Most expect the money to be gone sometime in ealry September, but it could go faster.

    I would not hold out more than a couple of weeks for the money unless demand for the program starts to slow down.
  • A dealer in Fort Worth Texas offered me a Murano SL with a Premium Pkg only (along with other junk such as mats, splash guards, etc.). They're offering $27700 including the $1500 rebate. They claim this is the lowest they can go. Should I take the bait or can I trim more off of it?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The mats and factory splash guards are a worthwhile options. Functional with good looks. Check true car dot com -- they say actual dealer cost is about 1k below that price. Muranos are attractive cars so the deal isn't bad. Might try for another 500 off.
  • I was looking at a loaded LE with an MSRP of $41,300. I wanted to do the 2.9% financing instead of the rebate. Would pay cash for 1/2 and finance the rest. The best I've gotten so far is $2000 off MSRP. Even though Edmunds is showing the same TMV price of about $37,800. I haven't gotten close so far. Maybe certain colors are more in demand? I'm looking for the lighter colors and beige interior.

    I'm wondering if the cash for clunkers program is making the dealers hold out for folks that might have a clunker and be willing to pay close to MSRP since the $3500 or $4500 off would offset what folks have to spend out of pocket. You know, if I had a clunker and got a $4500 voucher, maybe I'd be ok paying close to sticker? I don't know.
  • vavavoomvavavoom Posts: 42
    wow. only 27.7K for an SL in TX. that's about what i just paid for an S in MA and i had to pull teeth to get it.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    True car reports average price at 35500 on a similar murano. where do you live?
  • Hey jayrider,

    I live in central California. Fresno area.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Go to carsdirect and put in the numbers on your murano. They are discounting over 4k off sticker and will refer you to a dealer near you who will sell you the car for that price -- if you are ready to buy.
  • An update on this situ:

    I finally got this dealer to get the price to $28350, with NO REBATE and with 2.9 APR. Based on truecardotcom, this is close to a "great pricing". Been haggling since and it was pretty tough; the limited supply of Muranos didn't help either. The car was supposed to come from Dallas as a dealer trade.

    Talk of the sale was finalized yesterday (July 31, the last day of the promos) and went afterwards to seal the deal. After waiting for 45 mins to talk to the internet manager, the finance manager tells me "Sorry, we couldn't secure the car. We don't have anything for you to deal with today. Can I interest you in an Armada?". The internet manager didn't even bother to show his face.

    I was PO'd. I don't get that. After much talking and haggling, you should expect the dealer to have something in hand to base the negotiations with. All that work and talking that we exchanged were basically null--2 hours had not even passed from me saying "I'll take it" to going to the dealer. And he even had the balls to offer me a POS Armada?

    I was about to key a GTR that was on the showroom out had my wife not stopped me on our way out.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    When he asked you about the armada you should have said sure -- for 28k otd. ;)
  • iolo72iolo72 Posts: 29
    That sucks dude. I absolutely HATE that kinda shady dealing. They would do ANYTHING to get you down to the dealership. Based on my recent car buying experience, 90% of car sales people DESERVE the crappy reputation they have. Hope you find something better soon.
  • kemmichkemmich Posts: 3
    my dealership and i met eye to eye today with his prompting and his meeting my offer (i think it was a good deal for my region), i think partially b/c i know that the national auto dealerships association issued a recommendation today or yesterday for dealerships to shy away today from talking cash for clunkers right now, until the money is in the dealerships' hands so to speak - not knowing for sure if it will all happen as the gov't assures.

    i am leaning toward thinking this may not have been a deal he would have been so eager to see me (relatively) eye to eye on if there was someone onsight saying they wanted the model for msrp.
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 189
    My friend wanted a Ford Edge or a Murano. She went to our dealer and they had ZERO left! There were a few at other dealers, but no more than 2 or 3 when I did an internet search. She didn't bother searching around and they are getting the Edge when the new clunker cash goes through. Ford says they sold a lot, but there are plenty available. I think the Edge will be a 2010 and Nissan hasn't put the 2010's out yet. Point is, if you are on the fence about getting one, you better go soon or you will be waiting for the 2010's for sure.

    I must admit the Vista sunroof and the standard stability and traction control are nice features to have, (the Ford has) but I know it would be hard to not have my rear view camera and I sure do like my intelligent key. Plus, if I weren't being thrifty (and ONLY spending 18k to buy out my lease instead of 33k for new) I could be getting stability on a new Murano. Plus, didn't Nissan make the new fancy sunroof too? I drove my husbands Tahoe tonight and wished I had the camera. Sometimes I am afraid I'll back into something because I don't see it on the dash!

    I will be jealous when she gets it as it will be and shiny with bigger wheels than mine (20") , but I have decided to buy out my lease. How spoiled am I to covet my neighbors new car when mine is only 3 and has low miles!! I guess we always want a new shiny toy....
  • Ok... Here's my questions:

    1. I went to the Manhattan dealer yesterday and negotiated a Murano SL with the 360 Package (includes Leather Package, Premium Package, Floormats and splash guards) for $32,500. The lease deal is $419/42/10k. I did not get the lease factor or residual. According to Truecar, it's a "good" price... what do you think?

    2. I really wanted a NAV system, but it seems impossible to find in the SL trim. Should I wait for the 2010? My current Murano lease expires at the end of October but I can return my car early thanks for an offer from NMAC.

    3. Final question: Is it worth waiting to the end of the month to get a better deal?

    Please advise! Thanks so much!
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    don't know what msrp is but you can get a garmin gps for 2-300 and it works fine.
    You need to work the numbers on the lease to see if it's good but if it includes taxes and all fees it's seems decent. A good estimate of a good lease is about 1% of msrp before taxes. Those are hard to come by but it is a good target. You only got 10k miles per year -- is that enough?
  • It's been proven official (at least from what I have experienced here), that dealers are refusing to negotiate below sticker due to what they call "scarce availability" of the Muranos. A couple of dealers actually wanted 500 over sticker! :mad:

    A dealer found me the car I want and before I even hung up the phone, he warned me that they are only taking sticker price :mad: :mad:

    Even the slow selling colors, the blues and blacks SLs, they're not even going below sticker. I guess they can always find suckers who would pay full price for a Murano.

    So the waiting period for the MY 2010 begins....
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    The murano is an emotional car purchase. Enough people who like them and want them buy them. There are so many other choices of similar cars -- if I hadn't got a great deal last october I would have moved on to something else in a heartbeat. They have cut production of 09's and will keep raising prices on 2010's throughout the production year. They will limit inventories to simulate a shortage and zero in on the ga-ga buyers who "just have to have one" Those folks aren't posting on edmunds. After the prices have been raised a few more grand on the 2010's there will be a big murano-rama sale where there will be big rebates of $500. Better reserve your spot in line now -- and don't forget the checkbook. ;)
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I went to cars direct and punched in an sl awd that msrp'd at 35600 and they say they can get a price of 32400 from a participating local dealer. Check it out.Maybe it doesn't work anymore -- who knows.
  • dmbfn41dmbfn41 Posts: 8
    We are interested in doing the referral. Please contact me.
  • iolo72iolo72 Posts: 29
    Hey, I am not sure how to contact you since I can't find your e-mail but here's my e-mail. iolo72 at hotmail dot com. Thanks!
  • dmbfn41dmbfn41 Posts: 8
    It appears that most of the dealers in Chicagoland are no longer willing to deal on remaining Murano's. Rosen in Gurnee is still trying to push the 6k mile demo at $35k.

    We might just wait for the Cash for Clunkers deal to end and 2010's to hit the lots.

    This is a response i got from one of the dealers:
    The Murano inventory out there is very limited. We are selling every new car and truck $500 over invoice minus the rebate.
  • iolo72iolo72 Posts: 29
    I just heard on the radio that dealers are gouging customer using Cash for Clunker as an excuse to sell the cars at MSRP.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Supply and demand -- when things were bad - the dealers were making great deals.As soon as I saw the clunker deal I new the discounts and rebates were going to be scarce. The show rooms are crowded -- some are dealing straight up but not nissan dealers. People think that when the clunker deal is over it will become a buyers market and things will go back to the firesale days. I think the manufacturers have learned a lesson this time and inventory will be kept in line with demand --- the incredible discounts will be gone forever on vehicles in high demand.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Bommarito nissan in st. louis has 9 s's and 13 sl's on the website. Maybe they will deal.
  • dmbfn41dmbfn41 Posts: 8
    For a Murano with SL AWD with Leather, Premium, Splash, and 360 - MRRP of $36,155, Bommarito would not come lower than $500 over invoice.

    From Bommarito:
    The Murano is in very high demand with very low inventory and the invoice on this model with the 360 package it $32,991 so I am only asking $500 over invoice. If you can get another dealer to offer you this very rare model and lose money to sell it to you then you are doing fantastic. Let me know when they change their price, try to low ball you on your trade, or just simply do not honor their price.

    We're are just going to wait until the C4C program is over and start looking again. I'm curious to see what other quotes people are getting these days.
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