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2013 and earlier Nissan Murano Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Ya. Do that if you are really interested in the car ( and the Murano should be thought of as a car). Then come on back and maybe we can shed some light on where things stand for u! :-)
  • vegasmuranovegasmurano Posts: 18
    edited March 2010
    I will try to help out if I can,I was the owner of 88 different cars since I was 18,I am now 42.I just bought my 3rd murano on friday.....

    Had a used 2003 that I bought in 2004
    Bought a used 2009 S AWD last year with 18k on it.
    Traded the 2009 for a brand new 2010 SL AWD MSRP $32,500

    Just as a little background I also sold cars for a short time and even have bought cars wholesale at manheim dealer auctions through my many contacts.I THINK I am on my 10th nissan so I can tell you alot.

    Bottom line?They were desparate to sell cars this week at one of my local dealers...
    Got a check back from the dealer for my 2009 murano for nearly $20,000 (it was paid for)
    Financed the new car at 0% for 3 price,tax,fees,everything OTD $27,740.I guess If I back out all the crap I ended up paying in the mid 26's?I did not do the math yet.

    I hope this will help some,it was even below the best price.But 2 other dealers I went to were minimum 3 to 4k higher .I also looked briefly at a 2010 CX-7 AWD and the car stickered for 4k less,but mazda's bottom line was actually $600 more in the end!Plus it was not as nice......

    If I could help with any questions,I would love to.My 2009 served me well for the time I had it.The only issues I had was a broken cup holder door,and a broken power window motor,both fixed under warrantee.

    Also,for the record the 2009 was driven in major snowstorms (2 feet or more) in the california mountains through steep dangerous roads and performed flawlessly.I really love the Vehicle.Having the low gear is a must for me which excluded most other SUV's.
  • whitestar16whitestar16 Posts: 53
    edited March 2010
    So 32,500 - 26, 500 = about $6,000 below MSRP. Mine was a little over $5200 below MSRP so folks can get a gauge on the deals for now until the end of the month ( at least). I didn't finance the car as an FYI, but IMMV. Financing at 0% will help a credit score out for sure if paid on schedule. Probably a good idea.

    Just so everyone knows, financing is an income center for car dealers in general, depending on loan terms they have. Of course 0% doesn't leave much for them :-).
  • If I did not take the zero %.It would have even knocked off another $500.....All my numbers are not exact,but pretty close.

    It's well worth the purchase for any deal 4k or more off of MSRP,as long as there are no extra fees shoved in at the end.ALL dealers in Vegas charge a MINIMUM of $399 for doc fee,some as much as $599.Plus registation here is the highest in the country and is not included in the numbers since we have to go to DMV and do it ourselves here.

    Just make sure you get an OTD price and then keep negotiating.Even when they give you a price you are willing to accept,hammer them for another 4 or 5 hundred or start to walk.

    No matter what you pay,it's one of the best vehicles on the road today,so ultimately if you like the it.
  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    Since you are experienced with more than 88 vehicles, what'r your thoughts on buying new vs CPO less than 2 years vehicles? Any suggestion on a good discounted crossover/suv ? Thanks
  • CPO is OK if you know will keep it a long time.From what i experienced,you are paying at least an extra $1,000 for a CPO (some cars alot more).On my '09 murano it was origially a CPO car,but I negotiated my best deal AND then told then I did not need it,So they knocked off another $1,000 and I just kept the factory warrantee.I don't keep cars long so it made sense for me.......

    Right now An '09 CPO probably would not make sense,in the case of the murano it would probably be the same price for a new one.If you need to spend alot less an '08 might make sense depending on the brand.

    My other car is a 2007 VW Passat CPO,I bought it with 45k miles so CPO made alot of sense in that situation.My girlfriend drives it and I did not want to worry about it,we already used the roadside assistance twice.The tires turned to crap shortly after purchase and the CPO did not cover it,I had to lay out $600 for new tires even with the warrantee.

    Some others I liked were

    Subaru Tribeca,and most other Subaru's are great cars...Harder to get deals because there are not alot around.Subaru's are top notch,had 5 of them.

    Mazda CX-7 or CX-9 are ok if you like a car like drive,build quality seemed better on the nissan.If you don't mind the basic model,The CX-7 can be had new for the low 20's with 2 wheel drive.Never had one,so I could not tell you how great they are.

    BMW X-3 I had was really nice,if you don't mind going in the 2006-2008 years to save some coin.Pretty firm BMW ride,I liked the one I had.A new one comes out soon,so the current ones should take a nice price hit soon.

    I would stay away from Murano's before 2009,the CVT kinda sucks(I hated that tranny!) and the interior is not very impressive.

    I would stay away from most american cars,absolutely avoid any crysler/jeep products.

    Newer Hyundai's are ok,VW tiguan also...but the VW is pricey and The murano offers alot more.

    Probably alot more I am forgetting,so let me know If I am missing some you like.

  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    Thanks for the quick response.
    We tested drive
    X3: small, expensive, even with leather interior still has a lot of vinyl and plastic.

    Pilot: very roomy inside ( may be too large for my need) good ride, again with leather there are still lot of plastic all around, good discount on 2010 models.

    CRV EX: noticeable road and wind noise,don't like interior plastic/fabric, don't like the way 2nd row fold (not flat floor,lot of hooks and uneven indentations)

    Highlander & RAV4 & Venza: ex-contender due to the whole recall things.

    Now I'm back in square one. Thus,we're now considering Murano, Terrain and SRX, even Huyndai CUV... :confuse:
  • vegasmuranovegasmurano Posts: 18
    edited March 2010
    Pilot...I had a 2007 AWD EX,had electrical problems that Honda would not acknowledge,got stranded 3 times in the desert heat.New body since,which looks ok,but I like the old body better.It was a little big for me as well.Drove really smooth....Loved it till it started giving me problems,would still buy another honda.

    All toyota's...just too vanilla,nothing that sparks my interest.In the old days I had four runners and land cruisers which were fun,now they are just family vans.

    CRV...I just think it's a car really...Nothing much "SUV" about it.

    Terrain looks kind of interesting,but it's not cheap and the dash is hideous looking IMO.Good gas milage......

    Caddy SRX.....I drove a 2007 (I think) while I was having a car worked on for 2 days.I don't know about the new ones,but the 07 was a total piece of crap,fit and finish was just horrible.Especially on the interior.

    The new hyundai is nice,but only available in a 4 cyl engine......They have a turbo coming out next year.

    There are plenty of nice "luxury" crossovers,but way more value in a new murano I think.I would not pay 40k for ANY vehicle no matter what the nameplate is.I still cannot find any better value than what I just purchased,at least based on the deals out there at the moment.
  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    It's good to find some knowledge here. Anything i should know about CVT for Murano 09-10? Thanks for the input.
  • vegasmuranovegasmurano Posts: 18
    edited March 2010
    The only "negative" about it is that when you shift into gear it takes a few seconds to engage.Sometimes if I am in a rush it can be a slight annoyance....

    My 2009 and 2010 are the same and it is normal.The new CVT is no comparison to the older muranos where the CVT was downright annoying.You can't even feel the new CVT changing gears,or at least I have not noticed it.

    The new CVT is seamless,smooth and refined in every respect.The low gear and the ability to turn off the overdrive is a great help in the mountains and in snow.Probably one of the best automatic transmissions I have had in any car.

    My 2010 only has 35 miles on it so I will let you know of any changes,But with driving my 2009 over 10k miles I know the car pretty well I guess.
  • crucialcrucial Posts: 35
    Do you notice the ride different for LE vs SL?
  • I did not drive the LE since I knew I was not going to spend that much,I also prefer a higher profile tire for a softer ride.After years of owning performance cars,I just want comfort now.Handling and cornering seems pretty good on th 18's to me.

    I guess you better drive both,everyone will have a different opinion.......
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Nissan has extended the warranty on the cvt to 10 years 120k miles from original buy date. I have the same delay issues with my 09 that vegas describes. After 12k miles I'm becoming disenchanted with the ride quality a bit. It seems a bit bouncy and seems ride rougher than I expected. Feels like the suspension needs a bit more dampening capability. Not a big issue -- will be turned in in 18 months.
    Fezo -- really enjoy your posts -- when I'm ready to buy may come to Jersey [Ocean City] for a few days -- we can go on a shopping trip. The cheese steaks are on me. ;)
  • Color: Glacier Pearl/ Beige Interior

    MSRP --- 34,745
    Invoice --- 31,791
    Paid ---- $29,537 ( includes destination charge and assigning of $1250 rebate dollars over to dealer)


    1. Leather
    2. Premium
    3. Dual Moonroof
    4. Carpeted Floor Mats and Cargo Mat
    5. Accessory Value Package
    6. Splash Guards
    7. Bumper Protector
    8. Bug Protector ( Black Plastic Shield across front of hood)

    This was a good deal, but not a great one. After dealer hold back their cost was about 28,800 as a guess, but I believe in leaving meat on the bone too. Its the end of the year and just go straight to a manager and help him or her with end of year sales numbers and help yourself out to a bit of a deal as well. Mileage at time of purchase was 15 miles on the car. Manufacture date was 12/09. Car must have been sitting for 2 months. Saw the same at other dealership too.

    This is Houston, Texas, land of a gazillion Nissan Dealers. After TTL and Document fee total OTD was $31,780.
  • Mine was actually still on the truck being delivered to the dealer,wheels still wrapped in had 6 miles and Manufacture date is Feb 2010.

    It is almost impossible to find AWD in Vegas,so I did not hesitate on it....Only 1 out of every 30 or 40 are AWD here.

    Congrats on your new murano!
  • fleadogfleadog Posts: 1
    Hi guys, we're looking for a murano for my wife. I spotted an 09 LE with about 15K miles on the odo. which is selling for $33K, certified pre-owned included. The report lists my "good price" as $34,800 ($311 under invoice), and my "great price" as $33,800 ($1280 under invoice). The car is a loaded LE with nav. Should I hop on this or go lower? thx!
  • luxor2luxor2 Posts: 2
    I am shopping around for a better deal on 2010 Nissan Murano 2WD but so far not able to get one.

    I was offered OTD price of 36314 for 2010 Murano FWD tinted bronze with the following options

    1. Leather
    2. Premium
    3. Dual Moonroof
    4. Carpeted Floor Mats and Cargo Mat
    5. Technology
    6. Splash Guards

    I guess this is not a great deal, but couldn't find a good inventory matching the above specification. I am in San Jose CA. What is the best price that i should be paying in CA ?

    Heard from one dealer that Murano's are pretty hot right now and there isn't much available , is that true ? Is this the best time to strike the deal ?

    I am really confused as i am not getting the right deal, one dealer wasted my time by offering the OTD price of 34000 but didn't have the inventory when i finally decided to walkin.
  • vegasmuranovegasmurano Posts: 18
    edited March 2010
    Since it's used,look it up under edmunds appraisal value,I think you can get it for less.But I am not sure how strong the market is there.

    Looks like trade in value is 27k or so,then add in the cpo and some dealer profit.Edmunds seems to be a bit high on the trade in pricing,So maybe even closer to 30k is even possible.

    $33,800 is pretty close to what you can get a new 2010 is it not?I would definately do some serious negotiating......I would think there is still at least a few grand the dealer could move on it.
  • An OTD price includes TTL so its better if you post a price before TTL for comparison purposes. As a reminder, you can go to the Nissan Website and look up inventory at each dealer in the country. So you can see who has what before you go somewhere to look. I think that that is pretty cool really. I bought your same car for 29.5 minus the technology package but with a few other items. But taxes could easily be WAY higher in California for all I know. You might want to by in another state like nevada or arizona or something and try and save a little dough.
  • clover308clover308 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    Color: Merlot/ Interior: Beige

    MSRP: 38,980
    Invoice: 35,960

    Offer Price:34,756 after 500$ rebate without TTL

    Options: splash guards and rear bumper protector.

    Just wanted to know whether that's good price or not. Truecar price says anything below 35,300 is good price.
  • luxor2luxor2 Posts: 2
    @whitestar16 - Thanks for the reply

    This is the latest quote that i got for

    2010 Murano 2WD
    Tech package
    Moonroof Package
    Premium Package
    leather Package
    Flr Mats
    Splash Guards

    Dealer Price : 32239
    Tax in CA : 3102.82
    Doc : 55
    Tire : 8.75
    DMV: 472

    Total OTD : 35877.57

    Is that a good deal ?
  • I don't think I am a good person for making deals on cars to be honest, so I really hesitate to give any advice on this. That being said, if it was me, I might really be uncomfortable spending more than $30,000 for the before TTL price, and offer $30,100 in good faith.
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    If I were you I wouldn't buy a Murano for my wife since it is such an unreliable vehicle. We were left stranded a number of times with ours and eventually got rid of it after seriously expensive repairs and a couple of close calls; like the car stalling or sluggishly creeping through busy Atlanta intersections.

    Nissan is having some serious accelerator problems that are yet to be exposed.
  • dmbfn41dmbfn41 Posts: 8

    I think we all get the point that you were unhappy with your intro year Murano of 2003. Honestly, I understand why you would be upset.

    Can you keep your satisfaction issues out of the Prices paid section? Your experiences of buying a Murano in 2003 have no relevance to what people are paying now.

    I'm just trying to keep this forum on topic. No disrespect towards you.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Riderman -- you might do pretty well trading in your 09. Depending on when you bought it, the msrp's have risen thousands -- my 09 sl awd was msrp'd at 34k. The same 09 8 months later was 36500k. Plus I only paid 29k. Big discount when I bought in the dark days of sales. The 2010's are up as well -- so even if they give you close to what you paid[used muranos are hot] look closely at the inflated price of the 2010 to see if the deal makes sense. Good luck and keep us posted.
  • iolo72iolo72 Posts: 29

    Do you mind me asking why you are trading in an 09 for a 10 model? As an owner of 09 I am curious :)
  • I traded in my '09 and it was a great deal for me,But I bought my '09 used to begin with.It ended up only costing me less than 2k depreciation on a car I drove for 13 months.

    It's hard to figure out what my REAL trade in value was because it depends how you want to figure the deal.But I paid $21,800 for an '09 AWD S last year with 18k miles (they were asking $25,000),and got AROUND $20,000 on the trade in just over a year later with 10k more miles on it.

    You are right,sticker prices have gone up and that makes it harder to figure out the deal.But when I looked at new ones in '09 the discounts seemed smaller.

    Bottom line,the higher the sticker price,the more room they have on the price.....Alot more profit on the "loaded" models.
  • riderman357riderman357 Posts: 7
    edited March 2010
    To make a long story short..Google"09 Murano coolant Smell". I must have a 1 in 10 K problem child Murano. I'm getting coolant in my oil and the dealer cannot find the leak. My wife and daughter are going on a trip in a couple of weeks, The dealer say's "just drive it". I do not want my family stranded. I'd like a new one before they leave. I understand the dealers side of the issue, let it blow and they have hard evidence for a warranty repair. My concern is this may be at the expense of my family being broke down in the middle West by god Virginia. I called BIG Nissan about this, I'm waiting for their response.
  • riderman357riderman357 Posts: 7
    edited March 2010
    I hope you are right. I have a 09 SL FWD with leather and the bose system, the car is cosmeticly perfect with 12K miles. We added the bug deflecter and vent shades. This is a monetary issue when you pay the dealer for parts and labor, but adds nothing to the trade in value. They offered 24K for a trade in. Is this close to the expected trade in value?
  • bitoy11bitoy11 Posts: 2
    good morning! I'm from wesley chapel, would like to know where did you buy that murano in tamapa bay area. thanks bitoy1
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